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Ford Escape Brake Problems



  • My wife's Escape has had the grinding sound since a few months of purchasing it new. We went to a local garage, they looked at the brakes and said they were OK. They lubricated the brake system and the noise stopped.

    Recently the noise started again, and was even worse. I would have bet the rivets were digging into the rotors. I went ahead and replaced the brake pads, although there was plenty of pad left behind. I lubricated the back of the brake pads with brake grease as well as the bolts that hold the caliper on.

    There is no longer any noise. Problem solved.
  • My wife was driving home today and her brake waring light came on, 2 or 3 more stops and the pedal hit the floor, but she made it home safety. The left front brake line Ford part number 6L8Z-2264-A had been rubbing against the power steering line for 106,000 miles and rubbed a hole in the brake line. Please check yours. Now here is the other problem , I called my Ford dealer to order a new line, National back order 18 to 20 day lead, I suspect mine is not the only one that this has happened to. So again please check yours.
  • gford5gford5 Posts: 1
    Driving my son's 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid with 64K miles on it, red brake warning light comes on as well as "service brake system" shows up in message center. Bought this vehicle used in May with 54k miles on it. Not a lick of problems with it until now ...
    took vehicle in to local garage - checked brakes over - no problems found
    but they did look up on internet that there are issues with 05 Ford hybrids - brake master cylinder and HCU need replacing at a high cost - anyone else have this issue ?
    are there technical service bulletins out for this problem?
    Does Ford do anything to help correct?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    Does that model use braking to regenerate the battery? If it does, I'd assume that is a very complicated system that might have nothing to do with your pads/rotors...


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  • I had this same problem. I don't have the exact wording from my repair but they told me my front axle was cracked. Somehow the ABS brake system ties into the front axle and this was causing the "chatter". They only had to replace a portion of the front axle and now the problem is solved. Sometimes it seems like I didn't have all of my braking power. The ABS did something with the front axle which was broken and that's why it occurred. If you need me to, I can find the invoice and tell you the exact wording. Let me know on this post.
  • Hi Burbondog,

    My car (Mazda Tribute, same car as the Escape) started failing the exact same way as you describe:
    It breaks o.k. until lower speed (5...10mph), then it increasingly stutters.
    It breaks o.k., but it seems not to have full break power.
    Could you send me the exact wording and whatever would help to identify this problem?
    And how much did you pay for the repair?
    Thanks for your help !!
  • this is from the invoice: Checked and found left front ABS tone wheel cracked - replaced left front ABS tone wheel - $79. ABS Tone Wheel - $9.99, CV Boot Clamp $5.99.

    At the same time they checked and found the right and left front lower control arm rear bushing cracked and pulling away from control arms. Replaced right and left front lower control arm assemblies. $271.10. Did this contribute to the brake problem? I don't know.

    They also charged me a diagnosis fee of $118.50 to find these problems. I searched high and low on the internet to find a solution and I vowed if I did I would share it with everyone if it could help them. I bet I had this problem for about six months. It was a relief to have it fixed.
  • My abs light keeps coming on and off any help on why this is happening it doesn't make noise or anything
  • drejdrej Posts: 119

    @ttoula said:
    My 2003 Ford Escape, 90,000 miles, brakes normally until below 5 mph. Below this speed the ABS "chatters" twice before the vechile comes to a complete stop. This occurrs at low braking pressure and on dry pavement. When I remove the ABS 60 amp fuse from under the hood, the problem goes away, but of course I then have no ABS protection. Does anyone have a solution? TT

  • drejdrej Posts: 119

    on the 2003 Ford Escape, 90,000 miles and abs noise, i had this once at slow speeds "different car though" since the very rusty situation on the sensor to pick-up a the abs sensor caused this "not to mention the wheel bearing was going bad" compounding it and fooling the abs that the wheel was slipping. these wheel brgs have built in sensors. check it out.

  • xbrobotxxbrobotx Posts: 1

    i have a 2005 Ford Escape XLT v6 (non-hybrid) ~105k miles. I noticed a slight shutter in the front end when taking off form a stop. So slight that I figured it was from the snow or ice, living here in NY thats common, so I didn't think anything off it. Today when I went to stop the front passenger side brake line burst with no warning. My first slight stop was fine, I then had to stop again at a stop sign when i was traveling at about 20mph and thats when the line burst. After researching this it seems to be a common issue with this era Escape, not a common routine maintence requirement but from now on I will be sure to check.

  • Firstly you should check out the master cylinder for fluid level and add brake fluid if needed. May be such problem is happening because of not concerning these things. You should also check the brakes lines to find out any leakage.

  • a_fabs3a_fabs3 Posts: 1

    Report the issue to Ford. They create a case and submit it to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association). NHTSA seems to consider a recall based on the number of issues reported to them. If we don't report it to the right people, nothing will happen.
    I had same issues with cracked brake hoses on my 2003 Ford Escape. Mechanic told me the hoses are defective and Ford is just not doing anything about it. I can't imagine - what if my brakes suddenly failed and I slid into a busy intersection with my 3 year old daughter in the car?
    Please, speak up everyone.

  • m0582 said:

    I'm having the same problem with my 2002 Escape
    did the master cylinder fix your problem?

    I have put 2 master cylinders, front calipers, front flex lines, front pads and rotors, rear wheel cylinders and rear shoes and I'm STILL having this problem. tha car will have good brakes for a couple of weeks and then one day i go to stop and the pedal goes right to the floor just like i blew a line. i come home crack the bleeder screw on the left front caliper get some air out and i'm good to go for a couple more weeks. the funny part is the brake fluid never goes down. even when i loose the brakes the level is still right on full.

    if someone can help please send advice, before i drive this thing to the scrap yard!

    I have the same issue that I haven't been able to resolve. I have the EXACT problem. I've replaced everything and some things twice.

    Hopefully you have found a solution and the message reaches you.
  • I bought a 2014 Ford Escape last April for 33 k (cash) and 3 weeks ago the brakes went out while I was driving on the Freeway. The car has 25 k miles. The brake came up into a very high unnatural position and the brake pedal could not be pushed in so I had no brakes. I stopped using a steep meridian and the transmission. I had the car towed into the Ford dealership because it is under warranty. Then I was informed that there was no vacuum in the engine and the engine would have to be removed and taken apart, and that this caused the brake failure. Now my technician says that the engine will likely have to be replaced, and unless I can prove with documentation that I changed the oil, they will not cover the cost under the warranty, so basically I have no vehicle and the car is worth very little to me as I cannot afford at this time to replace the engine. Not to mention that I do not feel the car is safe for me and my son and I want to offload it ASAP so I can buy something else. The oil had turned to a sticky substance according to Ford, but the engine did not freeze up, it was running when I dropped it off at the shop. Also, it gets around 17 mpg which really sucks on top of the rest. Anyone have any thoughts on this? It seems inconceivable that a car this new could have this happen.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    Well, did you change the oil and do you have proper documentation.? If you did not change the oil in 25 k, then you do not have much of a case.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    Looking at the 2014 Ford Escape Features & Specs page, your 17 mpg seems significantly low. I always note my mileage performance as a way to tell the general health of my car. Was your mileage always that low? Did it drop of recently? To me, that low a number would be an indication that something was not right with the engine or some part of the drive train.

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  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,291
    edited November 2015
    PF_Flyer said:

    your 17 mpg seems significantly low. I always note my mileage performance as a way to tell the general health of my car.

    To me, that low a number would be an indication that something was not right with the engine or some part of the drive train.

    Just imagine what a lack of maintenance would do to todays sophisticated engines. From variable valve timing systems to turbocharger lubrication and cooling on top of the potential for basic engine failures the cost of repairing neglect is going to teach some painful lessons.

  • totomantotoman Posts: 3
    I have a 2014 Escape AWD. Has anyone had severe rear brake rotor grooving? I had them turned by the dealer at 4970 miles, replaced at 8300 miles after complaining that they should be covered by warranty, and now at 13000 miles, which the dealer replaced after I contacted the owner. The Service Writer said that it is has been a big problem since 2013, and that I'll be back in another 4000 miles. He claims that Ford rotors were not coated like many other manufacturer's products, and the road salt, etc. destroys them in quick order. Ford has come to their senses since it affects their truck line as well, and the last rotors installed are coated with some agent. The dealer owner says I am the only Escape customer complaining, and that brake components are only designed for 20,000 miles, which doesn't explain why I'm receiving only 4000 miles before they are so grooved I am concerned about brake pad life.
  • The brake problem with the pedal going to the floor happens because with an ABS system, the system needs to be PRESSURE or VACUUM BLED. You cant really do it the old manual way. Though, was told you can do it the manual way, by pumping the brakes hard 15-20 times to bleed, but this is unconfirmed. The bleeding procedure order goes RR, RF, LR, LF.
    So unless your mechanic has a pressure bleeder, then it wont work right. You can possibly rent this pressure bleeder from you local auto parts store. If not, they are roughly $150 (give or take, depending on how high of a grade of one you want) to buy one.
    Hope this helps yall's mystery problem! :smile:
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