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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • Thanks for the info.!!!! I'll let you know what the outcome is.

  • Sorry, that is a question I cannot answer. In my parts of the world there is no Checker neither is there any Auto Zone.
    Where in the world is your abode?
    Copper paste is used quite extensively used Here is what is said:

    "Renolit copper pasteHigh temperature copper anti-seize paste.Lubricates up to 1100C.For the assembly and disassembly of threads, linkages, brakes etc.

    High temperature copper anti-seize paste"

    Try googling for it and I am sure You can find it.
    Good luck!
    And hope your Christmas was fine and that 2008 will be THE year for you and yours.
  • Yes My Friend Owns a 2002 Land Rover Discovery recently the veichle has been shaking worse at higher speeds we took it to Auto zone to do a diagnostic check on it and it said the he had pistons misfiring,he needed to replace the spark plugs and the caps as well we replaced the spark plugs and the engine sounded a lot smoother but it was still shaking the replaced the caps when we did that it got a lot worse,any information would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  • Sorry Dale, I haven't looked on here for a good while and I missed your query. It turned out to be a very simple problem, picked up on the LR computer as defective OSF wheel sensor (ABS) the part cost £36 approx from a main agent and my mechanic fitted it in with a routine brake pad replacement. They are easy to fit, the part is now a universal replacement with an extra long lead which needs cutting to length and crimping into a piece of the old sensor cable to keep the plug in connection to the wiring loom. The car was then put back on the LR computer to reset the fault codes and dash lights. I am lucky to have a local independent LR specialist with LR software on his laptop. I hope this helps, Cheers John ( in Enfield).
  • Hi There - You might want to make sure the problem isn't the drive shaft. These typically can wear out on a Disco II as early as 75,000 miles and they create a shaking and possibly a noise at high speeds. If the Drive shaft ends up breaking, it usually will damage the transmission and the cost can exceed $4000. The dealer can typically get a factory re-man shaft for about $550. Just thought you might want to check into it.
  • malc1malc1 Posts: 1
    i have just fitted a new water pump on to my disco but the heater dos not seem to be getting as hot as it did before the fitting and taking longer to get a bit of heat can anyone help. thanks.
  • does anyone know what the 3 soft buttons on the rear view mirror do?
  • The button on the left activates the bubble machine. The middle button engages the flux capicitor. The right button makes the ABS, TC and Hill Descent lights go on (DO NOT PRESS!). They may also be the HomeLink buttons for controlling your garage door, automatic gates, drawbridges, etc.
  • what is a bubble machine, flux capacitor and where are the decent lites?
  • I have a 2004 disco that I have been very happy with. In the last month I have noticed a small vibration in the gas pedal. This comes and goes. It does not follow a specific rpm or speed. In the beginning of this occurance, it happened somewhat infrequently, now however, I notice it more often.

    Any idea what this might be?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • I usually post on the Infiniti board, however, we're planning to leave a Disco at our condo in South Carolina.

    Can anyone offer a little advice on finding Rover Service in the greater Myrtle Beach area?

    We'd like to find a reliable garage, other than a dealer, someplace in the vicinity.

    Thanks in advance.

    Alan Roseman
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The Dealer Ratings and Reviews tool is pretty new still, but maybe some people have rated dealers and independent shops there.
  • I'm looking for someone who has replaced the rover engine in their discovery series II with an engine from another manufacturer. I love discoverys but would like a more reliable longer lasting and more powerful engine. Any tips or links would be great. Or if any of you have gone thru the whole process I'd like to know how it turned out.
  • Hallo, you seems to have had quite a bit of experience with your I thought I ask you or anyone who can help me about my 2002 SE7 II, I purchased at 80,000 miles and had some work done already.(maintenance mostly).everything seems warning lights but I noticed some oil and cooler spots on the garage floor whenever I moved the car...should I be allarmed?
    I took the car to the Firestone service dept and when they told me:
    the the water pump is going bad,
    the timing cover needs to be replaced,
    both upper and lower radiator hose need to be replaced, as well as the alternator drive belt and pinion shaft seal!!!!
    I got scared and I didn't trust them! What would you suggest? Anything allarming that I should take care or have someone look at? Anything easy anought for me to do?..considering..I m a girl and not a mechanic?! Thank you so much for your help.
  • Well, first I would like to take mild issue :confuse: with "I'm a girl and not a mechanic?!" As the Dad of 2 grown very mechanically competent women, I can assure you that being a girl and a mechanic are not mutually exclusive.

    I would definitely take your Disco to another mechanic. I'm doubtful that the timing cover would need replacing; perhaps remove & reseal, but not replace. I bought a '99 Disco II about 18 months ago with 79K miles - it had big oil leaks. I paid a local mechanic $3K for an engine rebuild which took care of that and a bunch of other nasty's. Drive belts and hoses are normal maintenance.
  • Hi There,

    Your cooling hoses will probably need to be replaced, or possibly the upper deicer hoses or connector. The seal under the connector went bad on my Disco. If the truck is running cool (in the middle) of the temperature gauge, then I am not sure why they are saying your water pump is bad ( that is strange that they recomended that unless something is broken I am not aware of).

    As far as the oil, it is common for the valve cover gaskets to go bad and leak oil. You can put that off for awhile so long as you check your oil and add some as necessary. To change those gaskets is expensive running around $500-$600 at the dealer. Please be aware that if the oil leak gets too bad, it can possibly cause problems with the O2 sensor and or wiring if it drips on top enough to penetrate.

    My Land Rover dealer is running a 15% off special here in Orlando, so you might want your LR dealer to take a peak at yours and give you an estimate. They only have 4 models to deal with, so they are usually right on the money. You might want to take it in for an oil change at the dealer and then ask them to check out problems while it is there.

    As far as the belt, it is a one piece serpentine belt that runs to everything and it will depend on the last time it was changed (if ever). If it hasn't ever been changed then you are overdue at 5+ years.
    Good Luck! :(
  • Thank you so much. I will take it to my local dealership and hope for the best.: :surprise:
    Thanks again.
  • jayfinn3jayfinn3 Posts: 2
    could anybody tell me how to tell by vin number if i have secondary air injection in my truck ty
  • pmccordpmccord Posts: 3
    Hello all. I'm new here. My wife and I just bought an 03 Disco ll. 77,000 miles. We've already noticed some issues and would like to hear any advice offered.

    1. I found that the oil didn't even register on the dip stick when I first checked. Don't know what to look for other than a puddle of oil..
    2. Rear door handle gets stuck in the up position which makes it so you can't open the door.
    3. The famous Three Amigos. We've gotten the amber lights for TC, ABS, down hill DC a few times now. While driving and while sitting at a light. They go away with a restart of the disco. But, not sure where to go from here. From what I've read. Its going to either be a cheap fix or more than likely an expensive fix.
  • Hey guys, I would have your Disco checked ASAP! Like you could be a cheap fix if caught in time ..or an expensive one!
    I actually have a good reliable mechanic who works on my Rover...and he lets me buy parts for him to work..That's the best way to go as you'll realize Land Rover Parts and labor are pretty expensive and a dealership is going to empty your pockets!
    Look on line for a new handle or whatever piece you need and find an honest mechanic and you're good to go. :)
  • My rear handle does the same thing. Just spray some wd40 or lubricant up there (right and left sides of the lever) and it will work just fine for a few months..If you've read my posts then you know there might be more fun to come! :-) These trucks have scored black for consumer reports in reliability (BAD).....
  • Hi There - Sounds like the ABS Modulator has gone bad - Mine went bad out of warranty and cost me $1800 to fix. When the shuttle valve inside gets stuck, it is unrepairable. Have the dealer check and replace IMMEDIATELY. They should know that this is a common malfunction!! When the ABS modulator goes bad, the TC, ABS and Hill Descent Lights stay on. This was a COMMON problem in the DSII.
  • Just wanted to let you know that the99-02 Disco II engine is a reworked Buick V8 engine. This engine requires that at least once a month you "punch it" and get the engine to an extremely high rev (5-6000 RPMS) This keeps the top of the heads clean and prevents the notorious "valve job" that will cost you $2-3K. If you have a 99-02 Disco SII, do yourself a favor and "punch it" at least once per month until the RPMS go into the 5-6K range and clean the top of the valves - otherwise you will have a costy valve job!! I usually do this on the entrance ramp to our interstate highway. "Babying" this V8 engine or using regular unleaded will cost you big $$$ in the long run!! You have been warned!!
  • My advice is to get your replacement tires at Costco. Every couple months they offer $60 off a set of four Michelin Synchrones (Standard equip on the Range Rover). The greatest reason for buying them there is because they offer LIFETIME rotation, balancing and Road Hazard INCLUDED. These are NECESSARY if you want to get the most out of your tire investment!! Since I bought my set there I have had a dramatic increase in the life of the tires (have them rotated and balanced every 5k at no extra charge!) Good Luck! Remember that because this vehicle is permanent 4WD, you must replace all 4 tires at once!!
  • Hi There - I purchased the Land Rover "RAVE" service manual on ebay on CD and it has been invaluable. The only issue I encountered is that it wants an older version of Adobe Acrobat (that it is willing to install). The big drawback to owning LR vehicles is the computer codes (Testbook) that diagnose most problems. Because that program is so rare, the dealer generally charges $150 to hook it up and share the diagnostic codes...
  • Hello There - Yes, my ABS modulator also went out - I ended up buying a new sealed unit off Enay for $400 and then having the dealer install it for $400. Whatever you do, don't buy a unit that isn't new and sealed, because the brake fluid causes rust and the dealer won't install it. That mistake cost me $300. You would think that this would be a recall issue, but because it doesn't hamper the general brakes, it is not required. ABS, TC and HD are all extra optional bonuses. Good Luck!!
  • Hi There, There is a common problem with the ABS modulator where a shuttle valve inside gets stuck and renders the ABS modulator worthless. The dealer wants almost $2k to fix it. I purchased an ABS modulator (new and sealed) off Ebay for $400 and had the dealer install it for $400. DO NOT purchase a USED ABS modulator as the brake fluid causes rust and the dealer WILL NOT install it. It must be a NEW SEALED UNIT!! As far as rotors are concerned, they recommend replacement EVERY TIME brakes are done, however, I get (2) sets of pads out of them every time I replace them so long as they are not warped. I get my parts from I have also replaced both air springs for the SLS with their aftermarket parts (that come from the same OEM manufacturer). I posted a descriptive instruction manual for that here on the forums. Good Luck!!
  • I have had my brakes checked a few times in the last year. It began with the brake fluid slowly leaking. I've had the master cylinder replaced plus had the mechanic put on new brake pads. For some reason the problem kept reoccuring. Most recently he replaced the master cyliner again and it no longer leaks however once I stop at a light, or for any other reason, my brakes slowly go down. I don't know what else to do to fix the problem. Is there anything else I need to have him look at or could it just be the mechanic not knowing what he's doing?
  • Would the ABS Modulator failure also account for the M and S lights flashing? I started me 2001 Disco II last night and not only were the manual and sport mode lights flashing, but as I shifted from park to reverse, the red lights on the transmission panel were flashing as the gear passed from Park to Reverse. Then when I shifted to Drive, the lights on either side of the D were flashing. The transmission was sluggish as I applied the gas. After a 5 minute drive (these lights still flashing) I reached my destination, turned off the car and did my errand. When I returned after about 15 minutes, everything was working normally. Is this the first sign of bad things to come?
  • There was a recall on the brake system on 99 and 00 disco series II brake systems, however, my pedal only went down like you described when I was braking and simultaneously hit any size bump or pothole in the road. After the recall was corrected it no longer did that. I would check with Land Rover to see if the recall was ever corrected on your Disco.
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