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Beware: GM Nightmare - Defective 2024 and 2022 Yukon Diesel

AAAhmedAAAhmed Member Posts: 6
edited March 5 in GMC
I need to share my frustrating experience with our 2024 Yukon from GM. After 2 years of dealing with issues in our 2022 Yukon, GM finally replaced it with a 2024 model. Unfortunately, the replacement only lasted 123 miles before breaking down, throwing multiple error codes and triggering the dreaded check engine light.

While GM agreed to buy back the defective 2024 Yukon, the repurchasing process has stretched since Jan 2024 to a grueling eight weeks, and we are still in the waiting game.

To add insult to injury, GM expects us to foot the bill for a rental car since we are currently without a vehicle. They promise reimbursement, but the reality is, we're left in the lurch, paying insurance for a car parked in one of their dealership lots, all while they continue to receive their scheduled payments.

It's disheartening to see a company not only struggle with producing reliable vehicles but also fail to streamline their processes and retain loyal customers. 🤦‍♂️

I share this story not as a complaint, but as a cautionary tale. I wouldn't want anyone else to endure the frustration and inconvenience we've faced. Let's hope GM takes note and works towards improving their vehicles quality and customer experience.


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,747
    Dang, that's terrible. Being in the shop this long it should easily qualify for the lemon law, so at least you have that going for you. Do you know what codes were actually setting and if so can you share them? I'm curious what exactly has occurred that made this more than just a warranty repair issue.
  • AAAhmedAAAhmed Member Posts: 6
    Thank you; there were seven unsuccessful attempts to resolve the emission system code associated with the 2022.
    I've been told there were two pages worth of error codes, but they didn't disclose the codes they had with the 2024.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,747
    Not having that information for either car is disappointing. With such a big list of codes there is a chance they could be related especially on a brand-new vehicle. If I had that information, I likely could devise a testing routine that would go straight at the problem if something common to them is identified.
  • AAAhmedAAAhmed Member Posts: 6
    I added a short You Tube video: https://youtu.be/hNL3mWHiNdE?si=jxHWD5t9_aJQi5Ej
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