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Lexus LX 470



  • We own a 1999 LX 470. We experienced a "low, grinding" sound that occured only upon starting to move forward. The dealer at first couldn't replicate the sound. Over time, it got worse. Finally,the dealer replaced our entire transmission.....but the noise persisted!!It turns out that we once had our car serviced at a Toyota dealer because we were out of town, and there wasn't a Lexus dealer within a couple hundred miles. The Toyota dealer used the wrong fluid in the differential, and that was the source of the noise. When Lexus changed to the correct fluid, the noise disappeared. That was 50,000 miles ago, and we haven't experienced any problems since.
  • I have a 2004 LX 470 and have had numerous problems with it. It has had the transmission replaced, the height sensors replaced twice, brake issues...the list goes on and on. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?? I was told to call the 1800-25-lexus number but they basically told me 'tough luck!'.
  • Sorry to hear that. Was it purchased new? What is/was the mileage when the problems showed up? What region do you live in please? I am considering a used 2004 LX470 and would appreciate your further comments.

  • mercaramercara Posts: 291

    this is really surprising. I have been monitoring the LX/Land Cruiser boards for a long time. I own a 2002 Landcruiser. I haven't met or heard from anyone else with these kinds of problems. I guess you really got unlucky. Did you buy new or used?
  • I purchased the car new in Pittsburgh, PA. The problems started almost immediately - I think the height sensors went before I had 2000 miles on the car. I think 'unlucky' is the key word. Despite the multitude of problems I have had, I love the vehicle. The truck looks great and the ride is very smooth.
  • Glad you still like it. I will be looking for a 2004 in my area soon. What year is yours and how many miles? Did you have to pay for any of the major repairs? Is it working all right now?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Here's a link to more pics of the new land cruiser. I'm thinking the new LX will have a very similar appearance. Lots of camouflage but you get a good idea of the dimensions and overall shape. These are the newest pics I could find... anybody have anything fresher? ota/spy-photos-more-new-toyota-landcruiser

    Some folks on other boards are claiming that Lexus may give a sneak peak of the new LX at the New York auto show.

    Couldn't come soon enough.....
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    From looking at the spy pics of the 2008 Land Cruiser and 2008 LX, it seems that the basic platform is still shared, but the LX has taken the Lexus corporate look like it's smaller sibling the GX.

    Frankly I was disappointed by the bulbous and rounded look of the new Land cruiser. I have plenty of minivans to choose from . No need to plonk down 60K to get a minivan. Looks like they were still competing with the previous generation Tahoe/Yukon when they designed the Landcruiser replacement. The landscape has changed since then.

    I have no doubt it will be a fine truck if you can get past the looks only a mother can love. But it is important to me.
  • Mine is a 2004 with 41,000 miles. I did not have to pay for any of the repairs, in fact, my dealer is extremely accommodating. He has not seen an LX with so many problems (so he says anyway). It is working great - for the moment...
  • There is NO more LX..... There is NO more Land Cruiser..... Toyota and Lexus are getting rid of the two and making the JX. Why don't people get it???? My Lexus dealer says we'll probably see it Jan-Mar 08 shortly after the new Sequoia.
  • hypnosis44hypnosis44 Posts: 483
    Do you have a source to corroborate this information please?

    Thank you
  • hypnosis44hypnosis44 Posts: 483

    The Consomer Reports annual Car Issue just hit mail boxes yesterday. It shows the 2003, 2004, and 2005 LX with worse, to far worse than average suspension problems. Most everything else gets very high ratings with an overal "better than average" rating.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Guess you haven't seen the spy pic floating around of the New Lexus (whatever you want to call it JX or LX) and the new Land cruiser. Land cruiser sells over 250K units globally and they will not kill the premier SUV in the Toyota line up. Sequoia is a US only model based on the Tundra which is also sold only in the US market.

    The question is not if there will be a new Landcruiser, the question is whether they volumes sold in the US will justify the launch in North America. I also strongly believe that Lexus will always offer a full-size SUV. It maybe based on the new Landcruiser or based on the new Sequoia.
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Posts: 122
    Article at says HPX concept (JX) could debut in spring of 2008--nothing definite yet
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    On a recent trip South on I-95 and cruising at a steady pace of 70 miles per hour, using the speed control as much as I could , traffic is pretty heavy most of the time plus now we can add the influx of Bike Week.
    My MPG was slightly over 20 miles , exactly 20.2 mpg with premium gas.
    I would love to see Lexus use the new Tundra engine the 5.7L on the LX , I would be in line to purchase one.
    Perhaps Lexus could add a couple of vibrant exterior and interior colors to their dull line-up .
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Posts: 122
    I also have a 2006 LX470 and my best MPG has not exceeded 16.
    And that was with premium gas, the A/C off and a strong tail wind. I also have a K&N air filter--How do you get 20mpg?
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Hi sidgriggs
    I don't have an answer .
    I drive conservative some times and aggressive other times.
    The last 8 or 10 tanks of gas had very good mpg.
    This last round trip ( last tank ) mileage was 406 miles , I filled the tank with a little over 20 gallons. Stop filling till the second click.
    The tires pressure are closed to 40psi , also I used Castor synthetic motor oil , the odometer reads 11,700 miles, I get oil and filter changed around 3500 miles.
    The lowest mpg around the city is either 16 or 17 or 18 .
    I have made no changes to the LX.
    Out of the ordinary one time accidentally I filled the tank with regular gas.
    The air tire sensor came up , because the spare tire had low air pressure.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291

    I have gotten over 18 MPG in my 2002 Land Crusier at about 65 to 70 miles an hour on highway with moderate load. My 2002 Landcruiser has a four speed automatic. Since your vehicle has the VVTI engine and 5 speed auto, I am sure this is possible as the engine will be running at a lower rpm than mine at 70 miles an hour.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Hi mercara

    I don't understand it , I am not an auto mechanic I am just a regular block.
    I don't use Citgo gas . Normally Sunoco or Shell premium gas.
    While I am using the speed control and if I need to press the brake pedal, I quickly disengage it , otherwise the LX will quickly accelerate burning gas faster to go back to the previous speed instead I use my foot to slowly bring it up to speed.
    I owned a 2003 Land Cruiser for three years till I bought the 2006 LX470 . The LC never gave me 20 mpg, normally 18 or 17 with regular gas.
    The last few months I have been waiting for the Tundra to arrive I test drove a DC , 4X4 , with the 5.7 L engine , WOW WOW awesome vehicle . But while reading several forums including Edmunds I found out that a new LX is coming out either for 2008 or 2009 with the 5.7 L engine.
    I might indulge myself again and wait for the new LX.
  • pattid1pattid1 Posts: 2
    Since October my 2006 GX has had the brakes go out on three different times. First was after a service and service department said must have been an air bubble so they bled them,told me that took care of the problem. A month later ,again in a emergency situation, they failed again almost causing a second collision.This time it was suppose to be the master and slave cylinders which they replace and assured me it was fixed.Two and half weeks ago it happened again,no brakes, and this time they said it was the shims and replaced them.Now I refuse to drive it and the dealership and Lexus refuse to do anything.Now I have a 60,000.00 vehicle that I cant drive.Has anyone else had this problem? I will never buy another Lexus.
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    hello every1, lx 570 is to make a public appearance live in ny auto show on april the 4. its confirm news from lexus ...i can't wait to see how it will be.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    Sweeeet !!

    Have been waiting for 2 years now !!

    Guess it will be out later this year then. :)
  • Is this an all-new vehicle or just an upgraded rebadged Sequoia? I'm not too thrilled with the Sequoias.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    From looking at the spy pics floating around. It's smaller than the Sequoia. I doubt it is based on the Sequoia as Sequoia is a US only model manufactured in North Amercia. The cruiser/LX is a global model made mostly in Japan.

    However, it doesn't seem to be an all-new-vehicle. It seems to be a major refreshening of the current 100 series. I am only guessing based on the pictures that I have seen so far. The profile is very similar to the current 100 series.
  • bgreigbgreig Posts: 17
    Can you direct us to some of those photos?
  • karldkarld Posts: 5
    I was just offered a 2005 lexus lx 470 maxed out with every option (not sure about night hawk) for 46200 at a lincoln dealership. It has 16000 miles on it. Do you think this is a good deal? 1 owner. I am concerned about buying from a ford dealer.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    The factory warranty has you covered for two more years/32K Miles so you are covered if the truck has any major defects you can't uncover during a thorough test drive.

    Here's a link to certified pre-owned LX's from autotrader. - =&start_year=2005&keywordsfyc=&keywordsrep=&engine=&certified=y&body_code=0&fuel- - =&search_type=certified&distance=0&make=LEXUS&keywords_display=&color=&min_price- - =&drive=&default_sort=priceDESC&max_mileage=&style_flag=1&address=33027&advanced- - =&end_year=2005&doors=&transmission=&max_price=&sort_type=priceASC

    Sorry it's so long but that how the link came out.

    It seems 2005 CPO LX's range from low 40's to high 50's. What makes your LX candidate stand out is its low mileage. LX's come with MOST of the fancy gadgets standard except nightview (not a really useful feature anyways) and an entertainment system. Other than those options all LX's come fully loaded.

    It would be nice to have the reassurance of getting a CPO LX from a Lexus dealer but these trucks are so well built you are probably safe.

    Let us know what you decide to do... good luck!!!
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