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Lincoln Navigator



  • firstnavfirstnav Posts: 21
    Well, I approaching 3k miles on my '05 Navigator. I'm driving 15 miles each way to work and am getting 15.8 mpg (calculated on the computer). This is mostly cross-country, state highway (not interstate). The speed limit doesn't exceed 50mph. I have a rather steep climb out of a valley on my drive. It's about 1 mile long. I actually have to ease off of the accelerator to maintain speed, otherwise the truck will accelerate. And you can't feel the transmission downshift. What a feeling.

    Drove it on vacation. About 500 miles each way and averaged 16.1 (via computer). This was up and down I-95 (never exceeded 10mph over the limit). What a ride! The truck damned near drove itself. I almost got up to go in the back and fix myself a coffee!

    I really like this truck!
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Couldn't agree more!! We picked up our 05 Nav Ultimate April 7th, approaching 2500 miles, avg MPG around 14.5 (mostly city driving). Only downside is this is my wife's car and I dont get to drive it everyday!! Obviously, Today show trying their hardest to crucify the "evil" SUV - guess they didnt want the family who drove cross country in the Nav to say it was worth the diference in gas!! I am very impressed with the quality - and especially the seats - very supportive, yet softer than the seats in our previous SUV (Aviator). Acceleration is so smooth, that before you know it youre doing 80mph. Cant wait to take it on a nice 3-400 mile trip to use the cruise control - I would guess mpg would be at least 16
  • founderfounder Posts: 48
    The GM offerings sound great, and i hope they are out in early 06, but you mentioned that the Escalade will be out, do you know if the Yukon Denali will be out around the same time? I really want an SUV, but in my opinion the navigator, while nice is a little over priced, cause the resale value is terrible. The Escalade and Denali are nice, and i know a few people who have one , and they've had no complaints but they are a little bland, but they are solid vehicles. I guess I'll hold off to see how the redesign is. Nothing worse then buying an new car and the next model year it's changed.
  • kat11kat11 Posts: 2
    Hi -- i'm trying desperately to find this part for a 2001 lincoln navigator.
    It is a piece that sits on top of (as in, glued to) the exterior rear passenger & driver side windows. To clarify, this moulding/vent piece is glued to the third row side windows- externally. One of these (the passenger side) fell off on the highway. Since then, i've not been able to find anyone who can tell me what this part is and where i can buy it. Can someone please help me. I've been all over the web.
  • firstnavfirstnav Posts: 21
    I forgot to mention that I had a cargo bag strapped to the roof in that vacation trip. I probably could have gotten a little better mileage.

    You know, it's funny. We used to make that trip in a Subaru Outback with a hardshell cargo carrier. The dog gets the space with the second row down. I figured we could easily get all of that stuff in the Navigator with the third row down. But we proved the theory that when packing for a vacation, you will always exceed the available space. I had to go out and buy the rooftop cargo bag. But the dog was really comfortable.
  • karelkarel Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I brought 05 Ultimate to Europe. I spent a lot of time changing emails with CRC of DENSO, FORD, NAVTEQ. I was not succesful to make anyone of them to tell me where to get navigation DVD with European map. Navteq says to contact Denso that supplies DVD units into Navi (including U.S. DVD map) Denso says to contact Ford. But FORD CRC people know nothing and their answer is always same: "There is nothing-we can't help you". But there must be something as DENSO supplies DVD based navigations units also to other automakers including FORD MODEO. This car is equiped with DVD navigation and DVD map of Eurpoe is available. Does someone of you contact to technical department of Ford who could help me. To comunicate with FORD CRC is only wasting of time. Thank you for your help
  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114
    Music and movies sound so great in this vehicle! I wish we had a home theatre system that sounded as good. Is it possible to listen to mp3 using the 2005 navigator's phenomenal sound system? I recall that somebody said it could be done from the second row.

    Also, I am still frustrated with the fact that Lincoln doesn't make an exactly matching protective floor mat for the camel color interior. I know that I could order a nearly matching set but fear it would end up looking awful and have to be sent back. For some reason, I'd rather do just about anything than box something big up and return it for a refund. Apparently, I'd rather have my carpets cleaned every month at the local detail shop at $40-50 a pop. So, has anyone found a floor mat that matches the camel color decently?

    By the way, thanks to the person who posted that you can let your kids watch their DVD in the back seats using the cordless headphones while you listen to your CD in the front seats. I wish I'd known that over Memorial Day weekend. My kids were watching movies with headphones, my husband was listening to a book on tape with headphones and I didn't know I had the option to listen to a CD. But I did it this weekend and it was great.
  • njbaran99njbaran99 Posts: 69
    There is a new Apprentice Like Show call "The Cut" with Tommy Hillfiger.

    Next week, the 2 Teams are going to "Pimp-out" 2 2005 Lincoln Navigators.

    This will be on June 16th at 7 PM Central on CBS.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    I can't wait. :(
  • paotronpaotron Posts: 7
    Are there any other SUV out there having the Cooled Seats feature? Does the cool seat really cool you down during the summer?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Yes, it cools you down nicely. The airflow is very subtle but it's enough to keep you very comfortable, even on very hot days.

    I think Cadillac, MB and BMW are offering cooled seats on some models but not sure about specific SUVs. It was (and still is) a rare (but very, very useful) feature.
  • mercury91mercury91 Posts: 4
    Well not yet! I just got back from road testing a 2005 Ultimate!! Wow is this thing for real?? I then went to the Lexus dealer and drove the LX 470 amazing SUV But! The Navigator seems to never run out of features we use... We have numerous horses so towing is a plus! I love Classical music & Classic Rock... My wife?? Dont ask!! lol This thing has 2 CD Players!! so I can have the THX and she can use the head phones!! I test drove the Nav 3 years ago and the feel while driving scared me felt like I was driving a boat and shacky!! This SUV is so firm & Smooth! I love the classy interior! And now I hear that some of the features that had me leaning towards lexus are avial for the Nav like Bluetooth intergrated... I have leased 3 Landcruisers in a row and now want to buy and giving this serious thought!! Just American scares me my Avalanche is on its 3rd Recall!! People help me!! I want more Pluses for the Nav Wife wants the Lexus.... I am playing the patriotic card also!! lol
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    :shades: I'm a really patriotic guy, fly the flag every holiday in front of my house, and as you can see from my profile, am obsessivly driving a Ford fleet at the moment, but that's not always the case, so don't misjudge me - I have tried the LS-470 and like how it drives and several other things about it as well. But on features, the Navigator beats it for me too. Especially the third seat. I think you may have a thing or two more to fix on the Gator, you may not, but I wouldn't be at all afraid of it. It's a good machine. Buy with confidence. Patriotism aside, the Toyota is probably the best there is for reliability in the world, they just don't have the American market clocked like Ford does in trucks yet.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    ain't what it used to be, either. Engine sludge and 33 reports of a Prius that stalls in traffic.

    Go with whichever one you like the best, featurewise and stylewise.
  • firstnavfirstnav Posts: 21
    When the temp and humidity are high, the cooled seats get turned on and are not turned off until the key comes out. Like akirby says, this is subtle. Not like the air coming out of the dash. But it sure is nice not to have your back and butt sweat on the leather. If it's really hot, it will take about 2 miles to feel it. I came off of the golf course when it was 95 last week and I could only smile driving down the road. No more sticking to the seats.
  • Hi all!
    Just wanted to say, I just leased a brand new 2005 Navi Ultimate 4x2. It's French Silk, with Camel interior. It has the power deployable running boards ( i know about the probs, but they are neat! ) , HID's ( didn't want em but they came with it ) & split bench 2nd row.
    I get to turn in my trade tomorrow. Man, going from a Mustang v6 to a Navi is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference!!
    Too bad I have to work all week and can't enjoy this truck LOL!!

    I can't wait till I get some free time to play.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds bad, bad, Mr. Brown.

    Mustang? I thought you drove a custom Continental and an Eldorado too?


    Steve, Host
  • mercury91mercury91 Posts: 4
    Just purchased the 2005 Ultimate... sticker was $ 63,965 Tri-Coat blah blah you name it!!! Having bluetooth and Sirus installed picking it up Thursday!( seperate for those 2 toys from that sticker)... want thank eveyone on this board!! I got a great deal 53K Zero down Zero intrest... Drove this thing 3 seperate times! Loved each time and took my time researching this SUV and and it gets raves eveywhere I look... This last test drive it was raining!! it 5PM traffic everyone trying to merge you name it... I just smiled and listen to my Tony Bennett.. then got on the highway swiched over to a little Iron Maiden!! I recomend to all set the Fad Balance towards the back so it more in Stereo and you notice the Sub woofer more!! Cant wait to do some usless driving this weekend!! Ill keep in touch with this board on my thoughts as learn the beauty!! Thanks again Steve Hampstead NH
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    After 2.5 years with my 03 Ultimate - I'm still smiling and loving my Gator. My only dilemna really is - lease another one, or buy this one out of the lease in January. There is no SUV on the market yet that even tempts me yet. Not even the Range Rover......, and it's a lot more money.
  • darvv1ndarvv1n Posts: 5
    I would reccomend going into a new lease, from being in a current lease you are rewarded for going into a new one with an extra $1000 lease loyalty money and the 06's are here so by the time january comes around the leasing on the 06's will be awesome. A couple of my friends in leases with their 04 Navi's now just recently traded out of their leases 1.5 years early into new leases and lowered their payment in most cases.
  • mercury91mercury91 Posts: 4
    Well I picked up my New Ultimate uesterday... needless to say I did plenty of useless driving!! I am so glad I didnt get the Lexus LX470.. One issue with thisSUV is that you can break your kneck getting in and out... amazed that Lincoln put no rubber or some sort of abrasive material on the running boards ... even when they are dry they are very slippery. If anyone one this board has older family members be very careful!! Does anyone know of after market products for the running boards? Maybe rubber strips of some kind? I love the stereo systems in this SUV I recommend that you set the Bal.Fade more towards the back to get the true stereo sound. The default is way!!!! to much in the front speakers!! setting farther back you get to really apperiate the sub woofer! The Nav system is amazing.. using points of interest's my wife and I found an ice cream stand we always heard about typed in the name of it and Presto! it was in the system! Anyone thinking about the Lexus take it from me 3 LandCruiser lease in a row! This SUV is the classiest thing I have seen on 4 wheels and I plan on owning this for years!! Going to treat it like a baby and use my Avalanche the Dogs/Hockey/Golf gear ect... Glad I found this board! I am now heading out side to start learning to use the intergrated Bluetooth wish me luck! I will report back soon

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I tend to agree - having tried out the LX-470, it's a nice vehicle to be sure, but it's old in design and lacking features that I want. It's tough these days to satisfy a Lexus guy, but the Navigator can often times pull it off. Best wishes.
  • mercury91mercury91 Posts: 4
    Dont anyone think for 1 minute!! That anyone at Ford! Your Car Dealer! RIM! Blackberry! Nextel! Lincoln!! or the intalling company for your dealer! or anywhere else will have a clue about the Ford Genuine Accessory Mobile-Ease! What a joke!! it took 2 full days to get my Nextel Blackberry 7520 to pair up A:: ON MY OWN!! Numerous confrence calls. How I got it done was searching blog & forums boards And! Here is the site that saved my [non-permissible content removed] and my Lincoln dealers! I gaurantee Lexus would have never passed the buck had I bought there LK470 its the draw back of buying a Ford But!! this 2005 Nav Ultimate is still the best purchase I have ever made!!

    Hanpstead NH
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yeah, I was worried about that when you said you were going to go out and try to figure it out... Unfortunately, the Lincoln dealers are sometimes technologically challenged, I've noticed, and just hope it somehow will work miraculously. I'm glad you got it to work though, I want my next one to have it. Thanks for the site.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Was that 53K plus TTL? And you got 0% interest for 60 months? How difficult was the price to negotiate, were they easy?

    I am an X-plan participant. That means Ford gives us the $761.37 above invoice plus the $3000 cusomter rebate plus and additional $1500 X-plan rebate. So, MSRP of $56,185 and invoice of $49,381.

    2005 Ultimate 4X2
    Cashmere Tri-Coat/ Camel Int.
    Monotone App. Package
    2nd row bench
    Power Running Boards

    $49,381.00 Invoice
    + 731.37 X-plan markup
    - 3,000.00 Current Customer rebate
    - 1,500.00 Additional X-plan Rebate
    = $45,612.37 + TTL ($3,474.05)
    Drive out price of $48,798.02 with no negotiation, hassle free.

    But....I think I can get a better deal by the old fashion hard negotiation way. I know they still have the Hold back ~$800.00 and the X-plan mark up of $731.37 money plus their secret incentives. In late 2003, my friend purchased the same option 2003 Ultimate with Extended Warranty Service plan and 0% interest for 60 months for $48K drive out.

    Do you all think I can get a better deal if I wait till Sept. to Oct. to purchase? I am aiming at a Drive out price of $46,500. I will settle for $48 drive out with Extended Warranty included.
  • darvv1ndarvv1n Posts: 5
    I don't understand why you all are against the word profit, i mean how did you all get to the point where you are, by making money off your product or services, the automotive industry is struggling as it is, then you get someone like you that could probably pay cash for the darn thing, and you are nickel and diming us for every last cent. Be respectful, pay us some profit, i mean even $1000 over invoice would be nice to get once in a while. If all of your customers negotiated your fees, you would probably be at a kia store purchasing an optima. Pay us some profit and when a problem arises i guarantee we will be more likely to take care of you. Thats why there is a huge difference between service at your import stores, they make money off of their new cars so can afford to wash your car and pamper your rear ends, and whatever else it is they do. The Lincoln Navigator is an excellent vehicle and for the price they are asking, its a great buy.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No one likes to pay more than the next buyer, no one likes to leave money on the table, and the bad car dealers have made most of us leery of all dealers.

    But this thread is better suited for the Lincoln Navigator: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    That is why I love these "consumer" forums. We would not have, or (countless other auto forums) if there wasn't a auto consumer research need.

    Profit is derived from Supply and Demand. It is simply economics and business. This is capitalism at its best. I have a choice to buy as they have a choice to sell depedent on numerous economic variables for pricing. High gas prices, unemployment, struggling economy, decreased market share because of imports, high inventory...etc. That topic is whole separate forum in and of itself. Business ethics is another matter also. We won't go there in this forum.

    Being respectuful doesn't mean I should pay you $1000 or more profit when the next guy doesn't. I respect economics and capitalism.

    Thank you Steve, I will repost as recommended.
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