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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • This pertains to Messages 4250 & 4455.

    I have a 2003 Discovery SE with 33,000 miles on it. Blue book is nowhere near $28,000, US dollars. I'd be lucky to get $18,000 on a trade-in, I believe. I agree with other comment that $28,000 is way too much to pay, regardless of model year.

    The Disco was much in need of an upgrade in 2003-2004. The tech design was getting very long in the tooth. BMW did some things to make the 2003 and 2004 models "better" than their predecessors before Ford purchased Land Rover.

    Even so, just too much was needed to make the "Disco" competitive. So, for 2005 Land Rover, now owned by Ford, did a complete redo. I can't imagine that there are very many parts, if any, that transferred over from the 1004 Disco to the 2005 LR3. Interestingly enough, though, in other countries the LR3 is still called the Disco.

    The LR3 is a much heavier vehicle. It has a completely different, and much more powerful V-8 engine, based on the Jaguar V-8. The old Disco 4.6 liter was based on a very old Buick V-8 design. There are a host of technical innovations in the LR3. Seating is different, and the back seats can fold flat. I have heard that it is equally good off-road, if not better, than the old Disco, but have no first hand experience with that.

    Reading through comments on the LR3 page, one hears about the smoothness of the highway ride, as well as the handling on-road, something for which the Disco was never famous.

    That aside, a reading of the LR3 forums will reveal many, many first year "problems." One can never tell just from anecdotal information just how much weight to put on those comments, but contrast the problems recounted on the LR3 forum with the lack of negative comments on such a humble new intro as the Ford Freestyle.

    As far as reliability goes, my Discovery, a 2003 with 33,000 miles on it, has had but one mechanical problem. A wiring harness frayed, causing the check engine light to go on. A quick trip to the dealer fixed it within an hour, along with a free wash and vacuum. Oh, and there was one recall, fixed with equal speed by my dealer, LR Denver East.

    I've run my Disco over Colorado and Montana dirt and rock mountain passes, towed a 4,500 lb. trailer over 11,000 foot mountain passes, and plowed through a good part of the 33 inch snow storm that hit the Denver area back in April(?) of 2003. I've averaged over 15.5 mpg for the 33K, which includes at least 4,000 miles of 10-11 mpg towing the trailer. My particular Disco is one tough truck.

    If you can buy one that does as well as mine has done, and get it for the right price, you will have one beautiful vehicle. When they get the kinks worked out of the LR3, it, too, will be one tough truck. Unfortunately, all the new stuff they put in it adds about $8,000 to 10,000 to the MSRP, which puts it out of my price range.

    If you decide to buy, go find a muddy back road up a mountain and enjoy!

  • I am thinking of getting a 2002 Diso with about 50K miles, I have read some real bad things about them. I also see that owners are in love with the car. any advice would be great
  • I have a 96' disco that recently failed inspection because my rear view mirror has tarnished. Does anyone know a cheap fix for this without having to replace the whole mirror? It looks as if some sort of seal broke around the edges. If not, how difficult is it to replace this unit?

  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110

    Unfortunately the only fix is to replace the mirror. No way around it, unless you can register it in a state that doesn't require a safety check. As far as the others that have posted here lately. I have a '96 disco I with 126,000 miles. I have taken it from Seattle to Jacksonville, FL over the cascades and the rockies, pulling a 4,000 lb trailer. I use it regularly to tow my 27 foot, 6,000 lb boat and smile when people stare at me and say "No way you pull that boat with that teeny little Land Rover." Then I watch them have trouble hauling out theirs with their Silverados and F-150's and offer to help. I will own forever. As far as reliability, yeah, it has it's quirks, but has never left me stranded, and if you ALWAYS make sure you do the maintenance, and find a good mechanic for what you can't do, you should have no problems. Don't always rely on the dealers. I found a guy who used to work for LR and quit when they tried to make him cross-train to Jaguar. Now he opened his own LR shop and doesn't charge $95 an hour. :shades:
  • I was a little bit reluctant to purchase a Disco with 43,000 miles on it but I did it. Primarily because it was dealer certified. Anyway it is an 04 Discovery S with the dual sunroofs. The only thing bad about the S in my opinion is the Duragrain seats (not real leather). Other then that it has everything that I need. Also, it is difficult to find 04's here in Colorado. I was able to get it for 21,900. I thought that it was a fair price as the vehicle looks basically new. It came off a 2 year lease (according to carfax). The previous owner apparently did some serious driving in the 2 years of ownership. If anybody has any feedback on price let me know.
  • Brettp,
    Congratulations on your "new" used S Disco. Based on what I have seen in books colored blue, and perhaps on Edmunds, as well, you paid some $1,500 under what a retail dealer might expect to charge. You also have 7,000 left on the warranty, and the dealer certification.

    I have a 2003 se, and love it. I would not expect to get anywhere near $20,000 on a trade-in to a dealer, but they never give anything near retail price on a trade-in. Mine has 33,000 miles on it.

    The 2003 & 2004 were the only Discos that have the improved engine, formerly in the Range Rover. They also have the benefit of the several years of ownership by BMW before Landrover was sold to Ford.

    My landrover's quality has been excellent over the three years I have owned it, as has been the service by Landrover Denver East, where I bought it.

    Another recent post describes the towing prowess of the Disco, and I can also attest to that, as we tow a 4,500 lb. RV trailer all over the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Yes, it does slow down going up hills, but it always makes it through.

    I think you will enjoy your truck and I would not worry about not having leather seats. Enjoy it.

  • Pete,

    Thanks for the information. Overall I am really enjoying this truck and I actually get excited about driving to work in it. The service piece is good information ecspecially when you consider that I purchased the truck at Land Rover Denver East and plan on servicing it there. What a coincidence that is. So far I have had an excellent experience there. If you have any advice as to a particular service person that I should contact there (if any one is more preferable then the others) then let me know. Also, I did shop around at Flatirons and Denver South and they did not come anywhere close to the deal that I got at Denver East. I will keep in touch.

  • Brett,

    Wow! That is a coincidence. We were just at LR Denver East yesterday to have my first "failure" fixed under warranty. The rear windshield wiper froze to the rear window when we were up at Blackhawk last week. I turned the wiper on to clear the window, not realizing it was frozen. Darn windshield wiper motor was so powerful that it broke the blade arm right off! They fixed it while I waited - no charge.

    There are two service staff there. We are not supposed to name names on this forum, but both are excellent. There are two desks, one behind the other on the left as you go in. T sits in the front desk. She is great. D sits at the back desk. He is great. Can't go wrong with either one, and they both know the Disco by heart.

    While waiting for the fix (and they always clean the car, inside and out) my spouse and I drooled over the new LR3. Too bad they are so expensive.

    Hey, we may run into each other some day going over Georgia or Mosquito Pass - but not in the winter, thanks.

  • Pete,

    Thanks for the information. As I am new to the board (and to ownership) I am not totally up on the rules. I believe that you provided me with enough info to get going though. The LR3 is an awesome vehicle. They had 2 that I actually looked at in the used vehicle section. The sales guy actually made a huge push at selling me one. It was a 05 with like 5,000 miles on it. I told him that it was a little out of my price range at $36,000. While I think that it is a decent price for one that is nearly new I thought that the 04' Disco at $21,900 was more to my liking. I am thinking that eventually that the LR3s will also be available to the point that you will be able to find 2 and 3 year old return lease vehicles in the mid 20's. Anyway, you are more likely to bump into me at Winter Park in the winter and Blackhawk in the summer (It looks like Blackhawk in the summer will be much easier on my rear windshield wiper). Thanks again, and I will be sure to keep in touch on this board.

  • My earlier message on this was number 4394 and I have missed some of the disucssion in between. However, I can report that thanks to the advice from this forum, I was able to go back to my dealer and insist that they check out the ABS Modulator. This was indeed the problem (they had always said my brakes needed replacing). They replaced the ABS modulator which had an internalcommunication fault under warranty. They also replaces a faulty ACE ECU which also had an internal communciation fault. This was done 3 weeks ago and I have had no recurrence of the problem. The dealer was most resistant to the suggestion that the ABS Modulator was at fault but I put the whole history in writing and they were obliged to investigate. Thanks to all those who reponded.
  • mkmcmkmc Posts: 1
    Just bought a 99 DSII with 32K miles - Florida truck - I live in Detroit. I've gone through most of the Board - great info. Q: What should I have checked right off? Valves, leaks, trans, etc...? Please assist with this and any other newbie-type general advice you have on this MY - thanks a ton!
  • Does Anyone Out There Have Or Has Has A Problem With The Drivers Seat( Or Pass) Seat Just Stoped Working. All Elec. Just Stopped. No Heat, No Movement. I Have Checked The Fueses Under The Seat, Swapped Out The Directional Switch With The Pass Side And Still No Luck. I Am Afraid To Take It To The Dealer As They Will Go To Town Trying To "Find" The Problem At $120.00 Canadain / Hour....
    if Anyone that has Had The Same Issue Could Respond , it would help allot.

  • Can Anyone Help With The Issue Of The 3 Lights On The Dash Staying On . Abs, Traction And Incline Lights Seem To Come On And Off?? Dealer Has No Idea Why , It Was A "Guess Repair". The Airbag Light Was Coming On From The Seat Belt Clip , Then That Was Changed , now This Happned, Then The Seat Power?? Am I In For A Day To Day Problem With This Truck.. My Wife Already Hates This Truck .....Help

    i have seen details on line about cleaning the fuse panel, is this both the interior and engine bay together? take each fuse out and clean them or better to replace each fuse and clean the contacts inside?? The electrical problem wiht our drivers seat is the biggest problem , it is stuck now forward, no power??

    can anyone help ???

    was there a recall for the ABS issue??? :lemon:
  • nhveedubnhveedub Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 w/ 58k miles and am having the same problem. Did you ever find an answer as to why the blinkers will not work in cold weather until the car warms up? I have noticed that if I am turning the steering while, I can sometimes get the blinkers to 'click' into blinking once I find the sweet spot... but that's not something you can do in traffic :confuse:

    Any ideas anyone? Don't really wanna pay LR to diagnose that one ~
  • delcadelca Posts: 1
    "The 3 Lights: abs, Traction And Incline Lights."

    I had the same problem with my wife's Disco II. The dealer calls it an ABS sensor problem, needing replacement of both wheel sensors. I would also suspect a problem with worn out brake pads. Good luck!
  • My service engine light has come on at 39k miles and the diagnosics said it could be O2 sensor, air valve, 4th gear ratio too high. Also, when I put the truck into R from P, the rear-end has a clicking sound sometimes. And from R to D, when initially rolling forward, it will sometimes click. Any ideas? 02 Disc II Thanks ya'll!
  • lr2002lr2002 Posts: 5
    Need some assitance to wire lights to the existing oem switches in passenger compartment. I have a 2002 LR Discovery II. I think I might need a guide.

    Diehard DIY'er :P
  • After rolling a new 2003 Grand Cherokee a couple of years ago I've leapt into the world of Land Rover with great enthusiasm. A never forgotten fraction of a second when realizing I was being let down by that vehicle, the hope is that with this Disco II will be more intuitive - and communicate impending roll overs BEFORE it's too late. The 330 km drive home from the GM dealer where I found this Disco II reflected the whole new sensation of security Land Rover exudes. I am really thrilled. Original owners maintained it religiously as disclosed by the original LR Dealer. Hope to become an active participant in this also newly discovered forum. With 8 inches of fresh snow and drifts, (17 percent grades on snow covered ice...piece of cake with HDC) the Disco II arrived home really showing its strengths.

    ** Has anyone had problems with windshield wiper arm tension (springs)??
  • I recently had my 01 SE7 serviced and front brakes changed, separately. I noticed that I had no heat in the seats, no compass, and the lighter is not working. This could have happened at either service as it was in a 2 week time frame and I just did not notice. Any ideas? I had the fuses checked and they appear good. After an $800 routine maintenance job, I am terrified to go within 20 miles of the dealership! Any ideas? Also, I have the worst time getting the jump seats "up". They refuse to release. :confuse: Thanks!
  • Unfortunately, I don't have the answer but I do have the same problem with my 2001 SE with 68K miles. I have had the vehicle a couple of years and this problem only became apparent during this Winter. The indicators will not work until the engine is at normal operating temperature. My problem is compounded by similar trouble with the wipers. The intermitant and continuous wiper settings will not work at all until the engine has reached normal operating temperature.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  • riroverrirover Posts: 5
    I think I may have had a small electrical fire inside my Rover this morning! I have been having a little trouble cranking the car over the last couple of weeks when its cold. When I turn the key, all of the electrical stuff inside the car comes on as it should and I hear the starter clicking, but I have to do this about 15 times before the car cranks up. Well, this morning after about 15 turns of the key, I noticed an awful smell - smelled like burnt hair - and I noticed that some very light smoke was wafting out of my center console between the seats. Anybody experienced anything like this? If I get the starter replaced should I be all set? Its a Series I ('98) with about 107k miles on it.
  • Clicking sound... I had the same when shifting into/out of gear, this lasted 1-2 weeks, then it started clicking as I drove. I don't know if this fits your situation, but mine turned out to be a bad drive shaft @ 68k miles to the tune of app. $800 when repaired by dealer. Good luck!
  • I had problems with the door latches on my '95 Disco last year. Sometimes doors would not open... or even worse, refused to stay closed. The power door locks on some doors would sometimes stick, refusing to lock or unlock without using a key. The problems were intermittent, usually occuring during extremely cold or wet weather.

    Since the problems mostly seemed to happen when it was wet or cold, I had a hunch that the problem was with the lubrication of the door latches and the locking mechanisms. I thoroughly sprayed the door latches with WD-40. I also used WD-40 to lubricate the all the links and moving parts connected to the power door locks. (This requires removal of the interior door panels to provide access to the door lock mechanisms) Since lubricating the latches and locks, my door problems have disappeared. Proof once again that WD-40, like duct tape, is a life saver.
  • cham1989cham1989 Posts: 5
    Did you find out if there were any problems with the 03..

    I'm thinking of buying a disco, but I'm a little nervous nothing postive about the car.
  • cham1989cham1989 Posts: 5
    I would like to know the same question. Did you find out if they're that bad? I really would like to purchase a disco, but not sure now..
  • cham1989cham1989 Posts: 5
    Need help I'm thinking of buying a 02, or 03 disco. Are they has bad as they say...Nothing positive about the vech. everything is negative.
  • brettpbrettp Posts: 5
    Just drive one and you will know why people love them. My wife had a 98' when we began dating. It is probably one of the many reasons that I married her. Two kids and a dog later we just bought an 04' The cost of ownership can be high but they are fun to drive. They are cool and quirky. If you want average and safe then buy a Honda Accord. If you want fun, comfortable and interesting then buy a Disco. My only reccomendation is that you buy one from a dealership and that you get one with a warranty. Most newer Discos from the dealership are certified and come with a warranty to 75,000 miles.

    Hope this helps,
  • cham1989cham1989 Posts: 5

    You just made my day...I really want a Disco, and now I feel much better. Its' funny I have a 02 Honda CRV and yes it's safe, but it's not fun...

    Thanks Again
  • brettpbrettp Posts: 5
    It will cost you a good deal more in gas as well. That is my only regret with the vehicle. Rover reccomends premium fuel and my Disco maybe gets 15 miles to the gallon if that. Regardless, I love driving the vehicle and it is worth the extra money to me.

    Good luck and let me know what you do!
  • Referring to my first message (#4478-March 12,'06), I replaced the wiper arm and blade with new parts and the same issue of improper tension on the glass remained, resulting in uncleared glass on each swipe right in the line of sight. Has anyone had this problem? I have improvised by wrapping double sided rubber tape on the U shaped plastic guide clip at its bottom where the blade rests (and seats for supposed even tension on the winsdshield. Am hopeful that this will provide a lasting adjustment to provide safe wiper operation. Baffling little annoyance fixed...

    The ETC (Traction Control) performs in a way that I do not
    believe is 'as designed'. I was able to test its performance thoroughly the other day by positioning the vehicle (unable to move forward) on a slippery/grass & snow/ice covered incline, in LOW and 1st (in manual mode)and idling at about 600 rpm. Alone, I actually walked around the driverless vehicle while in gear and observed the ETC clicking as it does diverting power to find traction. IT would only spin on the drivers side, and not divert to the right side....although both front and rear were spinning on the drivers side. I realise that there are a myriad of issues at play here...does anyone have a full proof way to verify that the ETC is operating properly....other than going to Land Rover themselves?
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