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Lincoln Navigator Suspension



  • bied2322bied2322 Posts: 2
    When the truck was leaning, we turned off the suspension. Turned it back on now and it leveled itself out, but the airbags will not inflate all the way.
  • slowpepslowpep Posts: 1
    I recently had a situation very close to what your having yet I corrected the problem with the replacement of my Height Adjuster Sensor on the driver side. Over a period of years, the joints on those adjusters like anything else in the weather can fail. Mine however seized up and with that, gave a faulty reading when the compressor was filling the bags. The arms on those sensors should sway freely and very easily with little to no pressure to lift at all when arms are hanging freely. I basically had to use a pair of pliers to move mine. SO having said that, I replaced both sensors FYI, it's best to replace them both rather then have one working better then the other.. Now my truck levels to the right height with the proper air in all bags. Before just buying the sensors, simply turn the suspension off, and unhook one of the sensor arms from the trucks frame or mounted position located just inside of the wheel and frame and try moving it up and or down check to see if it's seized or not. If it is, then you know what you need to do next. I have also found that the O rings on the bags tend to leak over time and isn't expensive to replace.
  • a11m1ghtya11m1ghty Posts: 10
    Have you resolved this issue? I'm in the same place as this post was in 09'. Currently I have both #25 & 26 cut.
  • humnbasshumnbass Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Navigator and it's down on the drivers side but perfect on the passenger side. The odd thing is that some days it's perfect and on other days it's like I stated before. The weird thing is that on the days when it's at the proper height the A/C is on. It's never at it's proper height when the A/C is not on. How strange is this. Any help would be highly appreciated
  • bowronfambowronfam Posts: 1
    Hoping I can find some help! Put a new sway bar (not aftermarket, just stock) into my '02 Gator and ever since then the "check suspension" light has been on and the air suspension does not turn on. Anyone know what it could be???
  • MY WIFE, not I, has a 2004 navigator. I experienced everything from dropped front passenger, dropped front end, low rider all around, cold weather nonoperational, failed compressor, and blown seal on both front bags. I have replaced the compressor, both front bags and shocks, and the relay. A week ago, I finished on the leveling sensors and it worked and rode like a brand new problem waiting to happen. Yesterday it stopped working completely and is showing the check suspension light. So, I replaced the compressor, relay switch and both the 50 amp and 10 amp inside on the fuse panel, but the compressor is still non responsive. Does anyone know if there are any other fuses or a wiring schematic that I can try to figure out why it is not getting a response?
  • uasi71uasi71 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Gator, I just replaced both rear air bags. My problem is the driver side is about 2" lower than the passengers side. Also, I think its the compressor that keeps going off about 30 mins after the car has been turned off. It also continues to turn on while I am driving. Any suggestions???
  • maaligmaalig Posts: 1
    Hi i just changed my air suspension compressor, it went on me and my truck was sitting on my 24" rims for like a week. im having problems with the suspension again and i believe the problem is that my rare lift gate is open. is there anyway to shut it of or restart the computer because i believe that is the source of why my suspension wont go up in the front???
  • a11m1ghtya11m1ghty Posts: 10
    Swap out the air suspension all together! It's junk. I did it before our FL vacation. It takes about 1 hour per shock to swap it out. In the end, no more head aches, and wasted money on O rings, compressors, valves, etc. No brainier. DIY! Believe me, the ride quality is the same!
  • I have an 03 navigator and having a driver side suspension issue. After driving the truck for a few minutes and turning it off and restarting instead of the airbag filling and raising the truck it actually deflates completely and wont raise up after a few hours of sitting still. Once the truck is started a few hours later it inflates just fine and can drive it for hours without a problem. Once i turn if off and come back and turn it on the driver side deflates. Half of the time the check suspension light does not come on. Even when the bag is deflated and i run the system diagonstic i get suspension OK. If i drive the car for a long period with the driver side down i get the check suspension, but not very often. Also when i turn on the car after running it for a few minutes i can actually hear the clicking from the driver side and it deflates the airbag in 3 clicks in less than 10 seconds. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Please help.
  • I have a 2005 Lincoln Navigator. This past weekend I was driving and turned the AC on and the positioning that I had of the air was directed toward the body. Every five minutes the air flow would adjust between the body and the defroster. During this process the AC never lost its cold temperature. I orginally thought that the panel that directed and changed the air flow was not working correctly, but I realized that the air kept changing between both positions. Now I am beginning to think it might be an electrical problem.

    Any thoughts?
  • go to and look up "blend door". Common issue. Myine hasn't acted up yet (crossing my fingers).
  • THanks for the message, however the website is not pulling up. You say its a common issue, but what have you seen to be the fix. Is it the actual blend door or is it something electrical?

  • Your power brake booster is going bad, had the same problem, its a vacuum leak. If you go under the dash you can probably hear some air leaking and then when you apply the brake it goes away. Its going to cost you about $400, $200 for the part if you buy it yourself online (use autozone) or $600 plus from a dealership cuz they call it a factory part where you have to send it in. Labor is about $200.
  • OK--you will thank me for this--Obviously your suspension is f'd up and it cost between $4000-$6000 to have it replaced. Couple of things, 1-the Ford motor company has problems with all air ride suspension on all trucks and suv's from 1998, all they did was put out a technical service BULLetin, so here's the deal, I refuse to give in, so I did some research and found$710 with shipping, and 4 hours of mine and my husbands time(because we didn't have an impact gun, only $20 at home depot by the way) we shut off the air suspension, jacked up the truck with a hydraulic jack and 2 jack stands and replaced the suspension ourselves. They have a video to watch so any one can do it. The truck rides better now than when new. It pisses me off that Ford/Lincoln have not just corrected the problem. By the way, Ford/Lincoln air suspension is not rated to go below 20'f or above 90'f, which both occur here in Indiana. Good luck, I hope this helps, sorry to carry on. K.
  • I've aquired quite a bit of knowledge on the 03-06 Navigators as mine has been a lemon, literally. The latches and sensors on this vehicle are notorious for "sticking". Even when the doors are definitely closed, the computer doesn't think so and yes, this will affect your suspension and also interior lights. First you need to try to isolate which door is faulting. If your dash says, "liftgate agar", the first thing you want to check is your rear glass. Sometimes the wiper motor doesn't "park" correctly and the sensor doesn't read that the glass is closed. If your wiper doesn't work, this is most definitely the problem. The fix is less than $200. If it is the actual gate, you can try liberally spraying JB Blaster (a lubricant) into the latch and opening and closing several times to get it to loosen up. This will probably happen again, usually in the winter. Eventually you'll have to replace the latch assembly.
  • brimybrimy Posts: 3
    I'm NOT the first and probably won't be the last to say that the "air ride suspension" is nice, but it is designed to FAIL!!!! TOO MANY parts and places for things to go wrong! I replaced my compressor and the front "ride height sensors" and two years later....
    ...the compressor is gone again! Who knows what else!?!? :mad:
    From responses I've seen here the air bags could, and probably are leaking causing the compressor to work harder and thus fail (and there are FOUR of them)!!
    If you plan on keeping your truck, SERIOUSLY consider changing the air ride suspension. A company online, STRUTMASTERS.COM, makes a "coil over" conversion kit and is reasonably priced and your headaches will be gone!!! :blush:
    I've converted mine and it rides just as good as the air ride suspension. :shades:
  • Try checking for a ride height sensor control arm in the wheel well. It will look like a small push-control rod connected to the upper end of the shock strut frame. The other end is connected to a small sensor the swivels up and down as the vehicle changes height. I had the exact same problem you are describing. One of my ride height control arms sheered off at the bolt and the vehicle read it as operating normally but sagged on the passenger side. It should be a quick and easy fix.
  • My relay went on my 2002 navigator, when i go to bypass the relay the compressor turns on but the rear wont lift? ahhhh its driving me crazy this truck is one prob after another right now.
  • do you still have the video of how you changed the suspension?
  • HOw much did you pay for your ride height sensor? Where did you purschase it from?
  • I am in the process of changing my air suspension to springs and struts. I am going to disconnect the air suspension, but looking for the instructions on how to disconnect the system to ensure that I don't get the check suspension light to turn on>

  • Charles74,

    Taking your advice about strutmasters and installing it on my 2005 Navi. Looking for the instructions on shutting off the air bag system to eliminate the check suspension light from coming on.

    do you have the instructions that you can provide me......

  • I am in the process of changing my air suspension to springs and struts. I am going to disconnect the air suspension, but looking for the instructions on how to disconnect the system to ensure that I don't get the check suspension light to turn on>


    There's the video (ignore the french commercial in the beginning).

    My truck has the neal down option, so I'm stuck with the warning error message.
  • Thank you for the follow-up message. I have seen this video before and it will help me out during my conversion process. From what you know, turning the air suspension off at the switch, will this ensure that the warning light does not come on? I was going to turn the switch off and pull the fuse out for the air compressor?

    Also, how do I know if I don't have the "neel down option?"
  • We decided about a year and a half ago to replace all of the air suspension with traditional coil spring suspension, after the front right side dropped so significantly that the vehicle was undriveable. The cost to replace all of them was about $1200 parts/labor as I recall vs. about $2000 parts/labor for each bag replaced for the air ride.

    Anyhow, the ride has been very comfortable and no problems with the actual suspension. However, we now have all kinds of problems with the electric in the vehicle. First, the check suspension signal came on originally and we were told it couldn't be disconnected, so we would just hit reset after it came on and the beeping would stop. Now the beeping will continue randomly, stating door ajar(even though the door is not ajar). Pressing reset does nothing. I have also adjusted the lights as sometimes the cabin lights would just come on randomly. Now the door locks don't all work.

    As much as I would like to get my wife out of this vehicle, we really can't afford the upgrade right now, and quite honestly she loves the big suv! What I'd like to do is find someone that knows wiring and find someway to disconnect the notification system. Other then being a gas guzzler, drivers seat doesn't move or heat up, radio/speakers are messed up; the truck fits the needs of our family for trips to the lake and getting kids to and from practices.

    We live in West Chester, OH. So if you know anyone, or have any ideas let me know.
  • Greetings and thanks to all for the very helpful posts.
    Currently all four corners of my nav are down. The compressor will work if i feed it power right to it. But i'm not getting any power at all going to the relay (behind the headligt) I tried jumping the A-B and nothing. I've checked all the fuses and relays on the power supply block and they are good. Is there any other relay or fuse that will cut the power to this system?
  • I have the same year Nav. Being that the coil conversion has taken place, our trucks ability to "Kneel Down" upon exiting feature is the issue. I've heard the same beep for 6 mos now since converting. I was told that the error code is not repairable unless you want to replace your conversion kit and spend thousands on the air suspension to be reinstalled.

    As far as the door issue, it's a simple fix. The door switch is stuck in one of your doors. Go to your local auto parts store and purchase a can of silicone spray lubricant and hose it into your door internals (door jamb) all the while pulling on the outer door handles (Which allows the lubricant to coat the door's internal mechanisms).
  • We're looking to replace our air suspension in our 05 Navigator with the coils as well. Would you do it again if you had the option? Does it still ride like a car vs. a truck?
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