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2008 Scion Xb



  • Yeah, because it was definately only 20-30 year olds driving the old one [/sarcasm]. I see more old people driving xBs than young people, both for the old and new models.

    Come on now. Thirsty? It gets roughly 11% less gas mileage. (for 2008 ratings, new car=22/28, old car = 26/30 (manual), using the combined mileage yields (1-(25/28))x100=10.7% less) In the 2007 ratings, it would have been 25/ that thirsty? In fact, I regularly beat that. I get about 26 around suburban streets (no faster than 40 mph, lots of stops and hills) and 32 on my commute which is an equal mix of suburban driving and 50 mph highway with some stoplights. I would probably get about 3 mpg more with the old xB, at most.

    The new xB is hardly porky. Although it is 600 lbs heavier than the old one, it is still considerably lighter than a Caliber, a PT-Cruiser, or an HHR. In fact, it is only about 100 lbs heavier than a Mazda 3 wagon.

    It bears no resemblence to a crossover either, at least no more than the old xB. It is shorter (height) than the old one, is closer to the ground, all while being wider and longer. You make it sound like it offers AWD and an offroad package.

    I do agree, it is not as funky or different as the orignial, but to many of us, that is a good thing. I like and almost bought an old xB, but the over-the-top styling, lack of cruise control, and 4000+ RPM on the highway (manual) scared me off.
  • altontaltont Posts: 4
    :) I finally managed to get the xB from my wife for a highway trip. She really loves it and now I agree.

    This vehicle is the Silver metallic model. We added leather interior, sport steering wheel, Scion Navigation and XM radio and 16" Corolla 5 spoke alloy wheels (Scion emblem). I had low profile tires on previous vehicle and they were constant problems plus rougher ride.

    The vehicle handles better than most I have owned in a long time. That includes Accura MDX, Accura 3.5RL and 06 VW Jetta TDI (Which I traded in on the xB at $1500 difference. VW service HORRIBLE and excessive long wait for parts.

    I averaged 27.6MPG @75MPH and lots of hills, passing and jackrabbit starts. We get 24 MPG city driving. At age of 70, this vehicle is delightful for entering and exiting. Seats are comfortable and visibility is excellent.

    My complaints are:

    No daylight running lights

    Clock and outside temperature are hidden in display menu and not visible at all times

    4 speed automatic instead of 5 speed. Downshifting on grades is annoying RPM change. RPM at 70 is approx 3000 and downshift goes over 4000.

    Daylight running light problem is soon to be cured with Fog lamp accessory and a little electronic knowledge. I will add two $.99 cent diodes in the wiring and ignition will turn on lights automatically. The fog lamps are like driving lamps and they cosmetically enhance the bottom grill at each side. I will do the installation as my dealer has never done one. The installation requires good mechanical knowledge and braveness due to cutting the grill. The instructions are great. I sent the modification to Scion Headquarters site.

    I suggest buying one of these. It is a head turning vehicle especially the way we have this one "dolled" up.

  • natatacnatatac Posts: 17
    How much did the leather seats run? And was it done by the dealer? thanks.....
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    I agree to the xB's greatness, but you're not the customer Toyota is trying to impress.

    Hopefully the 34 and under crowd is just as impressed.

    I just fit in thur! :shades:

  • altontaltont Posts: 4
    :shades: My leather upgrade ran $1495 and was done in one day by local people in San Antonio thru the dealer. The leather is charcoal with ash (gray like) inserts with ash stitching.
    The colors exactly match the xB headliner and xB side panels. The side panels have the Ash color also which set off the Charcoal interior. The sport steering wheel reflects the same two colors. The leather makes the seats very comfortable.

    The upgrade was excellent. You can contact Toyota dealer in Boerne, Tx for name of installer. He orders the kits from another source and just installs them.
  • altontaltont Posts: 4
    I have had at least 6 different GPS Navs in my automobiles and this new Scion xB navigator is one of the best I have ever used. You can pick a trip and have it play the trip back to you through the whole route. NEAT. The sound system is great with 160W audio. Screen displays give you all kinds of equalizer settings, sound surround settings and much more. I have XM activated on mine and what a unit. If you get the radio alone you pay $1495 and the Nav radio unit is $1995. This unit has a huge screen. You can play DVD's on the screen while you are parked and have parking brake on. There is not much this unit does not have. Too many features to mention.

    Be prepared to pack a lunch and a 6 pack of drinks and sit in the vehicle with the instruction manual. It is thick and full of pictures and procedures. Don't get frustrated.

    The VW TDI Jetta Nav system was over $2000 and did not have anything to compare to this one. That is why I chose Magellan plug and play unit for it instead of factory.
  • Here's a bit of feedback I can provide after owning my 2008 xB (automatic) for 2 months.

    Fuel economy: Avg is 27.5 mpg if you can trust the computer. When I was tracking it manually, I was getting about the same so I'm relying on the machine now.

    Drive: pleasant, considering how inexpensive the vehicle is. Sure it gets buzzy when you pedal to the metal, but that is rare for me. I'm often ahead of everyone taking off from a traffic light and I'm barely touching the gas. I will say that some of the funniest wind noise I get is from the roof when its windy (and up here in Minneapolis it can get that way often.) Overall, I love my xB much more than my 2005 Mustang (ugh, I hated how that thing handled in traffic -- no more American makes for me!)

    I did not put much in the way of options on the vehicle, as I'm not big on bling or dvds or nav systems (its called a map!) Still, I love my wagon meets SUV love child of a car.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    wow from a tdi to an xb. you are pretty darn optimistic about the mileage. I'd be depressed.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Most leather seat kits are by Katzkins. I had my 2006 xB done for $1250 as part of a combo deal with a sunroof for another $1250. The installer was a firm that was a dealer for Webasto and Katzkins. The leather kit included front and rear seats, headrests and door panels, replacing all the original fabric. The fabric covering is slipped off the front seats and the Katzkin leather seat covers are slipped on. The leather has a padded backing, and the seams are pulled down into the cushions by tie down straps that penetrate through the cushions. The rear seats were more complicated as the fabric covering was bonded. To avoid pulling off chunks of foam, the cushions had to be "skinned" with a knife.
  • On the new '08 they curved off all the cool boxy lines and gave it a more powerful engine. I liked it better when it was boxy and underpowered. I diden't mind the underpowerness.
  • natatacnatatac Posts: 17
    that's a great price,the local dealer in SCal{Orange County}lists leather for $1895 with no discounting.Don't know if it includes seat warmers, same price for the sunroof. $3790 vs. $2500 a big savings!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    a 20k xb sitting on the lot at a local dealer. its been there ever since the xb came out. i thought that the customization was suppossed to come after the purchase? maybe thats whats putting people off. they have a couple others that are less than 18k, but have hubcaps and such.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,770
    Is that price on a dealer sticker, or the factory sticker? I guess they can 'pre-customize' them and load them up...
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It isn't a problem unless they didn't also have ones without options available. The $20,000 one may just be a model to visualize to people what they could order.
    You said they also had ones under $18K with hubcaps, so there isn't anything to complain about.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i'm not complaining, just illustrating how no one would want to pay that much for an xb, regardless of what it offers.

    and yes, it was the factory sticker, not the dealer add-ons type.

    :blush: complaining...i'm so not in the market for an xb.
  • ehapgoodehapgood Posts: 1
    When I got my new 08 Scion I held off paying $449 for an XM radio because I figured that I could put an XM module into the vehicle for less than that. I was told by Crutchfield that their XM modules for Pioneer Radios would not work with the XM compatible radio in the 08 Scion. They say that Toyota has made it so that you have to pay the money for their XM upgrade. Is this true?
  • mcmanusmcmanus Posts: 121
    I believe that the 4.5 inch and 6 inch drop for interior space was a misprint, so relax and try it for yourself.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,770
    I did, there's a message somewhere here about it - yes, it must be a misprint, with the adjustable seat I had plent of headroom, and there are very few vehicles I can say that about. It's on my short list.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    If you go to Japan you can get the true bB and not the new modified tC four door wagon they are pawning off on us as the "new xB" :( You can see the true evolution of the bB (xB) at or on Toyota's Japan website:

    Don't get me wrong. I sell Toyotas and Scions and they are great cars for the money. I just hate what Toyota/Scion USA does to our market sometimes.
  • The new xB has very little relation to the tC. In fact, the only part that is shared is the transmission, and it is also shared with the Camry, etc. (albeit with a different final drive ratio) Even the engine is somewhat changed; it has a slightly different compression ratio and a revised head. The chassis has no relation to the tC, it is based off the European-market Auris; which I believe has relation to the Corolla (or will to the 2008 model).
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    No. The tC is based on the Avensis which is sold throughout the world. The NA xB is built on the same chassis, subframe, front axle, rear axle, uses the same engine and transmission. I have the literature to prove it but I would have to give you my password to get in. The Auris is a cousin of the Corolla but it's not the Corolla we will be getting for 2009. The 2008 Corolla is unchanged from the 2007 and has been on dealers lots for over a month now. ;)
  • "The xB rides on an all-new platform similar to that of the Auris, Toyota’s funky European hatchback. This platform is larger than that of the Japanese Toyota bB on which the first-generation xB was based."

    Quote from:

    They are not on the same platform. The have a different wheel base, different wheel bolt pattern (tC is 5X100, 2008 xB is 5X114.3), different brakes (2008 xB uses Rav4 rotors), etc. This is off of Edmunds:

    Exterior tC xB
    Length 174 in. 167.3 in.
    Height 55.7 in. 63 in.
    Wheel Base 106.3 in. 102.4 in.

    According to Autotrader, the tC's compression ratio is 9.6 and it has an 4-wheel independent suspension.

    Also according to Autotrader, the 2008 xB's compression ratio is 9.8 and it has an independent front suspension. The rear is a torsion beam type, I know because I have looked under my car.

    From, you can see the independent rear suspension of the tC in this PDF (scroll down).

    Here are some pictures of the NON-independent 2008 xB rear suspension.

    I agree the tC is based on the Avensis...but the 2008 xB is not. Unless you figure out how to copy-paste this "literature" or maybe take a screenshot (hit the "Print Screen" button and go to edit->paste in MSpaint, save as .jpg file).
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I am a Master Certified Toyota/Scion sales consultant. All my info comes straight from the source (the manufacturer).
    I take what CarandDriver says with a grain of salt. I cancelled my subscription to them a long time ago.
    What I said was the tC is based on the Avensis and the NA xB is just a four door tC. Look at the styling cues!
    Sure they have a different rear suspension but the chassis, frame, and subframes are the same.
  • First of all, the tC and xB do not look all that similar; to my eyes at least. Even if you feel they look really similar, styling cues mean absolutely nothing when it comes to platform/chassis.

    One of MANY examples is the Honda Pilot / Acura MDX / Honda Odyssey / Honda Ridgeline. They are all on the same platform. Most of them look NOTHING alike.

    The xB only has a front subframe, not a rear, so if they are shared, there is only one. (I don't know if they are shared, I don't have a tC to compare and cannot find pictures offhand) Also, there is no "frame" as they are both unibody cars. Assuming you are referring to the unibody when you say "chassis", there would still have to be massive modifications to the chassis to go from tC to xB. The wheelbase is 4" shorter, the roof is much higher (all of this is included in the unibody). I am sure whichever car the xB is based on required significant modifications, it is not "the same" as any car.

    The Auris is within 1" in length and has an IDENTICAL wheelbase. It has a strut front and torsion beam rear suspension, JUST LIKE THE xB.


    To convert mm to inches, divide by 25.4.

    Look, I really don't mean to offend you, but I would tend to believe well established news sources (though they have been wrong in the past) before I would take the word of a disembodied voice from the internet.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    "Look, I really don't mean to offend you, but I would tend to believe well established news sources (though they have been wrong in the past) before I would take the word of a disembodied voice from the internet. "

    That's just like saying "with all due respect". :( I am hardly a "disembodied voice from the internet." :) I've been on these forums since their inception and am well respected by other users and the hosts. Some of them have valued my insight and opinions so much that they've become customers. If you don't want to believe what I say that's your prerogative, and I'm ok with that. If you still have doubts go to my carspace and check it out.
  • It really is nothing personal. Regardless of who someone is or claims to be on the internet, I would believe an established news source before I take their word without proof. That goes for any subject matter, any topic, any claim. I said "I don't really mean to offend you" because I didn't, I was simply stating that I don't believe everything people tell me over the internet, especially when they offer no proof.

    I believe you have been around for a while, and I believe you are a sales consultant for Toyota/Scion.

    That doesn't make you infallible.

    Post a link, a screen shot, or copy-paste the text from the literature. "I'm right because of who I am" doesn't fly.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Don't put words in my mouth please. I never said I was infallible nor I'm right because of who I am. If you don't believe that's fine. No harm done.
  • the accord hybrid is the most powerful honda :) .it is honda trying to show everyone that hybrids dont have to be slow but 2007 was it's last year shame because i beat a honda accord coupe ex 6 sp at the strip with mine :) . wonder how it feels to be beaten by a hybrid
  • my dad's 08 xb has 70,000 miles mostly highway and the economy gets better as it breaks in. no real problems yet his is "fully loaded" with accessories from their website. he cant wait to supercharge it :)
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