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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    OK I have made a successful cross country move with my 96. We towed a 12' X 6' U-Haul loaded with over 3000 Lbs. Up and over the Cascades, then the Rockies, and finally across the plains. Originating in Seattle, and finishing in Jacksonville, FL. She ran like a champ. It was a hard trip, and sometimes up in the mountains she ran out of air, and I almost had to stop, and drop into low gear to make it up some of the steeper inclines, but didn't have to after all. The only problem I ran into was when I was around 80 miles from Jacksonville, I lost all power, and couldn't get the juice to start up again. After some troubleshooting I figured out the cable from the Alternator to the Fuse block had corroded and wasn't making enough contact for the alternator to run the engine. Let alone keep the battery charged. So when the battery went, so did my engine. Some emergency roadside repairs cleaned and re-attached the cable to the alternator, and thanks to the fact I was traveling with both cars, was able to get a jump from my wife. No problem. I still want to replace the cable, but LR dealers are closed on Sunday. Anyone else in the Jacksonville area I would love to get together and swap lies, Ahem... facts with you.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    You'll have to watch that fuse block now that you live close to salty air. All the connections inside the block are suspect too... keep them clean.

    Look up RickRover while you're there! He used to post here...........
  • clover1clover1 Posts: 4
    I took my car into the Land Rover dealership a couple of times because I have an irritating squeaking coming from the back side of my car. I told them that the squeaking happens when I apply the gas, but stops when I apply the brake. So they check the brakes on my first visit and tell me the brakes are fine and they could not locate the squeaking sound. I then brought it back to the dealership because the power window hardware broke within my door, which is another story. They again check the brakes and then tell me I have rust on the rotor that may be causing the squeaking. I am still trying to figure out why when I apply the gas the sound appears and when I apply the brake the sound disappears. Why would they think the sound has to do with the brakes :cry: ?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    What model, and what year is your Rover?

    If your rotors have rust on them, that can rub on the brake pads and squeak as the wheel turns. Recommendation: find a big downhill and drive down it, then stand on the brakes hard. That'll clear the rust off the rotor. It may also fix the squeak. Sometimes dust accumulates from the pads wearing against the rotors, and causes squeaks.

    If you have a Rover with Hookes joints ("universal joints") in the driveshaft, those can wear and squeak under throttle but not under trailing throttle (foot off the gas, or brakes on). It used to be possible to grease a Hookes joint... a dab of lube will tell you if that's the problem.

    Standing on the gas on will torque the rear axle and preload the suspension components. Perhaps one of them has a worn point that's gotten loose enough to squeak? Try squirting up beneath the rear of your truck with a hose (don't squirt into the muffler) and drive it. Is it quieter? Then it's probably worn suspension bushings.

    It could also be a leaking exhaust system. A pinhole will squeak air rhythmically with the exhaust pulses of your V8, and then quit squeaking when you lift off the gas. Or even failed plates inside your cat converter will rattle and make noise.

    Good luck!
  • d_rund_run Posts: 3
    Anyone have tips for replacing the radiator on a 96' Discovery?

  • clover1clover1 Posts: 4
    Thank you nanuq. I will try your ideas to see if they work. It is a 2003 Discovery SE7. I actually may take it to another mechanic and have a diagnostic test done to see if there is anything out of wack. I am just afraid they know what it is but will wait until the warranty is up to actually inform me as to what is wrong with the car, so it will have to come out of my pocket and not theirs.

    I will repost once I know what the cause is. Thanks again!
  • stan1000stan1000 Posts: 1
    Hello- I am thinking really hard about buying '99-'02 Discovery II in the next couple of weeks. My grandfather had a LR when I was growing up in S. America and I loved it. While talking to people that consider themselves to be "experts" on cars I have heard very different reviews. While some love them, others have nothing but negative things to say about them (constant transmission and engine problems, reliability issues, high upkeep cost). Can someone give me a brief rundown on what I should expect as a new owner, likely problems, and any other wisdom that you can pass down. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • ggusheeggushee Posts: 8
    I just purchased a 2001 Discovery SE from Land Rover Encino, CA. The vehicle is not quiet. It idles wonderfully, but when I step on the gas, whether on a flat surface or going up a hill, there is a continual whining noise. I am by no means a mechanic, but it sounds like a vaccuum tpe of a leak. I returned the vehicle within 24 hours of purchase for the Land Rover service department to review. They tell me the noise I hear is the ACE pump?? But, forums I review say the ACE pump makes a noise once in awhile going around a corner, etc. But I have this continual whining, again whenever I step on the gas pedal.....Going down down hill, whenever I release the gas pedal no noise, a wonderfully quiet vehicle. Is the pump perhaps failing and they want me to come back after the 30 days and then pay a fortune. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME SOONEST. Gordon in Los Angeles.
  • gluv2000gluv2000 Posts: 1
    please help..... i have a '00 disco 2 and for some reason i can't get out of "p"park, there's no break lights but all the bulbs and fuses are ok... i need all the input i can get... ">
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    With the engine off and the key on (dash lights illuminated) try pushing in the button on the side of the "T" shifter handle. You should hear a solenoid "click" in the passenger footwell. If it's not making contact then it won't let you shift. That's the first place I'd look. Also the brakes have to be on to get out of Park... check to see if the switch is knocked out of place up above your brake pedal, and make sure the wires haven't been knocked off it by your foot?

    Good luck!

    Other questions... do a search on this forum, we've talked about these issues over and over for years.

  • ggusheeggushee Posts: 8
    Thanks for the message. I just purchased a 01 Discovery SE. And it whines continuously...I don't seem to hear it driving at 25-30mph or on the freeway. But I do hear it from any starting position. I have been told the whining is caused by the ACE pump. Some feedback states a once in a while whining going up a hill or around a corner. My vehicle whines all the time.....again, except on the freeway or above 25mph....well at least I don't hear is so annoying that I find I am always turning up the radio and anyone who rides in the vehicle asks "is that noise normal?"....... Please advise...Thanks, Gordon
  • emmons1emmons1 Posts: 3

    I haven't posted in a couple years, glad to be back.

    We own a 97 Disco, (Lizzie) with approx 147k miles. For about a year, we have an intermittent check engine light. The amber one. Dealer checked it out and said the code came back as some type of emissions (large vapor leak) error and thought the gas cap had been put on incorrectly. I don't buy it. The light might come on and stay for 1,500 miles or so, kick off for a couple hundred and come back. Generally the truck runs fine unless it's cool and damp out, then it chugs until warm. The other day it also tried to cut out on the expressway. I was going about 70 and the cruise was set. It would try to cut out and surge over and over. It was 85 and sunny. Once off the highway, it stopped and ran fine in town. It was the next time I turned it on that the check engine light was off again. Any correlation? I'm not sure. What about a fuel filter?

    The truck also has 2 failed wheel speed sensors on the front. How complicated is it to replace those?

    The last issue is a sideways shift when driving. You hit the gas, it pulls, you let off and it goes back. Makes for interesting driving when you're towing let me tell ya. Someone suggested checking a bar that runs from the front of the truck to the back axle that prevents that.

    Any input is appreciated.

    Nanuq, good to see you're still around. How's the truck(s)?

  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    Great trucks! Buy an extended warranty! No worries! Just keep the engine oil clean and watch the coolant level.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Welcome back! Anuqa's running like a scalded cat on carpet... no complaints at all and I'm at 98k miles. She's still like a new truck.

    Your CEL might be a leaky gas tank! Did you get a recall notice? Check into that pronto. Also where the fill tube attaches the tank, or the gas cap. If it's starving on the freeway then I think fuel filter too.

    Have you checked your fuse block beneath the bonnet (grin)? I detailed that a few years ago... if it gets corroded then poor electrical contact will make all kinds of weirdness.

    The wheel speed sensors are not too bad to replace. You have to get it REALLY clean in there before you pull them, so dirt doesn't fall into the swivel housing.

    As for the sideways shift when driving, check the bushings in the trailing arms (the ones from beneath the passenger's feet to the rear axle). Also check the front center attachment for the A-bar (modified Panhard bar) that connects the rear axle to the middle of the truck beneath the rear seats. Take a look at the bushings for the front Panhard bar too... it goes from the axle on one end to the frame on the other.

    Good luck! Welcome back....
  • tambiytambiy Posts: 1

    I just bought a 1999 Discovery II SE and I have two problems that I thought someone might be able to help me out with. First of all, I just noticed that my front passenger floor mat is soaking wet. I know that it's water for sure, and not coolant, but I don't know where it's coming from. I'm thinking it might be the A/C but if anyone has any ideas please throw them my way.

    Also, sometimes when I hit 15, 30, or 45 MPH my steering wheel shakes for a second or two. I got the wheels balanced twice last week and that didn't solve the problem. If anyone can help me with either of the problems I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  • drn92drn92 Posts: 1
    I am considering a 2003 Certified Discovery "S" model. The truck has 25000 miles and they are asking $23,900. Any thoughts or recommendations?

    Also, they have an '01 Certified Range Rover HSE for the same price. Anyone have experience with this model? The Rover has 45,000 miles.

    Thanks, drn92
  • phill27phill27 Posts: 31
    Clogged A/C lines will leak into the front passenger side footwell. I had this problem when I purchased my 2000 Disco II. Maybe it has something to do with the truck sitting for a while?
    As for the vibration, look for the easiest fixes first. I was told a "high speed" balance would work better. That came from the dealership. Also, check for uneven tire wear, this MAY help point out any serious problems underneath like broken or worn suspension parts. But, I'm not sure the shake would go away if that were the deal.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    The A/C has a drain to allow condensed water to drip beneath the truck. When it plugs, the water drips into the passenger footwell. Clear the drain and the problem goes away.

    The front end vibration is likely caused by a worn steering damper. On mine it happens at 52mph. Replace the damper (eaaaaaaaaasy job) and you're set.
  • achuffachuff Posts: 3
    I'm not sure if the sound I had is the same as what you have but my dealer was able to resolve it. Like you, I only heard it when I accelerated and I heard it mainly during acceleration up to about 50mph. The sound stopped once I laid off of the accelerator. My dealer found a hole or a split in a hose that was responsible for the sound. I can't remember which hose but I thought that he said it was an air intake hose or a hose leading from the air cleaner. Anyway, they replced it and the sound stopped. Truck is also more responsive now. Couldn't enjoy it more
  • achuffachuff Posts: 3
    I purchased an 03' Disco "S" about 15 months ago with 9K miles and it now has about 29K miles. At that time I picked it up for $27K and all I can tell you is that it's the most enjoyable truck/car/suv I've ever had.
    The best part of the 03' Disco is that you get the same engine as the 2002 Range Rover 4.6 HSE. The 03-04 Disco is also the best two years for that model ever.
    My fiance just purchased a 2002 RR HSE last week with 25K miles and it's too early to really compare b/c right now I'm obsessed with driving hers.
    There's no doubt that the RR is more luxury and the Disco "S" is more sport (even though the RR is more than capable of sport).
    If I were you, I'd take the 03' Disco with less miles and two more years of engineering evolution to benefit from over the 01' RR
    Good luck! You'll be happy with either one I'm sure!
  • rirover1rirover1 Posts: 2
    Last year I purchased a 00 Disco II with high miles. It looks great and runs great until a few months ago. So far I have had a new transmisison, radiator, rocker shafter, head gasket, a few leaking hoses along with various gaskets all replaced. Lucky for me all of this was covered under warranty. This truck has been very well maintained has always had oil changed and every service performed. I am at 95K and my warranty will be running out in 5K miles. I love this truck and hope in runs for another 100K, but I am concerned that I may continue to have more problems. Any words of advice - is this unusual and do the discos typically go to 200K? Thanks for any advice you may have.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Are you certain the oil changes and services were performed before you bought it? That is the second Disco I have ever heard of that needed a transmission replaced. Losing a rocker shaft sounds like low oil level (and hence pressure) or extremely long time between changes, and high wear in that area.

    A bad radiator would come from not changing the fluid, with a resulting bad head gasket from overheating.

    My gut feeling is, this truck was seriously neglected. The work you've done should keep it on the road for as long as you care to own it. Mine is at 98k miles now, uses NO oil, and drives like new. That's what you can expect.

    Change all fluids religiously! "Oil is cheaper than metal."
  • rirover1rirover1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for writing back, I purchased the truck from a family member who is obsessed with maintaining their vehicles; also the rover dealership certified that all services and oil changes had been done. It's running great now so I am hoping this will continue. For the past few years synthetic oil has been put in it as well.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Boy is that bizarre. I'm sure sorry to hear of the problems!

    I use synthetic motor oil in winter only, because it comes in 0-50w and I need it that thin for starting on campouts at -30F. Otherwise I use Castrol GTX 10-40w and it's never let me down. I use Purolator Premium, Napa Gold or WIX filters... there are a few filters I avoid like the plague. Do some research on that. I use synth lubes for the diffs and swivels and xfer box, and dino-lube ATF for the transmission.
  • patbritpatbrit Posts: 1
    I bought a 2001 used Disco II a year ago and keep having trouble with the Service Engine Light. When I accelerate onto our section of the highway, which also incidentally goes uphill, the revs go up to nearly 5 and the light goes on. The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong, and I'm about to take it in again for the same problem!! Any ideas?? I've been trying to sell the thing because I'm a poor teacher and afraid my life savings will go on maintaining this car!!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Holy smokes... I don't think I've ever seen 5k rpms on my Disco, and I drive it hard. I wonder if that means the cat is plugging up, or the mass airflow sensor is weak or an O2 sensor? You're passing a TON of air/fuel thru the engine at that throttle and rpm setting... it's got to be running awfully sharp to not register an engine complaint. How's the air filter? Fuel filter? It could be starving for air or fuel. Maybe the fuel pump is weak?

    You might solve the problem by just letting up on the gas a little........
  • miked03miked03 Posts: 21
    The check engine light on my `03 disco came up with code number 97. The servicing dealer never heard of it and neither did LR engineering, so they cleared it. Vehicle has been running fine, but if anyone knows what this code is, please respond.
  • i read the above problems and I too have had many problems- back door being stuck, back door falling off , windows not opening or falling right down into the door ,key getting frozen in the gas tank lock and bending , not being able to open the gas lock in the winter , tie rods breaking ,all of them twice in four years . the list goes on, but my biggest problem was last week being stuck in park my freind came out and removed the lock so I could not only get out of park but never be stuck in park again the only thing is I now don't have any lights or blinkers, I bought a new brake light switch and installed it still no lights. I put new fuses in had blinkers until I pressed the brakes then no blinkers any suggestions I love this truck althought I have not had much luck with it. please help
  • the same thing happen to me maybe if we compare it would help I had a freind remove the lock aparently when i was putting my foot on the brake it was not registering so it would not let the gear move. a safety feature that is in most vehicles . Anyway he removed the lock I then had no problem getting out of park and driving but now have no brake lights or blinkers . I bought a new brake light switch and put it in still no lights or blinkers I bought a new fuse put it in had blinkers until i tried putting my foot on the brakes to get brake lights obviously something is shorting out sound familliar? Have you gotten further than me with this if so let me know missy
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