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Lexus LX 470



  • motu1motu1 Posts: 6
    Hopefully, my question will dissipate some of the negative energy out there?!? I'm looking for a CPO LX470. How much bargaining room is there? I found a '00 with 20k miles and an asking price of $46k. Thanks in advance.
  • motu1motu1 Posts: 6
    Answering my own question. I've found a number of CPO and non-certified LXs with online prices that are about $5k over what they advertise in the classified section of the LA Times for the exact same vehicle. Maybe there is even more room. I'm going to try to find out...
  • At no time did I directly or indirectly refer to you or attempt to cast you as some typical car salesperson. In fact, it was you who first made mention of it. I never attacked you; you took the defensive for some unknown reason. I mentioned my experience at your dealership with another salesperson who you must admit was far from upfront on the issues I pointed out. But rather than taking note of this rather poor treatment and try to correct the situation (such as trying to get me to work directly with YOU to lease/purchase a new Lexus), you preferred to go on the offensive and counter my every comment and observation. So in conclusion I would now have to say yes, you are a typical sleazy car salesperson. Better luck when you find your proper home at a Ford store.
  • And I don't even need to go back to your other posts.

    "At no time did I directly or indirectly refer to you or attempt to cast you as some typical car salesperson" and followed up with-

     "you are a typical sleazy car salesperson. Better luck when you find your proper home at a Ford store."

    Wouldn't a sleazy car salesman have tried to weasel a deal out of you off here? I am not going to step on the guy's toes who helped you just to give you a better price. If you wanted the better price, you could have called him. That was not the point of the discussion. But, hey, when you do beat everyone up for price and eventually by a Navigator, maybe I'll see you at the dealership :). The entire point I tried to point out was go to the dealership, any extra buck you can save will be done there. And I tried to help you, but because it didn't have a price attatched to it, you didn't see it

    Good advice about CPO- What I have learned is that CPO's are usually a couple thousand more than KBB used car retail. Anything less would be a good deal. I would tell you a good price, but I honestly don't know. The only thing we have is a 2003 loaded up LX
  • see lots of discussion on cargo covers, but no one has stated where they are getting their quotes, can you provide a web site or business location?
  • Does anyone have a reliable place to buy a oem spoiler for LX470 for 2003 model?

    At time of order, spoiler was only available (according to dealer) with Night Vision option.

    Dealer suggested ordering from parts dept after delivery. The option was quoted as $281 on Lexus web site. Dealer wanted $900 for part and $200 to install. What a rip-off.

    Any ideas?
  • has the Toyota Land Cruiser spoiler for $186.35. The installation kit is $17.50.
  • moj1moj1 Posts: 11
    is there any news on the new LX?

    debating whether to wait for the new LX, when ever that will be, or get the LX now.

    prefer to stick with lexus but am considering the infiniti's QX56. the LX not having dual climate, indash 6 CD changer, eventual model change turn me off a bit.

    with possibility of change in 179 tax code, i'd like to get a SUV this year
  • Does the lx 470 come with seating for 7 or is that an option... I am shopping for a 2000 model.
  • Do you think there is a good chance that they will change the tax code?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    The LX comes standard with 7 seats. The only factory options on the truck are the DVD entertainment system, nightview and the Mark Levinson stereo. The latter is on virtually everything shipped anyway.

    moj1 - The next LX will be bigger and will be based on the Sequoia platform probably in 2006.
  • moj1moj1 Posts: 11
    spoke to my accountant. he said it's very unlikely that they will retro-actively rescind the tax code (though it was mentioned), AT LEAST NOT FOR THIS YEAR. there's a chance that the may repeal it for 2004, and possibly even make it retro-active for 2004. but my accountant beleives that the retro-active most likely happen only if the changes are made early in the 2004 year.
  • Thanks for that! lucky, I think I found one for this years end.

    Any advise on this... 2000 Land cruiser certified for 29K or 2000 Lx470 for 31K non certified. 56k and 51k on lx.

  • When I bought my 00 LX470 I was told by the Lexus dealer they usually only certify vehicles that already need some 'work' to be done, like new tires, maintanence services, new windshield, etc... SO if you go by this logic and you are buying from a Lexus dealer then there maybe the unit you are considering is a solid rig. I however would see how much it would cost to get the certified warranty.... Now I am assuming you are buying it from a Lexus dealer, if you are not buying from Lexus. Then I would not even consider the LX without a warranty. And you would have to get some maintanence history....records are very important..

    I would lean toward the certified LC....the LX rides better (smoother over rough roads) but in reality there is basically no difference except for the suspension and a few interior ammenities...

    Compare the tires, a new set will run you $700.
    If you get the Michelin LTX's.
  • Thanks for the advise... I looked at the certified 2000 lc and it was not very clean and seemed a bit abused to me.

    The 2000 Lx is from a dealer but not from a lexus dealer and the price reflects it, since 31K is what a private seller would ask.

    I looked at the Lx today and it is clean, but has a few interior panel blemishes.

    My choice now is a different 2000 LC in like new condition with 55k for 30-31k and no certification or the LX with no cert.

    Can you please elaborate on why you not even consider the LX... it has me worried a bit since we have put it on hold. It does have a longer warranty for the drive train.

    Thanks in advance!
  • I was describing a perfect world scenerio, now I know all the facts.. bare in mind I am not a mechanic but I have owned a 97 LC, 96 LX450, and now a 00 LX470 plus near 1/2 dozen other Toyota products since 1995 and I have never had a problem other than a full brake job on the 96 LX450. Now this is how I would proceed in your situtation. 1st of all the LC for $31K seems a little high considering the mileage, those are a dime a dozen on ebay and The LX sounds very nice, here's what I would do. You need to see if you can determine if the LX was 'serviced' during it's life by Lexus or a Toyota dealer for oil changes, preventative stuff etc....if it can not be determined then you need to have it looked at by a Toyota mechanic, I'd just go to a Toyota dealer and have it throughly inspected.

    If you can find out where it was originally purchased you can call the dealer and talk to a service advisor and if you are lucky he'll tell you what he has on his computer. If you have no clue where is was bought new run a carfax report and it will tell you the city and state then start looking for Lexus dealers there. Maybe you'll get lucky. If it's had a bunch of owners then your pretty much have to rely on the inspection.

    Did you check for others?

    I bought my 00 Certified with 44K for $35K 6 months ago. I now I could find one for $33-$34K. I am in Texas though.
  • believe or not the lx that I am looking at is priced reasonably for my area even with-out the certification.

    I took your advise and called the dealer... it has been lexus serviced and they did a major tune-up at 30k miles after that there are oil changes and maintanace stuff. It is a two owner car and the second owner bought it till his new car arrived.

    The truck is over the the warranty by 900 mile 50,900... too bad the previous did not care to have them look it over before it expired.

    The interior has two small rips in the door panels and on the sides in the truck area opening... I hope to be able to replace some of the parts and bring it back to nice condition.

    My main concern was if there are any major problem with the truck and is there is anything that accures at a certain mileage mechanically or on all the bells and whistles stuff like the height control.

    Many Thanks!!
  • That's encouraging info...
    Nothing is 'scheduled' to break...they are built very well but you never know....but you have a better chance of it not breaking than if you bought let's say a Tahoe or Expedition.
    The height control is a scary point you see people talk about on this board, yes it would cost you a fortune if it broke but if you don't use it it won't break, I would think....
    I tried mine out after I got it, but I will never need it.

    Maybe the Lexus dealer would 'certify' it for you... kinda doubt it but it's worth a shot... for like a grand or something...

    For the rips, ask the Lexus dealer who they use for leather repair for their used cars. It can be fixed nicely if you use the right guy.

    Remember, if you buy it make sure you always get all the work done at Lexus or Toyota. Atleast the regular maintenance.

    The LX takes premium gas the LC takes the board for that debated topic. I use premium in mine..
  • How extensive is the drive-train warranty? I read on a previous post that they replaced the exhaust manifolds under the 6/70k warranty.

    Any problems with the power steering motor on these?

    Thanks again!
  • Not sure about those issues, seems the EM are covered under the drive train warranty but I'd double check with Lexus. I don't worry about that stuff since mine is Certified. Remember you are buying one of the best vehicles ever made. Repairs 'should' be minimal with only 51K miles. The one you are looking at or have bought seems to have been well maintained and previously owned by a consciencous person.

    Good luck
  • Hi all, has anyone bought anything from Their quote for 04 LX470 is $4,700 less than what the dealer gave me. What is reasonable for a LX470 with everything except the rear DVD, nightview and lexus link? I am so confused by all the different quotes out there. Thanks a lot for your input.
  • When I first heard about tax code 179, I was so dead certain I was getting a lexus in a week. After I talk to 2 different CPAs, I was very disappointed by the fact that neither of them are willing to write off the whole SUV for me in the category of business equipment. Both of them told me that the law really does not make a whole lot difference when it comes to claiming something this big. On top of that, such a big expense would definitly be an audit trigger. They also told me that the insurance will be higher and I would have to pay a high tax on my new "property" if I claim the SUV for business. I am a dentist and would love to jump on the Act 179 bandwagon. Any suggestion is appreciated.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Buy what you like and let tax considerations become a distant second concern....

    my .02 :-)

    Steve, Host
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Even with the new rule allowing a business to write off the cost of a new truck - it still needs to have a valid business reason. As I recall - providing transportation between home and work is not a valid reason.

    If you are audited you could always claim you use it to pull teeth!
  • texbmwtexbmw Posts: 25
    You are correct. Everyone would do well to remember that the vehicle must be used in the active conduct of a trade or business. This deduction was intended to allow small businesses to buy delivery trucks and such, not for people to buy nice SUVs for personal transport. Deductions of this type probably are an "audit trigger" and the IRS probably won't have muich sympathy. However, the IRS has only a limited number of staff to review hundreds of millions of returns. Each taxpayer has to conduct their own risk analysis.
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    I have been hearing little whispers about the new LX called the LV to be released as an '06 next year. It will be based on the Sequoia, but has anyone read or heard more details like options, style etc.?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    You may want to look around the Future Vehicles board. Maybe Kirstie has heard rumors.

    Steve, Host
  • I was at the dealer this past weekend. When asked the same question about future 470 based on Sequoia the associate laughed it off. He thought 470 will always be based on LC with limited production of only 6 - 7k.
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    I would think a dealer would be the last to know, unless it was the GM. If a redesign was discussed with customers, who would buy this years models. As I look at some of the magazine sites that discuss cars, they are predicting it next year, but touting an 06 badge.
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