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Lincoln Navigator



  • herc76herc76 Posts: 52
    Why do Navi's depreciate so quickly? I now right it is because of the gas prices but before that it seems like the value drops so dramatically.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    When they first came out, they didn't - they held almost 70% of value after 4 years initially - but they suffer from American Car Syndrome now..... There are just too many of them out there on the used market. It's a matter of supply & demand. The Navigator sold very well, especially before everybody else copied them, they were the only new luxury SUV on the market, and they were affordable, which the Range Rover isn't so much. Now, with discounting the new ones $10,000, that drives down the resale even further.
  • herc76herc76 Posts: 52
    I see. Do you think they will ever hold value in the future?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Oh, who knows? Right now, they are a boat anchor because of fuel prices. I wouldn't count on it in the near future.
  • I own a 2003 Navigator, Luxury edition. It does not have a nav system, and it does not have the nav butons on the steering wheel. With that said, i was wondering if someone could tell me if the Lincoln factory touchscreen nav radio will work if instaled in my Navigator. I do realize that i will lose some of the feature, esp. the voice control feature due to the incorrect steering wheel button. I want to know if it will work, or if i will completely screw up my truck. I would also like to know if I am wasting my money in purchasing this unit.

    Could someone please help with some info/advice?
  • mistermemisterme Posts: 407
    I was reading over a couple pages of recent posts and have a question.

    My last vehicle purchase was back in Jan '04, when gas was $1.25/g.
    Since then gas has more than doubled (Less than two years) and if the trend continues, we could see prices in the $5-6 range in only a few short years.

    I've never owned an SUV and have no problem in regards to ownership, people should be able to get what their family wants/needs.

    With that said, if prices do get to $5/g in ... say 2007 will it change the way you view purchase or will you stay with the current type?
    If that is how it is in 2007, and it is time for a new vehicle purchase would you replace it with the same, but new model or go with something else more economical?

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I am going to let my Navigator, which I love, go back when the lease is up, and not replace it with a 3rd one. I'll drive my Lexus, because it gets me 6 more mpg in town than the Gator does. It's all because of the gas prices, really. Because I use the Gator for all of its features frequently. But I have a second SUV. Under the current circumstances - one SUV will do.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    I bought my '04 Nav. If I had leased it, like NV, I would consider returning it at lease end, assuming I could find something else with better gas mileage to fulfill my needs of: big enuf for family of 5 vacations, 4WD, good comfort, ride and handling. However, and I haven't checked to confirm, I suspect it's a tough market out there to sell a Navigator these days so I'll probably keep mine.

    All that said, and though my Nav is lucky to break 17mpg on the hwy and gets <12mpg around town, I still love the thing. My wife drives it mostly doing soccer mom type things - kids to/from school, shopping, etc and while it is overkill unless the whole family of 5 is in it, I still like the fact that my wife and kids are in a vehicle that will protect them far better than an econobox should something happen. Peace of mind is worth something, n'est pas? Plus there's nothing like it for long family trips what with room aplenty, the DVD player, Nav system, AWD and 4WD, etc etc. A Prius is fine for commuting, but if u got a family, u need a family vehicle.

    Oh, one more thing, over the long haul with higher initial cost and huge battery replacement and other maintenance costs etc, that Prius will cost a heck of a lot more than their greener-than-thou owners think.
  • mistermemisterme Posts: 407
    Heyjewel, 17MPG isn't too bad, our '01 Grand Caravan gets about 21MPG, but can climb to about 26 if driven carefully. We used to drive our GC like a hellion and it only did about 16 in overall mixed driving. We have a family of 5 and we use it when we travel all together.

    Our other vehicle is my primary commuter car, I travel almost 100miles daily so we wanted to max out MPG. It's a Honda Civic Hybrid, and I'm getting 63-68MPG and +900 mile tanks. Most people get less, but I push the envelope as much as I can.

    When it's time to replace the Grand Caravan ( in 2011 ) I'm not sure what will be the next vehicle.
    I hear you about family safety, and should be one of the most important considerations.

    Perhaps they will have a hydrogen Gator or some other major fuel improvement by then?
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Hey, mister!

    17 mpg ain't too bad when there's 5 people and all their gear on board. That's 85people-mpg:>)

    A hydro-Gator eh? Heh heh. Anything's possible I guess. Wouldn't want to buy the first year of hydrogen powered cars though! Could be some pretty explosive bugs to work out!

    I was recently in the market for another vehicle. I drove a Civic hybrid. It was kinda nice, but I gotta admit the saying "can't get out of it's own way" must've been written with that car in mind:>) And your mpg figures are way above what epa or even honda says. You should open a gas-savers driving school!

    Natch, the idea of 50 or 60 mpg appeals to me for a commute vehicle. (Presently I drive 70 miles round-trip and am driving a Lincoln LS which gets about 23mpg on my commute). But I am concerned about the long-term costs of hybrid technology. Did u lease your Civic hybrid? From what I've read ( is a good place), whomever is the owner of a hybrid when the batteries need replacing is in for an extremely rude awakening!
  • mistermemisterme Posts: 407
    Thanks Jewel.
    I bought my little car, and did alot of research before hand. You're wise about waiting for the bugs to get out of new technology, I too waited an extra year.
    The battery issue doesn't concern me for a number of reasons.

    It is warranted for 10yr/150K miles....But I hope/plan to drive this over 300K miles over 10 years. I use the battery so lightly that I think in my case it is a non-issue. Battery is another reason why I choose a Honda, and not the Prius...The Prius must have a good battery or be stranded, while Honda will just keep running, but with less performance. If I should decide to replace it, I could get a guaranteed used one, or possible after-market ones, or spend the $2K for a new one installed. But in the case that I've already crossed 250K miles I'll just drive it as is.

    But enough about my commuter car!
    Honestly, I've never driven a Navigator, it's probably a good thing because if I did, I'd likely want one :blush:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Ford will have a hybrid Fusion year after next. They don't save enough fuel at current prices to pay for the cost difference but if you want to feel green you'll have a FoMoCo option other than the Escape.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Will bubble burst once consumers do the math? (Detroit News)

    We have a whole Hybrid Vehicles forum with lots of discussions - check it out!

    Steve, Host
  • I have an '05 Navi Ultimate and just got back from a 600 Mile Round Trip. You have heard it before, but there is NOTHING on the SUV Market that can compare to the comfort and ride of the Navi. This is my 1st extended trip since I bought the Navi in March (just before the Gas Hike).

    Wow, what an absolutely luxurious ride. Doing 85 to 95 is a smooth as sitting still. MPG is bad around town in the 12's and I get close to 17 MPG on the Navi loaded with 3 Adults and 3 Children.

    I guess I see it this way, Navi is advertised at 13 City/18 Hwy. Take your averge midline car that gets say 18/24 or 5/6 MPG better City/Hwy. Is the fuel cost of 50% more worth it. Well, that is for each to decide. But man, you can't beat the ride. Sort of like paying for 1st Class Seat in a Plane vs Economy Class, sure is nice up front.

    Like I said, anyone who owns a late model Navi knows what I am talking about.

    Given the likely severe depreciation, I could not afford to sell it and replace. Plan to keep it for awhile; regardless of Gas Prices, as if they continue to climb, I wouldn't get anything for it anyway.

    Interesting enough, I was looking to trade my Chyrsler T&C Minivan for a Honda or Toyota Minivan and one dealer told me, "We Do Not Take Any Domestic SUVs on Trade". Well, the Media sure had tainted SUV's. But just smile as you drive in comfort passing the econo-boxes.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Nothing makes the miles go by blissfully like the Gator on the highway..... I don't even mind the mileage really - but I may not say that if gas continues to escalate.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    The best solution is to get an economy car for running errands, commuting, etc. and keep the Navi for longer trips or outings with friends or family. Takes an extra parking space but it does give you the best of both worlds and would make your Navi last even longer.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    "The best solution is to get an economy car for running errands, commuting, etc. and keep the Navi for longer trips or outings with friends or family"

    Yeah, that's what I did. My 'economy' car is a Lincoln LS :>)
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    I guess it's all relative.......

    I'm probably trading in my LS for a Fusion. At least the Aviator is averaging 16. I'm doing good to get 17 in my LS (18 if I'm really careful). 22 would be a nice improvement.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Almost forgot - to be followed by a Mustang GT convertible w/manual in a couple of years. This way I won't have to drive the Mustang every day so I don't mind getting the vert or the stick (or the likely terrible fuel mileage).
  • mistermemisterme Posts: 407
    Speaking of ride...
    Years ago I had a 1959 Oldsmobile 98.
    Back in its day was a beautiful, luxury vehicle.
    That car was practically carved from an anvil and the sheer weight alone made it float over anything. Ahhh, the memories.
    That did about 13-14MPG too.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    "I'm probably trading in my LS for a Fusion. At least the Aviator is averaging 16. I'm doing good to get 17 in my LS (18 if I'm really careful). 22 would be a nice improvement. "


    Not a Zephyr, eh? :>) The Fusions look nice. If u get the V6, that's pretty much the same engine as I have in my LS (V6, Getrag). I do get 22-23 on my commute but it will drop under 20 if my wife drives it around town. U have the V8 don't you? Still, 17 seems low for that, even if it's mostly city. Lighter Fusion V6 probably will be a bit more mpg than my LS?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Yeah, V8. Too much stop-n-go on my commute. That AJ-V8 mileage drops like a rock in traffic. Right now it's 16.8.

    Don't really like the Zephyr as much as the Fusion or Milan, not to mention the $5K savings.

    If I wasn't looking to get a mustang later I might wait for the 3.5L Zephyr or the SVT or ST Fusion.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "Yeah, that's what I did. My 'economy' car is a Lincoln LS :>) "

    Me too - my economy car is a Lexus LS430 :)
  • Hey All,
    I have the standard audiophile stereo in my '05 Gator. I know I can get Sirius installed at the dealer for about a bazillion bucks, but I was wondering if any of the aftermarket XM tuners will connect to it. I'm running around with a portable XM car kit and I'm tired of messing with the wires. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I just took a 1000 mile round trip vacation and I can't quite figure it out. I go 5 mph over the 65 or 70 speed limit and I average 16.5mpg. I go 10 mph over the limit and I average 16.7mpg. I guess if I do about 150, I could make the trip on a single tank. That is if I lived. :)
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Touchy subject? A few messages ago someone (misterme) came by trolling about how we feel about gas prices. Naturally, we hate them, right?!!! I filled up yesterday at the cheapest premium (91 octane) price I've seen in weeks here in the SF Bay area

    - $3.03/gal

    I followed misterme back to his hideout in the hybrid forum area to learn more about how he gets (or says he does) 69mpg in a car rated for 45. He pointed me to his description of how he drives for mileage and while some of his methods would be a real stretch to implement in any kind of traffic, especially here where I live, I nevertheless decided to try for myself as I did a 160 mile round trip drive on at in the Navigator. I did learn a couple of things, maybe nothing new, but I'll pass it on here and I'd love to hear from anyone else who has tips for good gas mileage.

    Firstly I'll say that my 2004 Nav w/17K miles gets in the 16s on the road and more like 11 around town. unfortunately what I'll describe applies mainly to on the road (hiway) miles. My results are purely from the on-board mpg calculator. The terrain I drove on is mildly hilly with some long fairly flat miles and one drive up and over an 1800 ft mtn pass and down the other side. Results are divided into 3 sections based on the legs of the trip and pretty much eliminating most city/traffic light areas.

    The first leg I reset the mpg calc as I accelerated onto the freeway from the stop light near my home. Up and over 1800 feet, down the other side and proceeded 75 or so miles to my freeway destination exit. So this was pretty much all freeway, with that long climb up at the start. mpg at end: 17.6 Not a real big deal, but better than my usual 16.5 or so.

    next leg again I reset mpg as I started onto the freeway up a hill then down into Berkeley and on down hiway 17 (880) to an offramp in Fremont. This was about a 35 mile leg and the mpg at end was 20.4 !! There may have been a little more down than up involved in this leg, but I must say that the number was staying pretty constant as I drove.

    Final leg was Fremont to home, appx 55 miles, again up and over the mountain and the number was 17.2. I did hit a little freeway traffic on this leg and I got off and bought a bunch of stuff at Ikea and went thru the drive-up line at In n Out Burger on the way so theres a wee bit of city in this number.

    Anyhow, I come away convinced I can improve the mileage #s in the Nav anywhere from 5 to 20 or so %. So what did I do?

    On the first leg, I didn't really slow down much from normal, but I did experiment a little. Maybe did 70-75 top speed. I did follow some suggestions from misterme and this is where it gets a bit hairy and nerve-wracking cause u gotta keep an eye out on everyone else.
    * Basically, a light foot on the gas whenever it's on the gas.
    * S L O W acceleration.
    * Shift into *Neutral* whenever momentum will keep you going (like a small or even large downward slope in the road - though gotta watch speed - don't let the thing run away from ya.)
    * Use cruise for flat areas, decelerate using the cruise or your right foot when going up a hill - that's where a lot of gas gets burned - and you end up going 20 or more mph slower as you crest the hill (that's when u gotta watch out for following cars) then going down hill you can accelerate again with a gravity assist.

    Even short rises in the road, if u decel or even shift to neutral, u'll see the mpg begin to tick up. Whereas if you kept up speed up the rise, it'd tick down.

    I noticed that if I kept speed up around 75 or more, which is where I usually am, keeping up with the Jones' and all, the mpg meter seemed to want to level off around 16.4 or so. But if I slowed down (I know, I hate doin it too) to between 60 and 65, I could be at 19.0 to 20.5 and it would hold or be slowly going UP if I also practised the neutral momentum and slowing down til crest the hill deals.

    Around town?? Slow acceleration, coast in neutral where possible, certainly no sense racing to the next stoplight - a nice coast up to it is fine. Of course combining trips saves gas too, don't idle over a minute unless at a traffic stop, etc.

    OK, lots of this in apple pie, and lots prolly sounds nutty (like shifing into neutral) and might be unsafe at times. But it did pay off. I love seeing that meter at 20.4mpg doing 63mph on the freeway in my big comfortable Navigator, gotta admit that.

    I'm now trying all these methods with my LS for a complete tank (I don't have a trip computer in my V6 LS). She usually gets right about 22mpg on my commute, and I drive it like it wants to be driven. Now, I'm wussy-footin and neutralising and coasting etc Oh, and keeping my speed to 60-65 on the freeway. This morning, no kidding, at 60mph the ONLY vehicle I passed was a garbage truck. Everyone else flew by me. I'll check back in on that board and this when I have a number for this tank.

    I don't know how to link to a message here, but if u want to see misterme's complete writeup, it's message #323 in the "Hybrid Tips: Optimizing mileage" forum.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Coasting in neutral is illegal in most states.

    Here's the link:

    Hybrid Tips: Optimizing mileage

    Steve, Host
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Just copy and paste the link. Our software takes care of the rest: misterme, "Hybrid Tips: Optimizing mileage" #323, 30 Sep 2005 2:03 pm

    tidester, host
  • Interesting. Seems like I do 5mph over the limit and I get passed by every hybrid on the road. Maybe it's just an eastern thing.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    "Coasting in neutral is illegal in most states."

    Really? I didn't know that. Certainly, as I pointed out, it *could* be dangerous if done in traffic. In any case that's one they'd have a tough time catching me doing, eh?

    Also, if true, perhaps the original poster (misterme) should have been told this as well.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Yep, it's considered reckless driving here in Idaho (link).

    The language here says no coasting in neutral when traveling upon a downgrade - I suppose it's perfectly fine to coast uphill all you want. :-)

    Steve, Host
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