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The New Scion 2008 xD



  • gunadigunadi Posts: 1
    Hi - I am interested in a couple of after market products. The first is a rubber cargo mat the covers the entire back with the rear seats down. The second is a cage-like barrier used for hauling dogs. Does anyone know if either exist for the xD?
  • bearcrkrdbearcrkrd Posts: 167
    Almost all the Car Magazines have ads in them for Mats. WeatherTech and I think they are connected business-wise, they list together. Very nice stuff, and a large inventory for cars, trucks, vans, suv's and crossovers. I have a hunch there may not be anything for an xD yet. My hunches aren't always right, though. I'm not going to check online and then rewrite this Post. I'll check after I sign out of here and see! ;)
  • laefllaefl Posts: 1
    Hi, I just bought my Scion xD 2008 last Saturday and find really amazing with all the features and it runs really great and it's really roomy. I love it. Gas mileage is really very good. I just have a question if the door locks itself when you put in the gear because the one I bought it didn't do it automatically, does anybody have any idea about this? I would really appreciate any response that would help me here.
  • svec7186svec7186 Posts: 56
    does the xd have auto off lights when the car is turned off? i think it had day time driving lights but that all i know about the lights.
  • ohplezzohplezz Posts: 74
    I'd check great info and forums. I personally don't know. I have decided to hold out for something else w/ better mpg.
  • sherm7sherm7 Posts: 2
    I just bought an xd a week ago and love it. At 54 I don't fit the demographic but I'm a working musician around the Cleveland area ( and I think its a great little gig vehicle. Perfect for hauling my little solo pa rig. I traded out of my trusty old Jeep Cherokee mostly because the 14mpg was eating into my earnings. I suppose I could have lived with that but then when the a/c evaporator gave out that clinched it. (So I'm a wimp.)

    Anyway ... greetings. Looking forward to learning more about Scions here on the forum.

  • mcmanusmcmanus Posts: 121
    No, the xD does not have daytime headlights. In fact, the alarm isn't very loud. You could miss hearing it in a noisy environment or if you have poor hearing.

    Why can't manufacturer's (in this case Toyota/Scion) simply keep using the same bits and pieces on stuff like this?? How much can they save re-engineering a crummy little part? And why brake what isn't broken? :mad:
  • mcmanusmcmanus Posts: 121
    Was at a Toyota/Scion dealership for service and stepped into the showroom. One of the salesguys mentioned that they were selling new Scions at 3% off sticker (end of month push).
  • e_thereale_thereal Posts: 17
    Hi can you tell me where this dealer was?

  • I purchased the Scion xD RS 1.0 on 7.10.08. I know it's a great car (mechanics/engine/Toyota) but "What were they thinking?" There are a few improvements that would make this car perfect.
    Add a cup holder on the dash that pops out for the driver, the passenger has one. The power button for the radio is on the right side of the unit. It is easier for my passenger to use. I am getting rid of this radio tomorrow.
    Put the "series" numbered plate upfront on the console for everyone to see. The plate is hid from view. In fact, you have to get down on your hands and knees to see it.
    The clock is in at the bottom of the console difficult to see. The location of the clock is really last minute.

    This car was not "built" for demographics but I wanted small and dependable. I am happy but somewhat annoyed with the imperfections.

    I know the car is
  • Renting is a great idea. Which agencies rent scions? Thanks.
  • hey did you ever figure it out? i have a scion xd and was wondering the same thing.
  • Ride21Ride21 Posts: 4
    We rent them at our dealership - Camelback Scion in Phoenix AZ. Also I know that Enterprise in San Diego does. We sell them cars and yes at the same price everyone pays. NO body gets a discount on the car unless posted in the dealership.
  • toby50toby50 Posts: 2
    I purchased a xb in jan of 08 the seat has just been brutal. I drive around 5k per month the car has preformed excellent (82k miles to date) but Im not sure how much longer I can tolerate the terrable seat. the dealer sent me to their seat guy (of course he told me the car was not designed for 6'4'' 260. I fit fine seat is not even all the way back. But man its like setting on a bucket
  • toby50toby50 Posts: 2
    does anyone have a suggestion for a retooled seat
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