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Nissan Altima Hybrid



  • malttese33malttese33 Posts: 9
    All, I was wondering if it is normal for the bottom of the car to rust after owning the car for only 5 months? I noticed it when I was washing my car for the very first time a couple of weeks back and when I really got down and looked up on the underside of the car I noticed a couple of areas where rust has developed. Should I take it in to an auto shop and have the rust removed?
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I own a '06 Acura TL with 20 K miles on it. I got it at the end of the season for $28,300. I bought it for it's peppy engine and the Acura reliability. My original thought was to keep it "forever."

    Now that gas has hit $4.00/gallon, I'm wondering whether it pays to sell the Acura and buy a hybrid. I'm especially concerned because I drive about 50 miles a day and now hear that in a year or so gas could be $8/gallon.

    Looking for some feedback.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    All I can say is that every time the price of gas goes up, the price return on a Hybrid is quicker. It's is like going to Vegas. You place your bet and see how the wheel lands. I bought my O8' last fall and tickled with it. I also loved the Acura and have driven several long distances. Probably my favorite car for ride and performance, but I would place the NAH second in a snap. It's what I can afford to drive.

    Judging the way you wrote your question, your having to make the same decision.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    depends on what area. if it's the exhaust system, it's normal to get some rust. if it's the body, you should go back to the dealer
  • ryanwaderyanwade Posts: 1

  • jerzyboyjerzyboy Posts: 1
    Karol, I also live in the NY/NJ area. I am currently negotiating prices for an NAH with tech pack. What deal did you get and in what dealer? Also, do you find the navigation system worth it? I was thinking of getting a regular GPS like a TomTom or Garmin instead, I'm not sure if the other functions of the navigator are really that useful. What do you think is best and worst within the Tech Pack?
    Thanks for your feedback!
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    it's not really the maintenance that is the problem, anyone can do that. it's just in case you have any problems with the car, that's when it will be tough.

    so you've checked every dealer in the area?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098

    That is odd. Most car manufacturers won't allow a dealer to sell a car unless they can service the vehicle. Are you sure they can sell you a hybrid model? Perhaps they just blowing smoke in your face, trying to get you to buy the normal version?

    You might consider the Toyota Camry Hybrid (for a similar size), or one of the other hybrids from Honda or Ford.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    The dealer in a state that can't order the hybrid directly, can trade with a dealer in another state who can. He can then sell you it, but he probably doesn't have a Nissan Hybrid Certified Mechanic.

    I live in PA but bought mine at a dealer in New York 45 minutes away. Not really a bad drive.
  • nmacmill01nmacmill01 Posts: 16
    When changing the air flow from top vents to floor, or vice versa, the fan cycles down, then back up. Normal?

    I also have a slightly chemical smell when using the AC.

    Any ideas?

  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    I never notice the fan cycling down, it could.

    Is it a different smell than any other car you've been in? Mostly this is due to moisture in your vents and you get to smell the funkiness as the water evaporates
  • We've got lots of them in L.A. Just leased mine from Universal City Nissan -- largest Nissan dealer in the world. Plenty to choose from and a nice drive back, to boot. Ask for the Internet Manager. (Only way to go!)
  • i had the same issue, it was driving me crazy for days...took everything out of my glovebox, door cubbies,nothing!..Then i took my sunglasses out of the holder on the ceiling...problem solved
  • Two weeks into ownership of a NAH. Only issue thusfar is the dual zone HVAC.

    The passenger side is basically two settings, hot or cold. If you set the temperature at 89 or 90 you get hot air, if you set the temperature at 60 - 88 you get cold air. On the passenger side if there is any difference in air temperature within the 60 to 88 range it cannot be more than a degree or two.

    On the drivers side it is similar, but I would estimate the difference in air temperature within the 60 to 88 setting range is at most 5 to 8 degrees.

    The above holds true whether in EV or ICE (or both modes). My method of measuring is the hand test. May not be the most scientific but in my wifes Avalon it can detect differences across the entire range of temperature settings

    Anyone experience anything similar?

    Anyone have any experience with the dealer addressing any component of the NAH HVAC? Part of me says if they try to fix it they will only screw something up!

    So far everything else is good. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Absolutely worthless!!! I complained to the dealer & they replaced the "control unit" no improvement whatsoever. I do a lot of driving, particlularly in States like NY & CT where if caught yappin on the phone next to year will cost you big time.

    The speakers on the system are great, as they use the radio ones, but outgoing voice is very garbled and almost impossible to understand what I am saying. Other people have tried it, I have called me home phone & left a message 1/2 on bluetooth and 1/2 without & retreived the message, and a world of difference.

    Not sure where to go from here, the dealer made a comment to me these things are not "perfect" and should only be used in an emergency. For someone that drives 4000 miles per month and on the phone constantly, that is not a good answer.

    Anyone else have any problems like I am having? I have found out that just because a phone is "bluetooth" it does not mean it is compatible in a Nissan. I guess every car manufacturer different, and word of warning to anyone out there getting a vehicle with bluetooth check with the manufacturer & be sure it will be compatible. With the Nissan blackberry's ok, but other's like Palm Pilot, etc. will not work. Believe me, I know this first hand.
  • grblazegrblaze Posts: 1
    Nissan sent me touch up paint QX3code for winter frost i dont belive its winter frost was bluesh white does any one know were to get good spray paint that maybe a better match
  • pooch505pooch505 Posts: 8
    Hi Everyone,

    I just purchased a new 08 NAH. Everything is working excellent, except for 1.

    My question is on the meter on the right that shows the charging level. It never has been above 3/4 high. It has never been below 1/4 low. Has anyone ever seen there's above 3/4? Have you ever seen your meter fully charged to the top? I can't get mine to go their. I have about 800 miles now. It's running great except for this 1 item. Maybe that is the way it should be. Any input would be appreciated.
    Thanks again. Been getting 34 to 38. Love It !! This is a great forum.
  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 43
    My 08' NAH works exactly the same way. Never had a single issue.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Mine too. I wouldn't worry about what the meter says. If you are getting 34 - 38 mpg and your car will run in EV mode up to 40 mpg (with very gentle acceleration) up to 1 1.5 miles than everything is fine.
  • jfc31jfc31 Posts: 4
    Exactly the same as mine. Meter always between 1/2 and 3/4. I have 1100 miles 34 MPG first tank, 40 MPG 2nd tank.....can't ask for anything more. Great experience so far.
  • We've had this car for 1 month. A week ago my husband noticed that the car was making a very high idling noise when the car would change from gas/electric or vice versa. This only happened when the car was at a stop. I noticed this also and the car would sputter too. He took the car to the dealership and drove it with the service manager but of course it didn't make that noise. The manager said to keep an eye on the car and keep a log and if problems persist to come back. Well it happened a few times this weekend and today when my husband was driving it.
    He took the car to the dealership and it was idling so loud that everyone in the parking turned around. The mechanics and service manager were surprised to see this happening. Apparently this has never happend before. So we have a rental car so they can see what the problem is.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what the root of the problem is?
  • jsyarussjsyaruss Posts: 50
    This is similar to the behavior of my NAH last week. Revving too high -- occasionally revving up and down even when in gear (though it didn't move the car when it was doing that). And a shudder when the gas engine shut off.

    The tech said that the idle speed was too high (1200 vs. 1000). No explanation for why it would have happened after 2 weeks of flawless driving.

    In any case, after the adjustment (done twice as i mentioned on another thread) all is well and the car is smooth as can be. I hope yours turns out to be as simple a fix! good luck!
  • Anyone know if the iPhone works alright with the Altima's bluetooth?
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Be very careful! Just because the car has the bluetooth feature, do not assume that the feature will work with most phones. I am having a lot of problems with my blackberry, some are "approved" some are not. I also checked into the Palm Pilots, some will work some do not. I have already had the control unit replaced, the bluetooth feature can only be used when the car is motionless and perfectly quiet. The microphone picks up way too much background noise and/or my voice comes across very muffled. No one can understand what I am saying. I will have to bring the car back again; I don;t know what they will do to correct it all I know is that it is not very usable. The speakers work fine, no problem hearing voice when I am called, but the opposite is not true.
  • Thanks for the heads up.

    Do you happen to know where to find out which phones are "approved"? The bluetooth is kind of an important factor living in Los Angeles with the new cell-phone law.
  • EXACTLY. That is the only time when I actually forgot and left the car on. It started to rain and I had to run out, jump in, start up, close the windows, forgot and left the car on.

    I will NEVER put the windows down with the key. I will ALWAYS need to "button-up" the car by closing all the windows immediately and the button on the key ought to do this.
  • pego99pego99 Posts: 5
    Let's say my 12v battery is dead and the high voltage battery is not dead say fully charged. Does this mean that the car cannot "start". Or can it start on the high voltage battery? Perhaps the engine ignition needs the 12 volts etc. Can someone explain how this all works? Thanks.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Let's say my 12v battery is dead and the high voltage battery is not dead say fully charged. Does this mean that the car cannot "start". Or can it start on the high voltage battery? Perhaps the engine ignition needs the 12 volts etc. Can someone explain how this all works? Thanks. "

    It should be in the owner's manual.

    The 12v battery powers up the electronics so that the hybrid battery can spin the engine to start it.

    Jump starting is simply a matter of connecting jumper cables to the terminals, just like a regular car. Some hybrids have jump terminals in the front, with the 12v battery itself somewhere in the back of the vehicles. Other cars (like my FEH) have the battery under the hood.
  • pego99pego99 Posts: 5
    I know where the jumper connection is under the hood from the manual but it is not clear what happens since the engine does not run when in park. So the car is in park and I connect the jumper cable and what? How do I know when I can disconnect the cables shift to drive and go?
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