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Honda Pilot 2007 - 2008



  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    I am getting ready to buy a 07 EXL with Navigation. I believe the garage door opener is standard equipment on the EXL. However, the dealer informed me that the door opener is missing.

    Where can I get a replacement garage door opener? I have called the local Honda dealers parts department but they put me on hold and could not answer my question. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • auto33botauto33bot Posts: 6
    I just purchased my AWDHONDA PILOT '08 SE last November and i do love it but the FACT that it doesn't come with AUX-INPUT for I-POD or MP3 is MISERABLE on my part. Is anybody know what is the best OPTIONS out there. I have an I-POD cradle but the quality sounds sucks since u have to find a better frequency on FM's. Then there is NEO ION KIT for $199.00......I heard there is an AUXILLIARY behind PILOTS STEREO where u can hook ur I-PODS, Is it TRUE? THANKS IN ADVANCED
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Check with for all available to your Pilot model / trim
  • I've got a '07 Pilot and I want to add a hitch for a bike rack. The bike store said the hitch shouldn't cost to much to add since I don't need to worry about wires. Is that true and if so, how much should I expect to spend to get the hitch added? Is it relatively straight forward enough that I could do it myself? I'm no a mechanic but can work with tools and read instructions. Thanks.

    - Tuan
  • a minute to do....wish i came to edmunds first before wasting my time outside
  • gator79gator79 Posts: 1
    The rear license plate bolts on my Pilot each snapped off, one right after the other. My wife and I noticed this on a Saturday evening. The left side of the license plate was dangling. Thinking the bolt was loose, I went to tighten it by hand, and the bolt broke free from the rear of the vehicle. I went to tighten the other side and it also broke off.

    No part of the metal is pulled or twisted, so it does not appear that someone tried to pry it off. I showed the plate, the bolts, and the rear of the vehicle to the dealer, and no one had seen this before on this age of vehicle - a 2007. The dealer has indicated that Honda will not repair under any warranty - vehicle has 53,000 miles on it.

    I have never had this happen to a vehicle in 36 years of driving. Has anyone else had this happen? I am very disappointed that Honda will not stand behind the vehicle.
  • jwhangenjwhangen Posts: 3
    I've done some online research and I guess it's a somewhat common issue that the rear license plate bolts on the 2007 Pilots will snap clean off, leaving the license plate laying somewhere on a country road or busy interstate highway.

    As of today, my left bolt/nut is completely gone, and my right one is half-rotted through and is ready to fall off too. I've contacted my dealer twice about this, and they've basically blown me off (claimed it happened because I "over tightened" the bolts). I then raised such a ruckus that they put me in touch with Corporate, but Corporate says it's not their problem because the car is out of warrantee.

    I'm furious - a 2007 vehicle has body rot to such a degree that parts are falling off it. I don't know if it's poor sheetmetal, a bad weld, or what, but Honda has an quality issue on their hands if you ask me. My brother-in-law knows welding, and he says that the materials were not properly clean in the factory before the weld was applied, and this resulted in a bad weld. He also noted (due to the fact that I have a gaping hole where the nut used to be) that the sheetmetal is VERY thin in the tailgate area. I am very disappointed that Honda will not stand behind the vehicle, especially given that it's only a 2007 and relatively new. Honda's actions (or inaction is more like it) will go a long way towards helping to decide which brand I will purchase the next time I'm buying a new car.

    THAT BEING SAID, I was wondering what other people have done to fix this problem? I've heard a lot of good sounding ideas from friends and family, but I was wondering if anyone has any tried and true success stories. As long as it firmly holds the license plate in place and looks relatively normal (for resale purposes) I'm game for any type of solution. It doesn't have to be exactly the same set-up as it was when it came from the factory (since that's a failed engineering/design solution anyway). I'm fairly handy by the way, so I'd like to do this myself.
  • bisquit5bisquit5 Posts: 1
    We are seeing the same problem with our 09 Honda Pilot, silver in color. A one year old vehicle and the paint is chipping on the back tailgate in nearly 20 spots and now is beginning to rust. The manufacturer and dealer are saying this is a "environmental" problem that will not be covered. Funny cuz we have had lots of vehicles in this "environment" that have not begun chipping after just one year. Thinking that Honda needs to take accountability for this but what is the next step?
  • jwhangenjwhangen Posts: 3
    After going up the corporate food chain trying to get help with my problem, I got shot down at every turn because my Pilot is out of warantee. It's only 3 years old and has corroded so badly that the license plate fell off...but it's not Honda's problem as far as they're concerned. When I was given the final word by corporate that they wouldn't help me, I let them know that I will never ever purchase another Honda product again, and I will now find an independent mechanic so my money doesn't go to the dealership service department either (Courtney Honda, Milford, CT). At this point I cannot wait to dump this POS Pilot.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    I just bought a 07 Pilot EX FWD and was surprised to see that the bolts on the rear suspension + other bolts on the side were rusty. Rusty here means 100% rust - totally brown.

    The local Honda dealer informed me I would have to pay $347 to replace these bolts. (Total number of bolts 7)

    This vehicle has under 23,000 miles and is still under warranty. Plus it was sold as "Honda certified".

    What should I do so that Honda pays to replace these bolts replaced?
    I feel this is a safety issue since these bolts can crumble and fall off in the near future. Thanks!
  • Just bought an 07 Honda Pilot EX-L CPO car. 29k miles, grey/grey in Florida. Sticker price was 24,600 with 650 dealer fee. The magical internet price (non-negotiable) was 23,656 + dealer fee. Paid 21,600 + tax and tag, no dealer fee . I think I got a pretty fair deal.

    Now, am I correct in assuming that once I leave the dealership I cannot purchase the extended warranty from Honda? We drive a ton of highway miles, so I wasn't all that interested in the warranty to begin with, but if I was, I'd want to shop around dealerships for it.

    Overall, wife loves the car. It was pretty decently serviced for the CPO certification and the leather is in nice shape (not always the case).

    Next stop - trailer hitch and roof racks for my surfboards.
  • afsquidafsquid Posts: 1
    I plugged an adaptor in the car receptacle the other day and my radio shut down and I can't get it to come on again. I checked the fuse under the hood for the radio and it's all good then I checked the other two fuse boxes inside the car but I don't see any labeled "radio".

  • We are experiencing the same faulty rear license plate weld. Did you ever find a fix, other than paying the dealer to repair?
  • I ended up taking my case to Corporate because my dealer (Courtney Honda, Milford CT) did nothing for me. The Regional Parts and Service Manager came out, took a look at it, took photos and told me that Honda would be in touch. About 2 weeks later I got the call from Corporate telling me they won't do anything for me either, not a dime. I think this is a case of if your dealer doesn't offer to help out on it, then you're SOL. I ended up jury-rigging a solution - my brother-in-law works for a major defense contractor, and he got some industrial-grade velcro for me to try. So far it's working great.

    This will be my last Honda though, I've had it with them.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    For the last one month, I have been getting this message on my odometer: "Check Fuel Cap"

    I have opened and closed the fuel cap 3 or 4 different times, filled the gas tank a few times, however the message still flashes on my odometer.

    Does this mean I have to replace my fuel cap? Also, my vehicle is due for Safety inspection this month. Is this a safety issue and will I fail the Inspection?

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