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Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy



  • nicko1nicko1 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Blazer's fuel economy recently took a significant dip for the second time. While it was under warranty, I took it to the dealer who cleaned out the fuel injector and claimed it was gunked up by dirty fuel. Now it is out of warranty, I took it to another mechanic who claimed the fuel injector regulator was faulty and flooding the plenum around the fuel injector, causing a leak onto my spark plugs. He said this also caused carbon buildups in the fuel injector. He changed the regulator, and flushed the entire fuel injector. The problem has not improved. Has anyone else had this problem? I was told that this is not uncommon to these motors. I don't want to spend another bundle of money fixing the same problem twice, especially when I haven't had the car 3 years yet. Is this problem a reasonable fix or should I just trade in on a Mustang before I have major problems with the Blazer?
  • I bought a 92 gmc Jimmy about a month ago. It was wrecked in the front end. In the course of my restorations I discovered that the remote oil lines were kinked. I talked with a friend who is fluent in jimmy and he told me about a replacement part to convert the remote lines. How ever I called the dealership and they could not tell me the part i needed. If anyone knows of the part I'm looking for please help me. This is the last step to finishing my ride. :cry:
  • I have the exact same problem and mine starts to cycle hot/cold but then it stays hot and it is very hot. This is a 1998 Blazer S10 with the ECC. Did anyone solve this problem yet? Thanks I have not seen a answer to this yet other than going back to the stealer dealer to diagnose for big bucks.
  • raynbyrdraynbyrd Posts: 1
    done that, on a 1995 Blazer, I had to take off the inside panel to release the latch, a link inside the door had 1 end broken off, so the solenoid would pulse but on the other end, no action, i rigged the broken end of the link with a screw, works fine now, also drilled a small emergency hole in the inside panel so i wouldn't have to struggle to remove the panel again if i needed to repair it again
  • mjacksmjacks Posts: 1
    I have an '03 blazer and a friend slammed the rear so hard the plastic piece broke. someone did get it opened but now I can't and have followed all of these tips. please help. I have the emergency release area opened and can get it to move but not sure what to do. driving me crazy!
  • izecoldizecold Posts: 3
    Hello, I was reading your message and was wondering if you ever fixed the problem on your blazer? My 1999 blazer is having the same problem, it's really anoying. please help....
  • izecoldizecold Posts: 3
    have u found a fix for your physco turn signal? Mine is doing the same thing!
  • Sorry, no clue about your problem. Although we are in the same boat about never buying a chevy again. My Blazer is an 87 and it doesn't go above 45 mph. EVER. I hear different reasons why that is but still haven't figured out the problem, but i just wanted to let you know i feel your pain. NEVER again.
  • I have a 1987 Chevy Blazer with a 2.8 V6 that never goes above 45mph. I have to take back roads wherever i go. I heard it was the kickdown cable on the tranny, had that adjusted. i heard it was the injectors so i got some injector cleaner and that didn't work. I put good 93 octane gas and that didn't work. Any ideas? I don't think it's the tranny, i think it's the motor. I just don't know what part of the motor is screwing up. If anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it without breaking the bank PLEASE let me know. I am mechanically inclined and have worked on many cars fixing many problems. i just need instructions on what to do and what the problem is.
  • Fire that baby up, walk around to the the back of it and check the flow from your exhaust. Could be a plugged catalytic converter or muffler. Keep on Blazin. Kelly
  • je101787je101787 Posts: 2
    I have a 1993 GMC Jimmy and it has a rod knocks in the engine. i was told it could be the lifters. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it would take to replace them cause i know you have to take the engine apart.
  • hdwizardhdwizard Posts: 1
    We have a 1995 Jimmy SLT and we need to install an electric brake unit for a bike trailor that has electric brakes. Does anyone know if it already has the wire harness needed to hook up this system? The quote to install this unit is big $$$$$$ if there is no harness!
  • opa1opa1 Posts: 2
    Just picked up my second blazer an "04" with 30k on it. Looks and rides like it just came out of the showroom. Why did GM have to get rid of this truck and engine? What happened to "if it ain't broke din't fox it. OH Hell when it' time to get another truck (PERRISH THE THOUGHT) I don't know what I'll do!!!! :confuse:
  • ok what i would like to do is swap the grill and lights out on my 95 to the later model. one because they look better and i have got my eye on some diamond lights, and two because my grill is all busted up anyway. i think the guy i bought it from hit a dog or something. would i have to change hood or fenders? because i will just stick with the old stuff if that is the case. if not do i need anything else besides the lights, the grill, and the wiring harneses for the lights i am guessing
  • just buy another blazer with 30k on it, lol
  • dtrizzydtrizzy Posts: 2
    May be the O2 sensory probably behind the cat converter .Go to a local auto parts store have a free diagnostics ran most places do this for you holp that helps..
  • dtrizzydtrizzy Posts: 2
    need a new one single piece with abs sensor gonna cost some $$$around 125 here in MI GOOD LUCK SHOP AROUND
  • mcbuckstermcbuckster Posts: 32
    Im looking at a 2002 4wd Blazer - in great shape. My only concern is safety, especially the rollover issue. How safe or unsafe would you rate the Blazer as compared to midsize car like a Taurus, Accord, or Camry? Thanks
  • opa1opa1 Posts: 2
    You have to realize the Blazer is a truck,higher center of gravity. When we bought our first blazer we had to realize that and the constaant fear of roll over. You can't compare the Blazer with regular sedans they are closer to the ground. All you have to realize is, going into a turn, you can't take it as fast as a regular car.I hope this helps. I woun't trade my blazer for nothing but another one.

    ED ;)
  • swalis1swalis1 Posts: 1
    I have a jimmy gmc and it had a rod knocking. It is best to buy a rebuilt motor from and pay someone to install it. It would cost the same as having someone rebuild your motor and you would get new parts.They will deliver your engine to a city near you.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    The shop that installs will NOT help with someone elses rebuilt motor if it has problems so beware. If it has to come out for any reason you pay again. Ask about this and then decide. Any rebuild gets new pistons and bearings, crank work, cam/lifters, etc so read the fine print on "as required" or all get them - local shops usually do as good or better cause you live there and they cover their mistakes. Just an opinion.
  • Is this bad? If I just turn off the AC will it stop smoking?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Is this bad?

    Yes, this is bad! Smoke means either electrical overloading or mechanical malfunction and where there is smoke there is fire. Get it checked out ASAP.

    tidester, host
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Is it really smoke or probably steam (old burnt maple syrup smell??). Heater core blew if that so check your coolant reservior now. If dropping and you want a quick fix cause its hot out now, go to the auto store and get a plastic inline connector I believe its 5/8 and 3/4 and all stock them them, remove the heater hoses at the firewall and bypass the core, refill the coolant, off you go.

    If really smoke do not drive as tidester said until the cause is determined.
  • alexgaboralexgabor Posts: 2
    I have a 96 blazer with 207,000 miles on it. The rear end is going out on it and I'm looking for someone to help me fix it for less than $1,000. Any referals would be appreciated.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Junk yard or ebay for $450 complete if yours is really trashed. Most 4wd or transmission shops do the rebuilds so ask in your area - all will quote a price after pulling the cover and inspecting for a small fee. 2wd and 4wd are different widths and also if 4wd you have to match the front diff ration and the code is on the glove box tag. If 2wd you can switch to any ratio and add posi too. Common is 3.42 in all Blazers with 3.73 the other common 4wd one used. 98up switched to rear discs also.
  • bbessler1bbessler1 Posts: 2
    I have found a 14 oz can of r-12 refrigerant i've had in my
    cellar for a long time. I want to try and recharge the a/c
    on my 93 s10 blazer. Where is the low pressure valve located?
  • alexgaboralexgabor Posts: 2
    Thanks, I'll go to the tranny shops and see if I can get a better quote.
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  • hank8hank8 Posts: 1
    I have a 1987 GMC jimmy 2.8 and i was wondering if the parts from a 1984 chevy s-10 blazer 2.8 would be interchangable.
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