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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • heyomarheyomar Posts: 6
    Hi. Long time listener. First time caller.

    A couple of years ago, I swapped out my stock tires on my 2000 Disco II with a set of BF Goodrich 245/75/16. Ever since then, I get steering wheel vibration at 50-55 mph.

    Will a new steering damper magically fix it? Also, is there a problem going with an OME steering damper when I have Bilstein shocks? Or should I get the Bilstein damper?

    Doesn't seem like it would be a problem. But you never know. I'll hang up and wait for the answer.
  • turbo44turbo44 Posts: 4
    i have a 00 disco II with about 80k miles. it leaks oil, enough to notice but not so much that i'm filling it every week. local dealer asked $5,000 to reseal the whole engine. got another estimate from a different mechanic and they want $3,500 to fix a leaky head gasket. are these unreasonable prices? anyone else had similar problems/quotes?
  • 1st_rover1st_rover Posts: 10
    We have a 2003 SE with 52k miles. I have been reading about oil pump failures and the TSB on this issue. Has anyone proactively changed the oil pump in order to ensure that they do not have this problem? Is it an oil pump or engine block issue?

    Thanks for the info.
  • botat1botat1 Posts: 12
    2001 disco 2, mil 95475 ,noticed oil leak and went to land Rover dealer.They found oil leaking from cylinder head gasket,to remove head and replace all nec seals and gaskets $3095.60 ,to perform valve job $384 "since we are there why not" they also found water pump leaking $965.56 to replace. Note: $317.00 discount if performing repairs at the same time.Aprox time one week,will also loan a dealer car.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I could probably fly anywhere in the US and install a new water pump for less than $965.

    This is nuts. There used to be a RR employee, "Tinman"?, who monitored this site. I would love to hear his thoughts on this.
  • discohaitidiscohaiti Posts: 1
    Anyone know the cause of severve vibration when hard braking? I have changed all rotors and Pads and the steering wheel shakes when I brake from high speeds. The truck rides fine otherwise. Any help?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    That is interesting...

    Bad caliper or two maybe?
  • macc24macc24 Posts: 20
    It's worth switching the thermostat around...I installed it based on the manual but found the manual was reverse from where it needed to be (the top two hoses). Once I turned the thermostat 180 and reconnected no more overheat problems.

    Worth a shot, and takes about 10 minutes to do yourself.
  • dngertraindngertrain Posts: 3
    i have a 97 disco, i plan to be towing something, the wiring is located inside the vehicle in the compartment on the right side. isn't there suppose to be one on the outside. or i am missing part on the picture???
  • drawlingsdrawlings Posts: 11
    I just purchased a 2000 Discovery II and am facing a $3K engine rebuild for the same leaking problem. It's actually in pieces right now t the mechanic. LandRover dealer wanted $8K.
  • madelynmadelyn Posts: 2
    Were you also experiencing surges in RPM while driving? I am having almost exact same issues, but before all the lights come on and start blinking, the gears will jump all over the place. My regular mechanic is stumped and am dreading the trip to the LR dealer where they are certain to tell me my car will costs thousands to fix. Am interested in more details of your experience.
  • drawlingsdrawlings Posts: 11
    I think you meant to link to a different thread. My problems are all about engine & Transmission oil leaks. Haven't had the car long enough to experience RPM surges.
  • calhutchcalhutch Posts: 3
    If you are experiencing transmission problems and the m & s lights are coming on in your discovery II, I would suggest putting in a new battery first. It solved my problems. The transmission is electronically controlled and when you have a weak battery the transmission does not function properly. It may not be the problem you have, but it is a good first try that is not extremely expensive.
  • drawlingsdrawlings Posts: 11
    I'm looking for inexpensive source for replacement wipers for my 1999 DiscoII.
    Can't figure out how to locate the advice about source for wiper blades. What was the advice?
  • jkmewrightjkmewright Posts: 11
    Got mine at Autozone... less than $15
  • namblernambler Posts: 1
    My Automatic 2002 Disco has developed a problem of not consistently not selecting 4th gear. I have had the auto serviced and the fluid and filter changed. I can drive on the highway at 3000rpm which is around 100 KPH (60 miles per hour) yet it will not select 4th gear which should drop the rpm to around 2200 rpm. Then 5 to 10 minutes later it will drop into 4th. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Im happy to see that im not the only one having this problem as well. I have a 2001 Discovery II, and I have the same problem. However my situation is worse. When I purchased my vehicle, the previous owner said that she had the 60,000 mile service tune up, but instead of taking it to a dealership to have the work completed (about $750 bill) she took it to some chop shop and was charged $350. However the chop shop didnt do the service correctly, they didnt change the brake fluid correctly, rather they just "topped it off" and now Im stuck with replacing the modulator myself since the brake fluid wasnt changed and the warranty company will not repair the problem. The dealerships are no help and they are not willing to help me with my problem either. I took it to a local mechanic, one who I trust, and he cheaply replaced the valves for ($160), but he said that it will probably come back. About one month later, the problem has come back. He said that its not a "hazardous problem if you dont take the vehicle off road much" but its an annoying problem that is expensive to fix and when you go to sell the vehicle, prospective buyers will probably notice. He said that the dealerships and the warranty companies say its a brake fluid problem, its not, its just a bad design, the shuttle valves should be on the side of the modulator, not the bottom. My advise to you is to get the modulator replaced ASAP before your warranty matures. Like my situation, replacing the valves only delays the problem. It is likely it will come back. My suggestion is to go to a local mechanic and have him initiate the warranty claim. In my experience, the dealerships dont want to deal with warranty work as they dont derive much money because the warranty companies only pay a certain amount for labor. In short the dealerships just dont give a [non-permissible content removed] and will always jerk you around. Call the warranty company yourself and see what they say. Service advisor's just dont care most of the time. But get it replaced ASAP. Even then, if they replace with a new modulator the problem can come back. Again its just a bad design. My mechanic said that this should have been a recall problem, and it probably will be in the future, its just a mater of when. I hope this helps.
  • drawlingsdrawlings Posts: 11
    The brake fluid issue is certainly curious. I just purchased a 99 Disco II with 80K and noticed in the owner's manual that it calls for the brake fluid to be replaced. The brakes seemed a bit mushy so I figured the previous owner overlooked that instruction. My mechanic reluctantly agreed to do the job (never heard of doing that as a routine maintenance thing on other cars). Later he told me that the fluid came out black - couldn't believe how nasty it looked. Brakes are a little better. Wonder why the fluid gets so dirty?
  • ca770ca770 Posts: 16
    Hello experts! I am really glad that I found this website. I need help and advise regarding me beloved 2003 Discovery.
    We purchased the car in February 07 with 44,000 miles (The Disco is under extended warranty). We drove it for a month then the engine developed a ticking/knocking noise. I took it to the LR dealership (later I found out their reputation is not that great) in the beginning of April. Two and a half months later, we got it back. They dropped in a brand new 4.6 tripped engine because “cylinder #6 has low compression”. The service manager said the tripped engine includes “the block, piston, connecting rods, camshaft, oil pump, front cover and oil pan”. I noticed the ticking/knocking noise is still there but a lot more quite. The service guy said ticking and knocking is a “character” of the rover engine. I am not buying what he said. It is a new engine, how could it tick and knock? The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is they did not give me a new engine, they only cleaned my old one. I took it to an independent LR service shop in town to have them take a look, they looked at it for 10 minutes and could not determine if the engine is new. They said in order to drop in the new engine; the front clip or the hood has to be taken off. But there is no sign of that. The serial number on the “new” block looks dirty. On the other hand, the oil pan and front cover is really shinny and looked new, and the Disco is consuming a lot more fuel which could be a sign of a new tight engine. The independent shop said the only way to tell is taking the engine apart. Since my extended warranty repair has to be approved by APCO, I called them to require some information. APCO said they only approved an engine repair, not replacement.
    I guess my million dollar question is “how do I know the engine is really new”?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi I just bought a discovery HSE7 and i was wondering how I change the display on the rear view mioior from the direction to the outside temp ok tanks bye
  • tballertballer Posts: 19
    Any idea how much a 2000 Land Rover Discovery II with 53,000 miles should go for? I have a trade in quote for $5000 but think it is worth much more.

    It has a lot of features, TV, rear air, etc.

    Any help would be great.
  • drawlingsdrawlings Posts: 11
    Check out Kelley Blue Book. It shows $5,500 for your vehicle in "fair" condition as the trade in my zip area of Eastern LI, NY. I recently bought a 99 Disco II for $7,000 from a private party that I thought was in tip top shape. I've put in more than $3K motor and transmission work since and wish I had paid a dealer $8K or $9K for the benefits of having them stand behind it. My guess is that this is why they offer such a low number.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You can Appraise it here.

    I don't know all your options, color, etc. but in my zip code the range for an average Disco II of that vintage with "some" options runs $7,318 trade-in to $9,858 dealer retail.

    You can get yet another opinion in the Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. They'll also tell you in there that books don't buy cars. :shades:
  • Truck runs great, but there is a serious power drain. Drawing any power (lights, radio, wipers etc.) causes all the dash components and any other features using power to cut out or operate poorly, often. Example. braking while listening to the radio causes it to cut out, and turning on the heat/cooling system fan steals power from the headlights. Anyone ever deal with anything like this. Looking for some advice before my Mechanic cleans me out.

    Thanks in advance
  • 1st_rover1st_rover Posts: 10
    Has anyone replace a headlight gasket in a 2003/2004 Landrover Discovery II? I can get the headlight assembly out but it is not obvious how to open it and replace the gasket. Thanks in advance.
  • I engaged the alarm before going to a store lastnight, when my family got in the Discovery my wife said the light for the alarm was blinking, the one that is displayed on the Land Rover radio. I started the Discovery and there was some knocking then all of a sudden it just cut off. I tried starting it again probably about 10 times. The man I purchased it from told me to remove the cables from the battery so the alarm could reset itself. The alarm did finally reset itself, so I tried to start it again and it still didn't start. I engaged the alarm again and this time it didn't engage. Earlier on the same day my blinkers were not working so I had to use my emergency lights {four way flashers}. Could it be the computer? The Discovery has also been overheating after driving it for a while in the heat.
  • abutomaabutoma Posts: 21
    I very much feel with you. I had my Disco at the workshop for 4 months without any result (starting problems)
    Now: you have to give a bit more info:
    Is it a Disco I or II?
    "starting" did the engine cranck or not when you tried?
    Have you checked ALL fuses?
    What is happening when you lock the doors with the remote?
    And when you open?
    What lights are on on the dashboard when trying to start?
    Have you tried the emergency procedure for disengaging the alarm and the spider?
    It is better to give more info than less
    kind regards
  • awilcoxawilcox Posts: 1
    Hi! You seem to know a lot about the discovery, I just purchased an 04 with 32,000 miles on it and I"m debating on the extended warranty? I just purchased it and have had it back to the dealership(denver east) twice and I've only had the car 1week. Your right though t and d are awesome! My disco has the factory warranty until Aug of 08 and the extended would go until 2010. Any advice would be great, I don't like hearing all the problems that could happen but I do love the vehicle. Thanks
  • macc24macc24 Posts: 20
    Just greasing up some of the points under my disco II...anyone know how many pumps to give so not to blow a seal?


  • radek1radek1 Posts: 1
    I have 01 Discovery and have the exactly same problem with overheating , could you please tell me what was the problem you had ? did you got it fixed and how much they charged for it ? Somebody told me that could be crack in the head or sleve or even engine block . Thank you.
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