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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • hello: did you ever find the firing order for the coil packs on your discovery? I have a 2001 discovery and need the order. I have been given some numbers but I am not sure where the numbers start in ref to the coil. Do you start with coil 1 and start at what corner of the coil?? And what is the correct corner to start?? Thank you in advance for your help!! Brooks
  • pinoyvr6pinoyvr6 Posts: 1
    have figured out the issue you are having????? i just installed a remotestarter in a customer DII
  • dkk2dkk2 Posts: 1
    runs ruff, idels badly , engine light stays on.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Dear runs rough, idles badly and check engine light is on: This is SOP with a Disco. You signed up for it when you bought the car.
  • :mad: Have replaced both hoses, fan sensor, every time I run my a/c it over heats. Turn off the a/c it stops. Also when I run the a/c it leaks water in the passenger floorboard. Not that it has anything to do with it I also just replaced alternator,fan clutch,starter wire,HELP!!!!!!! Before I beat it to pieces with the jack handle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ga_rovergirlga_rovergirl Posts: 2
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  • newbie205newbie205 Posts: 4
    Hello all I'm in Alabama and I'm looking at purchasing a 2001 Land Rover Discovery that has 118000 miles on it. Its a beautiful car light green with woodgrain threw out and dual moonroofs. Ib took it 4 a pre purchase inspection and was told it needs head,valve,and valley gasket kit replacement, spark plugs serp.belt and rear pads & rotors. Do you think its worth getting these things replaced? Truck is 6000 and repairs are 1000 non dealer but at dealer 2000:
  • heyomarheyomar Posts: 6
    They're charging you too much. And I think the repair costs will be more than that.
  • I had to do all that on my 2002... it's going to cost alot. Probably more than what you would pay for the car. Btw, this is an issue with all of them with high mileage..... :sick:
  • newbie205newbie205 Posts: 4
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    That's what the shop that specialzes in foreiegn auto (non dealer btw) that did the inspection said they would charge to fix it 2000 I have it on paper. I think most important was the gaskets I mentioned. I have a guy who works on lexus, land rover and bmw who is a friend of my brothers and he said about 1000: which is the exspensive the parts or labor? I went to and the parts were not that much just the rotors
  • newbie205newbie205 Posts: 4
    Is this difficult to do? How much would something like this cost and would I have to go to the dealer. The 2001 I'm purchasing does not have a remote wth it so I'm needing something
  • heyomarheyomar Posts: 6
    The thing is, once they start taking apart your engine to replace the gaskets, they're just going to find more things wrong. I had a 2000 Disco for 7 years. It was the ultimate love/hate relationship. The hate eventually won, but I still miss that damn thing. If you can buy for less than $5000, it might make the repair bills a little easier to take.
  • $5,000 is way too much for a 2001... even in decent condition If you get it for $2,000... you're looking at 4-6k in repairs. Where do you live? I have a mechanic in Torrance, CA that did everything that goes on a 100k + miles Disco. He's reasonable unlike the dealers or specialized Land Rover mechanics. Btw, I also have a love/hate relationship with my wife's Disco. Great looking car and when it running properly... it's a really nice ride and awesome off road. But... buyer beware!!! I can be reach at - My hobby is restoring 70s BMW... the 2002 and the milestone coupes.
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  • disco99disco99 Posts: 74
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    Hey guys..Long time no chime...
    I bought my Disco in 03 with 55k on the Odo and I'm still enjoying it at 130k miles. Owning a Disco is just like hitting golf balls for the first time; you either hate it instantly or u become an instant addict..I took Nanuq's advice on this board..I've maintained my truck religiously and I am still enjoying it($4000 maintenance and repairs over 7 1/2 years...I believe some of these trucks are lemons from day 1..I have been fortunate to avoid the major knowns disasters such as ..Head gaskets, broken driveshafts at high speeds which can in turn damageuour tranny(10k fix)--
    Please understand these facts:
    ... The 3 amigos are not a death sentence..Mine has been on for 4 yrs and my truck has not been affected at rain, snow and sleet..Just ignore them and drive..DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! Get great tires..
    ...All these trucks leak..tranny, diifs,engine,tranfer case, power steering pump..Let lucas oil be your friend.
    .... They have no resale value...Zero..So I plan on driving mine to 200kif possible..
    ...They are guzzlers 12-15 MPG
    ....Higher insurance premiums...
    ....Only 188 HP on that old V8..
    ....Service engine light comes and goes..
    .....Easy and cheap to do basic maintenance...
    ....Off road performance...umatched..

    Having said all that I am now in the market for an 04 Disco..I love these things....but they're not all lovable...I hope all that helps the newbies to Disco...

    Here's my journey after 75k miles on the road..
    2003..Radiator replaced and New tires.....$700
    2004..M&S light flashing..Bought a new battery at sears...Fixed..$100
    2005..Service engine light..sluggish acceleration..Bought new MAF sensor $110
    2006..Truck's rear suspension drops..Bought 2 new airbags $400..
    2007..New driveshaft with greasable heads...$500
    2008..New rotors and O2 sensors...New tires...$1000
    2009..No problems
    2010..No problems....
  • mbugmbug Posts: 1
    Hey 99 I am looking at trading my 2002 honda civic for a 2002 disco II sd. He just did a lost of work to it. My question is can you [non-permissible content removed] the rear seats if it did not originally com with them. What can you tell me to look out for? It has 120k of it but muy honda has 160k. What are your thoughts???? :confuse:
  • Give me a list of what he recently did to it??? I can then better reply.....
  • Mine was totalled and I still have the complete owners manual set (leather binder, leather folio, etc). How can get rid of it? Anyone interested or know where I can sell it?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    We aren't set up for buying and selling on the forum, but owner's manuals show up on eBay all the time.
  • We have a new battery and it is still won't start after sitting for two to three days. We are not leaving anything on and have checked the obvious things. Any ideas?
  • The cruise control will not work-everything else is ok.
  • I have a 2001 land rover disco 2 the service engine light came on about 2weeks ago then lastweek the truck wouldn't start battery totally dead, got a jumpoff drove to store and tried to start again totally dead. Does this mean time for new battery.I noticed a sticker on current battery has the date October 2006
  • Well, a bit nmore info would not be bad.
    When you jumpstarted the beast did the service engine light go off?
    If it did I am sure the battery needs replacement. 3-5 years depending on care you give it, usually is the most you can expect from a battery
  • tgaitotgaito Posts: 3
    edited October 2010
    I'm looking at an '04 Disco with average miles, cost is well below KBB but this is in the post...

    "When the car starts cold it runs rough and the check engine light flashes on and off. Once it is warm the car runs smooth and quiet but the check engine light needs reset. Mechanic thinks it has a big vacuum leak when cold"

    Guy selling doesn't want to fix, he wants to sell and let someone else deal with it.

    Should I be concerned about this issue, or that the guy doesn't want to fix and sell closer to book value? He either really doesn't want to fix it, doesn't know how, or knows its big money to fix it.

    If it is a vacuum issue, any one have a rough idea of cost to fix?
  • How many miles, exactly, does she actually have? Beware... most any fix on a Disco is expensive. Also, you should always pay well below KKB for a used Disco no matter what the condition. Too many issues on higher mileage Discos... coolant leakage issues (everywhere) - many gaskets will need replacing, blown head gasket (only a matter of time), crankshaft positioning sensor, power window regulators, etc. Count on the issues starting around 75k-85k miles. The good news... she is a very fun car to drive when running properly and hard to beat for any off road adventure. Not to mention, great looking. If you do buy her just make sure the mileage is not too high and you have a good (reasonable) mechanic lined up. Not a dealer... way too expensive! Good luck....
  • I'd hate to screw the poor sap trying to get rid of his Disco as I was once that guy, but DO NOT BUY A LAND ROVER... The problems they have are serious and lead to very costly repairs... Only a Rover dealership can fix it and unless you're OK with getting gouged you are better off with a Jeep Liberty... You'd be able to buy a pretty nice one after the money you'll have to put into fixing the Disco... When I turned mine in I had 9 lights lit up on my dashboard, 3 were flashing intermittently in non-unison... Very annoying and hard to ignore... Regardless of what he says, it does not run "fine"... And from what it sounds like, the "3 Amigos" problem isn't far off... This is when the Traction Control, ABS, and BRAKE dash lights are lit... A $3000 fix...
  • tgaitotgaito Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info and tips. Found the mileage @ 94k, high for a 2004. Good tips for the 75-85k mark. I've been looking at 2001-2004's and they're all around 70k-80k in mileage. Maybe I should stay away from them.
  • tgaitotgaito Posts: 3
    This is typically the reaction I get when talking about LR. I've heard the horror stories, and I've heard the praise. Unfortunately, I've been there with the Liberty. I had an '04, not my style. I wish they would release a anniversary edition Cherokee, those were sweet.

    Thanks for the definition of the three amigos, I heard a lot about it and was wondering what it was.
  • Unfortunately, maybe you should stay away. Unless, like mine which has 117k plus miles, all the repairs I mentioned have been done. I forgot to mention the ABS issues... also expensive! If at 94k the head gasket hasn't blown... it's just a matter of time before it does. ">
  • After reading this site, I'm wondering if I had made the right choice? Ofcourse I understand of the pros and cons, and every peach taste different, it really depends on the up kept of the Disco. I found this one with 117k miles documented via Carfax as a Florida car, It really looks brand new inside and out from a women for the past year and a half. Took a test drive and she handle nice and tight with no noise what so ever. Now, after reading this site I'm not sure if I should take delivery on Nov. 27, 2010 or forfeit my $500.00 deposit? The total cost is $4000.00. Please advise.
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