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Lexus IS 250 Color Combos - Which One Did You Pick?



  • optimomoptimom Posts: 11
    Black vs beige is a totally personal choice. Clearly black is very popular - it fits with the sporty look of the car, but I find it oppressive. It makes me feel squeezed - and if that was the only interior choice, I would not have bought an IS. But you obviously don't have that reaction, since you're still undecided. Given the choice I'd probably have even chosen beige over gray - I like its brightess and the way it lightens up the interior. If you really love the grey interior, perhaps you should consider tungsten (silver) exterior.

    For entertainment, you might read the hilarious thread on the web site regarding the color "glacier frost mica", a color considered weird by many but beloved by some.
    There's also a thread with bar graph on the popularity/frequency of different colors (from 2006),
    but it doesn't include interiors.

    Good luck with your shopping.
  • stipmomstipmom Posts: 16
    I don't find the black claustrophobic at all since the top half of the interior is sterling. I originally wanted the sterling interior which looks really sharp with that color exterior but the dealer did not have it in stock and was charging me more to get it. In the end I decided the black was more practical-especially when I take my dog with me..As I was riding around today I was really happy with my choice.
  • k9galk9gal Posts: 6
    Hi Mimicat!---I purchased the starfire pearl with the cashmere interior on March 9th.Iif you get this combo, you will not be disappointed. It is truly beautiful and any other interior, black especially, does nor show off the opulence of the maple trim interior. If you are worried about the cleaniness factor, I got my dealer to throw in the mud mats. My sister lives in Florida and bought an ES recently, and the dealer there told her that white Lexus's brought a higher demand and a better price retention. That made me happy considering this is an investment. The starfire color is well worth it. You see lots of silver IS's but not many white ones. The sterling interior is beautiful in the Tungsten and black but would look a little different in the white. Hope you get a good deal as mentioned before, the end of the month is the best time to deal.... :blush: :)
  • socalkidsocalkid Posts: 8
    I couldn't agree more! My wife just got the same combo - starfire pearl and cashmere interior. We live in LA and I joke with my wife that this is a total LA chick car. (with names like mimicat and k9gam I get the distinct sense I'm talking to women). The car is perfect for her and totally beautiful. White makes the car look bigger and the tan interior makes the inside of the car feel bigger. I really feel this is the best combo available in the IS.
  • Hmmmm...Socalkid You could not be more right. I am a girl...muhahaha...I love the starfire and I had a dream about twice every week for my coming new IS. I ordered the car already from longo but it takes couple of weeks to get here. I knew the white/cashmere is beautiful but since the firs IS I set in my life time is the black interior, so I fell in LOVE with it. hoho...but...Just but looking at the car is already kills me...Budda...please let it coming soon!!! :blush: :blush: :blush:
  • kclbkclb Posts: 11
    I will be picking up the Tungsten Pearl with Black Interior in a few weeks...

  • OK, well first wanna say hi to all and thanks for all the great info ive been getting in these forums on the IS 250.

    Now, has anyone else seen the two tone interior with black carpet and cashmere seats? I came across it on another website but I cant remember where, but it was REAL! they said they got it in Utah or some place and that all the 08's had it there.

    I'm close to closing a deal w/fleetrates on my 08 250 but after seeing that two tone interior I REALLY want one!! If anyone knows anything about it please let me know, all the dealers around here think I'm crazy when I ask them about it, Thanks!!
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    I saw the picture too, it was in Club Lexus.

    The two-tone indeed looks great, if I have my way I'll get the black/gray for easier cleaning/maintaining. Could it be a special order? With a special order you can pretty much do anything.
  • I like the black/gray look .... the wood trim on mine adds a little color i didn't think i would like .... but i do. I find the lighter colors just require too much cleaning after a year or two.


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