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2008 Scion Xb



  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618

    of all the cars to mod, why supercharge an xb?

    oh wait, you race the rough shifting accord hybrid.

    anyone who knows anything about hybrids wouldn't try anything against an accord hybrid anyway.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Holy smokes! He has 70,000 miles on a car that has been around about four months? Surely you mean 7000, not 70,000, and even then he must drive a lot!

    I could see ordering the S/C for the xB and really wowing your friends with some drag racing. Of course, after that installation you will get about the same gas mileage as an early-90s Previa.

    July xB sales, down 20% from last year's same-month sales. July was a down month industry-wide, and one month does not tell the story of any model on the market, but still Toyota can't be too happy.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • 719b719b Posts: 216
    i only looked at the rav4 sales and found they made a mistake. i hope it's a typo and not what the auditors used for their share holders. the work sheet showed sales down this july compared to last july, but it showed a +2.3%
  • Does anyone know if there is a taller aftermarket center console available for the 2008 xb? I love this car but a taller center console-armrest would go a long way in making it more comfortable. I'm not too fond of the fold down armrest either.

  • djbadjba Posts: 4

    I would imagine this issue has been discussed before but I couldn't find it.

    I have been a DJ for a long time. (I am approaching 60 ... grin.) I am downsizing my DJ setup and as a result, I can drive something smaller than a minivan. I have been considering an Element but, when I drove one, there were several things I didn't like about it.

    My concern with the xB is the cargo floor. I am not sure it would stand up to the weight of my equipment.

    I have also considered the Jeep Wrangler 4-door. Does anyone have any comments about the xB's cargo floor or about other options I should consider?

    Thanks in advance.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,760
    How much weight?
  • djbadjba Posts: 4
    I have a couple of speakers that are about 50 pounds each. My main case is about 40 pounds and then I carry a couple of boxes of cables and accessories that are about 30 pounds each.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,760
    At 200 lbs total I wouldn't expect a problem, but I don't have direct knowledge. An option would be to add a 1/4" - 3/8" piece of plywood, cut to fit, to distribute the weight.
  • If you like a boxy design how about a Nitro? I just purchased one and I'm 99% sure it was more cargo than an Element, I have a few friends that own Elements and they say it's too small for them.
  • There isn't one yet, but check out this option:

    2008 Scion xB armrest mod
  • Since many people on this site are looking for evaluations of prospective vehicles, I'd thought I'd offer mine as a new owner of a Scion xB. I have about 900 miles on the 08 after a bit more than a month, including city and highway miles. I have driven the first generation xB and I have to say that the new model is vastly improved in just about every way. Yes mileage is less (I've been getting about mid-20s in the city and 30 on long highway trips), but the improvements outweigh that in my view.

    Looks seem to be an issue. I liked the look of the original xB and when I first saw the photos of the new model I didn't like it. But the photos don't do it justice. In person, so to speak, this is a good-looking vehicle. Yes, I said good looking (mine is silver). I've come to like its appearance much more than the 1st generation. It's also roomy and well-appointed for the price. I got the stock automatic and only added fog lights and an (overpriced) alarm for a smidge over 18. (I also bought floor mats online for 40% less than the dealer would have charged from a Toyota dealer in CA).

    Fit and finish seems to be fine for the price point. Seats are reasonably comfortable, again for the price. No passenger armrest (tough), and the driver's armrest is not particularly substantial. Don't know how long it will last. Like all new autos, the #&*@$ headrests shove your head forward if the seat is in an upright position. The only way to compensate is to lean the seat back, which means you have to move the seat forward to reach the steering wheel, leaving your legs unable to stretch to a comfortable position since they are now a bit too close to the pedals. This is true of every 08 car I test drove, including vehicles that cost twice as much. Telescoping steering wheels should be mandatory to compensate for these new headrests so your legs can stretch a bit more. And yes, the brake pedal is just a tad too close to the gas pedal on the xB.

    Other than that I can't find any big flaws. The engine has reasonable power and pickup. Highway driving and passing are easy. You'll hit 70+ in a flash. I never noticed any excessive wind noise at highway speeds. There is a bit of thrashy engine noise in the lower gears. It handles well, but the ride is a bit bouncier than I would have thought for its size (but not as bad as the previous model by any means). And for urban living, it is about the right size. Roomy inside, easy to enter and exit, a short turning radius, easy to steer and park, yet no lengthier than a compact car. Another advantage is that, while it's not SUV height, you do sit higher than the average sedan. And I for one like the dash. Everything is easy to read and there's no problem with the gauges being off-center.

    The stock stereo has decent sound. I don't expect Hi-Fi-quality sound in a car and thought the upgraded sound systems were overpriced. All I need is to plug in my iPod and I'm happy. You can control it from the front panel when it's plugged in the special jack, and can control volume and next song selection from the steering wheel, plus song title display on the dash. More than adequate for the average iPod user. And you can always get a portable GPS if you need it. No bluetooth, but I can live without it. I never use a phone while I drive, period. Wish others did likewise as they drive like drunks down the road.

    Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase. I think for the money, the xB is the best automotive bargain out there. I would take the xB over the xD and the Matrix as the better value among comparable vehicles, in my view.
  • Overall, not much going on in the xB forums. Thanks for a Great post!!
  • ldlldl Posts: 3
    Thanks for the great review. I've owned my '08 xB since May and have 6,500 miles on it. I'm right with you on your assessment for this vehicle. Great value.

    As far as the headrests I have the same complaint so I did something about it. I removed the head rest completely turn it around and reinsert it. You no longer have to bump into it however its now a couple more inches away from the back of your head. Also you hardly notice the difference in appearance.

    Let me know if this works for you.
  • hbgti1hbgti1 Posts: 16
    I've had mine for less than a month. The thing that suprised me the most was the gas mileage. I have a 5spd manual and over the first 700 miles my running average has been 33mpg. I've been taking it easy trying to keep revs below 3k RPM. I would say that I drive a good mix of hwy/city as the computer calculates my average speed of 24mph. This correlates well with my 22 mile commute to work which takes on average of 50 minutes. When I finally decided to buy the xB, the gas mileage was my only concern, but now that I know that it's capable of getting the same mileage as the car it replaced ('99 Escort), I am more than pleased with it.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I was concerned about low mpg with the automatic, but what was the deal killer was the flimsy, undersized fold down armrest.
    I wanted a reasonably priced and reliable car with stability control and if it had a nice wide and comfortable armrest, I might have bought an xB even if it barely got 30 mpg.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,913
    the deal killer was the flimsy armrest?

    When people say cars today are appliances and are "throw-away" cars, maybe they have a point. If a lack of a good armrest kills an automobile purchase deal, maybe you never really liked the car in the first place, eh?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iceyicey Posts: 2
    I sold off a 2004 Ford Windstar for my 2008 xB and so far it was one of my better decisions! Cheap at $16,500 for what it included.

    My mileage is way up from the minivan, which one would expect, but since I was mostly in the van alone it made sense to dump it. Like clockwork I put 10.5 to 11 gal of gas in the xB for every 320 miles. That's 29 to 30 miles per gallon, which is 1 mpg more than the avg MPH on the dash. It will hit 34 mpg with the cruise set to 65 mph on the higway, and my drive is mostly highway.

    I'm 6'6" and while this IS a small car, I fit fine. I actually feel a little 'smaller" in the xB than the Windstar because I sat much higher in the van.

    I liked the original xB, but I like the '08 much better and am not ashamed to admit it. The 08 xB moves out just fine, the traction and stability controls work excellent too. (I had a chance to test them today in Chicago!)

    The passenger side needs an armrest, and I don't know why they did'nt make one similar to the driver armrest. Yes it's small, but it seems to work fine. I'll probably raise the center console somehow to provide the pass with some type of rest or have an interior fabricate one on the pass seat.

    The iPod connection works great and the standard radio is fairly decent.

    I wish Toyota stocked more of the accessories. Every time I'm there they only offer to order stuff, while I'd like to look it over and buy on the spot.

    The 08 xB definately needs mudflaps and a hood guard, both of which are not available just yet. I fabricated a magnetic bra for the front of the hood, but have had it stolen twice. (No, they did'nt fall off.)

    The MPG is fine, and the mpg on the sticker is easily acheived, unlike pre 2008 MPG stickers. It's not a 35 or 40 mpg vehicle, but I'm getting twice the mileage of my Windstar so my fuel costs have dropped dramatically and $3.50 a gallon fuel doesnt feel so bad. Oh I've also dropped my carbon output, so at least I'm trying to pollute less. My next vehicle in 3 to 5 years will probably be the about the same size and get 40+mpg, so I'm working my plan. I sure hope that GM comes through with the Volt!

    I almost bought the Matrix/Vibe (Corolla engine) but I found the Xb more comfortable and roomy. It's really a great vehicle and fairly fun to drive. I'm looking forward to customizing it somewhat and while I'm over 50 y/o it kind of makes me feel like a kid again!

  • I know the 08's had an early intro, wondering if anyone knows when the 09's will be inro'd any rumours? new colors?
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Nautical blue will be replaced by Stingray Metallic (same color from the 2006 xA) April Release date, thats the only news from the Production meeting earlier this month on the 2009

    2008 will get a 5.0 Special Edition in gold Rush Metallic with factory
    roof, body kit,color tune interior and dash
  • As a creative professional, the original XB apealed to me like NO other car ever. I have been in auto lust with them from the beginning. Unfortunately, my financial situation has just recently allowed me to start considering buying a new car.

    Alas, Scion have decided to ruin the XB. Boxy designs are classic. They don't need updating. That's the whole point of a boxy design. Now the once cute XB looks like a futuristic hurse! I don't want a coffin carrier, no matter how up to date the design.

    It looks more feminine as well. So many of the small SUV's are so...feminine looking with their swoopy madness and flowing curves. I want something that looks more trucklike, boxxy, and manly! Grrrr.... But I don't want some behemoth that cost a fortune to buy and fuel. My options are limited to say the least.

    However...Honda has come to my rescue. I gave the Element a look and it's quite a deal! Comes in under 20k with the features I want. It's the perfect size and it has a manly utilitarian shape that realy fits my needs cargowise. I love...the sweepable floors!

    So sad that Scion had to go ruin the XB. If they were hell bent on making it bigger, why not give it more gargo capacity? No. They wasted room on the hood, stretching the nose out longer! It doesn't seem to have the high roofline it use to have either.

    Oh well. If VW's had Japanese reliability and didn't cost a fortune, they'd have a buyer in me IF they brought back "The Thing"!

    I'm sick of all these look alike feminine looking mini-utes like the Rav4, Sorento, Sportage,Rogue,Santa Fe,CRV etc. You have to check the name to see which car is which!

    The way for someone to "break out of the box" so to speak is to actually create a box. I like the looks of that Dodge Nitro. I saw it online and it seems like a buthed up version of the Element. If I had any faith in American auto quality, I'd very seriously consider one! Unfortunately, I was badly burned by U.S. cars in the past and made a solemn vow to NEVER even consider them.
  • david2david2 Posts: 12
    Hi all,
    I drove an xB as a loaner car last time when I had my Solara serviced. Liked it! But I didn't try out the rear seats. Now I wonder if the rear seats are big enough for 2 skinny adults (5'1~5'3, 95~105lb) + 1 car seat. Any owner can share some experiences with me?
    Many thanks! :P
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,760
    Should be no problem, I'm 6'5" and fit in the back seat, after adjusting the front for me.
  • david2david2 Posts: 12
    Thanks, texases!
    I'm more concerned about the width (shoulder room). Maybe I should borrow a car seat and bring it to the dealer.
  • I read a review elsewhere that the headlights don't turn off automatically after you turn the engine off in the Scion xB. Is that true? If so, I am surprised. My old '95 Corolla has auto turn-off of headlights.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter with a large national newspaper is interested in talking with new owners of the Scion xB. If you recently purchased this vehicle, please contact Chintan Talati at no later than Monday, May 12.

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  • altontaltont Posts: 4
    Look at the price of diesel. VW service in San Antonio, TX is horrible. Too overloaded and they don't have simple parts. Took 6 weeks to get an EGR valve and that did not cure the Check Engine issue. XB has been a dream car and I have had it a year.
  • binglesbingles Posts: 1
    This is a warning to those living in cold climates who are considering buying the new generation of the Scion xB. I bought the 2008 xB in February and was soon surprised to learn that as often as not there would be one or two windows that I could not roll down (electronically) when the temperature was below freezing. There is apparently some problem with the design of the gaskets that allows moisture to creep in. When it freezes, the motor "decides" that it's better to stop trying than to burn itself out, and the window stays put. I live in upstate New York, and park my vehicle outdoors.
    Apparently Scion believes that this is normal behavior, though they said that they added some grease. As this was done late in the season, I don't yet know if it will have any effect. They warned me that there have been customers whose doors have become frozen shut.
  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    Am wondering if the SENSETRAC rear shocks available at Sears for the 05/06 and 07 Scion XB will fit the 08??? I had them in my hand but was affraid to put them on...Is frame different then earlier style and does the ride change for you guys that installed them
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,760
    It's a completely different vehicle, so I doubt they would fit.
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