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Honda CR-V vs Hyundai Santa Fe



  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The next day we get a rental, it's a santa fe. LOL Similar enough to the crv but I find it goofy for lack of a better word. Some things are placed similar and others seem counterproductive when driving, having to look to see where they are. The ride is choppier.

    I had the opposite impression; the Santa Fe rides better to me, but the CR-V handles better.
  • If you think the Santa Fe is "goofy", then don't buy one.

    Thanks for playing.
  • jcihakjcihak Posts: 60
    If you don't like their comments, then don't read them.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Anyone tire-kicking the CR-V and Santa Fe?
  • :)

    true that. Why have a forum open to opinions and then be mad when someone gives them.
  • well I've driven the rental a little bit more and become accustom to it. It's powerful, the first day giving my son whip lash with the breaking. :) But I've got it down now and it's fairly smooth. Acceleration seems a little labored but nothing that is a big deal.

    It's still not laid out intuitively for me though. Some of the controls are large on the steering wheel and it's not easy for me to just click in the dark. I'm sure after a few days of trial and error, I'd mostly have that down. But I won't have many more days with it.

    A decent car I think. Not sure about it's reliability. Havent checked on that because I am not buying it. Test drive them both, read reports and make a list of likes and don'ts. I think it'll come down to a few factors one way or another.
  • I too got a Santa Fe rental, a 2010. Drove it for 7 days. It is not as fun to drive in the twisties as my CR-V was, but much smoother and quieter on the road, and (for my 6'4" self) more comfortable. Great seats.

    I'm in the market now, and GLS 4-cylinder Santa Fe is at the top of my list.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Another incentive is that the Santa Fe is one of the cheapest cars to insure right now per InsWeb. (Yahoo)

    It's #4; the CR-V comes in at #22.
  • More good news for me. I suppose that the Santa Fe's stodginess makes it less appealing to thieves and their customers; and more appealing to older, safer drivers. Finally, after all these years, stodginess pays off!

    Out here in California, Hondas are very much in the crosshairs to be stolen and parted out.

    I'm going to the LA Auto Show this week, and will wait until later in the month to pull the trigger on the Santa Fe.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    My fiance liked the Santa Fe much more than the CR-V. She felt the Santa-Fe looked like a mini-Lexus while the CR-V had an underbite she didn't like. Couple that with a not-so-powerful but oh-so-quiet 2.7L V6 compared to the 2.4L in the CR-V and it felt more luxurious to her, like the more expensive vehicle, and actually cost less than the Honda.
  • We've had good luck with the reliability of our 2007 Santa Fe (which is an early production model - one of the first run of production out of the US plant. We took a gamble).

    The only problem we had in 35K miles is a faulty airbag sensor on the passenger side ... which Hyundai replaced. There is also an annoying issue with the black paint on the grille being vulnerable to stone chips ... which we get a lot here in Colorado. And I upgraded the stock stereo speakers, which were only adequate. But everything else has been great. It is a highly competent, robust, well engineered car. Or quasi SUV. Whatever the heck it is.

    We were reminded of its good qualities when we took the Santa Fe up into the Rocky Mountains for a weekend of skiing. It charged up the steep hills and down the twisty roads, and never ran out of power or lost its composure - even on the steepest grades or on icy roads. And it has terrific brakes. Really, really good brakes. Being able to manually shift the automatic transmission is a great feature as well. Our car has the 3.5 liter V6, and we averaged 24 mpg overall for the trip.

    My other car is a generation 7 Honda Accord - which has been a pretty good car, except for the usual symphony of interior rattles that those cars suffer (including a snare drum-like noise from the rear package shelf that drives me nuts). I switch back and forth between the Hyundai's controls and the Honda's all the time - and both have their benefits and weaknesses. I prefer the Honda's radio controls, and prefer the Hyundai's HVAC controls (which are bog simple).

    Does your rental have the 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder engine?
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    edited November 2010
    My rental was 4-cyl AWD Model. It had 16k miles, and was solid - no squeaks or rattles. Very impressive for a rental car.

    As far as power is concerned, I had 4 good-size guy in there most of the week, and it had no problem cruising at 75 mph on LA area freeways. Biggest guy was me - 275 - smallest was 175. Sure, it downshifted going up hills (like the 241 Tollway from the 91 to South County), but the engine remained smooth all the way up. Thanks to the 6 speeds in the Auto....

    I just read an interesting post on the Borg-Warner AWD system. Their ITM 3e uses the same technology as they supply to Porsche. Not sure I need it here, but reviews on other sites are positive. Just my $0.02.
  • thanks for the laugh. Don't think I'm at stodgy yet, but it's fast approaching. ;) Hey, it's a nice enough car, just not what I was used to, and I tend to imprint with cars so if it wasn't second nature right away, it didn't give me warm and fuzzies. Still a good ride, but happy to be back in mine! Well learning mine anyway. The whole blue tooth thing threw me. :shades:
  • Hello,
    I am a new driver and this is my first car. I am IN LOVE with the 2008 Pilot however want to start off "small" before I get to it! I have been interested in the Honda CRV 2000-2005 but have been recently introduced to the Hyundai Santa Fe. I must say I am interested in the Santa Fe as well. Honda's are great cars and want to make sure I am getting the same great quality if not better in the Santa Fe. Any suggestions on model, make, style? I also would like some help in determining things such as engine, wheels, the whole nine yards!

    Thanks :)
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