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Dodge Caravan Instrument Panel



  • I followed the directions and it worked! I really appreciate the advice. My safety and speed limit consious wife is also appreciative. Thanks again.
  • This is exactly the problem (among a few others) that brought me to this forum via a Google search.

    After reading everything, I have decided to name my 2001 Caravan ... HAL.

    HAL: "Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over. "
  • I had the exact same thing happen to our 01 DGC this past Sunday night. Everything was working fine when I turned off the van to pump gas. I went and checked the fluids under the hood, like I usually do, when pumping gas. When I went to turn on the head lights the dash back lights would not turn on. (I checked the dimmer switch, hopping I accidently turn it off, but that wasn't the case.) Just the mileage, radio, gear selector and airbag light was on. I even tried turning the engine off a few times with know success. After I got home, I checked the fuse box for any visibly blown fuses and didn't see any. Also, I tried to find out which fuse was specifically for the dash lights, but wasn't able to. Well, today when I turned on the head lights, the dash lights all came back on. Still not sure what caused the problem, but thank the Lord it's fixed. :)
  • reonreon Posts: 19
    My 1994 caravan doesn't have a tach on the panel. Would a junk yard panel that does have a tach on it work?

    Are there other interfaces needed? Can I just plug the new panel in?

    Thanks for any help.
  • Dude, Did you ever fix the problem? I have exactly the same problem...
    I have spent some time in all the stuff under the steering wheel and fuses & such. But I done know what looks correct/ so, even If I saw the problem I wouldnt know it.
    Just currious if you ever got the issue resolved?
  • yes mine works fine for over 6 months now. it did go off once over a big bump but I think I didn't spend enough time cleaning each pin and socket.
  • reonreon Posts: 19
    "My 1994 caravan doesn't have a tach on the panel. Would a junk yard panel that does have a tach on it work?

    Are there other interfaces needed? Can I just plug the new panel in? "

    Yes, I researched this and was sure it would work, Bought a used one at the junk yard and installed it.

    I now have a TACHOMETER, VOLT METER, OIL PRESSURE gages in addition to the original gages.

    Works perfect. I did reinstall my original odometer to keep the van milage correct.
  • kenruekenrue Posts: 1
    my dodge caravan is out of all gauges i disconnect the instrument panel and re soldered but still the same i check all wires but cant see anything broken or burn wire i replace the bcm with same code engine runs but gauges does'nt work i clean fuse box not corroded its intack with dielectric grease i check all the solution that i read the forum but is'nt work any idea for help i try my best.i check the wiring from cluster i found it the pink color is 12v,the red w/white strip is 12v also but the vilolet is 0.50vand the whiye /black stripe also 0.50v any idea for that other say need this 2 wire at least 2.5v so this is rhe problem thanks anyway :sick:
  • mrt123mrt123 Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    Hello I am looking at 2002 caravan , this van belongs to lady I know , she had this car stored outside over the winter. I went to start the van and the battery was dead ,tried to jump the car it started no problem but I noticed that the dash Cluster was completely dead , no rpms not gas no nothing and her turning signals where not operating. She said everything was working before she stored the car except the rear windshield wipers did not work. This is a basic model and has a aftermarket remote starter with key less door locks. I have been doing lots of reading here with lots of great help and tips. I also heard that the bcm is located under the passenger side could somebody confirm this. i know in the earlier years like the 98 models where under the drivers side because i had to replace one before. n
    I also read on another site the ground for the bcm for this year is located on the seat belt collum behind the passenger seat this has lead to problems concerning corrosion, can anybody confirm this thanks

    I used to be a 12volt installer for 18 years and I am thinking of buying this car and taking on this project. The lady is selling her van for $1500.00 and has about 250.000 klm or 155.342 miles, she would travel long distances very often so it is mostly highway driving not city and the body and the rest of the van is very clean.
    So my question is should I go for it and it is worth looking at or turn the deal down
  • i whould try unpluging the battery for a couple of hours and reset computer i bought a 93 from dealer for a grand only had 60 thousand they couldnt figure out what was wronge with it had the same problems as yours it was the bcm put cluster in first once i got the bcm changed never had problem again that was two years ago only paid 15 at junkyard for bcm turned out car belonged to my bosses freinds mom she traded it in cause the place she took it to couldnt figure it out eigther had tons of new parts on it then it was a 15 dollar part i whould take the chance if it were me
  • mrt123mrt123 Posts: 2
    thanks , i talked with her and she is going to give me a chance to try to fix it before buying the van ,very nice of her, i am going to go through this forum and look closely at everything.

    thanks for the Reply

  • Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I gave up on trying to fix. I didn't want to get in to cluster panel for fear of breaking something critical. I have not tried to replace BCM which on my 99 Plymouth GC is under radio/heating controls/storage compartment....I think. I noticed that when starting if any lights come on on the panel before in gaging the starter then the ding will not occur. But lately is comes on all the time. If you find that it is a BCM I might try to find one at Junkyard.

    I am now at [email protected]
  • jspitzleyjspitzley Posts: 2
    Ok - wow- perhaps help is available Dorthy! - we have a 1994 Grand Voyager, it sat for a year while the new Odessey took its place in the garage. I finally got some time to start and run. After much fuss over our old friend, it started and ran great. Only real problems, the fuel gage reads empty (tank is full), the airbag idiot light is on, and the rear wiper does not work. Each time I replace the fuse(for the airbag and rear wiper), it blows immediately. I've read the other posts, but not sure that they apply. Are these items connected? any suggestion greatly appreciated.
  • benderb12benderb12 Posts: 2
    Where is bcm on 1995 caravan se? Another site said it didn/t have one but I don't think that is true since all other year models seem to have one. What does it look like? Is it at the same place that andyjoann described in post 135 above? (under radio, heater controls, storage compt) this is where I heard loud ticking comming from intermittantly before everything went out. All guages, speed, tack, door locks, lift gate release, all ding bells, warning lights, and dash lichts are out. Car starts and runs and outside lights, interior reading lights still work. I am not sure if the famous Soldier problem or the Red connector corrosion problem at the circuit board of the cluster is the problem --hitting dash etc didn't bring it back to life. Also, would these last two affect the locks, latch,and dash lights? Please tell where bcm is and how to remove it. Center consol is removed.
  • I found the BCM under the driver side instrument panel behind the fuse box. It looks a little difficult to get at. I gave up on fixing it since I thought you needed to get it programmed with VIN and mileage, but did find an outfit the does it for $225.
  • benderb12benderb12 Posts: 2
    Now I am confused andyjoann2010. In post 135 you said under radio and storage area. In 138 you say behind fuse box on driver side. Are these two different cars? Still I need to know what it looks like. Is it the size of a stick of gum - a pack of cigarettses - or more like a vcr tape?? Does it have plugs going into it? etc. Somebody please clue me in.
  • I was wrong in thinking that the BCM was under center consel, the BCM on 1999 is as stated under the driver side instrument panel behind fuse box. It has a double connector on front and is 7x7 in size roughly. I would check out if it has to be reprogrammed. It can be check for errors by a company at 1-800-519-5279
  • i have a 93 changed my bcm it was on the driver side silver box gots two or three plugs its abouht 5 inches by 5 inches got it at a junk yard two years ago still working fine 25 bucks good luck
  • its on the rhite side between steering wheel and consill
  • donno99donno99 Posts: 1
    Is there any reason for the little square cubbyhole in the center of the dash? It's right where the circular clock is on the T&C. Is there some option available that uses that space?


    Donno99 :confuse:
  • pkardyspkardys Posts: 1
    What instructions were you given to correct this problem????
    I would really appreciate the help..............
  • kolbspakolbspa Posts: 1
    When we first purchased this vehicle this spring. The instrument and center console lights did not work. I did find the battery to be extremely corroded and cleaned with a baking soda water mix, removed the pos/neg cables, and cleaned posts. Doing so brough back lights to the dash and radio. However, the climate zone will not light up. Does anyone know how to remidy this issue? I have even gone so far as to pop off decorative facia and unhook the conncections to the module (hoping to find a fuse). This was not the case..It is very frustrating and quite difficult to see at night when driving. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • My 2001 Caravan has had almost the exact same issue.

    It started as follows:
    I went shopping for about an hour or so. When I returned, the car would not start.
    The battery was dead. I hadn't left anything on or running, and the battery was about a year old.

    I replaced the battery, and the car started up without any problems. However, the instrument panel went dead for about 10 seconds and the turn signals would not work. After that, the panel lights were working, but as soon as I used my turn signal, the panel died again. When I turned off the signal, the panel lights came back on. Now this started happening every time.

    At one point, however, I left the signal on, and after 10 seconds the panel lights came back on (even with the turn signal on).

    Later, I disconnected the ground post on the battery, and when I touched it back to the ground post I didn't notice any sparks. I then turned on the turn signal and tried disconnecting, then reconnecting to the ground post on the battery. Now I noticed fairly substantial sparks. I thought that there was a short in the turn sign relay or something like that.

    I tried disconnecting the battery and resetting the IOD, thinking it was the BCM.
    That didn't seem to have any effect.

    Ultimately I thank this forum and handyman49 for solving the problem. I showed my mechanic this link and he looked at the fuse box connector and found the corrosion.
  • I have a 2003 Grand Caravan. I let my van run for about 5 minutes this morning before I planned to leave for work.
    When I got in the van there was a light on just above or to the left of the washer fluid light.
    Looks like an engine or transmission???
    Needless to say I didn't dare drive the van.
    I drove it several times yesterday through out the day and did not notice any problems with it. One trip was 50 miles each way.
    What is it?
    I no longer have the manual and have tried doing a search but no luck.
    I have checked all of the fluids and their levels are fine.
  • mate, great really worked. we're about to drive off from the netherlands to london. did the pre-checks last night and this happened. read your article...hey presto!! cheers!! :)
  • eclaypooleclaypool Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    :sick: did you ever find out what caused the instrument panel to go out. We are having the same problem with ours and would like to try everything possible to fix it before we take it to a mechanic. We have no speedomter, or turn signals along with pretty much everything else on the panel. Any suggestions?
  • My problem has definitely been fixed !!
    Faults are all being caused by fractured soldering on the rear of the instrument cluster circuit board; mainly ground returns - that's why so many odd & erratic things happen.
    It's not a big deal removing the instrument cluster and resolder the obviouse fractures in the solder joints....
    My opinion is that when everyone jumped on the 'lead free' bandwagon, the electronics industry went to a high tin type content thereby making the solder less flexible and prone to movement stress fractures....
    IF you can search the site further, you should come across a final posting from me outlining the disassembly and resoldering instructions on my Dodge '98 Grand Caravan.
    Don't let the dealers get their hands on this problem... From the horror stories I've heard, some people have paid big bucks for the dealers to guess & unecessarily replace all sorts of modules...
    IF you can get partial functioning of the display cluster by thumping hard on the top of the dash, that's a good indication it's bad display cluster soldering..
    Let me know if this works for you ok?
  • johnbeck,

    No luck searching for your final post outlining the disassembly and resoldering instructions. Can you give us a link?
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