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Buick Rendezvous



  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Posts: 114
    Read post #1178 in the RDV Problems And Solutions Forum.

    KarenS, "Buick Rendezvous Owners: Problems & Solutions" #, 5 Jul 2001 3:12 pm

    It looks like they are going to pay for this AC condensor thats out of warranty.Several others on here have gotten GM to pay on out of warranty vehicles.Its funny how Buick will pay for one and wont for another.Bad AC condensors are a known flaw with the early RDV's.A salesman at a huge midwest Buick dealership told me it was the # 1 problem with the RDV's that they sold.

    Go thru all the RDV posts and copy all the ones about bad AC condensors.Show them to your local dealer.Tell them you'll be glad to go public and call a local TV station about your problem

    If your Buick dealer or GM refuses to pay for it then go to a private shop and get an estimate to replace it.$1200 is way too much to replace the AC condensor.

    Good Luck!
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    kphelan101 said, "PLEASE someone email me ( ) something that I can show to the dealer here."

    Sent it to you via email. Hope it works. How many miles do you have on your RDV now? Buick paid for my AC condensor replacement, but I was at about 40,000 miles (not too much over the warranty period).

    Good luck!

  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi JK27 and others.

    Update on my 04 Rndy w/4000 miles on it and NOISE in front and back. (see past notes to avoid duplication). Car's been to dealers several times now since new in April. First tires.........they let air out to soften ride, which it did. however, noise in rear end of heavy thumping when going over the slightest crack in road (road seam, etc) they haven't a clue. Took car to yet another scheduled appt. on Tues, 3 hours there, they told me they had the part, and after 3.5 hours, I got up to yell (my spine is bent and I am disabled w/it), the mechanic told me they have the wrong part and I would have to take it back on Thurs. Have you heard of this--- Supposedly, the noise in the rear is coming from a front strut? Some rubber bushing (I hope I have this correct) is not turning properly so when steering wheel turns, these things "thump" all the time. They told me they used to be able to replace just the rummber bushing, but now have to go with entire strut. The car is under warranty, but my concern is like so many...what's the future hold with this front strut, etc., if it's a new car??? They tell me the noise in the rear "should" go away, as the front struts issues move down to the back end when they have a problem. I dont know what to think. My brakes still squeel despite my complaints, and the car noise dives if you stop fast, but they "swear" there are no brake issues. Oh...Thursday (tomorrow ) after strut is replaced, they told me they need to do a alignment. Any advise form you and others is greatly appreciated. I told the Service Manager this is the LAST Trip in before I yell like a nut in the sales room with people there! 4 trips in and out for same issues! Thanks folks! :mad:
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    Thanks for the update, Gail. If they cannot fix the vehicle to your satisfaction, I think you seriously need to consider filing a formal grievance under the process outlined in your user's manual. Follow each step to the letter, and document everything! The other choice you have is to consider filing a lemon law claim. Each state has different laws about this (when you can file, what is considered a "lemon", etc.). Sounds to me like you have lost confidence in this particular vehicle and you want out. Seriously, is there anything they can do to make you happy with THIS vehicle? Maybe now's the time to start the process. In Wisconsin, only cars under a year old are eligible for "lemon law", so you may have to decide what to do quickly.

    Good luck!
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi Jk27,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I spent much time this week (a totaly of 7 hours) on 2 days @ dealers as previosuly stated. Finally today, the car went in and the left frt. strut was replaced with the rubber bushing. Following this, the car was realigned. I sat and waited ovr 3 hours for the car, but I "think" it went well. This issue takes place in Massachusetts, and I appreciate your thoughts and the suggestions. It's "comforting" to know this page exists, and the people who take the time to help each other, is a blessing for all of us, whether we have great cars, or not so great cars. Anyway, The above work did make the car much better in riding and we left the air pressure where it was, since they took it out a few wks ago as note in prior message. We'll see. I was too tired after all of this with the car this week, to take it anywhere but home, so as I journey out tomorrow, I'll be able to properly evalutate the work done. I still get road noise in the rear, however Service Manager had driven it on Tues and this morning and admitted that this morning, it was considerably worse than on Tuesday, when he turned the steering wheel, ever so slightly and brought it into the garage. At completion today, he took me for a ride, with him driving on highway, side streets, and over some small bumps. The noise in the rear is just the manner in which the AWD "rides" he said, but the noise of thumping, (thinking it was the pads) and the hard "banging" on the road I was getting, is very much improved. I hope this helps someone else, and I hope the issue is finally resolved, as it's been a long 3 months since date of purchase. I believe the lemon law here is just a year as well, but I am keeping all the documentation. It will take some time to regain confidence, JK. I think the many negative views worried me big time about the car, as I didn't know the boards existed until AFTER I bought the car. With all the noise I had and the going back and forth to dealer and the negativism on this page, naturally I wanted out. We'll see what happens. I am hoping that now after 3 months, I can regain the faith, and start to enjoy my purchase, "trouble free." I'll keep checking in w/posts and will let you know how things go. Again, thank you for your time and help. Appreciate it greatly. I hope Ragtop gets to see this message as well as he's also been a help. :D
  • erichnererichner Posts: 14
    2002 CXL AWD bought new still under warranty and currently searching for an extended warranty. Wife uses it as her primary vehicle - and I only drive it on Weekends. Initial Symptom - my remote control no longer opened the doors. At the time I thought my battery needed replacement and the remote would need reprogramming. Last week - my wife's remote stopped working so it became really important to her to go to the dealership and deal with it.

    Friday I got a call from my wife saying that the dealership refused to fix the problems with the remotes saying that WE had switched them and that they would have NEVER worked with our Randy. I talked to the dealership representative and I was furious for the dealer's implication of us doing anything stupid with the remotes such as switching them. Dealer asked me to pick up the vehicle since they would NOT do anything about the remotes. Thankfully my cell phone batery died before sending death rays via a cell phone. That evening I roamed by the Edmunds forums and never found any issues with remotes dying. I did find how to reprogram them in the Aztek forum!

    Saturday morning I called the GM customer representative whose number is shown in various Edmund's Buick forums and I explained the situation. She was very professional and called the dealership making them agree to replace both remotes. When I got to the dealership they told me that they don't know how the remotes ever worked because they were meant to be for a Pontiac Montana but since Buick called them they would replace them under warranty. Note- I bought the vehicle new from the same dealer and the remotes worked from day one. I had no clue why we were given the "wrong remotes" - but since they worked and remotes don't carry any information for which model they are for, I never lost any sleep about it. After about 30 minutes waiting they told me they could not reprogram the new remotes and told me to come back later in the afternoon.

    Last night I picked up Randy and there was a note from the service department on the front seat saying to come back next Tuesday because they had to order a replacement remote receiver unit. The saga will be continued....

    I bet if this had happened after my initial warranty was over the cost would be way over $1,000. Thus my quest for an extended warranty. I'm now thinking over getting GM's additional 3 year / 36,000 $0 deducible warranty from for $1,405.

    Any recommendations? :confuse:
  • erichnererichner Posts: 14

    BCM unit was bad!!! 2nd unit replaced under warranty. I got two new keyfobs. What happened is that they repaced the BCM and could not connect that to the old key fob's . Once they realized it was the BCM - they didn't hesitate to exchange it and give me two new controls.

    Note- If I had't called BUICK customer service they would still blame me for the problem!!!

    WIll definitely buy an extended warranty.
  • As I stated in previous posts: A/C went out while on vacation at the beach (98 degrees!) spent the entire week and the 10-hr. drive back without A/C. Took it to my local dealer...the Service Mgr. and Buick rep chatted via phone and the Serv. Mgr. told the rep "I wouldn't offer her the goodwill warranty because she has never brought the vehicle HERE for maintenance or oil changes, etc." Buick said "okay we won't give it to her". They quoted me a $1,200 price on A/C condensor repair. All this and the rep says to me, "well we only give the warranty on a 'case-to-case' basis"............whatever the hell that means....I am a military widow on a pension. GM, you should be ASHAMED. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • pfdpfd Posts: 3
    Have any of you experienced a problem with your headlights flashing... not real long, more like a short of some sort? I first noticed that the high beam INDICATOR on my dash was flickering and then studied it a bit and realized my headlights are actually flickering too!
    I'm sure there is an answer out there... maybe one of the bulbs needs changing?
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    If you're not happy (and I wouldn't be), you need to take your complaint to the next level. If you are serious about contacting Buick and voicing your complaints, I suggest you contact Buick corporate and explain your situation. The specific procedure is set forth in your owner's manual. Follow each step exactly and document everything.

    If your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, the following steps should be taken:

    STEP ONE -- Discuss your concern with a member of dealership management. Normally, concerns can be quickly resolved at that level. If the matter has already been reviewed with the sales, service or parts manager, contact the owner of the dealership or the general manager.

    STEP TWO -- If after contacting a member of dealership management, it appears your concern cannot be resolved by the dealership without further help, contact the Buick Customer Assistance Center by calling 1-800-521-7300. In Canada, contact GM of Canada Customer Communication Centre in Oshawa by calling 1-800-263-3777 (English) or 1-800-263-7854 (French). We encourage you to call the toll-free number in order to give your inquiry prompt attention. Please have the following information available to give the Customer Assistance Representative:

     Vehicle Identification Number (This is available from the vehicle registration or title, or the plate at the top left of the instrument panel and visible through the windshield.)
     Dealership name and location
     Vehicle delivery date and present mileage

    When contacting Buick, please remember that your concern will likely be resolved at a dealer’s facility. That is why we suggest you follow Step One first if you have a concern.

    STEP THREE -- Both General Motors and your dealer are committed to making sure you are completely satisfied with your new vehicle. However, if you continue to remain unsatisfied after following the procedure outlined in Steps One and Two, you should file with the GM/BBB Auto Line Program to enforce any additional rights you may have. Canadian owners refer to your Warranty and Owner Assistance Information booklet for information on the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP). The BBB Auto Line Program is an out of court program administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus to settle automotive disputes regarding vehicle repairs or the interpretation of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

    Although you may be required to resort to this informal dispute resolution program prior to filing a court action, use of the program is free of charge and your case will generally be heard within 40 days. If you do not agree with the decision given in your case, you may reject it and proceed with any other venue for relief available to you.

    You may contact the BBB using the toll-free telephone
    number or write them at the following address:

    BBB Auto Line
    Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
    4200 Wilson Boulevard
    Suite 800
    Arlington, VA 22203-1804
    Telephone: 1-800-955-5100

    This program is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Eligibility is limited by vehicle, age, mileage and other factors. General Motors reserves the right to change eligibility limitations and/or discontinue its participation in this program.

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens.
  • orton43orton43 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 and it does the same thing. Really thought it was just me but My Husband has also noticed it. Haven't heard why it is doing it. But it does seem like a short or something.
  • Does anyone know if a remote starter can be placed in this vehicle? It's an 04 CX automatic. Dealer is adament if I do it, warranty is "voided." I have read posts that indicate it causes the car to stall and many members mention problems. I would like to install one prior to the winter in N.E., as I am somewhat handicapped, but also fear the dealers "threats." Thanks much.
  • I have an 03 CXL AWD and had installed a viper remote starter and have no problems with it what so ever ( I live NY and what it difference it makes, also good in the summer for a/c) , the only thing is when you lock the doors it does not enbale the security system immeadiatley,ie. when it honks and the red dash light flashes, but the factory security system arms itself passively after a minute. As for the dealer, find another who might be willing to install it and warranty it. My dealer at first did not offer it at the time and i went to an aftermarket place, i had a problem with the long crank on the car and they tried to blame the starter but thye could not prove it was from the starter and cannot void your warranty unless they prove the remote starter caused the problem. Most dealers if they install it aftermarket will warranty it with the car. Find another dealer.
  • Please help--any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The condenser on my 2002 Rendezvous has a hole in it and both my local Buick dealer and the GM Customer Service rep say that it is a wear and tear issue caused by the mileage and not a problem with the car. I now have 87,200 miles on the car, but all are highway miles. I'd like to know the source for your comment about the deal you mentioned regarding splitting the bill and the so called 'goodwill warranty'. How can I get my dealer or GM customer service to replace this problem part at their expense, not mine?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's some reading material while waiting for responses:

    The Secret Warranty

    Steve, Host
  • First, thanks to all of those who've posted their rexperiences, good and bad, about their RDV's. I also experienced A/C probs (twice), both covered under ext warranty (whew), and recently replaced main hub (out of pocket). So, when it was time to replace my wife's car, I tried to buy ANYTHING else. So hopefully, I'm bringing a balanced perspective to this discussion.
    Willing to spend up to $35K (we're not broke, not rich), and focused very heavily on Lexus/Accura for their reputations. Very nice vehicles to choose from. So, why another RDV??? Thank God for these forums. Essentially, we found that ALL brands have some defects/dissatisfiers, and it is ALWAYS disappointing when something goes wrong with a one owner car, and never cheap to correct.
    But every car we drove came up short of the Buick in some of our key needs. Primary use is a 100 mile a day commute in LA traffic, so the #1 need is a quiet, comfortable driver experience; I'll compare any Buick to anything on the road for that. 2nd need, like everyone, is mileage. Our first RDV was a 2002 CX FWD, and we ave 22 MPG for 140,000 mi. I hear that the AWD mpg is typically in the mid-teens, and after 40 years in the midwest, I never seek snow :-); don't see a need for AWD if it costs 5-7 mpg. 3rd need was third row seating. We like to go to Vegas 3-4 times a year, frequently with another couple, and let our daughter bring a friend if available, so up to 6 people plus baggage. Nothing but a minivan or a BIG suv offers the comfort in all 3 rows that the RDV does. This wasn't mission critical because we were keeping the 2002 RDV for trips.
    So, for her every day car, she had a choice of a BMW 3 series, an ES 330 or RX, and Acura TL, TSX or MDX, a Pilot, Highlander...really, anything in entry-level lux class. Bottom line turned out to be that no car out there suits OUR needs as well, and we got a 2006 CX w CX plus and deluxe packages for just over $24k.
    I think this is the right forum to post this in, as if I were considering an RDV, this is where I'd look. Yes, my first one had defects, it's not perfect. Yes, I was REAL unhappy to find that my probs were common. BUT, in looking at other forums, there is good and bad with all cars (read about Lexus and Acura trannies and dealer/company response). We ended up with a car we love driving and saved somewhere between $5-10k up front. If we end up siphoning it all back in in repairs, oops, no money saved. If not, the RDV is a steal in up front and everyday costs compared to any other true 7 seat near-luxury vehicle we found.
    Again, I thank everyone for their posts; a lot of things to consider when you buy a new car, and the info here was invaluable. Hope GM's addressed the defects since 2002. If not, having tested every option, we bought another RDV with no regrets.
  • I too will chime in with a happy Rendezvous owner story. I have had mine for two years. Only repair was a new window regulator that I had to pay for, and a tilt mirror that didn't tilt correctly that was covered out of warranty because I had had the car in for this problem, but the dealer never found it, during the warranty period. I love the ride, the gas mileage when gas was only 1.80/gallon was fine, now that it is over 3/gal don't we all wish for hybrid mileage in our big cars!, but of course that isn't going to happen, it is comfortable on my 45 minute commute in the morning and evening and it can pull my camper, haul four kids and ourselves and I still can't get over how much I love my HUD. I think this forum gets very negative at times and I'm glad that some of us like the car and would buy it again. I have 66,000 miles and still love driving it each day.
  • How about one more happy story. I have a 2002 CX I bought in September 2002. I have not had any problems and I am very happy with my 19 - 20 MPG around town for a vehicle of this size. I have hauled people, lumber, bags of mulch, and just about anything you can imagine. I almost forget about the 3 seat because it is usually down for hauling junk but it has come in handy a few times. Before the Buick I had a Caravan and before that an Aerostar. The Buick WINS!
  • I have a 2002 Rendezvous CXL that was purchased for $32,000 +TTL. So far, 5 unscheduled repair stops with 3 BCM replaced. I love the RDV for it's utility, rides, and HUD. Getting 17 MPG driving around Seattle area with 65% Highway and 35% City. Has only 23,500 miles on it(my office is only a 3 minute walk from my house.) Wished the 3.6 V-6 was available when I bought my RDV.

    One thing I didn't like was the re-sale value of the RDV. Got a quote of $12,000 for my RDV for trade-in. The same dealership offered $15,000 for my wife's 2002 Honda CR-V EX with 24,500 miles on it. And she paid $22,000 +TTL for it. I paid $10,000 more when new and getting $3,000 less when we considered trading in the RDV. Still thinking if I want to trade the RDV in or not.

    If I had to do it all over again, I probably would've gotten something that keeps their value a little better. And all these problem I'm reading on the internet does scare me a little bit(air compressor, head gasket, wheel bearing....etc). I feel like I'm waiting for something to go wrong. :surprise:
  • Has anyone had problems with the window regulators? The passeger sdie on my 2002 RDV broke at about 49,700 miles and the drivers side broke at 49,800 miles. One Buick dealer quoted $160 for a regulator and 2 hours at $80 to install. I found that the piece that broke is now avalable for about $55 per door. It can be easliy replaced by a competant mechanic for about $50. For any type of compensation, Buick wants me to take it to a dealer for diagnosis at my expense. Guess how much the diagnosis cost? $80 plus tiem away from work. NOT a good deal. I am seeking to register this complaint with GM and they are trying to charge me money to do it. I went to order the replacement parts and found out that there was a Natioanl Back order fro the components. Does that begin to make a statement? I would like to know if anyone else is having this problem. :mad:
  • I had to replace one at about 50K. It was around 250 for the entire thing. You are not alone. I like your potential price better than what I paid!
  • I have a 02 CXL with 60,000 miles, bought Certi. Used w/6000 miles. (Yeah, I know.) Anyhoo, we have LOVED this car. This spring, stop for a fill up, and the car won't start. After having the car towed it is determine the fuel pump has gone out. Because my husband works for an auto parts co. he has the part ordered, pays someone to put it in. Only cost us a few hundred, but still not cool.
    2 weeks ago, on a day long drive in Georgia heat, my husband calls to tell me the AC is blowing hot air. He stops has someone put in Freon (or whatever you call it now), but the car won't "take any" So, we agree that we'll trade cars for a few days since he does get out in the heat and I stay home. I drive it a week, air works great for me. But, then over the course of a couple of days, I get some really strange stuff.While driving down the road, all the warning lights on the display come on, like when you first turn the key to acc. Hmmm. Then I notice the rear hatch light chimes while I'm driving down the road. Only it isn't ajar. Hmmm. I realize it's blowing hot air again. Then, the I glance down at the digital display for the AC and the temp & fan speeds are going up & down. Only I'm not pushing the buttons. And when I park, my door won't unluck. If I use the manual lock, it just relocks itself. My daughter has to unlock the car from the passenger side switch so that we can get out. Yesterday I heard this strange clicking & I get the chime and lights thing. Then I realized the clicking was my drivers side door lock! Clicking every second or so like I was trying to unlock the door. And the door wouldn't stay locked when I parked.The security light comes on & shows the system is armed, no radio. AC blowing hot air. All the aux. lights were flashing in time to the click. (I swear to God I am not making this up!!) After giving up on reaching my husband I parked the *@#@&;$ and went inside, unable to roll up the windows, open the back hatch to get the kids stuff or lock it. Figuring eventually the battery will die and this will all be over with!! Ha Ha.
    But, a couple hours later, my daughter calls me outside to show me that now, ALL of the lights on the car are FLASHING! In time to the click,click,click. Thankfully, my poor neighbor came over to help. He couldn't figure it out, so I asked him to unplug the battery. Gotta stop it somehow, I was starting to worrythat the horn would start next. After a few minutes he reconnected it, my keyfob worked, doors locked. No problem. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Be gentle, it's my first time!!
  • I have the same vehicle, and with the same problem. Condensers, new, are about $125. The trick is, do you have a mechanic that will do work on the side? Otherwise, a local reputable garage can do the work, provide the part, and warranty for a lot less than the dealer. I found one that would do it all for about $500, which is about half of what the dealer quoted.
  • I'm having this same exact problem right now!!! It's been driving me crazy! Have you had any problems after disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting it? I was thinking it was a fuse, or maybe the Pass-Key. If it's just the battery, then I will be a very happy man. I'm so glad I've found someone else with this problem. Anyone else with any information please post. Thanks!
  • Like many others I am having both sets of wheel bearings and hubs replaced on my 2002 rendezvous it has just over 50000 miles on it and of course is no longer under warranty. I can't believe that buick, GM, and our local dealer all refuse to fes up. This is a manufactures defect. Those of you who say oh there are only isolated incidences reported on the internet are living in a dream world where everyone has internet access. There are multiple problems with the bearings, ac condenser and head gaskets, does this mean the car is terrible NO. However, GM should steep up and cover problems with these three major repair issues and cover them to at least the gm grand extended warranty level of 5 1/2 years or 80000 miles.
  • I'm glad you are happy with your RDV. We too, have our second one. First one was a 2002 Cx. , This one is a 05 CXL. From the first day, we have complained about excessive road noise. MUCH more than the 02. Buick replaced the original tires at 3,000 miles with Michelin. Helped a little. Carried it in for service at 7400 miles this week and talked to Dealer's Ops manager. Went for a test ride with him in rear passenger seat. Acknowledged excessive road noise and had me bring the vehicle back the next day. Three hours later, called and said vehicle was noisy because of exhaust resonator and insufficient undercoating and insulation. Dealer personnel are good, but Buick will do nothing. Fortunately, I leased it but it will be my last Buick. I'm not a whiner. This vehicle is so bad that rear passengers cannot carry on a conversation. This was a $32k vehicle and I'm VERY unhappy with it.
  • Sounds like a body control module problem.
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Well, now I am smelling not only those rotten potatoes mentioned elsewhere on the forum, but I've seen the rain!!! Literally. Massachusetts got a deluge of rain and much of it is now in the 04 rendy!! Not happy with it!! I bought this car at 1500 miles, and it's been in for struts already and noisey brakes if you've followed along on my posts. I noticed the rotten pototoe smell a few days ago and it nearly knocked me out, 100 miles from home. I trust something under the hood is leaking as some of you mentioned the hoses near the ac. I planned to stroll into dealers this week for that, but low and behold, the car now LEAKS big time, all over the rear drivers side door, from the roof down!! It's just everywhere, including rug, seats, doors and roof liner. JK, if you're reading,given your legal exp, at what point is this a true Lemon under the law? I just want my money back from dealer and I think that will not happen. If I trade, despite the fact all of this has happened since April 25th with the exception of the rainstorm we had last night, what recourse (pressure) can I possible use to bring home my point? I can't sell the car to anyone from the public now, knowing it has this problem. I am so upset.. thoughts/help from members appreciated! I think it may be the rubber seal, but who's just made a terrible mess and I took digital pics to prove it..problem is, it's columbus day isn't opened until Tuesday, which means another day of pay lost to this lemon of a car! Thanks, Gail :lemon: :lemon: :mad:
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi Bruce,

    I'm stilling have much wind noise and the car literally blows all over the place. It's as difficult to handle as my 1968 VW bug was, while on the highway. Locally on small roads, it's great, with the exception on leaning, despite dealer having taken 10lbs from each tire and replaced a front strut. This is an o4, with only 5K miles on it. As you can see my most recent post of today....................the car now LEAKS from the roof, down to the drivers pass. door, and all the way to the hatch! I am not at all happy with this car and I would never recommend it to a friend. I've spent so much time at dealers over the noise, the tires, and then they discover the front strut, on a new car, which I bought with 1500 miles on April 25. It's not a good score card so far in my opinion. In my dodge caravans, I went over 150K in 11 years, with very little issues..if any. Never, have I had a car leak from the roof and I don't have roof racks. THe car is soaked, and I have a long holiday to get through before I roll it on in again. I was wondering...I don't know where you are located, but wondered if you are near massachusetts or NH so i could visit your dealer. and replaced your tires? I've had no luck beyond the front strut job and lowering of tire press. If you put the brakes on hard, you have to be prepared, because it nosedives and turns left a little. Thanks Bruce
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