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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Warning lights and trouble codes



  • truck runs perfect... check engine on, cleared the code. comes on, right when started up every time? the definition is.. no ignition (1X) reference pulses. what does that mean?? what do i need to check? anyhelp would be great. thanks john. like i said the truck starts and runs perfect...
  • steve203steve203 Posts: 2
    While driving, usually at low speed all of my warning lights flash on at the same time for 2-3 seconds, the speedo goes to 0 then back to speed indicated, fuel gauge and temp gauge do the same. Motor never skips a beat. Truck has 66,000 miles. Any thoughts?
  • vinnie71vinnie71 Posts: 1
    hi, i own a 2001 sonoma,
    my check engine light is on and reading P0410 anyone have any ideas what it might be? :confuse:
    code reader says secondary air injection system. but what is that exactly
    any help would be great
  • noxmartyrnoxmartyr Posts: 3
    well usually if a tps sensor is bad , it will cause the engine to rev and bog down if u have good fuel flow and the pump is working right then more than likely its the tps sensor. they arent expensive though , its easier to just replace it.
  • steve203steve203 Posts: 2
    Problem solved. The heat shield covering the starter had come loose and was arcing between the exhaust pipe and the hot lead on the starter.
  • mpicmpic Posts: 2
    S10 2.2 manual 5-speed 1997. My engine light came on...Auto Zone said it was the O2 sensors and converter. Took it to a muffler shop and they got the same answer. The thing is that I'm getting 22 mpg in town and about 26 on the road with no hesitations, no lack of power or anything. I replaced all of it about 120,000 miles ago. At that time, it was all broken up inside and I had a major loss of power. The only work I've had done recently is replacing the spark plugs and it came on a week later. Coincidence?
  • The bypass lead from the engine control computer to the ignition module in the distributor is disconnected whenever the base timing is checked or adjusted. (The base timing is checked whenever a 'smog test check' is performed. The connector in my truck is under the carpet on the passenger side just under the dashboard. I am told the location of this connector varies somewhat from locations in the engine compartment to locations in the cab. If you are gettng intermittent 'code 42's' make sure this connector is securely made and that there is no short or break in the wiring. Otherwise it may be necessary to replace the ignition module.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    If you used factory plugs, coincidence. If not, go back to factory plugs.
  • my engine check light just came on and car runs the same way before the light. my question is is there a way to pull codes with out buying those expensive diagnostic tools?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Well you need at least a code reader, all auto parts stores stock them, Walmart too
    I'm pretty sure.
  • seaproseapro Posts: 1
    My 1995 GMC Sonoma has brake light problem. Center high brake light comes on but neither taillight comes on. All signal and running lights work. Any help?
  • Hello.
    I have a '98 S10 with a manual trans & a 4cylinder (2.2?) engine. Ever since I've owned it, the service engine light has gone on for a long time, then suddenly off for a short time, then on again...a mechanic told me it was a code 0404, indicating a need to replace the linear EGR valve, which I did myself. No change, however, except that the light seems to stay off longer than before. The truck unexpectedly dies sometimes after I've driven it all day. Usually starts up right away, but then dies again (all dash lights go off except for the battery light).If it sits for a while,it seems fine again. Could the service light and the dying be related? Brand new battery; checked and cleaned terminals and cables...I'm stumped.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 01 chevy s 10; I pressure washed the engine to get rid of a rat and about the same time switched to a locking gas cap. less than 20 miles later the SES light turned on. I've had it checked and reset 3 or 4 times resulting in misc different codes but the primary one has been a slow leak in the evap system. Recommendations of hte problems have been the pump, the hoses, the gas cap, the carbon cannister, or the pressure valve. So far, I have pulled the cannister and check for fuel or blockage; its ok; the solenoid valve was pulled and cleaned, it had road dirt on it and around it, it can be dismantled, and the valve was cleaned and tested to about 5 psi even though the system only works at 1 psi. A third, brand new, gas cap was installed with the last reset of the obdII, this seemed to work for about 3 fill ups and about 600 miles, now the SES light is back on! I'm thinking its related to one of those plastic hose fittings going into what I think is the manifold near the top of the engine. Anybody got any suggestions? V6, 2001, about 85K miles, owned since new, maintained by me above average mechanical skills, degreed electrical engineer with general purpose test equipment, but no speciallized car test equipment.

  • valsvals Posts: 2
    I have an S10 with 97,000 miles, and P0141 code is showing. What's the typical fix for this? Will replacing the downstream O2 sensor fix it? Also a P0303 (cyl 3 misfire) showed up in code history log. Is that spark plug/ wires?
  • The 95 S-10 is a crossover model, however, it is NOT OBDII compliant. It is quite confusing having the 16-pin DLC instead of the 10-pin ALDL. An older scanner would have the capabilities of communicating. What's going on is that the DLC in your truck communicates on GM's older serial data circuit instead of the newer class 2 protocol which newer scanners use. The trick is to pull the codes manually using the MIL / check engine light (service engine soon indicator.) Jumping terminals A and B will cause the MIL to flash with the key on, engine off.
  • mpicmpic Posts: 2
    Since last post, my engine light went off and stayed off in the winter...November through May...and came back on again. I did use factory plugs, so coincidence. Will the summer heat and/or change to winter/summer gasoline affect the O2 sensors?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Never bothered on my 99, but only 58,000 on it. I looked back at your first post, o2 and converter changed 120,000 ago. Not sure what you have there, see if it is the same code.
  • wjs4wjs4 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 S10 with 6 cyl engine & 68,000 miles. Service Engine light comes on & sets code 0155 O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction Bank 2 sensor 1. Its been in the shop of a local auto repair chain three times & the Service engine light comes back on with in a day. Shop says they replaced the O2 sensors & heaters twice & checked all the connections. It has also been in my local Chevy dealer & they can't fix it. They tell me it is a computer glitch & want to replace the computer. Any one else have this problem?? Also is the O2 sensor heater a seperate unit or part of the O2 sensor. If it is a seperate unit where is it located & how hard is it to change???
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Heater and sensor are the same unit.
  • wjs4wjs4 Posts: 3
    Thank you for the info. That is what the repair shop told me but I was beginning to doubt them.
  • My brake warning light has been on for awhile. I've not paid much attention to it. But now its flashing 3 short 1 long flash repeatedly. like ( . . . - . . . - . . . - ) I keep a good eye on my fluid level and its still good. All my lights are working. Does anyone know what this means? It's a 91 Chevy S-10....2.5
  • I was taking the truck back to work yesterday it started fishtailing almost and started kind of popping. I got it back into the driveway but the brakes have just gone out. I can floor the brakes and barely stop at all. Pumping them at least gets it to stop but it isn't drive-able. It's the middle of a Michigan winter so its not under great conditions, I'm not sure if maybe the drums are frozen or if i have a leak in my break lines or if the fluid is just low. Any ideas? If its my fluid how can I check it
  • girlcatgirlcat Posts: 1
    Hello, I am having a problem with my 02 S10. A couple of months ago the Service Engine Soon light came on and I brought it to the shop. They found it to be P0410 (airpump malfunction). They replaced the airpump. About a week later the light came back on. I brought it back. They told me it was a loose gas cap, cleared the code and sent me on my way. A week later, light on. Brought it back, they tested it all out, including the routing of the hoses going to the airpump. They replaced the air pump and solenoid because they could find nothing else wrong (they did find a TSB on it and did everything the TSB directed). A week later, light came back on. Brought it back, they replaced air pump and solenoid again. BTW, each time the code has read the same. They threw in a free oil change for my trouble. About 5 days later, light came on again. I have not gone back. It's been on for about a week. Has anyone else had any similar issues? Any ideas of why the light keeps coming on? Thanks.
  • i have a 1999 chevrolet s-10 2.2 pickup i have a miss in it i had it scannned it said it was cylinder number 2 i replaced plugs and wires with no change when it is cold it runs ok the more i drive the worse it gets
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Have it checked for intake leak.
  • have the same truck shop had it for 2 weeks replaced both sensors and the converter, came back on after 40 miles.
  • My 2001 S-10 crew cab has the abs lights on in the cab. The dealer said the code indicated low voltage going to the abs module. Any ideas if this is a wiring issue or a bad module. I am going to try to check the voltage if I can get the probes to the terminal. For replacing the module, a local junk yard has one from a 2000 S-10 Blazer and I would like to know if this will work? Its appearance is different although the interface with the valve it is mounted on looks the same. Looking for some help. Thanks
  • have a 2002 chevy s-10 pickup.. 4.3l 4 wheel drive,,auto 110.00 miles got the code p0101 last week. TRUCK WAS LOOSING POWER BIG TIME AND PINGIN WHEN GOIN UP HILLS WHEN THROTTLE WAS PRESSED MORE THAN HALFWAY... GOT BEST GAS AND TREATMENT..STLL NO HELP.... put another map and maf sensor in.. no luck.. put a new fuel filter in light went out but it still s not running right... my cat was bad so replaced it.. engine light went off and truck seemed to run better.. still alittle pingin in engine.. well light caME ON AGAIN TODAY... NOT SURE WHAT ELSE IS BAD.. GOIN TO SEE WHAT CODE IT IS 2DAY.. CHECKED VACUUM LINE FOR LEAKS ALSO..
  • n2tilen2tile Posts: 1
    Cranks no start i have spark & fuel stopped at store went to leave Cranks no start out of the blue been running fine but the service engine light came on 4 day earlier could it be the MAF sensors?
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