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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • pilksterpilkster Posts: 1
    I just bought a Land Rover DisoII. It has 77000 miles on it. Every thing seems to run great! However, when I am drving a normal rmps and then take my foot slightly off the gas and then back on I feel sought of a bang. I'm hoping it is not a transmission problem. Does this description sound like anything to anyone??
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    My 2003 Disco something similar and has since I purchased it new in 2003.

    What I experience is that if you accelerate and then remove your foot from the gas and allow the vehicle to slow down and the engine to reduce its rpms, you must carefully and with some finesse reapply your foot to the gas to again accelerate or you get a noise and a jerking of the vehicle.

    I have been told that this is due to the torque that the engine seems to be a fairly common event on all Discos but I am sure that on some it is more noticeable than others.

    I have learned to accelerate and decelerate with care to avoid the jerking...
  • discofundiscofun Posts: 26
    It's all related to the 'play' in the drive train; had it in my '96 Disco and now in my '03 Disco. All of the couplings and linkages have some play that flexes with a throttle release and reapplication. No worries.
  • roo1roo1 Posts: 1
    I have a question about 2001 Land Rover Discovery II SE. I just experienced ABS and TC lights that went on. I was driving and the 3 dings went on and the 2 lights stayed on. I got to my destination and shut the car off. I let the car sit for 6 hours. Restarted the vehicle and turned my steering wheel hard to get out of a parking space. Since I did that the all the lights went out. Is this worth checking via a diagnostic testing. Any suggestions? Someone mentioned to check the tire/hub to see if there is a loose wire.

    2nd Question: My CD player seems display "no disc" when there is a cd in there. Randomly I go through this. I run the CD check and sometime only one cd will work and the others in the magazine won't. Do you think it is a loose wire?
    ROO 1
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I'm going through my annual "wouldn't it be nice to get a (very) used Disco for Block Island and I wonder which one"?

    Here are some things rattling around in my head:

    1)The last year of the Disco II (was it 2003?) looks appealing because they apparently worked out many of the bugs yet retained the solid axles, etc. Problem is, I don't want to spend 20K and don't need the 4.6 engine.

    2) Everyone says to buy a car with good maintenance records but by the time a car is 6 -7 years old and at 80K the records are probably no longer being kept nor the car being serviced by your local friendly "LR Centre". The engine hasn't seen Mobil 1 in years and the car is now on its third set of mix 'n match tires. So, since at my price point we're not going to find good maitenance records, lets move on.

    3) Given the cost of fixing the auto tranny and the inability to even check the fluid (no dipstick), let alone change the ATF (apparently you need to use a PortaPower to press the chassis rails apart to change the fluid), I'd love to find a stick shift version. Afterall, how much could a clutch, pressure plate, and t/o bearing cost?

    Problem is, I think they last offered a stick shift in '95. Is that correct? How would I find a stick shift version?

    4) Are Disco I's simpler and more reliable than a Disco II? Would a Disco I have less in the way of complicated chassis electronics (ABS, etc.) and engine management systems? I don't care about highway handling, just simplicity, ease of maintenance and the ability to haul wet dogs and lobster pots.

    5) Were I to pick up a used Disco, is the ol' Buick V8 an interference engine where you have a major service to change the timing belt or else the valves and pistons get very acquainted with each other? Can I pick up new shocks, rotors, pads, etc. in the aftermarket?
  • Check your propeller shaft joints maybe there is a play in it. If not then it is usually in the transmission. No need to fix it, just let the throttle go of with ease. I have the same kind of problem, but not that loud of a bang.
  • I am considering purchasing a used disco."04" with approx. 40,000. I keep my cars a really long time and know nothing about the disco other than it is the best looking suv out there. After reading all the posts, it is obvious you guys (and girls!!!) know alot about them. What can I expect from this suv such as maintenance, dependablity, longevity of parts, etc. thank you in advance for your reply's.
  • Well...they are nice and fun to drive...but be preparred to take on some maintenance. They can have a long line of problems...and they aren't cheap to fix. Plus, most people are scarred to even work on them. So, be realistic about buying one. I have a 01 with 38k and have replaced oxygen sensors, rubber boots in the back, and hey, they get about 13city and 17hwy. You'll be at the pump quite a bit. Other than that...they're GREAT!
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    Clearly these trucks are not for the average Joe...they are different and have an appeal only to a select population (we won't go into the characteristics of that population here ;) )

    I have a 2003 Disco SE7 that I bought new in 2003. So far I have been extraordinarily blessed not to have any real problems; however, it is still under warranty. I do know that if you do the maintenance, and I mean religiously, you will reduce the likelyhood of real problems.

    If you buy one go ahead and buy a LandRover extended warranty (covers most of what the factory warranty does). They come in a variety of flavors depending on the deductable.

    Also, it depends on the specific vehicle. I know someone who also had a 2002 Disco SE that LandRover bought back because it had no end of problems. On the first day the truck was put in the new owners leaked out all the oil in the engine and ruined their driveway-- which by the way LandRover paid to have re-stoned. Later the engine caught fire while sitting at a stop light.
    (betcha that truck was a Monday build)...

    If you are prepared to do the maintenance and love your Rover then go ahead and take the plunge...these are incredible trucks...but, they do have their own personality.
  • Thanks for the great advice, I'll keep you posted. I think the gas is the only real issue i have (hurricane katrina).
  • Great advice and thanks for the reply. I think the gas is the only real issue (we went though a pretty rough time down here with the shortage after hurricane Katrina). Other than that, I'm in !!!!!
  • tenmilegtenmileg Posts: 1
    I am having a problem with acceleration. My LR does fine taking off, but then it starts to bog down as if it were losing power or gas. I had a guy tell me it might be the fuel pump. What do you think? Also, I had my front brake pads changed and they are still squealing. Is there anything I can do about this?
  • matt1dmbmatt1dmb Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a place to purchase new wipers for my '02 Disco II. The dealer is way over priced, and I need an alternative. Any thoughts?
  • same here...the ones at AutoZone and the like do not fit. They say they fit in the books...but they don't. Wal-Mart's high-end brand doesn't fit either. You're probably going to have to PAY ... or have headaches finding them. Check out By far the best prices.
    Two fronts and one back for $34
    Good luck!
  • matt1dmbmatt1dmb Posts: 2
    I just ordered them. Thanks a lot!
  • drs123drs123 Posts: 2
    I have had same experience. Replaced trani, did'nt go away, in the process of replacing prop shaft (which I understand are nearly impossible to find in the US right now. Good luck. I have about had it with my Disco II
  • drs123drs123 Posts: 2
    Is it true they are very rare in the US at this point?
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    Hi all,
    I have a question regarding how a disco brakes.

    The dealership just told me that my rear brakes were in need of replacing; but, that my front brakes were fine.

    I thought that was strange since the brakes on the truck are all the same age. The servicewriter told me that discos brake from the rear first and therefore the rear brakes take most of the wear.

    Does that sound right?

    Should a disco generally need brakes replaced after just 20,000 miles?

  • odiopusodiopus Posts: 47
    If you have to use a lower grade, then just make sure to use an octane additive when you fuel up... Once you start using the low octane fuel you will notice considerable knocking, from what I hear. I have never used anything less than 93 and my '01 Disco still runs like new. As a matter of fact my Disco has never felt better once the engine was completely broken in at around 50K, I am now at 58K and it is performing better than it ever did. Believe me, you'll notice when your engine is comepletely broken in. The best part is that my Disco is completley paid off and have never considered trading it in for another vehicle. Though, I have considered purchasing a RR Sport, Super Charged of course, as a second vehicle.

  • odiopusodiopus Posts: 47
    20K miles for brakes sounds about right. That's what I generally get on the average on my 01 SE7. The rear brake pads have a much smaller surface so it is likely that they will wear faster. This also depends on your driving style as well. I use soft brakes because I don't mind changing the brakes myself (30 minutes once you get the hang of it) because they are relatively easy to change, plus I would rather replace soft and cheaper pads more often, then have to replace my rotors. Harder brakes will wear out your rotors fast, especially if you are towing or carrying a large load. I do recall somebody metioning LR OEM brakes lasting almost 30K but I don't believe that was a consensus among Disco owners...

  • it is rated for compression that needs 90 octane...which the 89 also works. I tried the 87 one time and won't do that again. Stick with the 89 or if you have $$$, go with the 93.

  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I've located a '05 Disco SI with a standard shift. The seeler is asking a lot of money ($6200 !) for it because it is a "rare" stick shift. If instead I buy a less expensive, automatic transmission SI,, how much will it cost to get the automatic tranmsission rebuilt? Are there any factory rebuilt exchanges? Is it a ZF?
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Sorry guys, I meant to say that I've located a 1995 Disco with a stick shift.
  • I am here to vent, and to warn others about the cost of maintaining this vehicle.

    This vehicle has cost us $4,200 since Feb 2005, and that is not including the car note.

    The engine runs is all the other things that break. I will list everything that was wrong with my vehicle from the time I took ownership - June 27,2003

    (1) Radio not working properly..would not pick up AM station - had to get changed out

    (2) Transmission - shifting was rough

    (3) Driver's side window went down and never came back up

    (4) Shade clip broke

    (5) Rear wiper assembly broke and had to be replaced.

    (6) Rotors and brakes repaired. Front and back

    (7) The door lock - rear driver side - had to be fixed twice. Although I purchased the extended warranty, I still had to pay the "copay"

    I can't remember what is was, but soon after I purchased the extended warranty, I need a $2,000 repair job - I had to pay $100 of that.

    Just yesterday, when I went in for my $200 - 60 mile service, I was informed that my spark plugs and wiring are disintegrating. Because of how the wires are situated, (around the manifold or something - at this point, I stopped listening) it cost me $1,600 to replace 3 of the 6 plugs.

    Luckily I was able to trade my vehicle got $18K for it - not bad at all. The Kelley Blue Book listed it for $18,074 in excellent condition.

    I now have a Lincoln Zephyr. I have never been so disappointed in a vehicle as I was with the Land Rover.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Atlanta Lisa, we need more information.

    Its unfortunate that you had these problems but I don't see $4200 of work here unless you are counting the $2000 that the insurance picked up. Moreover, I'd love to learn more about the $1600 for three spark plugs. Did they install a new exahust manifold? Remove the engine? Please tell us more than you "simply stopped listening."

    Finally, and not to pile on (really), before you congratulate yourself on the Disco trade, its difficult to evaluate the trade in price you received without knowing how much you paid for the Lincoln. In other words, I'd give you 18K for your Disco provided you bought something from me at an inflated list price. The bottom line is what matters, not what someone will give you for an antique clock if you buy a painting from him. Rolex watch dealers offer to their customers to always buy the Rolex back from their customers at a great price IF they later buy another, more expensive one at LIST price. With the dollar weakening and Rolex prices rising, this is a safe bet.
  • Ok...$4,200

    The brakes needed to be replaced as well as the rotors REPLACED. The rotors on a land rover cannot be turned because they are so slim, so I had to purchase new rotorS - $1,200

    the extended warranty $1,505

    The spark plugs. There are 8 on this vehicle. The wires to the plug were disintegrating. This was found out as I took the car in for its 60,000 mile service. We responded to replace the ones that HAD to be replaced (that was three) the others, the hell with it b/c it was at this point we decided a trade was in order. The spark plugs themselves were 47.00 each. It was the labor that was was my understanding that they had to remove the exhaust manifold and the engine because of how the car is wired. $1,600.

    Everytime something breaks, even if it is under warranty, you have to pay the copay of $100 per visit. That was two visits. $200

    So I am up to what - $4,305?

    I AM congratulating myself because I got out of that damn car. The Kelley Blue Book for the 2003 Land Rover in Excellent condition is $18,074. I had high miles (61, 000+) and got $18,000 - I think that is good. We used the USAA negotiating service and got the Lincoln for $1,100 over invoice so before tax, title, etc. the cost was $30,084.

    blckislandguy - you totally lost me on the Rolex analog :-)
    And yes, I stopped listening to the explanation as to why I am going to have to pay $1900 (the $200+ I was expecting to pay for the 60,000 service + the $1600 to get the spark plug wires replaced) because it was at that point I realized that I cannot afford to operate or maintain this vehicle any longer and I was on to plan B.

    Hope this explains the situation a bit clearer.

  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Thanks for clarifying. My mother had a Buick Skylark with the same engine and I think we used to pick up ignition wire sets back in the early '60s for $5 and replace plugs and wires ourselves.

    Despite my random moments when I think I want to get one for use on Block Island, the maintenance costs and issues amaze me.
  • aussie4x4aussie4x4 Posts: 1
    My 2001 V8 Landrover Discovery Series II has engine problems after approx. 130,000 kms. I bought it new and it has been serviced by Landrover dealers its whole life.

    The car was idling a little rough one night driving home, so minor that anyone else would not have noticed it. The car would not start the next morning. Turning the key you got a loud clunk. The RACV eventually jump started it after 20 or so tries.

    I was advised to take it to the dealer and get the battery and starter motor checked. I started off and the car over heated within 1 km. The car was then transported by truck to the dealer.

    They say they have found coolant in the number 5 cylinder. It seems that the cylinder sleeve is leaking, which means a change over short motor.

    I am absolutely disappointed and appalled that a modern engine that has had an easy life and been well maintained can give up the ghost with no warning at all and at such a relatively young age.

    Is this a common problem with the 4.0 Ltr V8 engine?
    Has anyone successfully resleeved an engine?

    Has anyone successfully gotten Landrover to come to the party and help with the repairs?
  • derail1derail1 Posts: 10
    Should I buy one? I have seen similar questions asked on this message board. Obviously Atlanta Lisa did not enjoy her LR, but the maintenance costs dont seem horrific. If I am reading it right, she only paid $3k for repairs after 3 years and 60,000 miles (the other $1500 was for extended warranty)? replaced the brakes and rotors (it stinks to replace the rotors, but they arent cheap) replaced the plugs, (its common for plugs to need replacing...the wires disintegrating is not common. stinks the plugs were buried too cause at $100 an hour for labor they ream you!

    I dont know, I am a honda accord owner, and I appreciate the reliability. I just get in and go, no worries...and i plan to keep it as my daily driver, but I need an SUV/truck to tow my boat, and I have a good deal $16,500 for a 2003 with 65,000 miles on it that has been meticulously maintained, is super clean and has all highway miles (harly ever been offroad). I only plan to drive it 5000 miles per year, and mostly while I am towing my boat, and I hear it is a great hauler. My other options are an Expedition or Explorer or Tahoe or something along those lines. Not nearly as luxurious and all have reliability problems in their own right!! Any thoughts? I like the fact that this vehicle has been 65,000 with little problems and works great...but I dont want everything to crash down on me right after I buy it either!! thanks!!
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    You are right about it being a great hauler. I have a '96 Disco 1 with 130K miles on it and still running strong. I have had minimal problems with it, and almost all of them I have been able to fix myself. I buy the factory recommended Champion plugs at $3.50 each, not $47.00. I change the oil myself, and have the maintenance CD. Every other oil change I swap out 1 quart of oil for 1 quart of ATF to clean out the carbon from the valves. I have hauled a U-haul over the rockies and cascades coast-to-coast. I use it regularly to haul around my 6,000 Lb 27 foot boat and you would be surprised the stares I get when people see me coming. They see this itty bitty truck hauling this huge boat and you can see the heads shaking, mouths gaping and bets changing hands at the ramp as to whether or not I am going to be able to launch/recover and haul it out. That is the only time I drop into low. The rest of the time I tow in High. So far at least 3 other people I know who had F-150's and Expeditions have traded them in because they saw what I could do, and saw me pulling my cruiser. So go ahead and get one. the odds of getting a bad one are slim. Don't let the dealer rip you off on maintenance and learn to get your hands dirty once in awhile. It will make you painfully aware of what things on your vehicle need maintenance, so you can tell when the professional mechanics are just trying to rip you off. I mean, come on, removing a manifold and engine to replace 3 spark plugs????? it's a 20 minute job to do yourself.
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