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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • Hi all, I'm a newb and have just purchased (a week ago) a very decent Disco SE. I am enthralled at all the information there is on this forum. Thank you to the hosts and the people who have made these quests for info public.
    As of yet, I only have a few slight problems mainly due to the vehicle being used and covering my bases for it having 78000 miles on it. Everything seems great apart from:
    -The three amigos, which pop on randomly and then can be reset by turning ignition to off removing key for 10 seconds.
    -The wear on the stock goodyear tires looks uneven but creates no shaking. the dealer is going to buy two new ones but I'm going to wait for another couple thousand miles before I decide what tires to buy.
    -The AC drips into the passenger side's leg space and I obviously need to check the drainage lines/clear them.
    Other than a few noises I'm not familiar with (Squeaky seats in the rear, whispering air like sound when AC is on), everything seems A O K. I am however checking into the best warranty possible without spending too much (dealer allowed me to purchase base - power train for cost for two years) and also am going to get the Disco checked at a local AAA certified inspection center.
    My questions are these; because I'm about to embark on a 1000+ mile haul up north (San Diego to San Francisco and back) which will entail a u-haul trailer on the way down, I'm wondering the following:
    -Can I fix the AC drip myself and how?
    -Should I be getting a tune job before I go (and for how much)?
    -Are there any considerations or things I should be watchful of during the trip (of course there are the obvious; oil level, coolant, etc., I mean beyond these).
    Keep in mind this is fresh from the dealer and I have yet to do the inspect with AAA, I have no record of prior maintenance other than that the dealer changed the oil.
    Thanks in advance to any responses. I will be leaving on Tuesday night.
    Happy Labor Day. :D
  • stwlstwl Posts: 1
    I'm trying to replace the two plastic panels that runs down the A-post against the windshield of a LR DISCO series II '99. I have taken the old ones off and have two new ones with all the retainers and clips but I have trouble in getting the new ones back in place !! is there a trick ? Scared of breaking it if I use force .......
    any suggestions ??

    Thanks :-)
  • I fixed the AC drip myself and then payed 89.95 for the AAR (AAA certified) inspection right before walking into the AAA office to buy my membership. Well, now I'm 700+ miles away from home and here's what happened tuesday night at approximately 10:50pm (about 15 miles from my destination):
    The beautiful Land Rover Discovery barreled down the 101 North at a safe 68 miles per hour. The next exit was the 85 North, and finally my 8 month pregnant wife had fallen asleep for the past 5 minutes. I clicked the cruise control off and made my exit onto a one lane interchange in the city of Campbell. As I ramped up to the 85 North, low and behold standing dead center lane, spanning the width of the lane (approximately as long as the LR is wide), a wild BOAR lights bewildered with my lights in its eyes. Most likely wondering why his legs suddenly decided to stop moving. I, having two cars on my tail, did only what could be considered honorable and whilst yelling "Oh, My ****ing Lord!", drove straight through the bewildered boar. WOW! Was that the best decision of my life?... Yes. Not only is this accident covered under COMP but it will not effect my premium, Sweet!
    So, let it be known that when traveling at a rate of 65-70 miles per hour and confronted with mere flesh and bone, the LR Discovery suffers only aesthetic damages and potentially may require a power wash to rid the under carriage of blood and guts. More to follow, such as pictures, the boar is effectively dead and was checked on by local police. All that the passengers suffered was long conversations with insurance and longer convos with AAA membership supervisors. The LR is at the shop being quoted as I write this. Damages most likely include sub-frame, bumpers, maybe chassis alignment, and radiator/fan. :sick: Unfortunately though, as we drove over the boar, I believe I heard the Disco's ego inflate slightly and it is possible the truck has recognized its own awesome power. The wife and I, have to sit down with Disco when it gets back and explain to it that boar's have feelings too and that we should be more careful when playing with them next time. ;)
    Have a great weekend.
  • Looking at a '02 Discovery II SE that is being offered for $7995 with 53,000+ miles.

    Seller says "Oil and oil filter has been changed regularly at 3K mile intervals and recently at 53K miles. K&N high performance air filter was installed at 50K miles. Fluids were recently flushed and replaced at 50K miles. 60K service should be done soon. Rear brakes need new rotors and pads."

    What am I looking at as far as costs so I can factor into negotiation?
  • WOW, you were lucky indeed. Still I am not sure I will do the same if in the same situation. One thing is sure I will not try to drive through an 350 kgs elk as you may find them on my roads.
    Looking forward to see the pics.
    Give the poor Disco a hug from me.
  • LOL, great story. Glad you and your wife are OK
  • Gilmoreg,

    I am having the same thing on the same car to get a new transmission which should be ideal fro sometime is prety expensive it arount 11,000 $ . and the car is worth less is any body doing repar to the trans. PLS let me know if you come a cross anybody. The other chice is to look for Engine &Trans swap anybody have a suggestion.

  • need to replace tires;tire store is recommending continental cross contact lx; or the toyo. any advise on any of these or others?
  • Just replaced mine with Michelins at Costco. They are on Sale $80 off for a set of four and they have lifetime balance and rotation and Road Hazard protection included. Well worth it.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Greetings gents, I'm baaaaack! As you know I've got a 1996 Disco-I and she runs like a champ. This morning I turned the key to get all the dash lights on, but before the starter engaged I heard clicking. The rear window defrost button (top, left side of the dash cluster) is blinking about once/second and I hear a solenoid clicking behind it about 2x that rate. I opened and shut the rear door, no change. I starts and runs fine, and when I put on the turn signals or 4-way flashers they work fine, and the solenoid clicking rate drops down to the same as the blinkers are going... usual dink-DONK dink-DONK dink-DONK sound. As soon as the blinkers click off the fast clicking comes back and the orange light on the RWD button continues to flash.

    I cycled the outside rearview mirrors (since they're heated and likely connected) and the rear wiper, all lights work, all functions work, it's just blinking and clicking like crazy.

    Any ideas, anyone?

    (Hey, Steve!)
  • der41der41 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 1998 Land Rover Discovery. I have found that the drivers' belt retractor is a bit lazy. When I release the buckle, the retractor does not pull the belt back to the stowed position. Any other Discovery owners experience this? Just trying to figure out if this is worth replacing.
  • I'm in the process of purchasing a 2002 Disco II, this is my second Disco II I've own. The vehicle is not near where I live and I was wondering if the offer, to look-up installed options, including ACE and engine size, is still on the table.

    If so, the VIN number is: SALLTAM232A737655 and my email address is:

    Thank you
  • We just purchased a 2002 Discovery II.

    1)The heat and the front wipers will not work sometimes. It happens occasionally and always the heat and front wipers at the same time.

    2)There were a couple of times that when we put the vehicle in drive the dash instrument panel indicated we were still in park, when shifting the light on shifter remained in park but we are able to drive.

    Any ideas of the causes?
  • abutomaabutoma Posts: 21
    irritating incidents. Should theoretically be an easy job to mend, but where to start? :confuse:
    The fault with the blower(heater) is obviously a bad connection somewhere. I think I would start with the fuse box in the engine compartment. Take out the fuses and check that the contacts are clean, check that the wire connection on the underside is well connected. Taking out fuse (#12?) will probably re-create the blower fault.
    And then you know you have to look for a bad connection. If it is constant, however, it is easier as you can use a multimeter and measure the voltage at the fuse and you will therefor know if the fault is before or after. Unfortunately I do not have a electric wirediagram for the DII, but if you can put your hand on one you will easily find your way, I am sure.

    The other fault. Again a bad connection (chicken connection) I would start at the gearshift to see if something has loosened there. Because the light on the dashboard is lit by a switch at the stick.
    Good luck, and let's know
  • I would like to know the protocol for replacement of the spark plug wires for a disco 2. Do I need to remove the intake plenum? How do I check if the ignition packs are damaged as well. I have 122K miles on car now. Dealer wants $500 for job.
  • Are there any replacements for the stock rear wiper arm (aftermarket) that would make it possible to find cheap blades available at any auto parts store? For that matter the fronts as well?
  • mlovemlove Posts: 1
    Heard alot of do's and dont's about this ride. I'm stuck on what to do. The truck is nice as can be. I have not had it checked out yet but will soon. It has 79K on it.
    help please anybody? :confuse:
  • Make sure you have the truck checked! They all look very nice on the outside, but if the inside hasn't been takn care you will have some expenses besides regular maintnance. Take a look at the the wheel barrels , valve cover gasket and water pump those are the most expensive repairs. If everything checks ok I say go for it, and enjoy ;)
  • I agree, for the past 3 years i have experienced nothing but problems with my discovery, leaving me in stranded situations and allways paying out, never enjoying the disco.

    visit to see about my experiences.
  • matt831matt831 Posts: 1
    while driving the srs light will come on and the antilock light comes on and the mph will drop and rise rapidly then the car shuts off and wont start. i replaced battery and alternator and works fine for about 30min and same problem. Once i charge the battery its good for another 30 min. any other ideas?
  • gdcbatchgdcbatch Posts: 1
    I changed all my struts and sway bar on my 1995 Discovery and now If I go over a bump or a hole in the roar at speed of (60-70 MPH). I have a really bad shimmy. It is really a bad feeling and I don't kow what 's the problem. This truck was not doing that before I changed out those parts. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Hey..did you ever get a answer to this question? I have been having the same problem for months and it's really annoying. I live in Ohio...what did you end up doing?
  • i bought some rain x latitude windshield wipers for my disco II but they do not wondering whether or not i have to get landrover genuine wipers or if i just need some kind of adapter other than whats included with the wipers?
    please tell me im not just an idiot who cant change his wipers!
    any info would be much appreciated! thanks
  • jonnyxsjonnyxs Posts: 2
    Picked her up on a week ago and the next morning a window regulator went out.$300 now check engine light is on so...........oil ,airfilter,transfercase,front and rear diff fluid change,plugs and wires . so I think she is ok ,so where is the re-set on the 01. anyone? anyone?

  • jonnyxsjonnyxs Posts: 2
    Ok I have got it taken care of you can buy a "code" reader at any auto parts store read them and clear them. I would like to know how many miles you guys are getting out of the older d-2's . Mine is an 01 , can you get 200,000 out of an engine or tranny? We had a 98 d-1 and sold it at 80,000 went to an excursion. 9mpg's wow.Now we have the 01 and are enjoying it but I want to get an idea what is the "norm"


  • wow4helpwow4help Posts: 3
    Is it worth holding on too? Engine strong, power steering box blown-major leaks! Oil leaks. Major repairs yearly....sigh-hoping with all the updates can finally enjoy this car.....needs cosmetic repairs on both passenger inside doors-rusting-another$600 for this! Can see rust on rear inside bumper starting. Four new tires summer 08, rear/front universal joints replaced, bringing car in for recalls on manifold exhaust and steering wire....

    Any suggestions on what to do with this car I love/hate. Cool style body and top-love and no car payments!
  • jocruzjocruz Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2001 discovery 2 and love the vehicle, but i am having a climate control issue. When i turn on the AC only the driver side gets cold and the passenger side does not. Does anyone have an idea of what could be the problem? Thanks. :shades:
  • Hello - Had the same problem - but when I turned on the rear A/C the passenger side got cold again - took it to the dealer - my problem was low freon.....other possibility is a problem with an actuator that controls airflow hot/cold in the bottom/right of the center console.....good luck
  • okay so we have a 99 discovery II and was told by many people that the prob with it was the ignition coil, so i ordered 1 from roverland in FL and we replaced it, but guess what, thats not the prob!!!???? So this is what my car does, it starts and drive until i turn it off, then it will not fire unless it sits for at least an hour!!??? any ideas anyone!!???
  • sdkochsdkoch Posts: 4
    Did you ever recieve an answer to this question? I would be interested in knowing if there are less expensive wipers available.
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