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Ford Edge Real World MPG



  • Yes I meant Taurus X and Freestyle as far as Mileage not Escape. I dont know much on the Escape. No it did not change measuring gas in 08 just drive trains in the same car.
    I agree it may be the cost factor on the chain drive but I have to wonder if Ford made the choice to change powertrains before the high gas prices jumped to 4.00 or it may have been a smarter move to offer both power train setups and build the price cost into that setup. Now a days people may have opted to pay more for 28mpg in a 7 passenger verse more power and less mileage with the 6 speed and bigger 3.5, and 20 mpg. The Freestyle was rated at 24 highway but I always average 28 HWY and 23 local drives.
  • I am 2 weeks into my lease on my new Edge. I am really happy with the ride and the power. I drive probably 60/40% Highway/City and I am not getting very good mileage. I am really hoping the engine breaks in soon so I can start seeing some better numbers. My second tank is reading 16.3 mpg.. ugh. I am coming out of a civic, so I am kinda spoiled when it comes to gas mileage. haha. Anyways, I love it regardless, even if I have to drive it to the poor house. :P
  • I think you should be average closer to 20 mixed city HWY. I would question the dealer on that if things dont change soon.
    You have to admit driving the edge for comfort and mobility is a big improvement over any small rice burner. To me the safety factor alone is worth the change.

    I have a 2005 Freestyle they changed the drivetrain on the Edge to a 6 speed TRANS and a bigger 3.4--- 6 cylinder where the Freestyle has a 3.0 six motor and a CVT transmission 2 years ago.
    In mostly city I average 20 highway alone, close to 28 straight Hwy, mixed 22-23mpg.

    Why Ford moved away from the CVT and the 3.0 motor is a mystery. In this day and age of never knowing when gas will spike back to 4.00 again. It would proablly have been a smart idea and offered the CVT and 3.0 as an option in the Flex,Taurus X and The Edge and let consumers decide what the wanted in mileage options. With the Freestyle (which is same as Taurus X as they renamed it 2 years ago )which is like the Flex anyway interior wise and size as well as the Edge. With my Freestyle filled with 6 people power is never lacking. We love it !!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy the Flex they are sharp .I see a lot on the roads these days.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Ford Duratecs take up to 5K to break in and the mileage will improve. I would also expect around 20 depending on how fast you drive on the highway and how much stop-n-go traffic you encounter.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Why Ford moved away from the CVT and the 3.0 motor is a mystery

    Not really. The CVT was expensive. Ford's competitors have 3.5L V6s so Ford had to upgrade to stay competitive. The CVT probably can't take the torque of the 3.5L and they can't afford to keep the 3.0L much longer at low volumes. 6 speed automatics also reduce the CVT FE advantage. Just not enough potential demand to justify the added expense.
  • accent2accent2 Posts: 2
    2010 Ford Edge, 12k miles, FWD, 22.5MPG. Most of the miles are local.
  • accent2accent2 Posts: 2
    P.S., if I drive on highway, the car makes about 27 MPG
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Break-in period accomplishes much more than improved engine performance.

    Consider all the seals and bearings in the drive train, as well as engine accessories.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    2010 AWD Limited with 20" rims. Highway 23 to 25 MPG. Stop and go city between a low of 13 and a high of 17 depending on temperature variables.
  • cobaltken1cobaltken1 Windham Ohio Posts: 11

    2013 Edge SEL All Wheel Drive with 10,000 miles on it and I get 21 mpg city all the time and 23 mpg hwy.Cant complain.

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