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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • odiopusodiopus Posts: 47
    It's that time, 60K miles in my '01 Disco. I've never really looked at the wiring so I did a search on this forum on installing the wires and plugs, but did not come up any posts regarding installation instructions. Wires are $77 (Magnecor - 8mm) and plugs are about $80 (Bosch Plat. 4) so I wonder why the dealer quoted me over $500 just to swap out the wires? Are they hard to get to or does it require the removal of the manifold?? I will take a look when I get my Disco back form the dealer, but any posts regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated. (I got an LR3 as a loaner, and I sure miss my Disco - it took me forever to realize the gas cover is not electronically controlled and felt like an idiot when I manually pushed in the cover to get it opened).

  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    I don't think you have to remove the intake to get the spark plugs but I am not sure.
  • phill27phill27 Posts: 31
    I am driving a 2000 DII 74k mi. I replaced the shocks with Bilstiens around 65K mi. I am now hearing squeaks when I go over a series of bumps. Would the bushings make this kind of noise? I lubed them all up, but it still squeaks. Any suggestions?
  • Would anyone have an idea what would cause the ECU on my 2000 Discovery to overheat and malfunction? After my engine gets to normal operating temperature, it slows to idle and dies. After the vehicle cools off, I can re start it and drive until it reaches normal operating temp again. It will turn over several times while hot, but will not start. If this was the fuel pump it wouldn't start at all. Right?

    The vehicle is not overheating, but when this happens I have several unrelated lights begin flashing in the dash just before it dies. This is why I have determined that this is an ECU problem.

    Does anyone have any suggestions???? I am stumped!
  • jimmappjimmapp Posts: 2
    HELP. A guy has a 2000 DISCO II w/105K miles. Land Rover replaced the engine at 100,000 miles, incl crankshaft main seal, he got it all. Everything checks out good, he replaced rotors 12 months ago. Even has 12month warranty on motor and labor. Motor now has 70 miles on it, he said that they kept it and drove it for 3 days after the work was completed. pretty smart guy eh ? He had purchased the 100K warranty when he bought it new.

    Do I do it ? Or go for other DISCO II's with only 50K miles, but take the chance of major engine problems ?

    Need some quick input.
  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    Any info about the maintenance? Fluid changes etc??
  • Hello,

    This is my 1st post here!

    I was wondering if anyone in the forum has any experience installing the L/R OEM STC53196 Driving Lamp Kit???

    This is supposed to be a current-production kit from Land Rover for the Discoveries!

    My girlfriend had a chance to buy this kit for $280, in a sealed box... So, I presume that all the necessary parts are there...

    And, I was looking at putting it onto her 2004 Discovery!

    Most of the installation steps according to the installation manual seem pretty straight forward, albeit that one needs to remove lots of stuff in the engine compartment and in the passenger cabin to run all the wirings and switches!

    I do not like to remove stuff from the dashboard, etc. - as they tend to cause squeaks & rattles in the long run. However, I figure that if I am careful about disassembling and reassembling the dashboard stuff I can minimize the chance of improper fit!

    However, I notice that there is (probably) a relay that need to be mounted at the end of the fuse box (to the passenger-side of the engine compartment). This relay is in a wedge-shaped plastic housing with some connectors and a mounting bracket. According to the manual, the bracket attaches to the end of the fuse box housing using the existing bolts.

    Of course, the manual (being written in the UK) shows a drawing that does not match the US left-hand drive Discoveries...

    Basically, there are some electronics or emission control components that take up some space where the relay could have resided... Thus, I cannot see how this relay would fit into the space that is available as is - if I was to install it per the instructions in the manual!

    1. Am I missing something or some parts?

    2. If not, how have any of you who had done the same installation gotten around this issue?

    3. Any other thoughts, advices, etc.?

  • One day my sunroof, side windows, and delay (only)windshield wipers didn't work. We turned the car off and then the sunroof worked then another time it didn't work along with the previous mentioned...why is this? fuses??
    last 2 days everything is fine again but something is funny going on. Any help?
  • Just got quoted $400 to replace 1 O2 sensor on my 98 Series 1 Disco, $350 of which was for the part, apparently. But, online I can get the part for $109 from Atlantic British. Are these things easy to replace? How is it done?
  • Try checking at the Lan Rover Technical Info web site...

    Only 12$ for a full day's accesst o download any number of technical manuals and training material for your Disco.

    It's free to sign up to see owner info, and some service bulletins, but it has detail shop manuals on how to do anything with your Disco (for a cheap price). I believe that these are the same set of documents the technicians use to diagnose and repair vehicles with at the dealerships.

    Land Rover Global Technical Resource (GTR)


  • Thanks, Don. Awesome site! I'm all over it.
  • No problem..

    I've been trying to get the documents for my 2006 LR3 HSE, but the purchasing system seems to not be working for me - I opened a trouble ticket with the LR tech web tech support, so hopefully they will fix it soon.

    I think the O2 sensors are part of the engine management system documentation - try reference TT19_2R4 (1), Engine Management Systems, 1998 Discovery Series I.

  • save the money and the hassel get a hanging file folder and cut the ends off of one end and you can use that to release the stereo unit they slide in about 2"... By the way what aftermarket cd head unit did you buy?? I am trying to find one for my 03....
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Greetings all, I've been away for awhile and wanted to stop in and say hello. I've got a '96 Disco S1 and she's running like a champ... 110k miles and not a lick of trouble. I finally decided to shortstop any problems that might be accumulating so I'm doing the wheel bearings and replacing the swivel seals, for "just in case". Other than that, she drives like new.

    Rover on! -Bob
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Hey Bob, what happened - did it get dark up there and you can't ride the bike anymore? :shades:

    Always good to see you pop in!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Hey Steve!

    Nope, it IS getting dark and cold (38 degrees for my ride this morning) but that's why God made LED headlamps! So I can see the moose in the trail.

    Here (again) is my favorite photo of the Disco up by Byron glacier. Enjoy!

  • I check out this board once every six months or so. Its always the same: massive overheating problems, blown head gaskets, Rover buying people new (old style Buick) engines, oxygen sensors going crazy, ABS lites flashing, rapacious dealer prices (e.g, $1300) for brake jobs, etc. etc. (As a side note, I'll bet that down-market Jeep Grand Cherokees with the ol' 318 V8 never, ever have to have their heads pulled before 200K roll under their axles.)

    You know, wouldn't a lot of the Disco "demographic" go faster, have more fun, get more psychic satisfaction, etc. in a AWD 911?? Think about it. Sure the opening price is 77K or so but you get 50% of that back in 5 years (the best resale in the industry), enjoy absolutely top build quality, great dealer body, 0-60 in 5 seconds or so, fantastic mileage, no auto tranny w/o a dipstick to worry about, decent foul weather capability, etc. etc.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I check out this board once every six months or so.

    Gosh, I could have sworn I saw you here less than 4 months ago! ;)

    blckislandguy, "Land Rover Discovery/Discovery II" #4582, 18 Jun 2006 7:26 pm

    Maybe we should consider opening a "Disco vs. Carrera" comparison topic. :)

    tidester, host
  • I confess, I have a strange attraction to these things. Maybe its being of a certain age but functional English things (e.g., AGA Stoves, large country homes, Barbour jackets, etc.) appeal to me. But, everytime I give a Disco a good look, serious negatives pop up.

    So, somewhat tongue in cheek, I suggested that a Disco prospect might want to cross shop C4 Porsches. Afterall, most of both of these cars will never go way off road and the buyers probably share a similar psycho/demo profile. The Porsche might even be a better buy! (I don't know where though you'd put the wellies in a 911.)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I don't know where though you'd put the wellies in a 911.

    LoL! That conjures up some very interesting images.

    tidester, host
  • I have a 2004 Land Rover Dico and have noticed the front emblem letters are already showing chipping. Is there any type of wax that can help prevent this from occurring? Anyone else have this problem?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hi, everyone. As you've probably noticed, we have been trying to refine the discussions into more narrowly focussed topics. Our objective is twofold. We want to make it easier for people seeking specific information about their vehicles to find it easily and without having to wade through hundreds or thousands of postings.

    To those ends, we will be shutting down the general make/model discussions and work exclusively with specific issues. This requires us to populate the make/model subsections with relevant, interesting and timely topics. Rather than having the hosts simply create boilerplate topics for each make/model, we feel that you, the owner, the make/model enthusiast and the prospective buyer can best judge what those topics should be.

    You can help by adding a discussion (it's easy!) or suggesting one here.

    To add a discussion, click on the last link in the "You are here" line at the top of this page. That will take you to the topic page for this make/model. Review the list of topics and click on the "Add discussion" link when you've decided what topic you'd like to add. Follow the directions and you're done! Feel free to add more than one. Just avoid duplicating existing topics and try not to make it TOO specific!

    Your help and continued participation in the Forums is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  • kylep86kylep86 Posts: 30
    Hey, i was just wondering if you could give me some insight on this 2001 Land Rover w/ 50k on it.
    It comes with a 24month, 24,000 mile warranty included in the asking price. Also, whats the required gasoline in these? Thanks! -Kyle
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please go to the group top level and create a discussion that fits your comments/questions or post in an existing discussion.

    Land Rover
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • My husband just put a down payment- private party- on a 2002 Disco II : 4.0L/ V8 SD
    Mileage: 58700. He fell in love with it- we've never owned one- without doing a whole lot of research. Now I'm researching and getting a little freaked out by all the maintenance posts- yikes! Did we make a good decision? Is there a 60,000 mile service? and what can we expect to pay for that? We're in SF Bay Area. We're getting rid of our Dodge Grand Caravan- 2005 and already feeling like a bucket of bolts. I'm hoping the LR is a more solid vehicle. Any thought?? Thank You!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    getting a little freaked out by all the maintenance posts- yikes!

    I think it's a good idea to keep it all in perspective. People who do have problems tend to seek out solutions but there are no solutions to seek out when you do not have any problems. :)

    tidester, host
  • hi I have a Landrover Discovery series II. It has been burning a lot of fuel and from time to time it runs hot just for a little while. I was told it it could be an oxygen sensor. This is my first one so if anyone can offer
    any help or advice I would greatly appreciate it

    thank you
  • Howdy,

    I've been lurking on the Disco board for years, but am finally considering procurring one. I would post this message on a non-brand biased thread, but there does not seem to be one? So honest opinions please.

    I need an SUV with a >6000lbs GVWR, roomy back-seat for adults, enough headroom for me (6'4"), is narrow enough to fit on steep coastal mountain dirt trails/roads, and can be had for <$22K? My leading candidates are a 2003-4 Disco "S", 2002 ML 500, and maybe a 2003-2004 Jeep GrCh Overland (>6K GVW?). I do not think there are any others? I would love the reliability of a 4Runner or Land Cruiser, but they both do not qualify for different reasons. A pre-certified Disco S seems like the best choice, as they come with a 2-3 year warranty; and they have a soul.

    Is there any other SUV that meets my needs? Suggestions?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may also want to try What's the best vehicle for my needs?.

    tidester, host
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