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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • Hey bud,
    Here in San Antonio, just bought a 2003 Disco. 64,000 miles on it for $10,000 mint.
    Already have issues though as was expected. 3 amigos come off and on. Brakes need to be replaced. You mentioned in the above post about getting a free repair manual. Can you direct me where to get this free manual. I most certainly will be doing as much work on the truck myself as I can. Thanks for any advice/info you can give me.
  • Great story bro! pics?
  • gaz3gaz3 Posts: 1
    Hi would appreciate any ideas as to the cause of this problem it has me flumaxed
    car drives normal from cold start for 4 or 5 miles then all power is lost engine revs reduce to 1000 rpm accellarater as no effect temperature gauge normal coolant ok oil ok no warning lights or ODB errors switch of engine wait 30 minutes car will start and drive normally for 2 to 3 miles then fault recurs fitted a new fuel pump and still have the same problem can any one point me in the right direction
    thanks in anticipation
    Garry :sick:
  • Crankshaft positioning sensor. $90 part... most likely the problem.
  • Have gotten the following error codes recently, some of which are likely parasitic:
    P0304, 0303, 0306, 0300, 0301
    P1300, 1319
    Vehicle runs rough at all RPM's below 2350 in any gear. Mostly smooth at 2500RPM in all gears.
    Recently changed out both ignition coils (no change).
    I'm leaning toward some kind of fuel issue:
    Fuel Pump
    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve
    I thought it unlikely that I would suddenly have 4 +/- injectors go at once so I don't think that there's an injector issue at this time.
    Any thoughts or recomendations appreciated.
  • Likely the crankshaft postion sensor. I thought my issue was the fuel pump but it turned out to be this sensor. $90 part.... Good luck
  • 99salty99salty Posts: 6
    We are trying to replace the fuel filter and don't know where to look for it.

  • stuartsdstuartsd Posts: 3
    Did you get a response regarding the free repair manual?
  • 99salty99salty Posts: 6
    When the key is on, before starting Disco II, there is a humming noise in the control panel area. The vehicle will not start now-and has died on my twice while driving. Any ideas?
  • 99salty99salty Posts: 6
    not yet. Any ideas?
  • sounds like the alternator belt stays on after you turn it off and is draining your battery...
  • stuartsdstuartsd Posts: 3
    I am beginning to think that the LR Discovery may not be the best vehicle to buy. I really don't know about the dash warning lights BUT I would look into buying an OBD scanner and find out for myself what the "Fault" codes were.
    I saw the reference to the Free repair manual in a previous post. This has got to be a good place to start if it is still available.
  • Have a 2004 Discovery. Every once and a while it will not start. Sometimes if you move the Park lever or rock the vehicle it will start. Is there a Nuetral Safety Switch override?
  • Could be the 'Crankshaft Position Sensor' - $90 part.
  • lpaclpac Posts: 2
    I was driving around in my car this morning doing errands. All was well. When I went to start my car at one point it wouldn't turn over. Silence. The car is in park, the battery seems fine (the interior lights work, the car's bell dings, clock works, the dashboard lights up). Help!
  • lpaclpac Posts: 2
    is this easy to install?
  • abutomaabutoma Posts: 21
    It sounds like the old problem from Disco I
    Try moving the car 10 m away and it might start right away.
    If it does it is interference from cables under ground and you may have the problem next time you stop in the same area.
    Fix? NO. It becomes a BIT better if you make a longer antenna for the receiving unit.
    The best thing is to mount an over ride switch for the immobilizer. After I did that I do not care where I park. If the immobilizer is kicking in I override it and voila the engines starts
    Good luck
  • jc52jc52 Posts: 1
    My disco plastic around the seats is all cracked and I want to know if I can upgrade to the plastic found in disco II's. Does anyone know if it will fit. Also have the same issue with the shifter plastic. Want to upgrade to disco II parts but not sure they will fit.
  • abutomaabutoma Posts: 21
    TEmperature -15 C. No starting problem, driving 200 meters. Complete stop as if the fuel was turned off.Though of iceblock.
    Now normal temp i.e. on the plus side. Fuel reaching the injectors, but no way the engine will start. Nothing except the cranking :( .
    Any idea?
  • Common problem is the 'crankshaft positioning sensor' needs replacing. Most likely the problem... $90 part. Good luck!
  • Is there a fuel filter on this vehicle Where do I find it.

  • How did you over ride the immobilizer? I have a 2001 discovery 2 that won't start and it has the M and S lights flashing, the hill descent control failure light is on and the traction control light is on. It turns over great but has no fire. Does this sound like the immobilizer?
  • All those lights shouldn't have anything to do with it not starting. Common problem is the Crankshaft Positioning Sersor... about $90 part. If it's no good the car will not start.
  • the M and S lights have something to do with your electrical system and the traction control and hill descent failure are related to the "wheelspeed sensor"... i'm not sure about M&S but the wheelspeed sensor is a $1500 part... it controls 3 parts: traction control, hill descent, and ABS... if one goes down, then all 3 lights come on...
  • abutomaabutoma Posts: 21
    I cannot tell you on the open Net how to do that since that would give a carte blanche to any car thief. But I can tell you to override it takes some work the first time.
    Good luck!
  • abutomaabutoma Posts: 21
    if you refer to the override: Well, it depends of how you would like to take out the dashboard. Once behind the dash the electric job is quickly done. I used 3-4 hrs on the job
  • Have been told by quite a few it's the crank position sensor. I have one coming but if it doesn't fix the problem I will definitely be getting back with you. Thanks for the reply
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    From time to time I drop by this site and I am constantly amazed by the trouble people have with Discos and that anyone still owns one.

    We have a 1987 Ford pickup that we leave parked out in the weather for weeks at a time on Block Island, RI. It still starts with simply an 1/8 turn of the key, runs well, with no glitches and minimal rust. Oh, yeh. It is now 22 years old.

    I acknowledge that it lacks the panache of a Disco but when I walk off the ferry and up to the parking area after having been away for a month I know it will start and get me home.
  • discoissuesdiscoissues Posts: 23
    You are absolutely right. Although, we had years of no issues... the issues start at about 80k to 90k. Ours now has 113k and we've done everything that goes bad: blown head gasket, where ever coolant can leak it did (replaced all seals/gaskets), power window motors, water pump, crankshaft positioning sensor, etc. That being said, we still really enjoy our Disco. It's an '02 w/ 113k miles and really isn't worth much so we'll probably just keep it and maybe equip it for off-road adventures....
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