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BMW X5 Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2001 X5 and my car just did this today. How much where your repairs? More than $500?
  • They were about $1700 a side... Pretty pricey and what happen with mine is one side went and then a month to the day, the other side went... Hopefully it's cheaper with your mechanic
  • I am leasing a new x5 and not sure if I need the tire insurance. I have always purchased it on sedans but not with any suvs. Any help/guidance is most appreciated
  • Hello...Wandering if you ever got an answer to this. I just bought one and it does the same thing.
  • No I didn't, I ended up spending $570 in repairs when O get home I'll look at the work order to give you more info.
  • ohiokohiok Posts: 2
    Resetting fuel gauge

    I left my GPS on and it pulled down the battery in my '03 BMW X5. I recharged the battery. When I started the car, the fuel gauge read empty. I know I had a 1/2 tank! Just to be sure I topped the tank, 11 gal. Now the gauge reads half full?

    Any thoughts?
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