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Buick Rendezvous



  • bruce4bruce4 Posts: 13
    Sorry for all your problems, Gail. I'm located in Tennessee. Rondy was leased from a dealer in Arkansas who got it from a dealer in south Texas. Drove about 300 miles [all interstate] this weekend, and this is, without question, the noisiest vehicle I have ever owned. Drives good, handles okay except for a lot of lean in curves, but it is very noisy. Replacing tires with Michelins did not help.

    I got nowhere with Buick's hotline people. Local dealer has tried, but cannot fix the problem. Apparently just lousy construction.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244

    You've got to get out of this car. Every state has a different "lemon law", so it's important that you find out what the law is in your state. I found a website (Lemon Law Summaries) which states that the Massachusetts lemon law covers new cars for 1 year or 15,000 miles (which I believe you are under both). Also, to be a "lemon", you must have brought in your car for 3 repair attempts on the same problem OR your car had to be out of service for 15 business days. Don't know if yours qualifies under that definition.

    Have you followed the customer complaint steps that I've posted here previously? (e.g., including going to the BBB Autoline?). If not, I recommend that you do so OR file a lemon law claim if your car qualifies. You really do not need an attorney to file a lemon law claim, imho.

    Good luck!
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    JK & Bruce,

    Thanks for your responses. The car will go to dealers tomorrow in "As is" condition, with the lining sagging and the tarp on top of it. Unfortunatly, the holiday got in the way of my doing that any sooner. JK, yes to some degree, I followed a portion of the regulations you sent. I have been working with the dealer and thought all things were happily resolved, until now!! :lemon: :lemon: :cry: I will drive it in on Tuesday and see what they have to say, and will keep the board posted, so friends won't have to experience this like I have. I am sooooooooo glad I found this board and the people who are on it. It's been a great help and consolation for many of us. We'll see what they tell me tomorrow, but I don't think they'll accept responsibility all too quickly. The reference of the roof rack leaks on the boards has been a blessing in that regard. Take care friends, and thanks again. I'll keep you posted.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Did you not notice the noise when you test drove your 05??
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    This is just an FYi for anyone who may find themselves with the same problem as I have had with my Rendy. As you can see by the posts I left, my car has suffered a horredous "flood" from the roof, down, and from center of vehicle, to hatch, and eventually to the front and around the sunroof. Thank Goodness I took digital pics each and every time the water made its way along the liner. Long/short story so far is it's been at the dealers for 2 days now. Rec'd call today (day2) from dealer, who tells me it's not the roof racks (though I have serious doubts, because of where the water was first being spotted), but rather the sunroof. Now mind you....I was at the dealers 3 wks ago with "proof" of the sunroof leaking and he pointed the finger to me, for not closing the sunroof. I don't use the darn thing! Anyway....I told him then to shut the roof himself and solemly promised to not use it again. Now, I am told by the same service rep, it's the sunroof, and that there are 2 tubes which come out from the drains around the sunroof to drain the water down to the drivers rear pass. side door area and down the hatch; and the same for the other side. Supposedly, these tubes "cake up" as he said,(I can't imagine how or why; let alone what they cake up with) & cause a back up which in turn damages the interior of our vehicles. DOES THIS AT ALL SOUND FAMILAR TO ANYONE? I've has sunroofs before, and never, had this problem. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have relative to this which may help me when I go to pick up this car. My personal thought is to leave it there until he takes it back from me! Ü (see prior posts with problems). I did manage to get a rental car from them at their expense however it was the smallest "golf cart" on 4 wheels you could imagine! A VW bug would've provided more room. I wouldn't mind ,but I have a spine disability and the service rep knows this and drops this "puddle jumper" my way! I called him later yesterday when it arrived and told him this is not a comprable car and the cart had to go. Today at 2pm, this big black CHEVY TRAILBLAZER pulls into the yard and a swap on rental vehicles was made. That's better now. Service rep advised me the liner was taken down and will be put back up and the car will be "chem-dried/cleaned etc. I had insisted on a new headliner, and new rugs, as they are all soaken wet. I don' t know if I'll see that happen, but this car has only 5100 miles on it and I bought it April 25th. Any thoughts, suggestions, appreciated. I hope this info. will help someone out there; more importantly, i hope no one has to suffer with such an issue, and I wish JK27, you could get a class action suit going for all of us here! We'd all be happy to help you! Ü
    Thanks, Gail04 :lemon: :mad: :cry: :lemon:
  • I have heard of sunroom gutters causing a problem such as this. You have really been through it. I am sorry about that. My Rendezvous has been very good so far, but everyone has a different car. One thing I'd think to caution you and anyone is that you have to be careful letting a reduction of 10 psi be a fix for tires. The tire pressure is set by GM for a reason. Ford had the Explorer rollover problem that I think was directly linked to undersized tires. In a car with a higher center of gravity such as this car you really don't want to go too far below the manufactuers specification I don't think. Good luck with it all mike
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I rec'd a call from dealer very late this afternoon, just about rush hour and he told me the car was "ready." I wasn't "ready" for that call, if you know what I mean..I just wanted no part of the car. I did go to get it and talked to the service adviser for a bit. He has assured me it was the sunroof versus my thinking it was the roof racks. Supposedly, the run off drip hoses (I have had cars with plain old fashioned sunroofs and never heard of anything having "drain hoses" in them like this), had been "pinched" from GM's plant and backed up. Got me, Mike. All I know is I've had so much going on with this car that I no longer want it. I love the shape and style, but also agree with you about the low tire pressure to create a softer ride...I don't have the work order to see what all was done, as their computers were "down" and the promised it would be sent. We'll see over the next few days. I don't think they took care of the rotten potatoe smell from the a/c, as that didn't come up, & I actually forgot to inquire about it while there. For others who read the posts- I was told they took down the headliner, replaced the tubes which is about the size of a pencil, replaced liner, cleaned it, and shampood and dried the rugs from hatch to front end. I am told an ionizer/ozonater machine was placed in car to remove any odor from wetness. I left to come home because of highway rush hour traffic, and in Massachusetts we are on our 8th day of rain with a weekend weather report of "downpours," so we'll see. I'm still going to speak w/sales dept and see what they will do, if anything. I'll keep members posted, and hope no one, has to go experience such an issue. Take care, gail :lemon:
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    I suspect by now everyone's tired of hearing about my "Lemon," but I feel it's important that I keep the board advised as to what's going on, so no one else will have to deal with it or atleast will have some info here. FYI- Got in car Saturday, first time since retrieving it from dealer. Liner has water marks from visor to rear hatch!! I indicated to dealer I wanted this replaced...he told me upon pick up that it would be fine, and used the term "Handpainted" when he said, "We hand painted the lining, because it's not an item we can replace." I reminded him the car is only 5 months old, and I expected it replaced, knowing water marks penetrate through when you try to clean stains sometimes. Well today, sure enough, it's all clearly marked and I've got a call into the sales manager and the service manager. However, as both are closed do to wkend, I must wait until Monday for a call as to what next. I am so tired of the back/forth, the distance to and from dealer is 20 miles each way, and being handicapped makes it even more difficult when it comes to driving rentals, etc. Like so many other posts on the board, we pay enough for these cars, and it doesn't matter what kind of warranty you have...who wants to keep going back and forth like this all the time? I left voice mail with Sales Manager that I expect return call to set up a meeting of the minds because I want my money back on this car and I expect meeting to take place this week. If I get nowhere, I'll proceed to try to trade it, or notify Lemon Law and BBB. I'll keep you posted, but if you're all getting tired of me, let me know. Thanks for reading and for responding. :mad: :lemon:
  • bruce4bruce4 Posts: 13
    Gail, I suggest you find the meanest lawyer you can. A lawyer fee will be cheaper than the loss you will take on the vehicle if you trade it. I agree it is ridiculous to pay what we do to 'buy American', then find out its assembled in Mexico. Then to have to deal with the issues that we do....
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244

    The way your car was returned to you is absolutely unacceptable. Go ahead and meet with the manager. And then, as I've suggested before, go through the steps outlined in your manual. That is the quickest and most efficient way to get this OUT of GM's hands and into a neutral arbitrator's hands (BBB Autoline). Follow each step ... to the letter. Eventually, you'll be meeting with a BBB rep. This is a different process than the "lemon law". And I am concerned that your car might not qualify as a "lemon". Has your car been "out of service" for 15 days? Have you had it in for the exact same problem at least 3 times (and they were not able to fix it?). So ... go for the BBB autoline -- and, as bruce suggested, DO NOT trade it in until after meeting with the BBB. Hopefully, they'll force Buick to buy back the car from you. Good luck.

    P.S. This is a completely different process than simply reporting a business to the Better Business Bureau. That action really carries no consequence to an auto manufacturer.
  • desaljsdesaljs Posts: 24
    Has anyone had the fuel filler fall out on the RDV? This has happened 2 times to my wife, while filling up the fuel tank. Instead of clicking off, it does not shut off and the the hose come out of the tank and continues to run!!

    This has not happened to me, but in all fairness, I am going to say that she operates the pump correctly.

    Any others out there with this issue? We have an '03 and so far, it has been good.
  • bruce4bruce4 Posts: 13
    I leased the vehicle from a dealer 200 miles away and we picked it up from a driver, so no, I didn't test drive it. Mechanically it is the same vehicle as the 02 we had owned. We took it for a 300 mile trip the next day and I called the Sales Manager and reported unacceptable road noise. Buick did eventually replace the tires, but that did not solve the problem. Local dealer rep says its poor insulation, etc.
    Good news is that it is leased and I only have 26 months left to deal with it.
    Good bye GM vehicles after that!
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Dear Friends,
    I promise I'll be brief. After faxing a "demand" note about a new headliner and the mess they made of the first on, I heard from the service adviser today, who told me they would "replace" liner with a brand new one around Wed, when it comes in. In add'n, not sure if you all know, in the glove box is an air filter. He said he would change that as well to get rid of the rotten potatoe smell which pre-existed before sunroof flood. I didn't know there was such a filter in the car. The same Fax was sent to the Sales Dept. Manager. He called me tonight, to tell me he would like to "talk" with me, rec'd my fax about all which has taken place since April 25th (date of purchase) & told me if I wanted to look at another RNDY, or another car, he would try to be as "fair" as he could for both of us. I know the end result is kelly blue book and my having to give more money towards another car like the gal who mentioned the same on line here from the plant in Baltimore...I believe she had to put out $4600 to get upgraded. I'm not sure I even want to try another one or what I'll do just yet. I will keep you posted & let you know what transpires. I may try to talk w/sales manager on the day I am told to bring the car in for the new liner. Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions. I'm following all the suggestions you both have provided, & appreciate the support. Gail
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi Jk27, & bruce 04

    Having read your E with interest, I have to agree with you that my car may not qualify for a "lemon," given that I haven't lost 15 days of its use per se, nor has it been in 3 times for the same issue, other than the tire situation, and they did try to resolve that, finally letting air out and locating a damaged strut, which they replaced. my understanding of the lemon law in Mass is that it need not be 15 "consecutive" days, but a combined total. I'm just about there with all the "return" jaunts I have to make with it,but reality, does that qualify for a lemon...I don't think it will. BTW- Today, I got in the car for an errand, & noticed ONSTAR's phone button was RED and BLINKING and never saw that, as it's generally a light green color. I pushed the button & a rep. from ONSTAR came on & I asked her what it was "red,"....fearing it meant the "LEMON-Mobile" had a problem. She assured me it wasn't the "Lemons" fault, but that there was something wrong & ran a diagnostic. Well, that indicated the microphone was damaged and not operating correctly, and she then asked if I had gone through a car wash with the car, or had any water issues!! Need I say anything more???? Ü Also, wires may've been disturbed when shop tried to work with the damaged liner, pulling it, stretching it, etc. I like the style of the car, and it's interior; but do I like it enough to try to keep this car, or work towards another....I don't know...and it scares me for the obvious reasons, mainly all which is on the boards here. It's like waiting for a bomb to drop, in "anticipation" of future problems. I'll keep you posted, and hope this is of help to others. Thanks again.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Well, if you buy any thing with out seeing and trying it, you take your chances. You could have said I'd like to drive it before I sign off on the papers. No dealer will refuse that.

    I don't think it's GM's fault.
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    :lemon: It happened again, and here I sit, 10 days since a promise of new headliner, rugs, and Onstars Microphone, that nothing has come in. I keep calling and dealer keeps telling me "we don't know why the delay." I won't type what I said! Today, the car goes round 2 and both front drivers and passengers side are engulfed in water!! I called dealer, we go through the same routine, of taking it in, and you know the rest. I am on disability and it's hard for me to get back/forth. I have lost time, money from work, energy and health to this Lemon. I stressed my points, and as Bruce suggested, today (as I have been doing) I requested a formal meeting again with sales manager, serv. adviser and rep, as well as owner, if necessary, because I am asking for total refund of this car, as well. I also have placed call to BBB at this time. I haven't heard back from dealer yet, and will update page only if there's something different, than what I wrote about the last flood! Thanks much for your support. Gail
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    I did call BBB. They are sending a package of information out to me to have with a representatives name on it should I need it, I'll have it. I heard from the Service Adviser later this evening...Today is Tues. He can't take the car in until Monday, 6 days from now. Can you imagine the smell, let alone that time frame? When questioned, he told me already has 2 cars in there for same reason..1 Pont, 1 Chev. Monte Carlo. I haven't heard back from the Sales Manager, but trust I will. I think it's the a/c hose because a few wks ago, I smelled the rotten potatoe smell (prior to first leak) and told them & they said they couldn't smell it. Then the first flood came, and now this one. Since this is coming from the floor panel behind firewall, down to the driver/pass. floors, and rugs, & I don't see signs of interior wetness w/running water down the cowl, etc., I'm just wondering if it's that. It'll be up to them to figure out...the sooner I can get out of the car, and not take a "financial" hit, the better I'll be. I will work w/dealer for rental car tomorrow, and not next week when I bring my car in. Hope none of you have this problem. :cry:
  • bymclaughbymclaugh Posts: 103
    Just to comment on pacinpelo's post about the potential mistake of adding the 3rd row to the Envoy and it taking away from sales of the RDV. Sure, that might happens in some cases, but not everyone will want a vehicle as big as the Envoy or will they want something more fuel efficient. Personally, I love the new Envoy and would have loved to get one, but it wasn't feasable for us, and the main reason for us was the mileage. We wanted something with better gas mileage, but we also wanted room to haul stuff and we wanted AWD for the winter (since we live off the beaten path a bit and once the snow starts to fall we can easily get buried). So either way, with or without the 3rd row seats, we wouldn't own an Envoy right now.

  • I finally (and sadly) traded in my AWD Buick RDV for a 4WD Kia Sportage. I drove the Chevy Equinox, several Jeep models, Hyundais, Honda SUVs, etc. before I settled on the Sportage. I LOVE IT. I truly got sick and tired of the problems and the run-around that I was getting from GM and Buick......I was OVER IT. The problems just kept coming and I was running out of money (because of course it was JUST out of warranty when they started to happen). Give yourselves a break. I really miss some things about my RDV (some of the extra bells and whistles that the Kia doesn't have) but my Kia is 4WD and I've still got almost all the cargo space I need, it drives like a dream and it's really comfy.......I got a sweet 2005 model in Satin Silver and got a killer deal at my local dealer. I told them exactly what I wanted, where I wanted my payment to be and, just like that, I got it. The best feeling is to be able to get into my auto and GO.....and NOT worry about what's going to fall off or break down, etc. It's a sweet feeling. The holidays are upon us......God rest ye sad Buick RDV owners.....get rid of it and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year ! :sick: :D
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    Good luck with your new Kia. I hope their reliability has improved. The first version of the Sportage was plagued with significant problems. A post from the Kia Sportage forum, "Just lemon lawed my 02 Sportage. 6 times the breaks have failed. 2 master cylinders and 6 set of rotors and pads. Glad to be out of this POS."

    Here's another unhappy brand new Kia Sportage owner: "Well, here I am back again. They put in the new computer, replaced the sensor. The ABS and ESP lights actually stayed off for 4 days. Now they're back on. Took it back to the dealer. They all looked at me like deer in the headlights. Now the Service guys are saying it is something to do with the wire harness.

    So I got the car brand new on Feb. 11...and have driven it for 5 days total out of 12. The rest of the time it's been sitting at the dealer. Looks like we'll be seeing a lawyer. This thing is a total lemon. Don't buy it ... beware... LX V6 FWD."

    Or this one: "I've had my 2005 KIA sportage for 3 weeks, one of which has been spent in the service dept. The transmission seal is bad & no one at the dealership or at corportate KIA can figure out the correct part number for replacement. They've overnighted 3 of them so far and none of them fit. They're sending 2 more tomorrow. I'm a commissioned road rep and need my car for my biz....I'm fed up and want out of the deal. KIA, so far, seems undependable and the dealership is embarrassed. I only have 800 miles on it but KIA customer service doesn't seem to care or be willing to do anything about it. My mission is to get the dealership where I bought it to cancel my contract, take back the car, or make sure everyone I know & meet NEVER buys a KIA."

    My point? every single model has lemons and its fair share of problems. Every single one. Good luck with yours.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I rented a Kia Rio, what a piece of junk. Kia is about as low as you can go on the car chain. Only thing worse is a Lada.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Anyone driven a 3.5L 06 model yet?
  • bruce4bruce4 Posts: 13

    Post an update of hwat is happening with your Rondy
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi! After 10 days w/o car, here's the current update as of this date-Car came home, (dealer drove it home & took back rental while I was at family funeral, which we agreed upon). Liner to me, doesn't look "new" as some spots of dirt are in the same spot as orig, & still a tear of space up on pass.grab bar, where it attaches. I'm not sure if this is just extra material or if there are holes in the liner which must match the screws in the panel to attach the liner, but if the grab bar was moved slightly over, I don't think I'd see this. If it's sloppy workmanship, I'm not sure, but GM called earlier today, and I advised them of this concern, and the fact that since 10-1 (first leak out of 2), no rugs have been installed yet. He is going to f/u w/dealer & get back to me. Onstar's button is now green & I pushed it to make sure system was working(damaged with "flood") & it tested fine. I'm getting there; but the stress killing me along the way. I was told by dealer in a tel/call to him since the funeral, that the front has 2 tubes for sunroof as does the back. Apparently, the whole thing leaks, & given a choice, I'd not go w/sunroof option. Car came in this way-I didn't order it. I have rec'd appl. from BBB to fill out, & have claim numbers from them and GM rep. GM hasn't called me yet to discuss further, but I still want "out" of this particular vehicle. I like the style,& it's a nice change from 20 yrs of Dodge caravans, but I just have little/no faith in, and "fear" the "what next" given the postings on the boards. Thanks for asking. Take care-TTYs.
  • I am in the "research" phase of my next vehicle purchase & am very interested in the 2006 RDV. From what I've read there seems to be many problems with the 1999-2003 RDVs (gaskets, etc). Does anyone know if these problems have been addressed/corrected for the newer (05-06) versions? (Gail, sorry to hear about your problems with this vehicle!- I have Windstar stories that would curl your toes though!!)
    Has anyone heard ANYTHING good/bad the 2006s?
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51

    I wish you well with the Rndy if you go that route. As JK said, all makes/models have some issues. I don't want to say one way or another because I don't feel I can honestly tell you one way or the other. I have heard 04-06 are nice and I saw an 06 yesterday with DVD player and everything up on an overhead, with fake decor inside for wood trim. It looked nice, dealer wanted $30K. I love the looks of the car, but I will tell you as you may've noted, it blows in the wind big time, despite those who will say it doesn't. Maybe I have weak muscles! :shades: Good luck with your decision. Mine's been a lemon since April 25 when purchased with just 1500 miles. This board is a great source of support, and obviously you found it.
  • I bought my Rondy in 2002 and have not had any problems. Of course I only have 25,000 miles on it, but it has been great.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    wife and i are looking at a rdv fwd. going from a 98 olds intrigue that we really like to a suv/crossover. how does the rdv handle in a cross wind? are they really quieter than the 05 models? wish they had the side curtain head airbags. what is the real world gas mileage like?
    will the 07 rdv be a redesign? anyone know what it will be like?
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    The new replacement will be out as either an '07 or '08 (can't remember right this minute). The name is changing from Rendezvous to Enclave, it's longer and wider, and is built off of a completely new platform, so it is said to have MUCH nicer proportions to the body than the current one, which is based heavily on the current minivans.

    If you've seen the Buick Centieme concept (above), it's said to resemble that quite a bit, only larger and with more balanced "real world" styling features. As for powertrains, supposedly will have both the 3.6L VVT V6 and an optional V8 (either the 5.3L DOD or the new variation of the Northstar), and the new 6-spd auto as the only transmission.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    While I really like the look of the Centieme concept car, I would be very concerned about the loss of significant cargo capacity. The RDV currently has just about the right amount of cargo room for me (and I like the 3rd row option). I hope Buick doesn't "shrink" the RDV.
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