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Buick Rendezvous



  • gss34gss34 Posts: 3
    I will rarely need it so I want to take it out. Is it a big deal to take out and put in? and with it out can you get a mat or storage?

  • gss34gss34 Posts: 3
    Amazing concept! I found the info about 3rd row seats.
  • Help! I have a 2002 cxl with 14,000 miles on it and it's been one thing after another! Brought it home the first day and it was smelling of gas. Brought it back the next day and it was a crushed fuel filter which they said was replaced. The gas mileage stinks I get about 14.5. Brought it back in and they told me it was probably the way I drive! Brought it in 3 times for that.
      The car also killed on me in a parking lot! Thank the Lord I wasn't on the expressway! I called OnStar and they said a code came up they didn't know. Brought it in and they said it was something with the computer which was supposed to be fixed. It has locked on me just getting out! The mirrors no longer move when you park or back out but the latest was on Christmas day.. we had no power at all just dead! Hubby charged it most of the night got up on Friday to bring it in dead again! After a charge we made it into the dealer on Friday. They quickly looked at it and said some electrical codes came up they didn't know so we left it there. We called them this afternoon and were told it was probably the battery!!!!! HUbby said, what about the electrical codes???? Well we aren't sure and are still checking it out. Please share your horror stories and solutions if any. Is Rendezvous french for lemon??
  • I think that you should look for another dealer that knows what they are doing. That gas mileage is awful.I have never gotten worse than 20 mpg and usually about 22. Maybe I've been lucky but my 2003 hasn't had anything at all go wrong with it. (Keeping my fingers crossed now!) Just turned 14000 miles.
  • duke36duke36 Posts: 15
    I have a RDZ 2002 - since last summer I noticed a poping noise coming from under the vehicle after about 30 sec of engine starting - a similar noise can be heard (sometime two) about 5 minutes after shut down.

    I mentioned it to the dealer at my last oil change and they applied some kind of service buletin fix in the exhaust- but could not confirm for sure that this would cure it.
    It did not - still does it.
    Just an anoyance, and I do not want to return to the dealer just for that.

    Anyone else with this occurrence? and was able to fix it?
  • Hello,
    I have an early prod 2002(06/01)RDV with only 6k miles on it. For two weeks, I had SERVICE VEH SOON display with PARK LAMP OUT in the large display window. Would go on as soon as I opened the drivers door (eng off), and stayed on while driving. Checked every bulb in car, every one worked.

    Went to dealer, of course, PARK LAMP OUT didn't appear, but SERVICE VEHICLE SOON came on with engine running - no other message.

    Dealer checked it out, found multiple codes and a SHORT in BCM, and replaced it. (And left radio on to a LOUD station I would never listen to-why must they do that constantly? - RUDE - get their own radios for entertainment - let'em blow their own speakers!)

    NOW, I cannot get the theft alarm to arm at all. I have NO RED LIGHT on top of the dash, no matter what I do. Tried to get alarm to sound by locking doors with window open, and opening manually from inside , no luck.

    Called dealer to ask ?, he said there is a VALET position (for valet parking), and I can click lock/unlock on the key fob with the door open, to get it to arm again. I tried that, no luck.

    I don't think there IS any such feature on THIS car????

    Is BCM related to theft alarm system? Did the replacement of the BCM cause this?

    Also performed hatch recall, any connection?

    Will go back tomorrow of course....they could have also re-programmed the compass...had to drive around in circles more than once to get that to find the correct direction.
  • Answering my own questions from previous post #3592.

    Yes, BCModule controls theft deterrent system. No VALET setting on this car as I had thought.

    New BCM was programmed improperly, thus causing alarm to be OFF. This technician was also able, without asking, to correct the jittery R/H power mirror with the BCM re-program. Problem since new, had been "normal" in the past.

    This was not my week, got home and noticed a screw in my right rear tire! That was probably the screw they forgot to replace in my console when they orig took out the BCM, leaving the right side console panel to vibrate??(LOL)

    Luckily, tire place says the screw didn't penetrate the tire...but it did stay there for at least 30 miles without extracting itself!

    Happy New Year everyone!
  • 90mercsable , Hi you doing . 6000 mi wow I thought my wife's 14000 mi wa low :-) As to your BCM and alarm problems. Had the same problem with the Service Engine Soon light coming on. Took it in two months ago and they said the same thing as you, a shorted BCM.They repaired it and as with you we had to take it back to have the computer "reconfigured" to get the alarm working(flashing red light on Dash). Oh yeh, also had to reset the compass too:-)Last week we had the Service Engine Light come on again. I called Onstar and they did a "diagnostic check" and said there was no problem showing. They advised me to shut off the engine and remove the gas cap and put it back on and give it two clicks and give the computer 24/48 hrs to reset. It worked. Light went of the next day.
  • Hi IslandPete,

    Thanks for the hello. Glad to hear I'm not crazy regarding the BCM. I get nervous when I know more about the car than the "professionals". I can't understand why the service writer would have to beg a technician to try to reset another customer's oil mileage gauge -"just try it, it's not so hard!" Aren't the Mr.Goodwrenches supposed to know this? But then again, this was the service writer that thought I had a Valet position for the alarm! (I'm trying very hard not to be cyinical)

    Yeh, I only drive it to work one mile each way (I guess I should walk), and I drive an '86 Electra to places where I would rather not park the RDV (like the supermarket) -so I don't have much mileage. Took a long trip to Canada with it last year, was really nice. I would love to see what the new Ultra is going to be like with more HP, but I see MSRP of $38k. I don't know if I would spend quite that much extra for the engine, wood dash, and monochrome paint.

  • grc4grc4 Posts: 15
    Hi All:

    I just bought a 2004 Rendezvous for my wife with light gray cloth seats. We have applied scotch guard to the seats but I'm really concern about this light cloth getting dirty. Does any know of a good place to get a bottom Seat cushion for at least the driver seat or a good seat cover?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    Why not enjoy the seat. Clean it frequently with a vacuum and by brushing off anything that accumulates. Maybe eventually shampoo it with a foam shampoo.

    Then if it shows dirt, put a cover on it.

    Buicks I've had have given good service from the seat cloth materials they've used. You may find it's been chosen to give up lint and dirt easily and eventually be shampooed for that deep cleaning.

    If your clothes have grease or oil on them, I'd think about something to cover the seat.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • murfdogmurfdog Posts: 61
    Here is my input on these cars. We bought a new CX in 2002 for 21,000. We bought the base car without extras.

    We have over 30,000 miles on the car. We have never taken it in for service beside oil changes. We get arond 20 miles to the gallon city, on long trips 23-26. The engine has plenty of power. Any more power and the gas milage would suffer.

    Bought with no options because it came standard with plenty. We have a 4 year old and several small dogs and the uphostery has no problems. That is in answer to the question above. Good quality material. Love the cupholders in the back. Excellent for kids in car seats to place their drinks, food, toys.

    The only problems we have had are two. The clock is a few seconds slow ever week or so and the rubber cover over the shifter ripped. Not sure what else. We also are not that nit picky about things so maybe there are others we missed. For the person with all the problems above, it sounds like a lemon. I would try to get a trade for a different car if possible.

    The car is so awesome compared to trailblazers, highlanders, tahoes, jeeps, explorers, suburbans, .... We have friends with all the above and they do not have any of the special features of this car that seperate it from typical SUVs, minivans, ...

    For example this car has excellent head room. Converts very well compared to others (seats out, ...). It drives smooth like a car not stiff like a truck (TB, TAHOE). It has a lot more headroom, legroom then a hummer. Actually most cars do. It has great storage. It is very comfortable with excellent quality.

    Most people I know by regular SUVs because they are followers and think that is what they should do. I think those that buy special unique cars ahead of their time like this one are leaders. Notice other car makers trying to make "crossover" cars now.

    It has strong well placed handles and is not too high off the ground. Why does it matter. My mom (75) can not get into the car types listed above but can get into our car. She has problems with her legs but this car is so great because of the handle, lower to ground and great leg room that she can get in ok.

    Super car. Love it. May get another one for me.

    Alot of my friends do not like it because its not COOL enough. I think its too cool for them. The wide butt of the car allows excellent storage and headroom/shoulder room. The other odd features are there for similar reasons. The car is ahead of its time.

  • Test drove a '04 CXL today. The salesman told us that the navigation system will only work with the DVD in the slot and that you can't listen to a CD while you are using the navigation system. I find this very odd and not at all convenient. Is this true? Help!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    General Motors manufactures vehicles in many localities around the world. GM would be building all of its cars and trucks in the US if it wasn't for the adversarial attitude against large corporations that's common in the US. Notice that Britain, Germany, France and many other countries actually GIVE money to large native corporations. If that were done here I can imagine the hue and cry now.

    For the record, GM DID NOT try to fool anybody about where their Rendezvous was assembled. It was clearly stated on the window sticker when you bought the vehicle. I'm surprised that anyone that sensitive about where their automobile was made wouldn't have thought to look closer.

  • Hey Everyone!

    I am thinking of changing out the cloth portion of the leather/cloth seats to full leather has anyone tried this through the dealer or aftermarket?

    Also would like to change the basic climate control to the digital one... does anyone know if this can be done?

    Just found this forum and have learned a ton! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to contributing.

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    Apparently you don't have a large GM plant in your area. Here they are being given money by local communities. Local communities are abating taxes on new plants under the threat that if they don't subsidize GM, the plant will be somewhere else. Or the new production will go somewhere else, i.e., subsidize a new paint line building or we will be building Trailblazers et al somewhere else.

    American businesses are being given government money. In Ohio, there were many "major companies" who paid less than $50 in taxes to Ohio. The companies also are doing Enron/Worldcom type money movement to avoid taxation on what is already earned in the state. The source of the data was an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer months ago. They did not list corps involved.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Yes, we have two large GM assembly plants here, Delphi (Rochester Products Div & Delco-Rochester).

    Yes, the tax abatements most certainly could be considered a give-away. It is after all the equivalent of money. As to direct give-aways, maybe you're correct. It's about time.

    The point I was trying to make was at the federal level. France, for example, owns part of Peugeot. I don't believe doing such a thing in the US is constitutional.

    The company I work for has not been so lucky. In fact, they won a court case because they paid $45 million dollars more in local taxes than they should have under the local tax laws.

    If all these corporations are getting $50.00 tax bills, why are so many pushing production offshore or to Mexico?

    Taxes aside, US corporations have a much higher cost of doing business here. If it's not taxes, it comes in some form of government regulation. If you think that's okay, please don't be too surprised as more US business move labor outside the country.

    By the way, the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle have something in common.

    Are you in Cincinnati? Been in that city many times. I like the area and the people are among the most friendly I've ever met. Long time REDs fan, by the way.

  • murfdogmurfdog Posts: 61
    When I bought my buick, I always thought it was ironic that my Toyota Camry was made in the USA and my Buick was made in Mexico. We new it when we bought the Buick. I would have prefered it made in the USA; however, we knew where it was built. There was no hiding it by buick. I also knew when I bought my Toyota that it was made in the USA.

    Car companies are not the only ones facing these problems. I work for a large computer company. High tech jobs having been flowing to India for years now. Its only recently hit the news as for the general public. A real pain when you have to schedule meetings and work on debugging technical problems with others half way around the world on different time schedules.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think you mean Renault Dusty; the French state owns ~44% of it.

    Lots of US companies get taxpayer subsidies for their overseas advertising (link). The hue and cry wasn't loud enough I guess, 'cause that program is still going on.

    It sounds like manufacturing jobs are shrinking everywhere, even in China, due to increased production. What's going to be interesting is watching the effect of the devalued US dollar on imported car sales, especially for those makes that don't have domestic factories. US based manufacturers could benefit from increased export sales.

    Steve, Host
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Steve, yes. You are correct. Another senior moment.

    It's funny that in the field of economics most advocates of a controlled economy usually apply caution at the state level. I wonder how the globalists are going to handle this problem on an even larger scale.

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Now that we have had a few snow falls, how do people find winter driving in a FWD Rendezvous?
  • I believe it's true - You can use the factory navigation either as the navigation or as the CD player, but not both at the same time. The ways around this are:

    1. Listen to the radio if you bought the Rendezvous with the navigation option,

    2. Have your portable CD play through the RDV's FM radio using a FM modulator, or

    3. Install an aftermarket navigation system if you bought the RDV with the CD or CD changer option.

    We have option #3 in our 2002. See message #2878. The picture should be accessible by using the link without the http part
  • Our relatives came to visit us recently. Last time they came there were six of us, so we could all fit in with room to spare (we have the 3rd row and a bench 2nd row). This time there were eight of us: seven adults and a one-year old. I started exploring the ways to seat us all safely into the Rendezvous.

    Having looked at the 3rd row seat, I noticed an anchor sign. Aha - there must be a child seat connection... Indeed, there was a triangular-shaped connection on the back of the 3rd row seat, and a metal connector on a harness belt under the 3rd row seat. This looked like an appropriate way to install a forward-facing child seat.

    After some 10 minutes the seat was installed with the two Latch belts fitting right into the under-seat anchor and the third belt connected to the seat back triangle. It was holding the seat very well - much better than when we have it installed in the middle of the second row. So we used this configuration to transport eight of us around town for a couple of days.

    Later I realized that the harness belt under the 3rd row seat was probably a duplicate of the triangular harness point and may be meant for the 3rd Latch belt attachment in RDVs without the third row option. Although maybe it would have held the child seat adequately, it may have not been designed for this. Well, at least we are all safe. However, this is a caution not to use this configuration in your RDV.
  • murfdogmurfdog Posts: 61
    We have a RDV without the third row seats. We had family visit us from out of town and had to drop them off at the airport.

    We had seven. Three kids and four large adults.

    We put two Adults in the front. Strapped in the three kids in the back with safety belts and car seats and put two full size adults and all their luggage and mall purchases in the back and still had room to spare.

    That back space has so much room. I can not think of an SUV is the same price range that could fit people as well as ours did.

    For those who complain about its butt, they should look at it from the inside and check out all the space.

    We would have liked the third row, but without it, the car was only 21k vs like 28k with it.

    There is only three of us anyway (not including the dogs).
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    We've had quite a few snow storms dumping around 6-8 inches around here in the NYC area. I was out driving a bit on the local streets and quite amazed at how well my RDV handled. The streets were not all that well plowed in many places, especially one way streets. Traction control never turned on any time. It felt quite stable driving around. The rear end slipped out slightly once after making a tight left turn at an intersection - day after big storm and temps starting to refreeze the slush. I had no problems driving over small mounds of snow to park in the hole left from the previous car digging out. Parallel parked in thick icy slush and was able to pull out easily after coming back from shopping. Last week I was even able to parallel park up onto a completely frozen over street...had problems keeping my own feet planted on the ground once getting out.

    Only surprising thing to hear was my heater making a bit of a groaning sound in the 0 degree temperature. It went away after 5 minutes. Last Saturday all my doors were frozen shut. The rain and then freezing temperatures froze the top of each door to the the rubber. I had to run a hair dryer outside to melt the ice. But my other car had the same frozen doors in the similar place.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I too had a chance to play with the RDV during the recent Seattle snow storm, and compare it to my Acura sedan which is FWD with traction control.

    The AWD RDV was very sure footed and I felt very confident driving it on slippery roads. Of note, however, is that if you goose the throttle (just for the fun of it), you can easily get the rear end to fishtail because there is no traction control on the AWD model. Once the front wheels lose traction and torque goes to the rear, the rear wheels are apparently free to spin under unreasonable throttle (emphasis on unreasonable).

    In contrast, my Acura never spun a wheel during acceleration because Traction Control and Stability Assist gently modulated throttle and brakes for smooth driving. It was a strange feeling to goose the throttle from a standstill and have the car slowly and gently accelerate with normal revs that never shot upwards. I also climbed a hill in the Acura and had no problem (although I was nervous because if I did lose traction up front, there is no "backup").

    I would conclude that both systems are within a hair of each other in overall winter capability, with a slight edge going to the RDV simply because of the ability to transfer torque to the rear, which could help during hill climbing and allow quicker acceleration. Also, when driving to the ski slopes, the Park Rangers require chains on 2WD vehicles.

    I think the ideal solution for those that live in more severe winter climates would be a vehicle with some combination of AWD with 4 wheel electronic Traction Control.
  • duke36duke36 Posts: 15
    I have a 2003 RDV FWD. I notice that the Traction Control does come up often - suggesting a light weight on the front wheel - obviously the 4WD would do better - but I did not get it for the price.

    My only major concern is the ineficiency of the heater - at least on my 2002 model - during the current cold snap, I never get the cabin hot, just warm- I have to keep my hat and gloves even after 45 minutes driving. I mentionned it to the dealer at my last oil change and they changed the termostat (he tried it for 30 miles and confirmed that it was not up to spec)- the change of termostat helped, but still not great hot car. Albeit sufficient.My small 4-cylinder Saturn works hotter overall.
    Perhaps the 2003 or 2004 have a better heater???

    One last comment about winter driving, if you want to find winter tires, buy as soon as you find some - the size is popular and the dealers are back ordered in November until the spring- again this year. I passed out on Michelin to check prices elsewhere and that was it- I had to settle for Yokos which are not bad - albeit the same price. So plan early on your winter tire purchase.

    Overall a nice value vehicle.
  • theo2709theo2709 Posts: 476
    Hi all!

    I have a 2002 Rendezvous CXL AWD, and overall it has been a very good car. However, there a three nagging problems that I have never been quite able to figure out.

    Problem 1: with the climate control, no matter what setting it is at, it always makes this sort of clicking noise, like a fan is hitting something as it turns. It sounds like it's coming from somewhere near the glovebox. This happens more often when it's cold.

    Problem 2: the steering makes a strange whine when turned a lot, like in parking lots. It sounds like something is rubbing against the steering column, or when you forcefully turn a servo.

    Problem 3: this one is comparitively minor. The back windshield wiper has a strange problem of scraping along one way, and coming back smoothly. This happens in all types of weather conditions.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Thanx for the winter driving comments.

    Heat thing is interesting. I wonder if that is a common complaint with RDV or just an individual issue.
  • nidgenidge Posts: 18
    Hello Theo,
    I think that I know exactly what the clicking noise is that you hear. You mentioned the glove box. I think you are right on. Have you ever looked to see if you have a cabin filter in your car? To find the cabin filter location, you must go through the glove box. Actually, right in the back of the glove . You first see one black plastic cover. Open it and you will see another black plastic cover which holds the cabin filter in place. It too is made of plastic. I think that these cars are made by Monogram in Morton Grove. At one time I was checking on mine , and in the process I broke off the plastic clamp. I now keep it closed with duct tape. Does a better jod and no clicking. Chech it out and good luck.
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