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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • botat1botat1 Posts: 12
    The crack runs down and then towards the driver side, about 15" to 18", starts 3" left side of rear view mirror.We are in the bay area California, cold but not that cold,we will be replacing windshield next week.thanks again.
  • I have a Disco TDI 5 2003. I have a problem with several warning lights coming on for no apparent reason at the same time (ABS, Off Road, Handbrake) and sometimes the ACE light comes on. If I stop, turn off the engine and then restart, the lights dont come on again and the problem may not recur for several days or weeks or a thousand miles. I can get no sense from my dealer on this who says I need new brakes and the problem will go away. My brakes dont need replacing yet and I know someone else who has replaced the brakes and the same problem has persisted. I am vey interested in who else is having problems with several warning lights including ABS illuminating intermittently
  • So I am getting all of these lights coming on & staying on, same as dozens of other threads in this forum. Disco II, 2000, 66k. There is only one dealer here in Adelaide, Australia and he has run a diagnostic which gives fault code 11.4 (shuttle valve electrical failure). I have suggested that he manually tests wheel speed sensors, ABS sensors, wheel hub bearings etc (thanks to other responses in this forum)but he won't do that cos "the ABS system does this several times each minute anyway". He wants to gouge me for $A6,000 for a whole new ABS modulator. :mad: Any advise for a non-mechanical guy? Thanks, Matthew.
  • I have a 2000 Disco II with 115,000 miles and have never had any problems. New brakes and tires at 65,000 miles (how did you ever let them talk you into new brakes at 15,000 miles?? You got robbed, I'll bet they through in rotors too for a nearly $1000 total job, my rotors are original BTWay.) oil, gas, nothing else. Everything still works, ac, power locks, power windows, everything is fine. Turn the key and go for 100,000+ miles with original everything except tires, brake pads, oil, and gas. Best car I have ever owned including GMs(worst), Fords, Toyotas, several Hondas (tied for first), Audis (very close second). Only problem with the Disco II is 15mpg.......
  • botat1botat1 Posts: 12
    We had the same problem about 2 years ago, we would stop , restart truck again, and lights would go away.The abs and hill decent control were the ones, several weeks or months would go by, and they would come on again. The dealer told us not to worry about it, and the lights went away.You got me on this one.Now we have the check engine light coming on and then off,every time we have an apointment with the dealer the light goes off, i want the diagnostic done when the light is on, they did tell us to stop driving if it starts flashing, 2001 disco 2 se7 68500 miles. :)
  • I have a 2000 Disco II, and my lights (ABS, Decline, and Hand Brake) would come on as well. I had the brakes replaced, the codes checked, and the codes cleared. Still kept coming back.

    Finally narrowed down the ABS modulator, where I got three quotes from two dealers (the first was for US$1500, the second at the same dealer with a different service advisor was for US$3000!, the third from a different dealer was for US$1700). I had the modulator replaced and have had no problems for a year.

    Used ABS modulators are between US$700-900 plus labor, so my advise is to check around for best price and have it done at the dealer.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Check your gas cap. Sometimes the rubber gasket can become worn or cracked and doesn't make a good seal. This will cause your light to come on too. Should be an inexpensive thing to change, and probably not a bad idea anyway.
  • Hi, A friend of mine has a Discovery and I think it is an 03 or 04. She parks on a rather steep driveway and her brake light comes on when pulling up the drive to park and to back out. Light goes out afterwards. I assume that when she says brake light, she means ABS. She also says the brakes squeak a little when she stops. Now, I don't know about Discos, but I still have the original pads on my 91 chevy truck, so, I'm thinking that brake pads on a Disco should last longer than three years. I'm might look at them. But, she likes to take it to the dealership and they said that it probably needs pads and probably new rotors. NEW ROTORS? You got to be kidding me? She said that the dealership told her that the rotors can't be turned. I think this is a bunch of dooky. Can anyone confirm this? I think she is just low on fluid and the pads are a little warpped. Any thoughts?
  • Hello,

    I have the same problem as you. May I ask how you got it resolved?

    Thank you
  • Hi All. It is time to replace the original equipment Goodyears on my 2003 Disco. At 32,000 miles they are like racing slicks in the Colorado snow. Question is, what to replace them with?

    I have my eye on a set of Michelin XPC 4x4's, which are $224 each at Costco. Ouch! More than I would like to spend. Also looking at Yokohama Geolanders - G52. They are a bit less expensive.

    I have the SE with 18 inch wheels. Just about anything I buy will have to be ordered, as the 255/55 HR 18 size does not seem to be a stock item in tire stores around here.

    Does anyone have experience with either of these tires? Or, with other tires that have performed well? I need something that is good in the snow, good off road and good towing a 4,000 lb. trailer. I also do a lot of long distance highway driving, both with and without the trailer. I guess I am looking for the everything tire, and I know that does not exist. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

    For the record, we are averaging 15.5 mpg over the 32K miles, (with some traier towing) and virtually no breakdowns or problems save for a burnt out lightbulb and a service engine soon warning light that was fixed quickly by Landrover Denver East quickly under warranty. One tough truck.


  • 2001 Disco II. I got a remote starter/alarm installed and it works great but it will only start by remote when the doors are unlocked because the factory alarm doesn't allow starting if its armed. Does anyone know if a bypass module is available or does anyone have any information on remote starters on the Discovery? Thanks.
  • Whenever I hit a pothole or speed bump, or anything more than uneven pavement, the left rear suspension makes a creaking noise - like an old dodge truck with worn out front ball joints.

    What could be causing this? When I check it out I don't see anything that could be causing a noise.

    Any ideas.
  • I replaced my Goodyears with Michelin Cross Terrain. I paid $179 for 16". Great traction, smooth ride, and very quiet. I have been very pleased.
  • Thanks for the info on the Michelin Cross Terrain tires. I looked at them and at another Michelin light truck tire, as well as Yokohama Geolander G52's.

    Unfortunately, a set of four, mounted and balanced, was running close to or above $900. I then found a Cooper tire on the internet that sounded like it might work. It is the P255/55r18 Discover HT Plus. Just a plain blackwall light truck tire. A set of four at the local tire store cost $619, mounted and balanced, out the door. I don't buy the "tire insurance," which would have been an additional $80.

    I only have 27 miles on the tires as of this evening, but they seem, at least to my imagination, to ride a bit smoother and quieter than the original equipment Goodyear Wranglers, which lasted just about 32K miles. I guess that only time will tell. Normally, I am very partial to Michelin tires for any car, but I just choked at the price, even at Costco. Thanks again.

  • Try Bridgestone Blizzak tires. They might be a little more than what you indicated the Michelin & Yoko's would be. They're the best in ice and snow and regular driving for that matter. A man I work with has them. I don't need tires at this point, but that's what the replacements will be. We live at the bottom tip of Lake Michigan and have prenty of ice & snow. You might try eBay, as there are some good buys on Blizzak tires, if you're patient.
  • If it's not beneath you, do it yourself! Changing them is simple. If interested, I located a website that took it step by step with pictures. Ours is 2001 SE7 and it took maybe 30-45 minutes on each corner. I ordered the pads from British Pacific. I'd be happy to find the website for you.
  • Hi Millermb,

    Thanks for the pointers on Blizzaks. I have Blizzaks on my other car, which is a 1994 BMW 325is coupe. Before I got the Blizzaks I would not dream of taking it out of the garage in any kind of snow. The Blizzaks do wonders, and I don't hesitate to take it out in snow up to about 6 inches deep. The best thing about the Blizzaks is how well they stop in the snow. My son also has them on his Jeep Cherokee.

    For the Disco I wanted an all-season tire, which is one reason why I did not go with the Blizzaks. The other reason would have been price. I am sure that a set for 18" wheels would have cost a bundle, and then I would still have to buy summer tires anyway.

    The Coopers, by the way, have been good so far. Compared to the original equipment Goodyears, they are quieter, smoother, and track straighter. I ran them in light snow over the weekend. They seemed glued to the road, but there was not really enough to "test" them.

    Thanks again.

  • In my case, the dealer confirmed yesterday that there is a fault in the ABS Modulator and this will be replaced under warranty. I am grateful to the correspondent that suggested this might be the cause as I was able in turn to suggest this to the service manager who had been in denial until now. The part will be replaced in a few weeks. I will post a message if this doesnt solve the problem
  • I had a remote start installed on my wife's 2001 DII and were having the same problem. The installer is clueless! In our case, when you start it remotely, it unlocks the doors and you can't lock them, which defeats the security issue! Hopefully your installer will have a solution that I can share with mine! In the meantime if I find a one I'll let you know.
  • Could you please forward that website to me also? I have no interest in paying $1300 for a brake job that my local dealership is so adamant about. Also, they tell me that I'll need a full brake job every 10k to 15k?? That's like 6 months! It can't be right.
  • Could anyone familiar with a 1999 1/2 Land Rover Discovery II please assist me with installation instructions. This will be the first time for me and I'm not looking to pay a dealer with my arm and leg. Any information would be appreciated.
  • Here's the website for brake pad replacement:
    It takes you through it step by step. I think it mentions this, but unless you have brake fluid on hand and don't want brake fluid all over, you will need to take some out of the reservoir. I used a turkey baster. Then after the new pads are installed put it back in.
    Good luck. It should cost you less than $100.00.
    Have a Merry Christmas!!!
  • See post #4415. Good luck! Merry Chrsitams!!!
  • I have a 98 disco that will stall in cold temperatures. I live in northwest Florida and when the temperature drops to below 45 (common between Nov-Feb) the engine will start and idle but when placed in gear it dies. This process repeats itself for about 30 minutes until an operating temp (known only to the computer) is reached and the dicso runs fine. :sick: Any thoughts as to which $500 electrical gizmo needs to be replaced? :confuse:
  • I put Bridgestone Duehler H/L Alenza 255/55/18 on my Disco 2002 and it is 100% better. I drive mostly highway but live north so I get the snow also and it doesn't slip at all. About 3000 miles on them now. I can hold a conversation while driving for the first time. They were pricey..but when you are dealing with 18 inch tires you really can't find cheap. I chose these mainly for the 65000 mile warranty..check out reviews and testing on them. I would also go with road hazard insurance, when you are paying 150$+ you would hate to have to fork over another $150 for a nail in the road.
  • Good day. Does anyone out there have experience with the
    Automatic Door Lock on the '95 Disco's?

    I have had mine for two years, and replaced all auto door
    latches at $600 Canadian each ( all 5 ). Now, the back one
    often won't close, and the front driver's door won't open
    at times. Should I just keep fixing these, or is it going
    to be an ongoing problem? Having spent $3000 Cnd. on the
    doors, I am nervous about continuing, and wonder if I should,
    a) sell it, or b) keep it for a long time as planned, and disconnect the Automatic locking system, or c) fix it this time and keep her going, hoping the doors will hold for some time?


    Yours truly:
    Bruce B.
  • just got myself a 96 and have no complaints other then its a process to fill up my tank. seems like pressure builds up and the gas pump kicks back b/c its thinks its full. any reason why this would be happening?

  • Hi I have a 2002 Disco and I want to put 16 inch wheels on it to raise my suspension. Does anyone have experience with this? What springs, shocks ect do I need to accomplish this...thanks!
  • I have had the identical problem with one of my horn buttons had one of the four prongs break off. Did you find a more economical?

    i would greatly appreciate any help you could throw my way.

  • Well I actually have 2 different problems making me crazy.. We drive a 2000 discovery in NYC and Sometimes when I try to turn on the headlights, they will be extremely dim and I immediately know Im having this problem because when they are dim the brightlight signal in the car is on and when I try to click the brighs on or off the bright signal never leaves and the dim lights remain the same dim..... So as soon as I make an appt with NYC Landrover dealer they start to work perfectly again... then yesterday it stared again. I went to my local mechanisc and he said the alternateor and battery were fine... But he is not a landrover mechanic (he fixes my wrangler! Any ideas? I hate to go ignorant to the dealer mechanic!
    In central america we drive a 1998 discovery for vacation. I have replaced the brakes and rotors twice BUT everytime I drive on a few hills, they start to smake and dont work well!! Not fun driving down a coffee mountain with 3 kids in the car!! I have just about decided to sell it!!! The mechanic said he checked the caliphers and I bought the last brakes from Landrover???
    Thanks for any ideas.
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