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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • I personaly wouldn't get the S model Disco as you are missing out on a lot of toys. You can't get leather interior in the S, you can't get the seude door trim, you can't get the adjustable arm rests etc. etc. etc.

    I just sold, about two hours ago actually, a 2003 Disco SE black on black with 39,000 miles for 20,000 dollars even. That includes the 25,000 mile 2 year CPO warranty as well.

    You can find a sub 40,000 miles Disco SE for less then 22,000 dollars.

    I don't think the Grand Cherokee is over 6,000 GVRW and the ML is not going to be nearly as capable off-road as the Disco or Grand Cherokee are.
  • Thanks british_rover and tidester.

    I took tidesters advice and continued the discussion in that thread.

    Appreciate it.
  • Hey,

    I just bought a 97 Discovery Series I a few months back! I always wanted one of these, but did not know they cost so much to maintain. If I had seen this web earlier, I probably would be waived! But on the other side, I love my Disco. So I got it, paid for it full, got a diagnostic and then got the bulk of news. I repaired what I taught would be it. Then the Specialist told me about my pressure and I can hear a knocking in the bottom of my engine. I have about 150K on the car now, driving from state to state!

    Is it better to rebuild my engine or just move on! It will cost about 3000 to rebuilt my engine! If I do rebuilt I am told, I will be starting off with lower miles and less problems. If I sell I will not break even, so I need some help, honest answers! I am learning that men see women coming and they run with that. :confuse:

    Anyway, hit me up and let me know what is the best possible solution!
  • Hey Brettp,

    I think that is the best advice for the day! I bought on and did not buy from a dealership, which I should have! I love it, but having problems with it now, need to rebuild engine with 150k on a 97 Disc. But next time I get on, I am going straight to the dealership! So anyone wondering about these, they are just like any other car, you just have to pay extra attention to these babies and BUY from a dealership!

  • I had a problem with my car swaying to a side when I drove over uneven pavement, bumps, etc. I looked at my tires and they were low, so I replaced them and the swaying went away.
    Hopefully this is your case
  • bakcabakca Posts: 33
    Risking the wrath of Lord Lucas, even though there are no longer Lucas parts in the vehicle, I will relate my experience.

    I have an '01 DII SE with 132k miles in 5-1/2 years of ownership. I have had 2 services that were not scheduled maintenance that were covered under the extended warranty. I don't think regular maintenance is any more expensive on a Disco than any other luxury SUV or car and I have done mine at the dealer since I have a good relationship with them and the service techs know and remember me (as well as the rest of the customers). Early warranty work was not extensive - only the typical minor oil leaks that once fixed stay fixed.

    I was at the LA Auto Show today and driving back to work was thinking how I would rather drive this old DII than pretty much any new SUV I saw there, except for maybe a new LR3! :)

    Good luck with your DII.
  • Hello to the forum.

    My wife and I just purchased a 2003 Discovery II SE with 45k miles. We (especially my wife) really love the truck.

    I have read most of the posts from the past few years to gain a feeling of what dedicated owners think of the Disco/Disco II. Overall it appears to be a solid truck if maintained.

    I am interested in maintaining the truck (have done much of this for previous vehicles). It would be helpful to have a manual like a Haynes manual or equivalent. Unfortunately I have not been able to find one for the Discovery II. Does anyone know where to find a manual?

    Also saw a post from Discoman that mentioned a maintainence CD. Any information on what this is or where to get it?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I do have a challenge to you all. The Landrover workshop guys have not been able to solve the problem: So now it is up to you, please.
    I have a 1996 Disco I
    The handsett (fob) usually works perfect, but then suddenly, when parking trying to lock the doors or when trying to open the doors after parking, the fobs does not work.
    I can open the doors with the door code but I cannot start the engine because the immobilizer has not got the right info from the theft alarm.
    After moving the car or after waiting suddenly it does start again, and may work without problems for days. parking in the same spot is no problem (i.e.: no interference from radio transmissions) And then normally under the worst conditions (full car going on holiday or in cats-and-dogs rain it does not work.

    The LR guys have tried replacing the radio receiver part, the fobs, almost everything Nothing works - until the Disco decides to be kind again. It has by now spent almost three months in the workshop.

    So it is not interference, it is not week batteries in the fobs.
    Sometimes (but could be coincidal) it happend more often in burning sun (I am speaking about 30 degs C pluss) or in wet weather.

    I have given up as have the LR guys.
    But I think it should be possible to ground the starting solenoid and bypass the blocking of the fuel pump, so I could start the Disco when it is in bad moods. But how?
    No, i do not want anyone to give an answer in the forum, but if there is anyone out there that knows the answer I beg you to give the answer to my workshop guys so they can implement it.

    As it is I do not dear to use the car becasue suddenly i am stranded in nowhere.

    Please, I am on the verge of crying........
  • yeah about to buy a 2004 land rover disco se interested in keeping in touch for advice and chit chat my email is leave me a screenname if you want i have aim yahooo and msn messengers it just easier to talk on their .ok let me know thanks ps anyone else that wants to talk about grand cherokees ( ive had two) or landrovers ( my friend had two) just email me
  • Hello,

    Just browsing the forums looking for miscellaneous information on the LR. I own a LR Discovery11 2000. Love it despite the extra maintenance costs and petrol.(Petrol costs per litre in Ireland are now €1.03) I have a workshop manual CD which was gifted to me by a work colleague, Have used it to great effect doing general work, the detail is fantastic. I used it to replace the Brake disks this year, a job I would have never contemplated before... email me and I'll get it to you by post.This is a once off offer to you alone as you are the first I saw on the forum looking for it. I am not interested in selling or otherwise.
    So anybody else out there, please don't ask !
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    just email me

    If you keep the conversation here then everyone can learn.

    tidester, host
  • SANDY45 or anyone else
    Did you manage to find out the cause of the sinking was?...leaking valves?..etc..

    I have the same issue with my Disco that has rear air suspension, overnight it drops, but when you turn the engine on the compressor kicks in and raises the rear to the ride height.

    I had an LR roadside assistance look at it, but from his diagnostic equipment he could find no faults and offered no explanation! I'd rather not take it to a dealer and would like to know what is causing it and if a local car mechanic can fix it.

  • Thank you jstevens for posting your findings. I have a 2003 Disco II and had the same problem with the M & S mode lights flashing, which put my transmission into the sluggish "limp home" mode. My battery had been very weak for a few days before and i had even had to jump it off a time or two. When I read your post, I decided to go out and buy a new battery before I spent a fortune on misdiagnosis somewhere. It seems to have worked and I'm back on the road. God bless the internet.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    If I remember right, there was a Tech Service Bulletin for replacing the antenna that receives the signal from your fob. Mine is a '96 as well, and my antenna was replaced.

    Checkpoint time: 112k miles, zero trouble with my Disco. She still runs and drives like new, and I'm still on my original rotors (but like my 6th set of soft pads).

    (I love to temp Lord Lucas)

  • I have always wanted a Land Rover and now able to purchase one. How many miles will I get out of it,average.It's a 2002
    has 100,000 miles on it. What can I expect?
    Please help!
  • mnrovermnrover Posts: 52
    I had the same problem on my 99 Disco II - Took it to a LR dealer and had them test the Crank sensor. That solved my problem. Good luck
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    I have just about had enough of my Jeep GC and though I might trade problems for a 2000 Disco II with with low mileage.I see some with under 70 (one used car dealer has one with 54k for) for under 10k.
    Questions I have are, why so many with replaced engines or engine blocks?Is 100k about all they will hold up,can poor maintance be to blame?
    I realize they are a bit expensive to work on but do owners find non dealer sercie avalible?
    What about tires,my AWD requires all four get replaced at same time so as not to cause drive train issues?
    Any pointers (or help talking me out of it :) ) would be great.
  • Is it a diesel or petrol. The diesels that friends have in their tray tops (very popular in Australia seem to get abot 300,000 kilometers (180,000miles) before they start to fade. I was talking to a guy who owns a trusted family mechanical repair business that has been operating since the 1920s, now specialising in Land Rover (and Lada, believe it or not) told me that well loked after and not flogged to death seem to get about 500,000ks or 300,000miles before a rebuild is due.

    My friends has done 250,000ks (150,000miles) and is as strong as ever and does not burn oil between changes. Of course, being English, it will proudly drop a bit on the deck!
  • I see that the Discovery II getting stuck in park is a common problem. Are there any answers? I cannot afford to tow and would like to fix it. I have checked all the fuses, the brake lights do not work. Do I need to check the bulbs? Is that a common issue? Is there a step by step; I.E. if not this check that type of thing? I have a 2000.
  • The brake switch is broken. It is located under the transmission shifter and tells the transmission you have your foot on the brake so that you can shift out of park. Most Land Rover dealers keep a few switches in stock and it is fairly easy to replace. I can't remember exactly what the switch looks like though. It can be removed so that you can drive but then you don't have any brake lights. If you pull hard enough on the shift lever it will just come right off. Then you can pull the plastic cover off that says PRND on it. Some where by the shift lever is the brake switch but I just really can't remember what it looks like.
  • Mine did that a couple of times and roadside assistance told me this: press the brake pedal to the floor (all the way) do this until your leg is about to fall off or you hear that little "click" which is your brake releasing. When you hear the little "click" you should be able to take it out of park. This will get you back on the road. Mine did this for 4 days in a row and has not done it for 1 1.2 years now.
  • ca770ca770 Posts: 16
    Hello Disco lovers!
    Please give your input. I found a 03 Disco II SE with 29000 miles at a local dealership, the asking price is 17,650, 2 month left on Factory warranty. I am going to see it this afternoon, what are the things that I should pay attention to? Also, should I extend the warranty? if so, how much?
    Thank you for your input.
  • ca770ca770 Posts: 16
    I went to the dealership this afternoon and discovered that all of the VIN tags are missing, so I walked away :sick:
  • That price is way too low for that car anyway. Something had to be wrong with it.
  • ca770ca770 Posts: 16
    Thank you british_rover. The sales person said "Someone stole this car in CA, took off all of the VIN tags to clone a good one(?!?). They were trying to get the car to Mexico to make it legal, and then ship it to Europe for sale." After I heard that I just got up and left. :confuse: :mad:
  • We have a 2003 Land Rover Discovery SE (non-ACE).

    I have noticed that the ABS unit makes a very slight noise when the motor is off (hood must be raised, ear relatively close to the ABS unit). Is this normal?

    Addtionally, we were parking at the edge of the road and got significant wheelspin from 1 wheel. Truck was in 4H. The brake locking did not appear to work well on the leaves to help divert power to other wheels. Is this common?

    Now the vibration question. Driving at 72-76 mph, there is a vibration. It remains if the truck is placed in neutral, but is more prominent when driving. The tires seem reasonably good. Nothing obvious on the driveshaft. It is not a huge vibration, but I slow down below 70 where everything is as expected. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

    Thanks for the help.
  • A little noise from the ABS accumulator is normally but if it does sound very loud you should probably have it checked out.

    The traction control on the discos is not as good as it could be. That is the reason why they went back to the locking center diff in the 2004 MY.

    A little vibration at speed is normally but having all of the tires rotated and balanced is probably a good idea. Make sure you take it to a place that uses road force balancing as it is best for Land Rovers. Also if you still have goodyear tires on the Disco dump those as soon as possible they suck.

    If you still have vibration after that it could be an out of balance driveshaft.
  • For the person who has their Land Rover Disco 2 stuck in park. All you have to do is by another brake stop switch, it is located under the brake pedal near the top part of the brake pedal arm.This broken brake swith causes your discovery to be stuck in park with no brake lights.
  • I have a Land Rover 2000 Discovery 2. I replaced my mass air flow sensor about two months ago and all four oxygen sensors; why' because my check engine light was on. But It went off after I replaced may mass air flow sensor. now yesterday while driving home it came back on. Could this be my Mass air flow sensor again so soon, or is this another problem, and has anyone else had this issue with their 2000 Disco 2?
  • Here goes.. 99 DII 93K on the Clock, engine purrs in park/neutral no problems there, replaced (1)rear airbag last june (If this helps any) and other than that I have no problems....however in the last 2 weeks a strange vibration started when driving....when accelerating the car vibrates (i can feel it thru the wheel, floor boards (it even rattles my keys in the ignition) I cant really tell where it is comming from? let off the gas it rolls smooth as can be.
    checked the front/rear axles have oil nothing on the magnetic plug. I do have (1) wheel hub that is shot and throwing grease but would that really cause this problem ? what can this be ? I am cheap so anything I can do to avoid PAYING someone else to fix this anyone have any ideas ? thanks for the help !!!
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