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Chrysler Town Country Audio/Entertainment Systems/GPS



  • I am having the same problem. I have taken my 08 GC to 2 different dealers and neither can get the system working. They don't seem to know what code to put in to enable the ves softkey. Any ideas?
  • We have a 2008 town and country. We recently had a recall addressed. When we brought the vehicle in, the system was fine. When we got it back, the touch screen was dead. You can hear the radio , use the buttons on the steering wheel but cannot use the screen, it does not show movies or pics but you can hear the movie. Sirius is also giving us an error. The dealership refuses to take responsibility even though they had to remove the console to address the recall(the clock -manual clock, can't see the digital-indicates that it was 2 hrs worth of work).they said that since we have 100k miles on it..."these go". What's that got to do about video display? We contacted customer svc at the dealership as corporate. No one will do anything. In fact they were all nasty. Has anyone had this happen to them. We've had a number of things happen to this vehicle...steering fluid, side door, AC problems...time to get rid of it but we still owe a lot on it.
  • harry320harry320 Posts: 1
    I am trying this also since the DVD player ceased to work. I am so frustrated with this at this point. I bought a wire as you described at radio shack yesterday. I can't get it to work at all. I am trying to hook up an iPhone 4 to watch Netflix. I can't get any audio or video. I brought the wire in the house to troubleshoot. I hooked it up to my flat screen and it worked perfectly! Did you use a wire from Apple? Is there some setting I'm not activating throught the radio controls? My TnC is an 08 and has 35k miles. The DVD player stopped working over a year ago and the dealer said it couldn't be fixed only replaced for $600!! What a cheap POS!
  • docpandocpan Posts: 1
    Purchased in May 2012. Easy to store many, many CD albums on hard drive. Problem is that one can't select a particular album using the Voice Command System(VCS). When you ask the VCS for the hard drive (HDD) it takes you there, but the only options available are to change the track on the album that happens to be playing. Only way to change to another album is to use the touch screen which, of course, forces you to take your eyes off the road.

    My question to The Chrysler Media Systems expert was "What use is a VCS if you can't use it to make selections from the HDD? That technology has been available for years and it's incomprehensible why Chrysler would allow a dinosaur like that on its top-of-the line 2012 auto." Answer: "Sorry but your system does not have that capability. There may be a software upgrade to provide it later but nothing is available now".

    WOW!! Who wouldda known? Guess that all I can do is express my astonishment and disappointment. Sure hope the nerds who designed the Media System didn't participate in design of the rest of the car!

    Any comments?
  • trap16trap16 Posts: 2
    eahoffmann: I had the same problem of discs stuck in the 6 disc changer. I was able to take apart the entire DVD system and get stuck DVDs out. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the "reassembling" phase. Can't figure out exactly how the "finger" tab disc holders should align and which direction to have all of the moving parts when putting the top DVD holder piece back on. Are you still working on your DVD player? If so, I'd like to share notes. Did you ever hear from "jmok_fixedit"?
  • trap16trap16 Posts: 2
    I fixed my 2005 mopar 6 disc CD changer today (2005 Town and Country). I was having the standard stuck discs and flashing lights. It took about 5 hours. I don't have time to go through it all but if anyone out there still has questions let me know. I'm happy to cover the highlights if it will help others. I'm pretty amazed Dodge / Chrysler has a product this lousy out there.
  • ewallac6ewallac6 Posts: 1
    I am dealing with this issue right now. There are disks in the player and the player is trying access one of them. The whole time the van is running, the DVD player is running as well. I can't play any DVDs and can't get it to respond to button presses.

    I have not been brave enough to take it apart, as my usual struggle is at the "reassembling" phase of such projects. Let me know how it turns out!
  • jwreichjwreich Posts: 8

    I have an REN unit in my 2009 T&C that has started turning on the MyGig system. It will go completely off and then come back one. Sometimes it will do it every 3 minutes, sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes the screen will just go black, whereas other times the unit reboots and the Chrysler logo reappears.

    I have application 9.214, grace notes 881

    The system is 6826 006 3.3

    I've visited and downloaded the most recent application available. I'm burning it to a data CD now to try the update. This started just a day ago but has been consistent during the day.

    Any thoughts? The stations are not being lost, just the unit is turning off and turning back on. I feel there is a loose connection somewhere but I don't know where to start. Again this is a new problem and we have not had any service done on the car prior to this problem.
  • jwreichjwreich Posts: 8
    I had posted about my radio blinking off, or randomly rebooting. I think there is an issue with the internal HDD as I can get the unit to freeze up by trying to access the HDD. Thanks to the site I was able to download the latest application and Gracenotes updates and apply them to the head unit.

    Today we will see what's happening and if it made it any better. I found one other case of this happening and they had the same version of both. REN 9.214 and GraceNotes 881. Well I'm not updated to 2.292 which I believe is the last of the REN updates. We will see if this helps the function of the unit.

    I did try to erase all the music off the HDD, it seemed to take forever and never completed on it's own. I ended up deleting some songs manually which now shows a clean drive with almost 29 gig of data.

    So if anyone has any thoughts please share~
  • Hey there. I was able to get the unit reassembled but the untitled still doesnt work. I had to take two of the broken little disc out. They are the discs that the CDs move up and down on. However, I thought I could reassemble it and maybe work without having 6 disc and work with 4 instead. That was a no go. Maybe I didnt put together right. Who knows....
  • If you can give some details on the reassemble, that would be great. I think I didn't reassemble it right. So I still have the blinking lights.
  • jwreichjwreich Posts: 8

    We deleted everything off the internal HDD and the head unit hasn't given us any problems. All updates were a success and the unit is performing just fine. I do believe the internal HD is the problem, but I don't need it and would rather not take it in to fix something I don't use.

    SO I have not idea what the real solution is, however removing the data off the HD resulted in the unit working right.

  • Is there an aftermarket add on for a 2013 Chrysler T&C's Uconnect System? Apparently some of the later 2013 Chryslers had an inactive system that required dealer activation...but not mine. I was told $2300 to remove the old system and install the one with Navigation.

    THere must be another option utilizing the Uconnect System.

  • Have you ever found the solution to this problem? I have had the same problem, and would really love to use the DVD player again.- thanks
  • Can you please fill me in on how you fixed this error?
  • I just wanted to say that you are not alone. So far my 2008 Town and Country has been nothing but a pain. I will NEVER buy another Chrysler vehicle. The VES system stooped working and I'm scared to even ask about how much fixing it would be, plus they are always rude when you call. We are hoping to trade ours in soon too.
  • dylanistdylanist Posts: 1
    I'm joining this discussion because I too am looking for replacement wireless IR-based headphones for our 2006 Chrysler Town and Country 6-disc DVD player! The cheapo headphones from WalMart didn't work, so I'm ordering the HB70s directly from Koss (they have 30 day return policy). Don't forget to search for a coupon code, I got 15% off by doing a google search for discount. Will repost here to report in on results.
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