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GMC Acadia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ruzz1141ruzz1141 Posts: 13
    The lease shows:
    Residual Value: $16,807.95
    Purchase Option: $19,307.95

    To reiterate, this is a 36 mth, 12K mile lease. Hope that helps.
  • thanks. Just wanted to confirm that the $2,500 tack on to the residual wasn't just part of my lease. Not sure why they changed their policy on this and don't like it, but it definitely impacts the desire to purchase at the end.
  • heyroccoheyrocco Posts: 7
    Is this a good deal, before taxes?

    GMC Acadia, AWD, SLT-1, 7 passenger, DVD

    $40,936 - $2000 rebate = $38,936
  • njacadianjacadia Posts: 1
    Why is the financing so high? I guess this has to do with credit score? The biggest appeal of getting an Acadia is the 0% financing.
  • timmymcktimmymck Posts: 2
    Carbon Black, Sunroof, and Trailering package are only upcharges. All else is standard SLT-1 equipment
    Dealership in Akron, Ohio is offering/telling me this for a purchase price:

    MSRP - $42,980
    Offered Price - $41,363
    Doc Fees - $250
    Total Selling Price - $41,613
    .065 Sales Tax - $2,704.85
    TTL - $33.50
    Less Rebate ($2,000)

    Out the door price - $42,351.35

    Edmonds Dealer Invoice shows $40,722. If that is correct (which they tell me is not) , they are starting at $41,363 so I'm starting at $641.00 over invoice.

    Your feedback is much appreciated! Great site.
  • Just bought a 2010 Acadia SLT-1 Red Jewel MSRP $39755 (no additional options). Selling price $37199 (or $35199 with rebate) and we chose the 0% financing. You should (at least) be able to get the vehicle down to invoice price (before TT&L) with little effort and then either apply the rebate or the financing. I worked with the internet salesperson via email.
  • I am considering purchasing a 2008 Acadia. Does anyone know whether you can use the navigation without purchasing the OnStar service? I am not interested in real time traffic updates - just directions.
  • timmymcktimmymck Posts: 2
    When considering nav for the 2010 i was told that it was on-board DVD based so you might have to update the DVD every couple years. For a fee of course. It was independent of OnStar.
  • sonnylaxsonnylax Posts: 1
    Trying to get a rock bottom price on loaded Acadia SLT-2....

    1. Question regarding GMC rebates - Do they apply the various GMC rebates BEFORE or AFTER the tax, tag, license is added? (Makes a pretty big difference when considering a car that is going to cost more then 40 grand.)

    2. Question regarding GM Card Rebates - I've got a additional 1800.00 in GM Card rewards to apply to this new purchase. Is this applied BEFORE or AFTER sales tax is calculated.

    Seems like both the GMC rebates and the GM Card Rewards would reduce the final price of the car before Tax, Tag, License.
  • maryn165maryn165 Posts: 12
    I didn't get the 0 percent because I took a 6 year loan not because of my credit score. I wanted to keep my payments below 500. I will probably pay it off a bit ealier when I get my tax refunds over the next 3 years so it won't make that big of a difference.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • skiquattroskiquattro Posts: 2
    Help! working with a dealer:
    2010 Acadia SLT II
    Summit White
    Cashmere Int
    Nav/Rear DVD/tow/loaded

    was their demo, has 4800 miles

    I am in zip code 11560/ Nassau County, NY/ Sales tax 8.625%

    it does apply for 0% 60mo

    approx numbers they game me are
    buy: 5k down $775/mo plus registration
    lease: 1300 out of pocket $813/mo 20K miles/year

    please help...also, are there other vechiles in this segment with better deals? I will be running this thru my business.
  • skiquattroskiquattro Posts: 2

    msrp 49100
    price 47100
  • You could get a new one for that price or less. Keep in mind this one has almost 5k miles.
  • I'm currently getting ready to negotiate on a 2010 SLT-1 Acadia.

    Would it be totally unreasonable to offer $150 over invoice? How much over invoice are most people getting these for right now?

    I understand there is another $2000 cash incentive off of the negotiated price as well. Any quick advice would be most '08 Acadia was totaled last week and I need to make a quick deal without the normal amount of time I spend researching cars!
  • buddy0329buddy0329 Posts: 1
    When does GM usually post these figures for the new model year? RIght now they only have the Buick #'s in there for 2011.

    How good is the supplier pricing? We'll be going to take a look at the Acadia's over the weekend and I'm trying to determine if the special pricing is at or above invoice.

    Before accounting for rebates how much +/- are these Acadia's going for between 2010 and 2011's?

  • aiduaneaiduane Posts: 15
    I'm shopping for a new crossover and this is the deal on the tabel for a 2011 Acadia, SLT1 AWD with sunroof...sound good?
    MSRP $42,555
    Sell price $40,681
    Lease Terms 39 month / 15k miles
    Res .48
    MF .00045
    $598 month with $1512.76 down, TTL
    Plus they are making my last two payments to Nissan for $997...I think I am going to take it...?
  • aiduaneaiduane Posts: 15
    So, I am looking to buy one and want to know what others are paying above, or bellow invoice WITHOUT considering current incentives...If you bought an Acadia over the last couple months or have been quoted prices, please post...
  • yes!!! you got the right and fair deal on AWDSLT 1 - 7seater. I did inquiries to 4 dealers here in Bay area ( santa clara county/san mateo/sacramento) and they quote me on same price you have. I have SLT 1 /2008 - 35500M now., and plan to
    upgrade it to 2010 or 2011. Enjoy ur ride.
  • kmctprkmctpr Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I am in the process of purchasing a 2011 GMC Acadia (AWD)SLT-1, Diamond White, Nav, and DVD. MSRP 45090. Dealer offered 41823 (this is after all rebates). Is this a good price? I am in NJ

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Thats a good deal!! considering that you hve DVD & NAVI!!! I am scheduled to drive out from dealer showroom an SLT 1/2011 Carbon Black /Ebony/AWD at the cost of 39000 without DVD & NAV thats after GM Discount & rebates. I have 2008 SLT 1/AWD and it is under lemon gone thru buyback processed and its done too, since i enjoyed my rides though i have some issues but it did not put me DOWN to hate acadia its bcoz i have more PROS!! GOOD LUCK..
  • bsimbsim Posts: 1
    I'm purchasing an Acadia soon and have solid offers from two local dealers.
    2011 SLT1 Metallic black w/Ebony interior w/Sunroof. MSRP 40,570. Initially when I talked with them I could only get them to 38,306. I wasn't happy about the price so I started searching on how to get the best deal. Low and behold, I found a site and started a price war btwn the dealers. This will work with all dealers and not just with GMC. You have to follow the rules exactly as it reads. I have a solid deal for 36,800 out the door priced.. tax, tags and title...
  • I'm in MD, got a quote & wondering if it's a good deal.

    $44500 w/ 0%, 60 mos financing (w/o financing another $2000 less).

    SLT-1 w/ dual moonroof, NAV/rear DVD, trailer.

  • jhill4jhill4 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Hi - We are in Carmel, indiana and are looking at a 2011 FWD SLT1 Acadia - black with navigation, dvd and towing package. We have never leased - but are interested in it. The dealer quotes us $42638 (for supplier pricing / costco pricing (were within $30 of each other). We have a 2005 Honda Odyssey for trade-in that they said they would give us $10,000 for. Now the leasing part is where i get confused - here is what they offered us:
    if we put the $10K down (not sure if this is a good idea or not) - it would be a payment of $398/month - (39 month lease - 15k miles/yr - 3.45% APR and residual of 46%) They also said we could do a 36 month lease at the same apr of 3.45% for $400 / month with a 48% residual.
    or - if we wanted to keep $8000 from the trade-in - we could do a 39 month lease for $640/month with residual 46% or 36 month for $660 month - 48% residual.
    They also said we might want to consider a shorter term lease of 24 months - if we put all $10000 down could pay $385/month (APR 1.15% with 54% residual) or take $8000 back and pay $760 / month. They said all of these options include a $2500 rebate and the 1st payment is made. Please let me know your thoughts as this is our first experience with leasing and is rather confusing!
  • 2011acadiaslt2011acadiaslt Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    Atlanta, New 2011 SLT1 Silver/Ebony Nav DVD Sunroof:
    $40642 including tax(2500) w/ 2K down, 5500 Trade (2002 QX4 131K) @ 2.94% 66 mos $560

    Great Experience at my GMC dealership
  • stone23stone23 Posts: 10
    edited December 2010
    Hi All...
    In NJ and comparing a quote from 1 dealer...It's for a SLT1 AWD Acadia Summit White, Ebony Interior. Dual Sunroof, DVD Entertainment in the back, 7 passenger.
    MSRP IS $45,595, INVOICE IS $43,022.56 LESS $501. = $42,521.56 LESS REBATES
    They said I qualify for 0% financing with my credit of 739. I have not told them that I intend to trade in my 2009 Mazda CX7. I was told to do this after we have agreed upon a price.

    Also, 1 more question: When a dealer adds options, I noticed there is an MSRP for the Option as well as the Invoice price. I assume, I should be expecting to get the invoice price of them correct?

    Thanks so much
  • Use the features of this site. According to them you should be targeting a price of 41 before rebates. Also use the request quote from dealer option. and start working them against each other. I'm not sure about the strategy of getting the trade value after your price is established. Is that what the dealer says if so I'd question that. You should have a good price already in mind of what that should be by using the used car features here. I'd look to have the trade factored into your overall deal as you negotiate. That's one more variable they can tinker with to get your payments down by increasing the trade value without impacting the price of the car. I bought a similar car with Nav if you look just above your post last week. But overall, I'd say use all the features of this site.
  • kobeskobes Posts: 1
    The idea of a lease is not to put anything down.... you do not own the vehicle. You would be better off selling your other car and keeping the cash in the bank in case you decide to buy a car in a few years. Realize that if you lease R you getting any write offs off on your taxes. After 2-3 years you give the car back, you have nothing. Be aware leasing is not for every one! If in 2-3 years you have nothing to put down so you start from scratch. If you can afford it, borrow the money from your self and you be the leasing company, you would be better off. This way it is 0% and no rent charge.
  • texanagaintexanagain Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    Signed contract yesterday for a new 2011 Denali, White Diamond Tricoat/Cashmere with NAV and second row console. I added $150 for dark tinting front windows (legal in TX). MSRP is $46,980 and Inv is $45,401. Negotiated a final price of $42,900 (before adding $150 for window tinting). Edmunds TMV is $45,325, so I think I got a good deal. Any comments? I am putting down $3,000.
    1. Dealer financing form calculates the 6.25% sales tax on the selling price BEFORE down payment deducted. Shouldnt they deduct the $3K down pmt BEFORE calculating tax?
    2. Dealer added "Dealer Inventory Tax" of $80.51. Is that Kosher?
    3. Dealer also added $125 for document fee. I understand that this number is negotiable. Any comments on what be a fair number. I had heard that anything over $100 is high.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,666
    1) In Texas you pay tax on the price of the car... doesn't matter how much is down..

    2) The inventory tax is a dealer tax, but virtually every dealer in Texas passes it on to the consumer

    3) Document fees used to be restricted by law in Texas, but no longer... so, they might be all over the map..

    2) and 3).. Total $200... You'd have an easier time trying to negotiate your deal down by another $200 than focusing on these two fees... All that matters is the total cost, in the end.



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