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Lexus RX300 Inspect /Mechanic

laila3179laila3179 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Lexus
I am about to buy a used Lexus Rx300 and if there is a mechanic who has experience in Lexus SUV
Please contact me I would like an honest opinion after a through inspection of the car
The LEXUS RX 300 IS 2001 model
IS this price fair 13696 $ before taxes?
I appreciate your reading my post


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You can find out what the car is worth using our Used Car Appraiser.
  • I own a 2003 Lexus RX300 and have had recent problems with check engine light on. Computer ended up being replaced with brand new one put in and programmed by Lexus service. Everything seemed OK then check engine light came back on when auto zone tested it the code P20A3 keeps coming up no code can be identified. Pep Boys checked it and same code appeared and they don't know what it means either. I just spent over $2000 on just the computer and having it programmed and don't want to spend another $190 minimum to have Lexus tell me what code means, when I've been told the car is very sound and has almost had every sensor possible replaced. The error code is believed to be a fluke or something very minor but, never the less car won't pass inspection with check engine light on. The inspection has been out since December, that is when all of this started and finally ended I thought. Does anyone have the inside with Lexus? I need to know what code P20A3 means? I am financially wounded and don't want to have to spend more money with Lexus when my husband is more than willing and fairly experienced to do any and most repairs. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all and have a great day!
    Laura Moffett
  • tranavtranav Posts: 32
    Hi Laura,
    I currently own a 20002 RX300 and I don't have your problem and engine light & code P20A3. I don't what this code means. But I recommend you to go back to Lexus dealer and ask them to fix this problem for free since they just fix this problem for you recently (normally Lexus guarantee their work for 12 months) Also don't tell Lexus that Pep Boys and/or Auto zone that diagnosed your Lexus about this code because any third party touched your car then the guarantee (warranty) of Lexus work will be void. I like Lexus service very much so I think you can reason with Lexus service consultant to get this code problem fixed free of charge. Good luck
  • lislislislis Posts: 3
    did you already buy it? I will get you the best opinion, if you did I hope that you are enjoying your new car! Safest after the Toyota Highlander.
  • farooq2farooq2 Posts: 3
    I can't find where the spar plugs are located, the dealer is asking $450.00 to replace the plugs.
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