Strange noise from front of car - Lincoln LS

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While accelerating a strange noise like electric trimmers starts at 25 mph and goes away at 30 then comes back at 55-60. Sound is constant and no warning lights appear.


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,697
    As with any noise a technician needs to experience the condition firsthand to start diagnosing the concern. The fact that it comes and goes with speed as you described can really help diagnose it. There isn't a single cause for something like this, but one of the easiest things to rule in or out will be tire tread wear issues and wheel bearings. From there can you tell if the sound is occurring related to engine rpm as well as the vehicle speed? It's possible that the transmission is in a different gear ratio and the engine rpm ends up being the same at those speeds. In that case something like an exhaust shield or belt driven accessory becomes more likely.

    If necessary, it can help a technician first observe the symptom if you can be available to ride with him/her. Sitting on the opposite side of the vehicle might also help you with figuring out the sound's direction. For example, it might sound like it's coming from the middle of the car from both front seats, or it could be isolated to one side more than the other. Getting to observe the sound from more than just one location inside the car can help with pinpointing the source.
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