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Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy



  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Because of the starting issue, I would wonder about the fuel regulator. I know the V8 engines had a problem with the regulators leaking and causing hard starts, bad idle, poor low rpm performance.
  • keanijoekeanijoe Posts: 5
    thanks....I will check inot that....this is driving me nuts..
  • chewchangchewchang Posts: 2
    My alarm goes off about every two or three hours and the inside lights stay on inless my dome overide switch is preesed,any ideas?
  • Ok here is the problem... I was first told that the problem started in my fuel pump by some shabby Meineke mechanic. He was wrong I took of the fuel filter and replaced it... It was horrid, so when the fuel filter was off we checked the fuel pump and it shot out gas with pretty high pressure. I called a mechanic and asked him about maybe the relays needing to be changed out to he say negative. OK my fuel system seems to be moving around gas, but my car will not start. The other day starter fluid did work and I got my car running. When my car was running there was no stalling or sputtering. I drove it around and used a can of seafoam to clean out the fuel system blah blah blah. So now I am curious could it be just a fuse or fuses, or faulty wire somewhere. I need some help before my head explodes
  • OK if I understand this you, spray starter fluid in the throttle body and it started and keep running for the day, I had the same problem and it was my fuel pump it will work but needs help to start, after about a week doing that it quits and would never start again, after putting the new fuel pump in, no problem, change the fuel pump and your problem should be over. let me know if I was any help.
  • ok thanks man, I am getting the fuel pump changed more than likely sucks though...I thought I had it fixed then it zonked out on me.. ugh. Did you have any other problems after this?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Okay, before you change the fuel pump, get where you can listen to the fuel tank and have someone turn the key to RUN, not start, and see if you hear the fuel pump run for a second or two and then stop. The fuel pump runs a "prime" cycle to pressurize the fuel system before starting. Once the engine starts, a different circuit kicks in and keeps the fuel pump running. The clue here is that if you shoot starter fluid to it, it starts and then runs okay.

    Another dirty little trick; if you do not hear the pump "prime", take your foot and kick the bottom of the fuel tank. Don't try and cave it in, just give it a good thump. Then cycle the key and see if you here the pump prime, and start. Common failure in GM fuel pumps for years is that they get "stuck" and won't spin up. Give 'em a good thump and they will work again. For a while. Once they get to this point it's time to change them out. I have seen this on pumps with less than 50K miles on them.

    Good luck
  • Please Help!! I am having the same troubles you mentioned with my Blazer and wondered if you ever figured out the problem.
  • We had a lot of that abs/brake light. stopped in the middle of Road crap. And no one could fix it. after a tip from a friend to unplug all cables to computer (right side of engine) clean them with a electric cleaning spray and use Di electirc Grease in the connections. I used large wire ties around plugs and the computer to make sure they were tight. No more problems after 2 years of nightmare a little grease and some wire ties Good to go.
  • I have a problem getting the pan down after taking out all of the hardware and removing the cable. The pan will not move forward at all. the front will drop but something is holding it from moving forward. What could be stopping it?
  • What could cause a 1997 Blazer to stall when stopping? The gas is still has about 1/4 full and it starts up emidiately after. It also is harder to start when cold.
    An thoughts?
  • have a problem getting the pan down after taking out all of the hardware and removing the cable. The pan will not move forward at all. the front will drop but something is holding it from moving forward. What could be stopping it?
  • my jimmy starts when cold or when hot but if i shut it off leave it for 20 minutes i have to roll it over and shut the key off about 10 times then it will start again never quits while driving no miss or hesatation or stumble you can hear the fuel pump when this happens any ideas ??
  • hdfxrs1hdfxrs1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 GMC Jimmy that has recently developed an alarm problem. The alarm goes off antwhere from 1 to 4 hours after the doors are locked. What can cause this?
  • rbenn908rbenn908 Posts: 1
    i have a 2002 blazer with soft brake pedal goes to floor changed master cylinder and checked all lines but still have this issue cant get inspected and checked all issues listed as being the problem
  • late this spring, the a/c quit working on my truck. so, last week i bough a couple of cans of r134 (one with oil, stop leak, leak detecter die, etc.) and installed both cans. the fill kit came with a guage attached. anyway, the decal on the heat/cooling duct says the system takes1lb 12 oz.( 28 ox) the 2 cans i bought totaled 36 oz. the a/c works fine at an idle, it will sit there all day with no trouble. but when i rev the engine up even just to 1500 rpm, the pressure goed below 30 psi snd the a/c compressor is electricly shut off by the pressure switch.. is this normal? or should i buy anothe small can of freon, and try adding more?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Could be a blocked orfice tube. If the high side pressure builds, and the low side drops way down, I believe that is what is indicated.

    There are other guys here who are better at A/C than me, but I seem to recall that is the cause of your symptom.
  • dmowrydmowry Posts: 1
    I have a 96 Chev. Blazer. I am having problems that no one can seem to figure out and I'm at my wits end with it. The service engine light came on, had it cheked, O2 sensor, took it to be checked thouroughly at an "electrical" service garage. Hooked to sensor machine for three days. Nothing concrete was discovered. Service engine light was cleared. The problem is that it will not shift automatically. I have to shift manually to keep it running, it is sluggish and putt putts if you do not manually shift, it almost and has stalled when first pulling out. Is this a transmission problem or a sensor that was not read on the machine at the garage?HELP! This had been going on for 6 months and I'm afraid it is going to let me sit along the road soon. UGH!
  • Hey there I found your message on edmunds I did not see any repies to your message and was woundering if you ever got this figured out mine is doing the same thing I have an 02 model I have also learned that if you come to a stop really slow and feather the brake pedal in and out while stoping it does not dies as often
  • would like to know can use a 98 s 10 pick up nose on a 95 s 10 blazer
  • i have a 97 gmc jimmy 4x4 automatic with 4.3eng. i was driving with no problems, i stopped at a stop sign and when i started out again the trans quit shifting to 3rd and overdrive but shifts from 1st to 2nd just fine. any suggestions on what happend to it?
  • I'm not sure what the problem is but all of a sudden my headlights won't turn on. My park lights work fine, turn signals are fine, and brake lights are fine. When i flick the switch inside the car to turn on the park lights and the dashboard light it works, but the headlights don't turn on. When I pull my turn signal/windshield wiper switch forward, it usually turns on the high beams or headlights, but this is not working either. Is it me? Or do I have a problem? Anyone know what I can do? :(
  • jlflemmons, years later I know but wondered if you were ever successful at converting the rear mounted spare tire on your blazer to inside? I just bought a 2001 and wanted to do the same thing. I was thinking of putting the bolts back in the holes it would leave with rubber gromits or something to seal them. So water doesn't get in and start rusting. Thanks.
  • What is the best way to remove decals from a car. Specifically, I a 2001 chevy blazer that has decals on each side of the doors (2dr). The truck sat and has not been driven (only 37k miles) but i'm afraid that you'll still be able to see the outlines. The paint is in great condition and doesn't look faded. Is this an easy process and is there an easy way to do it? Any advise would be great.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited May 2012
    Some heat should help ease the decal off (easy does it).

    For the adhesive that's left behind, try Citrosol or similar citrus degreaser or something like Goo-Gone.

    Removing stickers, labels, decals, glue, sap...
  • Great, thank you very much.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited May 2012
    As you skim that other forum, you'll note that some detailers don't like to use heat at all. Worth a try picking it off with your fingernail at first.
  • Steve, since you helped with my decal questions. Wondered if you had insight on my other question for the same vehicle. It's a 01 checy blazer and it has the spare tire mounted on the outside as an option was for that year, right? Is there anyway I could convert it back and take the mounted hardware off? I'm thinking of putting the bolts back in the holes with gromits or something that prevent water to get into the body.
  • ewysockiewysocki Posts: 14
    I have an opportunity to pickup a 76 blazer with only 37 k miles. Arizona car, very clean. 350 auto, ps, pb. any thing I should look for?????
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited May 2012
    Beats me. :-)

    I don't like spares mounted on the body but I don't much like them inside either - if they aren't screwed down (in a well preferably), they can become flying projectiles in a wreck. They get filthy, but I'd rather crank them up from underneath than lose interior cargo room.

    But yeah, I wouldn't have any issue with plugging some holes with bolts and neoprene washers or wherever. I've drilled holes in other cars and used silicon to keep the water out. Plus you should have existing drain holes in the doors, etc. Be a good idea to make sure they aren't clogged up.
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