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Kia Rondo Real World MPG



  • yorkanuckyorkanuck Posts: 1
    I just completed a 450 mile round trip through mountain country, so there was a lot a climbing in 4th gear up to about 4000 ft. I averaged 29.1 mpg (imperial gallon) or 24.4 mpg (US gallon). To be fair, the Rondo only had just over 400 miles on it at the start, so it's not broken in yet. Those 400 miles were largely city driving over a 3 week period and it seemed to me that I could see the gas gauge dropping during that time. I didn't measure consumption then, as it was so new, but I will be checking it now, after the highway trip.
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    Average has been around 26 during the winter without many highway trips. The recent warm weather and 100 plus mile trips have been better. One was 33mpg and just now filled up with 10 gallons @ 299 miles.(29.9 mpg) 3 adults 60 miles per hour average speed, moderate acceleration, no AC use.
  • garnermikegarnermike Posts: 72
    ......and my crazy mpg swings are still happening.

    2 tanks ago, 30 mpg combined city/hwy.
    The last tank, 22 mpg for the same combined city/hwy driving.

    I guess the mystery (as to why, after some fill-ups, I can go 75 miles before the needle budges, while after other fill-ups, I can only go 20 miles before needle movement) continues---despite consistently never manually topping off.

    Well, at least I notice that the variation in needle-moving always alternates, i.e. I never have 2 "extreme fill-ups" occur back-to-back (nor have 2 "sub-extreme fill-ups" occur back-to-back).

    And I guess the good news is that my average mpg is just fine, possibly inching up a bit now that the car has over 7700 miles.
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    Low 23.56 mpg (50 mph wind gusts all day)
    High 31.61 mpg

    5 tank fills above 30 MPG

    Trip average 27.31

    184.9 gallons of gas 5,050 miles (average cost per gallon $4.07)

    AC running 70% of the time

    Average speed highway 70 mph
    Trip average speed would be really low due to numerous low speed explorations of national parks in Utah and California. Plus twisty mountain roads and scenic byways.

    700 pounds combined weight of gear and people.

    07 EX, 4 cylinder 5 seater now with 27,000 miles on the clock.

    Time to buy new tires, the Michelins are getting dangerous. 5/32" tread before I left on the trip. Luckily we had zero rain to drive in.
  • garnermikegarnermike Posts: 72
    ...with what I'd get with my LX I-4 on such longer heavy-hwy'ed trips,
  • uzvuzv Posts: 8
    Just spoke to my friend, who drove from Toronto to Boston.
    At 75 mph he got about 25 mpg.

    Does anybody have reliable info at what hwy speed Rondo has the BEST mpg
    and what is that best mpg ?
  • Rondo's best MPG is around 50 MPH. Of course, no one drives that slow. I've had opportunities to drive some wide open country roads at ~50 to 55 MPH for extended times and have gotten ~30 to 32 MPG (6 cyl.). 4 cyl models should do 2 or 3 better.

    My Rondo (which is a 6 cylinder):
    City - 17 MPG
    50MPH Highway - 31 MPG
    65MPH Highway - 27 MPG
    75MPH Highway - 23 MPG
  • uzvuzv Posts: 8
    Thanks for input.

    My friend's Rondo is 6 cyl and his mpg corresponds to yours.
    Next year 4 cyl will have 175hp - it's interesting what MPG it will have.

    There is gauge for $170 ( that shows a lot of things
    incl REAL time (with 1-2 sec delay) MPG.
    It also reads Engine Light codes and allows to clear them - I have it and it works
    as advertised.
  • palkopalko Posts: 16
    I recently rented a 2007 kia rondo 2.7L v-6 ( no 2008's were availiable) for a trip to the beach. It had 28000 miles on it , and it felt like warped rotors up front on hard braking. I averaged 23 mpg with 50-50 city /highway driving. The highway driving was 70-75 mph. I'm thinking of buying a 2008 rondo, but am torn between the 2.4L 4 cyl and the 2.7L v-6. Does anyone out there have any real world mlieage and experience with the 2008 rondo's?..thanks.... :shades: palko
  • ....but my 2007 Rondo with the I-4 engine would have most likely have gotten around 26 mpg with the kind of driving you described.

    If you are leaning toward the I-4, and can wait, think about getting a 2009. The 2009 I-4 apparently will come with 13 more horsepower and equal if not better mpg than the 2007 or 2008.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    I have the 2.4L and currently over 13,000km on it, I've tracked my mileage for every fill up and its varied from a low of 26mpg (imperial) (only happened once in the dead of winter under very bad conditions) to a high of 39mpg (this has happened a couple of times, recently on my last fill up which was the longest time between fills - nearly 600km and the low fuel light had not come on). My general runaround mileage is around the 32-33mpg. (I should add that I live in the country)

    I did notice that once the vehicle had gone around 7,000 - 8,000km the mileage seemed to improve.

    2008 Rondo EX 2.4L
    Ontario, Canada
  • palkopalko Posts: 16
    Thanks for your reply. Does your i-4 have enough horsepower to accelerate adequately in the higher speeds of 50-75 mph? Also how did you get info about the 2009 rondo? I called the KIA consumer center and they couldn't provide me any info. Thanks..palko
  • The Car&Driver September issue says that the Rondo will get the same increase in hp on its 2.4L engine as the 2009 Optima will get (162 + 13 = 175) via a refined Theta engine.

    What is or isn't adequate acceleration is a very subjective measure. I have realized a little more get-up-and-go at all speeds in my Rondo I-4 by adding a K&N air filter, to the point that I am very satisfied with its acceleration.

    If there's one thing I have learned through my 58 years on this earth (with 50 of them being a "car guy") it's that car manufacturers and their dealers are often the last to learn of --and to dispense-- info on future models.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    I totally agree with your comments, I find the acceleration on my 2.4L more than adequate and I've accelerated from 110kmph up to 130kmph with 4 adults on board and luggage without any problem, but like you say its subjective as it all depends on what you are used to and what you expect.
    In my case, all I know is that out performed my previous vehicle with a 2.8L V-6 under all circumstances (and that vehicle was lighter), so that was plenty good enough for me - to someone else it may not be enough.
    Most of my years of owning a car (45 years so far) that the vast majority of them have been four cylinders and this one is one of the best - quiet, smooth and lots of power and very good on gas and it sounds like it could be even better for 2009.

    2008 Rondo EX, 2.4L
    Ontario, Canada
  • Newest EPA mpg estimates for the 2009 Rondo show an increase in mpg over 2008 Rondo (27 vs. 26 hwy and 20 vs.19 city). Small but documented change, arguably coming from I-4 engine refinements.
  • In July I hired a new 2.4L Rondo for a week. I've just worked out the fuel consumption for that period during which I covered a shade under 3000 miles through the Cascades and Rocky Mountains. It came to a creditable 29mpg, to put that in perspective: it was very lightly loaded, it was largely at steady speeds of around 70mph and I used the air conditioning as little as possible.
    I normally drive much smaller cars with a manual transmission so the Rondo felt unresponsive by comparison. There is plenty of power there, I'm just not used to having to wait for it to make it's way through a torque converter and then for the gearbox to realise it ought to change down.
  • I presume by new you meant 2008 (not sure the 2009 are around yet)? The last longish trip with our Rondo only did about 27 as I recall.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    "normally drive much smaller cars with a manual transmission so the Rondo felt unresponsive by comparison".

    did you not try the steptronic feature?
  • Yes, by "new" I just meant it only had 7 miles on the clock when I picked it up from Hertz.
  • After getting caught out by the cars' slow response when trying to accelerate away from junctions into gaps in the traffic, I did start using the sequential shift... rather liked it too.
    I think I might have used it that way most of the time if I'd not had such a tiring distance to cover. (And if I was used to changing gear with my right hand!)
  • Almost 1200 hwy miles this past week along the coasts No. and So. Carolina in my 2007 Rondo LX I-4 with 11,900 miles on her. Average mpg overall: 28.4.
  • I have a friend who owns a 2007 Kia Rondo (6 cylinder). Him and his wife get around 16mpg in mixed city/hwy and on a recent highway trip the best they got was 19mpg. The car has about 4000 miles and the dealer hasn't been very helpfull.
    I noticed a few others complaining about horrendous MPG. Has anyone found a resolution to this problem? Thanks
  • 700 more miles on long hwy trip to/from Raleigh, NC to Aberdeen, MD. Gas mileage for entire trip just shy of 28.7 mpg. Includes some city driving in Baltimore. Car (2007 LX I-4) has 13,000 miles on her now........
  • I too am getting horrendous gas mileage. Bought a new 07 EX V6 in March 08.
    At first got high teens in city & low 20's highway. Figured the car wasn't broken in and it would improve over time. Well now I'm lucky if I get 15 mpg in the city (don't know how much the cold weather affects mpg). Most of my driving is city.
    Does Kia have a "driver habits learning curve"? ... once had a car that would adapt to your driving habits and your mileage would be effected.
  • and run two doses through two consecutive tanks. I have found the Rondo engine especially sensitive to carbon buildup. I am running Techron thru a tankfull every 2000 miles; my mpg spikes up each time. I have the I-4, and consistently get 28 mpg on straight interstate trips. Down to 20 in winter urban driving.....
  • Now at 15,300 miles on the odometer on the '07 Rondo LX I-4. Am consistently getting 24 mpg on my all-purpose (suburban driving) tankfuls. I do believe that running synthetic oil in the crankcase and using the K&N cotton/oil treated air filter helps in that regard. Long sustained hwy trip tankfuls get 28 mpg.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    We bought our 07 EX V6 in August 07, and now it has 25,000 km. We are still getting 33 mpg Imperial on the highway (at 110 km/hr) with 2 adults, 2 kids, a load of cargo and running on studded winter tires. I am mighty pleased with that, considering our 98 Legacy AWD wagon with a 5 sp manual could only ever manage 32 mpg in the same conditions.
    Around town, which is largely rural, our V6 Rondo gets 24-25 mpg Imperial.
    Overall, I am delighted with this fuel economy.
  • If case other owners may be interested, be advised that I have set up categories for Rondo owners to post their fuel economy results at

    I just posted results for the first fill up since purchasing my '08 Rondo V-6 last week(25.2 mpg). Note that registration at the site is required before results may be posted. However, registration is free....and simple.

    I've set up I-4 and V-6 categories on the site for contributors to post results for '07-'09 Rondos. After registration it only takes a minute to login and post your results for each tank. The input fields include:

    Volume of fuel (in U.S.gallons, imperial gallons, or liters)
    Price (in a variety of world currencies)
    Distance traveled (miles or km)
    Fuel type (regular, mid-grade, premium, diesel, etc.)

    I've been posting results obtained with my '05 Mazda3i (2.0 L manual transmission) since purchasing it in March of '05. Note that my car's results are the ones posted for Chesterfield, VA

    As a registered contributor you can keep track of your car's overall average as well as averages based on all contributors.

    I'm hoping other owners will consider posting their Rondo's fuel economy results for comparison at this site. So please take a look.


  • #1 324.0 miles / 12.857 gal = 25.20 mpg
    #2 343.8 miles / 12.894 gal = 26.66 mpg

    Noted: the car's low fuel light came on right before the first fill up, but had not come on last night. Strangely, the tank swallowed slightly more fuel last night though.

    May have a few more miles driven on the expressway for the last tank, but still would estimate less than 20% highway miles. Avoided short trips (say less than 10 miles) for the most part.

    Not bad I'd say
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