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Troubleshooting the Pathfinder



  • snookeredsnookered Posts: 17
    edited May 2010
    2003 with only 29,000 miles, automatic with four wheel drive. Left front end noise when moving sounds like the tire is flat. When I step on brake noise abates at lower speed. Considered noise was from brake pad or brake part loose since I had installed new brake pads, within 4 mos.
    Lifted front end and couldn't determine problem. Now I'm thinking the CV joint.
    Any ideas or suggestions?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    :blush: this started after your brake job so have it checked for loose pads or spring clips missing or not seated properly. even if you take it to a brake place its worth it .
  • twitektwitek Posts: 1
    We bought a used 90 pathfinder about a month ago. my boy friend put in a stereo and hard wired it when we plugged it in it started smoking. the car was not in the on position it was totally shut off and shouldn't have been getting power yet. We pulled the stereo fuse and have not messed with it. However, since then my truck will shut itself off while I am driving. The ignition disengages but the clock doesn't reset. It's like I turned the car off but the key is still turned. After a few minutes, so far, it will start back up. I have never heard of a car just shutting itself off like this. I am sure it is an electrical issue but not sure if the radio incident is the cause or where the problem is centered. I was thinking a short in the ignition and accessories but I do not know. We are a very low income family and thought we lucked out with a great deal. Hopefully this is not as big of a problem as I fear it may be. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    first of all always buy a adapter plug kit for hooking up any radio ,its easy and no problems with fires and burnt wires.

    it seem .s your car went into a shut down lockout mode ,which try auto zone for free to see if they can flash the computer or a dealer get a price to re flash the computer. it should not cost much for this operation.
  • I'm having the same problem. During the "Blizzard of 2010" we had close to 2' of snow total. Drove to work in problems. Leaving work I was in 4lo all the way back home (blizzard conditions avg speed was around 15mph). Parked the pathfinder, next morning I get in still in 4lo, crawled out of the snowdrift shift out of 4lo and nothing happens. The indicator thing flashes instead of being solid, but you can feel it is still in 4lo. I tried stopping and starting.....slowly driving for a couple hundred feet several times, 2hi, 4hi back to 4lo and nothing happens. I thought there may be a build up of ice underneath preventing it. I parked it and let it idle while I shoveled for an hour....still no change after trying everything again. I am stumped.
  • sounds silly, but do you have the parking brake on when you try to shift it? Try it with parking brake off and see what happens....
  • I have a 95 Nissan Pathfinder 6 cyl, automatic.
    It died as I pulled in to the parking spot at work. I still had power (lights, radio). I turned off the car and attempted to re-start and got nothing. no click or anything. still had power
    Can anyone help??
  • pmp22pmp22 Posts: 1
    For a few months now, our 97 Nissan 5speed SE Pathfinder has made an intermittent screeching noise when starting it, seems to be on cold mornings. We don't always keep it parked in 1st gear. Sometimes the noise will stop after a few seconds or it will stop when changing gears (example when reversing out or driving away from the driveway) as we engage another gear. Only recently have we started to hear a very, very faint rhythmic squeak when the screeching stops. This rhythmic squeak subsides very quickly. It also seems the screeching may occur if we have not stepped on the clutch completely when starting the car, but again mostly during cold mornings. Might this noise be related to engaging and disengaging the clutch?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    there is a lock out in the immobilizer system if you have that in 95 and you have to flash the computer or relearn it. LOL
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    this may be the throw out bearing needing lube ,in the colder months the grease is so thick and if there isn't enough in the bearing it will do this, on warm days it may never happen
  • My pathfinder has about 26,000 miles on it. A few months ago I took it to the dealer because of squealing in the brakes at low speed. It has progressed to metal clanking, brakes squealing, and when they arent doing that, there is a low sounding thunk when I apply the the brakes at low speed. It is not at any particular time, like when I first start driving for the day or when it's cold, etc. It could be fine when I leave the house and then start it after visiting the store and it's doing this or visa versa. It is particularly bad when backing out of my driveway. What concerns me is the banging noises, metal to metal. I just visited the dealer today and they still say nothing wrong with my car. I played a recording of the terrible noises and still, there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe it's safe but something is not right. Anybody else had this problem or have any ideas what could cause this?
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