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BMW 5-Series Starting Problems



  • Integrated Supply Module needed... $116 believe it or not. Part# 12-52-7-510-638 from BMW service dept. Let me know if it nails the problem. Regards, Michael.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    Michael, I'm really sorry that you had to go through a bunch of hassle before you eventually got a solution, but I am SURE happy that you decided to stick around and help other owners who probably have the same problem, same solution! Thanks for doing that.


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  • 913kdub913kdub Posts: 3
    I had the alternator checked the day before it stoped starting it showed a voltage of 14.9, so its not the alternator. I wonder if it's thte cable since they have a recall on the cable for 04-10 bmw 525. But anyway it still will not start I tried to remove the cables to the battery and retighten them but still nothing. Do you have anyother suggestions?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    An automotive organization would like to speak with used car buyers who bought cars that they later found out were not up to date on recall repairs. If you are willing to discuss your experience, please email no later than 10 a.m. Pacific /1 p.m. Eastern Friday, April 20, 2012 with your daytime contact information.


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  • tungztungz Posts: 1
    hey gys my 95 520i bmw wont turn over when im trying to start it? any reasons as to why it wont start? it started this morning then when i wen to move it at morning tea it wouldnt start
  • strom3strom3 Posts: 1
    When I tried to start my car, it made a strange clicking sound. Not a low battery sound, something different. My nav system started flashing on and off, every message came up on the dashboard, the transmission message was foremost, all flashing off and on. Battery is fine, just has the recall completed. Car will not turn over.

    When I turn off and remove key the transmission message continues to show for about another 30 seconds.

    When I turn on key, not engine, all messages flash and radio and navigation flash on an off and on. This is a mystery.
  • lennyk1lennyk1 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with 545i ,The car starts sometimes and soesnt start sometimes ,when it starts everything is normal i could able to drive 1800 miles nonstop without any problem. I gave my car in the dealership in St louis MO, they kept my car for 3 weeks and still they don't have the answer for the problem ,they say e-cas should be replaced it will cost 800$ i said yes. they replaced the e-cas and still the same problem ,now they say something else and they are hoping to hear the solution from the factory,still my car is sitting in the dealership waiting for solution with a surprise bill $$$$$ later
  • Lenny, replace the Integrated Supply Module. Part# 12-52-7-510-638. Cost $116 (not joking). It will permanently fix your BMW and you'll once again love your car like I do. Let me know if it works! Michael at: Michael@AtlantaHomes.US
  • Good morning, all! We are so grateful for this thread and the symptoms related to a possible integrated supply module replacement.

    My husband has owned his '07 530xi (65k) for not even two months and has gotten to drive it less than three weeks worth of time. Got the car to the dealer (short version) where they decided that the replaced battery had never been programmed to the computer. They said we may or may not still have to replace it after they charged it fully and removed all the low voltage codes it was flashing.

    The car ran fine for almost two weeks after purchase, then randomly would not start. It seems the major difference between our problem and those of many posters here is that the car would crank, it just would never turn over. It also never stalled on the road. It only stalled once, but that was after a successful attempt to start the car and then only a few seconds after the engine turned over and began to run.

    We have had the car back from the dealer for less than a week, and this morning it would not start again. Now, however, the starter cranks and the engine turns over then stalls. Doesn't sound like battery to me. It is colder now (had out first frost last night at around 31degrees F), but the car is garaged.

    Do we think this could also be an integrated supply module problem? I think hubs is at his wits end, but are now afraid we are stuck with this car because we won't resell to someone else knowing it has these problems. And we really don't want to spend a fortune fishing around for answers at the dealer.

    FWIW, the first mechanic we had the car in to before getting it to the dealer (local , reputable and experienced with Beemers) had it for a full five days before the car decided not to start again. He successfully turned the key several times a day for every one of those five days.
  • jondhoughtonjondhoughton Posts: 3
    edited September 2012
    Sorry to hear about your frustrations, been there and know the feeling. Well my biggest complaint was always that the car would not turn over at all when pressing the start button, however it did randomly shut off as well a few seconds after it finally started. So you are seeing one of the three or four symptoms that I saw which were resolved by replacing the IVM. Normally I would think that the car not starting (but turning over) could be traced back to a lack of spark, fuel, and diagnosed fairly easily, BUT given the complete havoc that a bad IVM can cause (without throwing a single error code) it wouldn't be a bad place to start. Also, since the part costs about the same as a few light bulbs in that car - it won't hurt your wallet too much to replace it even if you are wrong.

    The dealer at first refused to change mine as since it wasn't throwing any codes, BMWUSA wouldn't reimburse them for the part as they couldn't justify the change (mine was under warrantee) but I was to the point where I would have just bought the part myself and put it in...isn't that hard.

    But after changing mine, the car has been rock solid for almost 8 months now.
  • Thank you, you bring up excellent points. I also am strangely encouraged that the ivm does not throw codes. The dealer did address every code they were given and the car still won't run. I am thinking a part is in order; hubs is fairly adept at car DIY so why not, right?
  • jkohrsjkohrs Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    I'm experiencing the same thing. Mechanic says battery, alternator, starter all good. Turn the key and dash lights up, radio, lights, etc. all work fine, but turn the key and it is absolutely dead. No clicking, nothing. I welcome any feedback or suggestions anyone has. 2005 BMW 525i, 2.5 litre v6.
  • Hi Strom3,

    We are having this same issue with my car. Was wondering if you figured out what was wrong. My husband changed the oil and the car worked fine. Then he tried to reset the service light and now my car won't start and it's flashing all kinds of errors.

    Any help or advice would be great!

    Thanks so much!
  • I have 06 525 bmw and the starter went out.. replaced it and had a local experienced import mechanic do that.. but my husbands friend pulled the old starter off and the throttle or gas pedal wont work now.. the car starts and runs but jumps and sputters. I press the gas pedal and nothing... The mechanic said he doesnt know???? So I told him to bring me the car back. Now its sitting here and starts but I cant drive it. All sorts of warnings and reduced power lights come on... Any help???? Or should I just junk it??? : (
  • sapssaps Posts: 2
    The car labors when starting after a lengthy stop, engine seems to labor when starting but eventually after a 'whooshing' sound' does start. Thereafter, it starts perfectly. The only proble is in the mornings or after a few hours when I wish to restart example a few hours later when it is cooled off a bit.
    The starter turns but not the engine immeditely. If there are other queries to understand the problem better, please feel free to ask.

  • have you still got the car? I can replace throttle cable.
  • sapssaps Posts: 2
    Hi, Where are you situated so that I could bring it to?

    I am in Midrand Johannesburg,

    So you say it is the throttle cable? right?

    How long is this job?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    Well, that's probably not going to work out, since the other member isn't in your area. Nice offer, but given that our forums have participants from all over the world, the chances of two members being close enough to give each other hands-on assistance are slim.


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  • atullatull Posts: 1
    my 2004 bmw 5 series deseil is getting no power to injector and having faults code 4a63:ews tampering when i got it diagnose any possible solutions
  • misterscmistersc Posts: 22
    I just got stuck on the road in snow for the first time with my 2007 525i. 5 months ago I replaced the battery with a 3rd party battery at the car was struggling to start and battery was old. the mechanic did not program any computer to the replaced battery but it didn't seem to be a problem. Since then, car cranks a little harder to start than original battery but i didnt think much of it. today it cranked and didn't start. the starter switch then seemed to stay on even as i pulled the key out of the car, it was almost as if the engine was still running with the car off. now i think it was closer to the starter motor running continuously without the key in it. after 20 minutes, burning smell and all stopped. i think i burned out the starter and am very concerned that i have a bigger repair on my hands. do i need to change to orignal bmw battery and starter and starter motor and IVM? can my local mechanic still fix this or do i need to go to the bmw dealer and pay a lot of money to fix this? please help.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    You've probably resolved this by now, but at least with the newer model years, if you replace the battery and don't inform the computer, it tailors the charging logic as if it had an old battery, and it may not provide a new battery's full capabilities. It also makes a big difference in the charging routine about the specific AHr rating of the battery you install - the car needs to know.

    The starter motor is not designed to run continuously, and I'm surprised it lasted 20-minutes before burning out! The manual on many cars talk about if it doesn't start in say 30-seconds, wait quite awhile before trying again to allow it to cool off. The starter motor continuing to run could be a bunch of things from a bad ignition switch to a sticky solenoid valve or a short. The mechanics of replacing it shouldn't be beyond a good mechanic, but most won't have the ability to reprogram the vehicle to a new battery. Batteries do not like to be deep discharged in general...unless designed for it, each deep discharge decreases the overall life, maybe to zero, if the current load is high enough andoverloads things warps things.
  • onetufvwonetufvw Posts: 2
    My car stop cranking on me. It was dragging the day before it stop cranking. Took battery to auto parts store and they tested the battery and it passed. I change the
    IBS Inelegant Battery Sensor and still nothing, i took off the starter and had it tested and it tested good. Called dealership and found out my car does not have INTEGRATED SUPPLY MODULE:121099 (12-52-7-510-638). I ask parts person can he tell me the part that replaced this on my car and he said he did not no. If anyone can help please let me know.

    When you turn the key everything lights up properly but no crank! Any ideas or help would be welcome. Dealership wants 89.00 for first hour then the price goes up from there.
  • 913kdub913kdub Posts: 3
    This sounds like the same problem I had and I replaced the starter and it has been working fine.
  • onetufvwonetufvw Posts: 2
    Took starter off car and had it tested at parts store and it passed twice...Any other ideas would be welcome.
  • abcd007abcd007 Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    Hi - dealer maintained 2007 525i with 114K miles, got weird symptoms that was actually due to a worn oil cap. Story: the tensioner bolt (aluminum) head sheared off (!) and I replaced the belt and pulleys. But when I restarted I got wild rpms (goes to 2k, then 800, then 1500, then 1200 in 30 secs) before smoothing to idle. Check engine lights codes came on for P1415, P0102, misfires on cyl 1 and 4. Top mechanic Andrew and owner David Toy at Autowerke Autoy in Rockville, MD says after 2 hours of looking at the computer read-outs that he was 95% sure it was the ignition coils and probably plugs on both cyl 1 and 4. Recommended work was about $600, said he had to take off the filters and housing to get to the coils to switch them around to confirm his dfiagnosis and its not an easy do it yourself. I was surprised that just coincidentally 2 coils would go bad at the same time and this occurred right after changing a belt as the car ran fine before. I paid them for the diagnosis ($117) but just coincidentally on my way back, a young gas station attendant noticed oil cap was loose, and indeed when he pressed on it, the car started normally. Stopping by a dealer, the cap was replaced and all the problems went away. Autowerke / David Toy said the oil cap must have came loose in the few miles I drove it as they saw it and did tighten it, so they refuse to refund the diagnosis fee. The dealer however says the cap is worn and leaky even if it was tighten down. The dealer SA also says once the plastic cover is popped off the coils are plug and play, flip a lever, pull out the contact and pull out the coil, so easy a monkey can do it. My question: is this tricky stuff or is the shop incompetent or trying to rip me off?
  • kdub6kdub6 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    i have a 97 328i.. i just bought this car and had to do some work on it. i just got where i can start it.. i had it started but it died. when i went to try to crank it back over it would not turn over. the starter will not evan make a clicking noise but i got humming noise what seems like coming from my intake where my fuel cables are. the humming is thr at all time. does anybody have any idea what it could be
  • I have the same problem with my 525i 2006. It cranked a few times then after that completely stopped cranking and just makes a humming noise when i try to start it. If you find out what the problem is please let me know ASAP!
  • Hi, i have a 550i 2008 and i have  been having some problems with it. First it started by not wanting to start and when driving it would start giving me a transmision malfunction error I looked into it and they told me it could be the IVM but now that I changed it it just gave me a bunch of lights on my dashboard and made it worse i whas hoping someone could help!! 
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,404
    A failing battery can trigger all sorts of malfunction lights on a modern BMW. I'd check both the battery as well as the charging system.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

    95 525i replaced battery 6 months ao and had no issues until yesterday. Drove it in the morning, stopped to get coffee car wouldn't turn over. Lights came on, radio on but no sound when i turn the key not even a click. After 10 minutes try again and start just fine like nothing happened. Drove it all day stopping multiple times and turning it off then restarting with no issues. End of the day does the same things again, all lights come on everything working but nothing when I turn the key. Tried putting it through all the gears to make sure it was in park all the way, the battery has a full charge, nothing. Got a jump and not a dang thing happened at all when I tried to turn it over. It sat all night until today went toi have it towed and started right up. Drove it home and parked it tried starting again and now it ill not start again lol
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