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GMC Yukon / Yukon Denali



  • jasjas Posts: 115
    One other thing on the air filter. You need to look at restriction versus filter capability. In some cases, increased air flow can mean reduced filtering. If you way out the cost of gas versus reduced engine life, it may not make sense.

    If you go to the internet, opinions on air filters are numerous and people seem to have a real passion for this subject. Kind of like talking about the best football team or politics.

    I purchased a K&N filter and ran it for awhile. Then a friend pointed out how much non filtered light you can see through it.

    For most people, this is not a problem. Occasionally I am on really dusty roads (i.e. during hunting season) and did not want to risk the dirt. I went with a AMSOIL foam filter. This design is heavily used on off road dirt bikes and figured it would give me the best flow and the best filtering characteristics for dusty conditions.

    I did not see any difference between the AMSOIL and K&N. My total gas mileage improvement for the exhaust and filter is at the most 1mpg.

    But, depending on the wind, you can see a 2mpg difference in fuel, so it is really hard to test.
  • jasjas Posts: 115
    I think your biggest notice will be with wavy roads when the truck seems like it will oscillate alot. This will be more dramatic, the more your vehicle is loaded. The thing is, will you notice that you are not oscillation as much?

    I would think the ride would be a little smoother around town as the truck does not have to be as firm when empty.

    Obviously it will not be the difference between a truck and a caddy.

    Some of my buddies back in Detroit say they notice the difference and some do not. I guess it depends on how calibrated your butt is.

    I am comparing mine to a 90 full size blazer which is not a real comparison. But I do not notice alot of rocking and rolling and the ride seems really good.

    75% of my driving is with a load.
  • Will do with the gas milage. Just an FYI if it helps, this past Saturday I drove to my sister's house in PA computer states I drove 151.9 miles, fuel used 9.5 gallons, avg miles per gallon 17.3. These are round trip figures.
    The back up camera was installed by Model Electronics in Nanuet, NY. They do the warranty work on GM radios so they know their stuff. The camera activates when trans is put in reverse. They are giong to install a switch so I can also manually view the rear if I need to. You have two camera choices, the first is a "Plate Cam" which is a camera in a license plate frame, the second is a camera mounted flush in the rear bumper. I got the camera mounted in the bumper a few inches to the left of the license plate. It looks like a reverse sensor on an Escalade. If you like I will take pictures and post (if some how possible here) or email them to you. I do not know the brand of camera. You can also have a set up where you can have the second row dvd system play on the nav screen or install a secondary dvd player and play on the nav screen. Again this is with the factory nav system.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    The passenger side has the rear A/C unit. So, I doubt you will gain much storage on that side. I would look before you cut.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Does anybody know what navigation disc version comes with the factory-installed nav units on '04 Denalis/Escalades? I ask because:

    1) The version on my '04 DXL (bought 12/03) is ver. 1.0;

    2) I've seen version 2.0 discs for sale on Ebay;

    3) '05 models currently come with ver. 3.0, which are also obtainable (every once in a while) on Ebay.

    Given that the previous-gen GM navigation unit (the one offered on '03 and '04 Denalis and Escalades) was first offered in '03 model year, one might assume that ver 1.0 came in '03, ver 2.0 in '04, and ver 3.0 in '05. Put it another way--when did ver 2.0 come out such that ver 1.0 was still being included in new '04-model year vehicles as late as 12/03? If somehow 2.0 didn't come out until calendar year 2004, then why would 3.0 come out relatively so soon (not even a year)? Most car navigation map disc revisions typically are released no less frequently than once a year, so I would find it somewhat hard to believe that 2.0 wasn't released until calendar year 2004.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that--based on the above facts--I would think that my '04 DXL should have come with a 2.0 nav disc, yet somehow I wound up with a 1.0 which case I feel I should be entitled to a free copy/upgrade/exchange to at least a 2.0 disc...but I wanted to have my facts straight and/or anecdotal evidence before making such a demand.

  • 1st off can version 3.0 work on the navigation system on the 04 Denali w/o touch screen. Where can I purchase the upgraded copy?

    Denali owners need to get another web sight to discuss and exchange information. I was able to get new nav CD upgrades and map upgrades for free off of a BMW web sight for my X5. Can anyone burn me a copy of version 3.0 for California?
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Good question; I would think that it should still work on a non-TNR unit, at least according to the info posted by one Ebay seller (Delphi Nav units built 2002 or later). Also on Ebay, there is at least one seller selling a used INR (he installed it in his '04 Silverado, IIRC) unit w/ the 3.0 I imagine that it's quite possible that the 3.0 disc/firmware should work with the INR units.

    I'm tempted to buy a copy off of Ebay but I wanted to see if, based on my argument (see my previous post) about what version I should have received w/ my '04, I might be entitled to a free copy/upgrade to either 2.0 or--even better--3.0 from the dealer. Of course, w/o any hardcore proof (and no, I wouldn't bother asking the dealer this question since of course he'll probably try to say that '04 is supposed to come w/ 1.0 just to get me to pay for 2.0 or 3.0) that I should have originally received at least 2.0, I wouldn't have much ammunition to take with me to the dealer if/when I do make my demand. ;-)

    C'mon, can anybody please answer my question? Surely I can't be the only one in this forum who owns an '04 Denali w/ the INR option...or am I?
  • Sounds very tempting. I am very interested in seeing pictures. Since I am in MD, I would probably not be up to a trip to NY to see Model Electronics. I have done extensive auto eletronics installs (including remote starts on my 00/02 Yukon/Burb and headrest monitor DVD system on my 02 Burb) but am really interested in knowing what hardware they used and whether or not they would sell direct to me to do the work. If you have a contact up there I would be interested in calling them as well. I do not yet have the Denali XL but this type of upgrade, its cost and function, could impact how soon I make the move. That and what kind of deal GM will make LOL.... Anyway, my e-mail is if you would send the pix when you have a minute.
    Thanks in advance,
  • I am interested in what parts you used for the exhaust and the work you did to move the tire. What about exhaust tip, did you match the factory or replace the original? Also, any chance you have any pictures? I bet it looks sharp and different since it is rather challenging to do. As I mentioned in my camera post, I am still looking at the Denali but have the itch. I usually resolve these itches sooner than later! I am really at a dilema as I do not want to get into a Denali this winter and then find out the 07 will be an early release next winter (as I have heard rumored) and really push my buttons! If you have any pix and want to e-mail my address is

    Thanks for the input,

  • jasjas Posts: 115
    I had been layed up a couple of days with the flu, so did not get a chance to look up the part numbers.

    I will look them up this weekend and take some pictures provided it is not raining.

    I used 3" 45-degree chamfer tips, 18" long. For some reason, the '03 denali did not have the oblong exhaust tip. But if you like the look, I am sure you could get a second factory one and have them installed.
  • Just curious, was the dreaded cold start piston slap/knock present in the 6.0 or just in the smaller 5.3 (?) Tahoe/Yukon (non-Denali) GM engines? If it was present in the Denali 6.0 engine has GM cured it? With which model year? Do the '03 and '04 models have CSK?
  • There were complaints in 2001 about the cold start knock condition with the 6.0 liter that was in the Denali. I had a 2001 Denali, however, no cold start knock. In my present 2003 Denali, I also have not experienced the cold start knock. Based on my experience, I would think that the cold start knock condition is not affecting all engines.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    GM redesigned a few internal parts for the '03 model year and beyond 5.3 engine, and possibly the 6.0 too, to cure the knocking. '02s and before most commonly have the issue--our '02 Av had it very slightly some mornings but our '04 Suburban has made no sound ever.
  • Does anyone know when GM is going to makeover the Tahoe/Yukon/Denali/'Slade line? Any details about content?

    The local dealers seem to have a lot of '04 XL sitting around but not the standard length version. I'll bet that if you didn't mind the length that you could get a great deal now on an XL. One new color for '05 that looks great is a dark grey, "steel grey".
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    ...this was just posted one page up by me. It's large spy pics of a redesigned Yukon (1st pic) and a new Tahoe (2nd pic), both the new "short" versions. The site says their '07 models and that may be true, but a lot of people and other sources have said their '06s...which wouldn't seem too off considering how these two test mules are pretty much done.

    Anyway, look here: rticle=7703
  • jasjas Posts: 115
    Muffler: Magnaflo #14568
    Resonators: Magnaflo #10416
    Extenstions: 18" x 3" - 45 degree slash cut
    insulation for critical close areas, also can be put above muffler area for added noise reduction: ZEROCLEARANCE Thermal and Acoustic Barrier. Get it from
  • 03 dxl center console covers chipping and peeling. any ideas or a dealer issue. thanks
  • Sounds like a trip to the dealer is in order. There is no way you should be expected to "live with it", when your truck is still under factory warranty. However, curiousity overwhelms me - are you referring to the two spring-loaded covers for the space between the dash and the top that is hinged to the storage unit between the driver and front passenger seats? (The units cover the cigarette lighter/ashtray area and the beverage cupholder.)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I had the same issue with the peeling paint. Rather than going to the dealer to have it replaced, I opted for a different look.

    Enter flat dash kit under products then the year and make of your vehicle. Their oem matching kits does an excellent job.

    Just another option.
  • According to the Future Vehicles here on the Yukon redesigns will be out in Spring 2006 as a 2007 model.
  • It gets foggy out here on Block Island and we have a lot of deer. After you get over the fact that you can't get Zenons on this 50K SUV (GM knows that nobody ever went broke by underestimating the American public), what can you do about the lighting? Some Silver Star bulbs?

    The "fogs" are similarly anemic. Unlike even a Jeep Grand Cherokee the Denali fogs seem mostly cosmetic. Any ideas? Maybe rip out the present fog lights and get Hellas to go in there?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Doesn't the Denali have HIDs from the factory?

    Either way I use Hella 4000s on my Trooper, very good stuff far better than any OEM lights I've ever seen. If you want something "smaller" I use the Micro DE HIDs on my SVX and they are pretty good, way better than stock.

  • jasjas Posts: 115
    I think the stock headlights and high beams are pretty good.

    I agree about the driving lights - they are more for show, then showing you the road.

    PIAA makes some small projection lights that would fit and seem to be pretty good. Does anybody have any experience with the various styles or is there a better option?
  • Emailed you some pics today of the rear view camera that works thru my factory nav screen. Sorry I took so long. If you need anything else just email me back.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Paisan--nope, no factory HIDs on the Denalis...GM can't put all that good Esky-only stuff on a GMC--it would "cheapen" the Esky's retail value. ;-)

    I replaced the low-beam halogens on my DXL with HIDs, and the fogs with Silverstar equivalents (BTW--with the SS fog bulbs I can definitely tell if they're on, other than by looking at the fog switch idiot light indicator).
  • What was involved in putting in the HIDs on the Denali? Just call a Caddy parts department and buy the units? Thanks.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    The Caddy lights are COMPLETELY different than the Denali. You would have to buy a front end....
  • I'm new to the forum but am interested in a rearview camera mod that works with the factory nav system. Can you send me the link? My e-mail address is:
  • So, if you can't rob them from a Caddy, how do you put HIDs on a Denali?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'm new to the forum ... My e-mail address is ...

    You might be interested to learn that forums work best when people participate in them by interacting and sharing knowledge. People are less likely to take the time to compose a private email which deprives others of helpful information.

    Stick around!

    tidester, host
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