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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • You mention a gas gauge problem in your wife's Yukon. Exactly what is the problem? I have a 2003 Denali and it seems as if it slowly creeps to 1/2 tank and then rushes to empty. Is this similar to your problem? I really don't have any complaints, love the truck although it does have a slight wind noise by the drivers window, don't know if that is normal but I'll have everything checked when I bring it in for regular service.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    The gauge in the SLT quit going all the way to full. It reads about 7/8 when filled to the brim. As for warranty issues, I'd like to go through the entire 3 years with out one problem...THEN; get the extended. The SLT has wind noise at the sun roof and drivers side window or windshield. The Denali is whisper quiet... with the sunroof shield closed.
  • My 2003 Denali's gas gauge definitely creeps twoard the 1/2 mark and then drops like a rock. I recall this same situation with a Buick I used to have. Maybe it's a GM thing?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    its due to the shape of the gas tank......
  • jtbuffjtbuff Posts: 25
    Was wondering how most change their oil.I usually change every 3000 miles but when I check the oil life I still show 63 percent oil life left.Have a 2003 Yukon Denali XL. Really like the vehicle.Have had quite a few probles with it.Stabilatract,ride control and while we were on vacation in Fla.water came pouring down from the overhead consol so much that it filled the ash tray up.Got everything fixed.Did manage to get a pretty good warranty.Full coverage no deductable for an additional 72,000 miles.So the Denali is covered for 86,700 or until 2009.
  • I have my 2003 Denali's oil changed every 5000 miles at the dealer. I take my own oil (Mobil 1 5W-30) and filter (Mobil 1). They charge me $11 labor for the oil change and lube. I figure for $11 it's not worth doing it myself. My oil life ends up around 50% at 5000 miles.
  • I've done all the oil changes on my '02 Denali. My change oil light usually goes on around 5000 miles. I've only used Mobil 1 5W-30 and an AC Delco filter. I bought ramps rated to hold heavier vehicles. I've found the filter and drain plug very easy to access.
  • 2001 Denali
    My oil light comes on around 4000 to 4500 miles. Been using Mobile 1.

    Lot's of in town driving. 25 to 35 MPH. Lately, been using only "3" instead of "O". MPG went from 11.5 to 15.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    "3" and "0" ? Are we talking 3rd gear as opposed to drive? Anything that helps mileage is worth knowing. I have heard Mobil 1 helps and a K&n filter helps as well. My mileage has dropped this week for some reason. I'm thinking Missouri has switched over to the less potent winter blend. I usually can keep it near 17 mpg if the hiway driving outweighs the city driving. Maybe thats all I'm going to get. She sure likes to ping after shut down, I kind of like it. The wife's SLT with the 5.3 does not ping, but the Denali sounds so much meaner at idle... like a cabin cruiser...enjoy, all!
  • I did mean 3rd reather than Drive/OverDrive.
    I've also been using Amoco 89 octane.
  • I work for Verizon Wireless and since Verizon supplies the cellular network for GM On-Star, I get a Supplier Discount which allows me to purchase a new 2003 or 2004 Denali XL for 1 to 2% under Dealer cost. My worries are based on all the posts on the Denali problems site, I will end up with a purchase of a $53,560.00 pile of junk.

    While I know that no SUV currently made is completely trouble free, I would prefer to purchase a Toyota Sequoia or Nissan Armada because they appear (based on posts) not to have the various problems that GM SUV's are subject too. However my wife really likes the looks of the Denali XL over the Sequoia or Armada (can't argue with her on that point),which may or may not rule out a purchase of either of those two.

    Would welcome your options before I place my order for a white 2004 Denali XL with a sunroof, middle row captain chairs and rear DVD system (MSRP $53,560 - gotta love that Supplier Discount).

    I look forward to your posts.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    And sell it before the 3/36 factory warranty expires or purchase an extended warranty. Some may say that the Denali is's expensive junk.
  • I would also recommend the Denali. Regardless of which SUV you buy, if you are planning on keeping it past the factory warranty period, you need to seriously consider an extended warranty. With the extent of computerization today and labor rates being where they are, one failure can pay for the cost of the extended warranty coverage.

    Another option (if you are concerned about reliability) would be a lease - your down side is limited and you can buy the SUV at the end of the lease if you have a keeper.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    Get the Denali. It's a no brainer. I have 2 and neither one has been back to the dealer. When cruising these boards, remember how many more GM suv's are on the road than any other brand. This would generate many more posts both positive and negative. GM guys, I think, are more likely to read and post in these boards than BMW, Lexus, or even Toyota owners. With a ratio of 100 to 1, (just an observed guess) you might have a better insight into the GM cars right here. Just my 2 cents. 70+ degrees in St. Louis today, where's the snow????
  • I am looking at a left over 2003 Garnet Red Denali with sunroof, nav, captains chairs, heated block. With incentives etc the cost would be $42900. Sounds great, and I don't think it can be beat. More impressive is they are giving me $19500 for the trade in of my 2002 Bravada with several dings. This is a great deal, isn't it ???? I think I have to due it. My impression is that all of it combined is a killer deal, or is this just average?
  • Just handed back a leased 2000 Yukon - no major problems and it was a powerful beast even with the 4.7L but ... cheapest interior I have ever seen, and nasty sound system. Reliability seems to be an issue for lots of owners, no airbags for the monkeys in either back row, and two-toned seats??? European??? French, maybe. LX 470 has better handling/fit/finish/reliability and, I'm guessing, snow roadholding. Sluggish off the mark, though, no XM, may be replaced soon, and Japanese maker (they "cheat" in trade - big barriers to imports from US). Seems like a girl's car, too. Thoughts?
  • I also went through the exercise of deciding between purchasing a used '00-'01 LX470 or '01-'02 Denali. I wanted a luxury 4wd vehicle that would be used 95% on the road, but be a capable tow vehicle and be able to handle moderate off-road situations. Since I was buying used, I was not as concerned about dealership service experience where the Lexus would be much better. The LX470 has a perceivably higher build quality and is much more refined (smoother idle, superior materials and ergonomics). The LX470 third row seats are a joke except for the small kids vs. Denali third row seats which are slightly larger. Denali is larger in every interior dimension and the seats are some of the most comfortable in the business. The Denali has more "American-specific" features such as cup holders, plethora of power outlets, rear hatch etc...; these may seem silly but it makes a difference when living with the vehicle day to day. The Denali autoride yields far better ride characteristics (smooth ride, great cornering) and it has much better acceleration. This surprised me because the LX470 suspension appears so dynamic and sophisticated; drive both back-to-back and you will know what I mean. Denali returns 17-18 highway MPG on regular unleaded vs. a 14-16 MPG on premium for the LX470. Denali has a higher tow capacity and you see many more GM family tow vehicles than Toyota tow vehicles. I assume LX470 will be more reliable, but my guess is that long term ownership would be more expensive/aggravating since these rare vehicles are probably dealer-only servicable with expensive non-stocked parts. Denali is a low service vehicle with timing chain, 150k mile coolant, quick change headlight bulbs, 100k mile plugs etc...: LX470 has regular service intervals and a 90k timing belt service (big $$$). GMC parts are ubiquitous and knowledgeable mechanics plentiful, so my guess is that repair frequencies may be greater, but the overall price and experience better. AWD system on LX470 with low range is legendary and superior to Denali AWD. Denali high-torque 6.0L v-8 helps make up some of the disadvantage of a single gear transfer case which would only cause problems in off-road situations which noone except the filthy rich would dream of using either of these pricey vehicles.

    My '01 Denali has 50k miles and I have all service records which show a repair history of an alternator belt adjustment and a replaced 6-disc CD unit.

    Hope this helps you decide. Either way you end up with a great ride.
  • Great review, with lots of information I would never have gotten otherwise. I appreciate you taking the time and writing it so well.
  • My first SUV was a beater Chevy Blazer I bought as a winter vehicle to protect my sports car. I like it so much I sold both vehicles and bought a Tahoe. I like the Tahoe so much I am upgrading to a Denali XL in a couple months. I only have two decisions left. Should I get the DVD entertainment system and Nav system or go with a protable system. Can anyone who has either tell me what they think.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I bought a portable DVD player. The Denali entertainment center was a dealer add on when I bought (2001). I am very happy with the portable as we can take it in any of our vehicles as well as plug it in at a motel or wherever we're staying.
    I think portability in a navigation system would also be an advantage, although I've only used a rig with a navigation system in it once. I'm not a big fan of navigation systems in a car. A boat on the other hand...
  • What DVD system did you go with?
  • Has anyone added XM radio to their '01-'02 Denali? I have been looking at the Delphi head unit which mounts with a bracket and is transportable to different vehicles. I do not want to drill any unsightly holes in the dash and I don't really see a good place to mount the XM head unit without obstructing access to other console controls. How about a nice aftermarket head unit which would have XM built in? This would loose portability, but would integrate nicely. How about antenna mounting?
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I added Audiovox aftermarket Sirius receiver to my Denali. I liked the lifetime subscription offered by Sirius. I mounted the unit on top of the area where the OnStar controls are normally located on my 01 Denali. I moved the OnStar controls below dash above the drivers foot so they are still accessable if needed.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    We are quite happy with it, although the units available today are smaller and lighter...
    We paid about $500 for a unit with a 6/7" or so screen. It has detachable screen which we hang over the back of the seat and I run the DVD player setting it in the front passenger seat.
    Wife and daughter ride and watch in back. (Dog wanders wherever.)
    I've seen some now that the whole unit will hang and it's much smaller and lighter for about the same price. We've put quite a few hours on it with no problems and it is very bump & jolt resistant.
  • I just purchased a left over 2003 Denali, and "took" the navigation system because the price was right. WOW, it is an amazing system, it will even guide you to our cabin, a far ways into more remote South Dakota. The options are amazing, and the re-routing abilities are superior then previous navs I have tried, Portable that is. I love it, well worth it.

    Concerning the DVD entertainment system, we did not get a factory unit. I was going to get an aftermarket Audiovox unit with 7 inch lcds built into the headrests. (the entire headrests are replaced by exact replicas with units built in - not curring), a dvd, rf modulator, and the ability to play 2 sources, one to each of the two screens. Total cost with 5 yr warranty from Ultimate Electronics was $2200. Much more functional than the factory, as each child could watch a different source and wear wireless headsets that only heard their screen. BUT, we chose to go with a g2g portable dvd player with a brighter 7 inch lcd, and an extra 7 inch lcd. Both with speakers built in, or wired headphones. 2 separate sources can be connected, and it has a better picture and can be used indoors or other vehicles. A "C" for appearance, but functionality, etc. WOW. Total cost with 3 year warranty from Sams club, tax included $585.
  • lobsenza, thanks for the info. How hard is it to reroute the onstar controls? Does the plastic panel just pop out of the dash? I like your idea, because the onstar controls take up valuable realestate and I currently do not have the subscription - so who needs it there anyway. What is the battery life for these portable head units. I know some have a cigarrette lighter adapter, but a few units do not.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I removed the instrument trim bezel. Make sure you put the vehicle in 1st gear to do this. Cover the hazard flasher button and the trim piece in front of it with masking tape (blue recommended) to avoid rubbing of the finish on the hazard flasher. Then the onstar removes fairly easily (unsnaps as I remember). If you want the unit to be hidden, you could simply find a place behind the dash to tie wrap it to. I wanted the buttons exposed, so I had to add an extension cable. I cut each wire and spliced in an extension. I think there were 5 wires. I soldered and shrink wrapped each connection and ran the onstar controls so they were above the accelerator, hidden from view, but accessable. I then mounted the Audiovox unit over the onstar hole with cables going through the onstar hole. I placed a piece of metal behind the onstar hole and secured the unit with 2 screws to the metal. So, the Audiovox unit is mounted to the trim bezel. It is out of the way and secure.

    I used a PIE adapter so I can go into the stereo directly through the CD input. The power is from a lighter socket which I hooked up to switched power.
  • Thanks for the information. Sounds like you did a real professional job. What PIE adapter did you use and where did you get it?
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    I had to use the one that allowed the connection 0f 3 external devices because I have a slave CD changer (like all 01 and 02 Denalis). I don't rember where I got it from.
  • How do you switch between the CD changer and the XM unit with the pie connector? Is it autosensing (i.e. turn on the XM radio and XM overrides the CD changer input)? Does onstar work with your setup? I have been looking at the XM commander and Delphi roady or SkiFi unit. Not quite sure which way to go, but want a portable unit to move between cars and the home.
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