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Lincoln Town Car Electrical Problems



  • I have a 2003 Lincoln town Exec. My problem is when it rains or I hit a puddle of water all my dash indicators flicker or stay on including battery light, when that happens my headlights will sometimes cut out and the car will overcharge the battery and will in most cases make battery over heat to where the battery wont hold a charge? The indicators will sometimes flicker or stay on then go off for about 10 sec on dry days but over charge battery ?
  • furleyfurley Posts: 13
    I had something similar to that happen; it was corrected by the alternator being changed.
  • chedicornchedicorn Posts: 1
    I'm interested in your post.

    I'm wondering if this will be a solution to my problem.

    I recently just bought a 99 lincoln used

    and when I Got home I noticed at night the interior lights were on.

    I went and used the key remote to hit the lock button to turn it off,

    it turned off, but came back on and then went off and back on again.

    I gave up and took the fuse out after testing about 20 of them to see which one it was.

    IF I leave the headlights on the timer they will also go on and off with the interior lights. Anyone have this exact problem?
    Also I noticed that the lights on the keypad on the drivers door also is consistent with going off and on with the headlights and the interior lights.

    Anyone have this exact problem and have the fix?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Sometimes electrical problems will be reset to factory settings when the battery is completely disconnected for overnight. Just remove the + & - cables & reconnect the next morning. It may work and can't hurt. While the cables are free, use a wire cable cleaner on them and the battery posts can be cleaned as well. The tool costs about a dollar.
  • riggo1riggo1 Posts: 1
    Hello there,
    I am having the same problem with my 2003 T/C. You had said you located a brand new DDM on the internet for $200? Could you direct me to this website please? I'm not having very much luck. thank you! Riggo
  • jmcgregorjmcgregor Posts: 6
    I would be happy to send the info but I no longer have it. I did a google search and found several units available. They were mainly $300 to $4oo but I negotiated the price downward.
    Good Luck !
  • My 1998 Town Car has a strange problem where, when the car shifts into a high gear, the electrical systems shut off. The engine continues running, but the dash goes dead, the lights shut off, and the AC/Heating systems shut off. When the car comes out of high gear, the electrical systems reboot themselves and continue working normally. Any ideas where I should be looking to fix the problem?
  • jake_gjake_g Posts: 3
    Not sure - but it sounds like a short.

    I had a similar problem (on my LTC Limo 6pax) and it turned out to be the second battery installed under the right front bumper which supports were lose and caused the short when contact was made. Shortly after I fixed that I burnt out my alternator (had it replaced). Now the car is running fine. Maybe got lucky as I thought it was a transmission problem or a more serious electrical problem.
  • I also have a 98 TC that is doing the same thing. It started off with car not starting and having to get jumps from people. So I automatically think alternator. I usually go to junk yards to get parts because they're a lot cheaper and always do the job. I ended up having to get 3 different alternators, because each time I installed it, I kept having the same problem. Also, after charging the battery and starting the car, I would put volt meter on battery to see if it was charging, and on all 3 of them, all I seen was the voltage dropping down until car shut off. I had a friend follow me to auto zone, jumping me a few times on the way so that I can get the alt checked just so I would know that it wasn't my car, but instead just kept getting bad alts. Auto Zone told me it was bad, so got my money back, went to next junk yard and got another alt. So now after taking on and taking off 3 different alts I was doing it again, but one from another junk yard. Did everything like every other time, I would charge the battery while I took out the old alt, and installed the newer one. And just like each time before, the car started, but this time, the volt meter was showing the amperage going up. I was happy as hell because I thought I was finally done with changing out alts. But later that day when I was driving 1st, the radio shut off, then the instrument panel, but car kept running. At night, the same thing happened, but this time after the instrument panel went out, the headlights went off too. And whenever I slow down or come to a stop, it feels like it wants to die on me. I wasn't able to find time to go back into it and try to fix it all over again, so I figured out that whenever my radio goes out, that gives me the signal to put the car in park, or neutral, and rev it up for a few seconds and then everything powers up like I put a brand new battery in it. So 2 days ago, i finally took the alt back to the junkyard and exchanged it for another one. I got so good at taking it out and putting it back in, that I took my tools with me and did it in the parking lot and had the guy come out and test the alt and it showed that it was bad, and was doing the same thing all over again with the lights, and radio going off untill I rev up the engine., but this alt was giving out less power than the one I had in the car when I got there. So, I put the other one back in, They were cool about it and gave me a full refund, and I got to keep the alt that they have me to begin with. The mechanic at the junk yard told me to take my car to auto zone and have them hook up the comp to the car and check for any errors. So I did that, and auto zone told me that there was nothing wrong with the car. So what I'm going to do now is finally buy a new alt and see if it's just been me getting bad alts this whole time. If you have come up with any solutions yet please let me know, just in case its not going to work when I put the new alt in it. If you can e-mail me with the fix, (if you've found one by now) that would be great, because I am soooo tired of extracting, and installing alts. I'm guessing they wont let you put your personal e-mail address on here, so I'll just spell it the full way. its datboiluck(at)Gmail dot com. Also I don't know if you can facebook me, because that's how I signed in, but you can also do that, and I would appreciate it so much if you told me how to fix this damn beautiful car.
  • w9r1w9r1 Posts: 15
    Sometimes it's simple things. Make sure your battery cable terminal connections are NEW. If you have a corroded + cable it WILL cause weird crap to happen. My car had one of those clamp on cable ends on it. Eventually the wire got so corroded underneath it wouldn't start. Had to have it jumped, etc. Thought it was the battery....I've also seen this cause really weird behavior in interior lights and instruments (recently on my son-in-law's Taurus) which made me think the battery was bad or going bad. Turned out to be a bad cable connector on that one too. I took the connector off, cut the + cable off to the point of having clean wire and put on a pig-tail you can get at most auto parts stores. Problem solved for me.
  • My car wouldn't start a few days ago. 2000 LTC. Looked under the hood and saw lots of corrosion on the positive battery post. Changed both terminals the next day and now the car starts fine, however a new problem has arisen. When I open my car door-My hazard lights begin to flash. While I'm driving the hazard lights flash for about 2 beats, cut off, then start again for another 2 beats. Also a red light is illuminated and flashing on my dash. Right behind the turn signal, to the right of the lights dim switch. It illuminates for 5 beats, pauses, then another 5 beats. Does this when the car is parked, does this when I'm driving. It wont stop flashing.

    Ive disconnected and reconnected the terminals. Ive held the terminals together for 5mins. I turned the car into the on position and let it sit for 10mins. I started the car and let it idle for 10mins. These were all suggestions I found as a way of resetting the cars computer. I was told this was the reason the lights were turning on and off. None of these things worked...Any suggestion? Answers. I'll try anything at this point.Thank You.
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 173
    Your turn signal unit is going bad. When this happens, the turn signal unit starts the inside indicators to blink intermitently. It takes about about 15 minutes to replace it. If you are handy with a screw driver, you can make the change out.
  • Turn Signal Unit? Thats causing this? Seems so random, but Im going to have to take your word for it since no one will reply to me on the many sites of asked about this problem. Thank You NWRAA. I looked at it today and it seems like its something I could replace myself. I guess I'll try to find one at the junkyard. Hopefully this works. Its annoying driving with my hazards going on and off.
  • I have the same similar problem if not the same exact problem, I have put a new batterie as well as alternator in my TC. Now it won't turn over, no dash indicators. Just a click from the hood fuse box area....what should be the solution?
  • jimbrockjimbrock Posts: 2
    My 2003 Town Car has a problem. The driver's side seat heat doesn't work. The doorside switch indicates that it is turned on, but no heat. Neither high nor low setting. Any ideas?
  • Could be the heating pad. They go south. The connector sometimes melts too. All you can do is follow the circuit with a test light. I can't remember if they have a relay or not.
  • cruzitocruzito Posts: 1
    the car just probably needs a tun up
  • bpiroskabpiroska Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Lincoln Town car that starts but does not idle. This usually happens when it is warm or hot outside. I can travel for an hour, make a stop and turn off the engine. Ten minutes or more later I go to start my car. It starts but it won't idle. It cuts out and shows a picture of my battery and just quits. After about an hour (time to have tow truck show up) it will start and run like a top. It might run like a top for several months then it quits.

    Last year I had a crankshaft sensor replaced but evidently that wasn't the problem. Alternator also checked. Any help would be appreciated.
  • bartbarterbartbarter Posts: 39
    edited June 2013
    Perhaps the IAC (idle air control) valve? Common problem, but I don't know if it's ever intermittent.


    Your car doesn't have any wires but I believe the unit is in the same place.

    Couple of bolts, clean with carb cleaner or wd 40 or replace with Motorcraft unit.

    Hope that's it, good luck.
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 173
    Suggest that you clean the mass air flow sensor. Be careful while cleaning it. A squirt of electrical parts cleaner is usually enough to clean the little wires in the unit.
  • All lights work.....all fuses are fine. When I try to use the turn signal it doesn't flash. My mechanic says the LCM needs to be replaced...$750 at dealer...or junkyard then extra to have it re-programmed.

    Is there anything simpler and cheaper to try first? My dash lights have been flashing on/off for a few years now if the LCM is indeed bad and more problems will soon happen...maybe I should replace the LCM anyway? there anyway to determine if a used LCM is compatible or working....BEFORE I install it and pay the additional re-programming fee?

  • found a used LCM....$200 later all is far
  • javpjavp Posts: 1
    Yesterday i was changing a fuse on my 01 TC, everything was fine until a few minutes later, all my interior lights started going on and off and now i am unable to turn the car on, and all of the dashboard switches went crazy, (odometer, gas reading, temp) I can hear a noise coming from one of the relay fuses, may that be the problem??
  • w9r1w9r1 Posts: 15
    Usually stuff like that in my experience has been the result of a bad battery OR a bad battery connection. Carefully check and clean the battery cable connections if they're corroded.

    Good luck...Ed
  • Where can I get a replacement for the driver's side door pull with fake wood decorative backup. My fake wood is all scratched up from my fingernails, and the leather-coated pull is wearing thin. 2003 Town Car.
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 173
    You may be able to find a good one in an auto salvage yard. Also one may be listed on E-Bay.
  • I have a 2011 Town Car Signature Series and the low beam headlights stopped working. I have high beams that work and parking lights but no low beam. What could cause this?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    When you have less than 50,000 on the odometer, the factory warranty should be excersized.
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