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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • rencorenco Posts: 38
    Thanks. Our estimate was also around $5500. This is the recall I'm talking about, as of yesterday, we still haven't got the letter.
  • I need some advice on a new vehicle. I live in Fairbanks Alaska were the roads are slippey about 7 months of the year. Mainly plowed roads, but still packed snow/ice covered. My current vehicle is a 98 Jeep Cherokee. It does great, but I want an auto 4wd system that I don't have to shift, and has ABS. My choice is down to an 05 Escape or 05 CRV. The Escape has a new 4wd system that will send 100% power to front or rear wheels, or anywhere in between. It alson has a limited slip rear differntial. I drove it and like the seamless transfer of power on snow covered roads. I have heard that the CR-v will slip before the rear engages. I'm concerned that this could cause some problems on ice/snow. Please give me some advice on which sytem will provide a more secure driving experience for my conditions/enviroment. I actually like the Escape a little more, but I'm also concerned about reliability that is why I'm considering the CRV. Thanks for your advice!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,089
    The Escape is probably superior when it comes to the four-wheel-drive system.. I don't have any experience with Alaska, so I can't tell you if that will make a big difference.

    The Honda system changes somewhat this year.. The rear wheels will kick in with a mechanical system, rather than hydraulic.. This may shorten response times, but it still remains the same basic configuration.

    Since you prefer the Escape, and the 4WD system concerns you... I think that is the way I would go.. It probably won't be as reliable as a CR-V, but it seems like it will meet your needs more fully. (I like the look of the Mazda Tribute better, it is a twin to the Escape, with a better warranty).



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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Keep in mind the 05 CR-V gets VSC, IMHO a very desirable feature. Especially since you value traction aids like AWD and ABS.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I was visiting friends in Barrow last year and CR-Vs seemed to outnumber everything but trucks (maybe because most of the cabs were CR-Vs).

    Do you have snow to test on yet? - I know Anchorage and Wasilla got some already.

    Steve, Host
  • I was able to test the Escape on some light snow, but the 05 CRV's have not come it yet.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    I was unaware that Ford offered an LSD for the Escape. You might want to double-check that.

    For 2005, Ford improved their AWD system. It went from a rotary blade coupling to an electronically-engaged clutch patch. It's kinda like the fore/aft functionality of the VTM-4 system used in the Honda Pilot. Definitely an improvement over the old design. It's faster and engages just as smoothly as the old one. Apparently, it was designed to reduce the potential for binding (according to CanadianDriver magazine).

    Still, based on what I've read, this is still a reactive system. Now that it reacts electronically, it is very fast. But it's still 100% FWD until there is slippage.

    As mentioned above, the 2005 CR-V has an upgraded version of the RT4WD system. It uses a cam-driven design rather than the hydraulic system in the current model. According to Honda press material, this new design is supposed to be faster than the hydraulic unit. I'm sure it will be, but we really don't have any test data on it. This, also, is FWD until slippage.

    If you are really concerned about AWD performance, you'd be best off avoiding any reactive design. That includes the VUE and Equinox as well as the CR-V and Escape. Something like a Subaru, the RAV4 would be better.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "For 2005, Ford improved their AWD system."

    I have to disagree - the Escape went backwards in capability. Ford dropped the low range, so the Escape is not a true 4WD, it is now more of a part time AWD system.

    It might be useful to consider a 2004 Escape, which has the old system, and has a design that has been in use for years.
  • I was mistaken about the Limited slip diff in the Escape. I have looked at so many different vehicles I got confused. Were are you getting your info on the 05 CRV 4wd system?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Escape never had a low range.

    You must be thinking Explorer. Some of those now offer AWD, vs. the traditional 4WD on other models.

    But the Escape has always been part-time AWD, no low range.

  • Meaning no disrespect to your mom, but is it worth considering that maybe they WERE deployed but she doesn't recall? I've never had airbags deployed in one of my cars, so can't speak from experience but I have heard that people often don't realize their airbags went off until they see the deflated bag in front of them - just because it's so quick and they are rather distracted. Maybe with the shock of the accident she didn't notice and since the car was towed away there's no more evidence of a bag? Although... there would be powder on her from the propellant I think, that would be noticable.
  • No arm wrestle here, but unless those "euro moose" are in a zoo or imported, that mammal is not indigenous outside of North America.

    Having dodged a few of those beauties in cars and once on an M'cycle, they make deer look like housepets. BR,md
  • Jeesshh, I stand corrected:
    they Do have a big moose-like animal in Euro that they call an "Elk", though it looks like a moose w/bad DNA antlers to me.
    Ya'neverdamnknow. Learn something everyday.

    They are worth dodging,lol!
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Akjeep - You can find a list of the changes for the 2005 CR-V here at the press site for Honda.

    For more information about what each bullet on that list might "mean", you can try this thread. The link below takes you to a point about half-way through the discussion when real information (not speculation) started to become available. Feel free to post your own comments or questions over there. :)

    rsholland "2005 Honda CR-V?" Aug 28, 2004 11:44am
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Stevedebi - I think we need to define a few terms just in case some folks lurking here just got confused.

    The original design for the Escape had a locking feature. This allowed the driver to press a button on the dash, locking the rear differential to the prop shaft and thus powering both the front and rear axles all the time.

    You mentioned low range which is a completely different animal. (I think you know that and just made a mistake with your wording.) Low range gearing is a transfer case that alters the gearing of the transmission. It's used to make the most of the engine's power and give the driver more control over the speed of the wheels.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    It's true that the 2005 Escape does not have the locking feature found on earlier models. I agree this was a nice feature, but it might have led to problems with damaging the system (binding) if owners engaged it on dry pavement or in mixed conditions. Hence it *may* have been a reliability risk.

    The old system was praised most often for providing seamless operation. It kicked in when needed and did so in a manner that the driver barely noticed. (One of the niggles with the RT4WD system in the CR-V is that it engages abruptly if the driver has a heavy foot.)

    That said, the old system was ranked slower to react than the CR-V's. (Both are faster than the VUE.) This from an older TruckTrend article. It appears that the Escape was smoother, but not faster.

    Here's an excerpt from one review of the new design:

    "The Escape's all-wheel-drive system is now completely automatic - there is no centre differential lock for 50/50 front/rear torque distribution. The new AWD system runs in front-wheel-drive but continuously varies the torque sent to the rear wheels depending on how much is needed. It also senses tight turns and prevents 'binding' and driveline harshness that can occur in 4X4's with a locked differential. The new AWD system also improves fuel economy."

    Another review reports that the activation of the system is (still) seamless and no mention has been made of it being slow.

    If a system reacts fast enough, I see no need for a locking feature. The typical driver will never need it. Even in Alaska or Canada where driving in the snow is inevitable. So I think this design is still an upgrade to the old, despite the lack of a lock option.
  • To my eye, the new webpages devoted to the '05 CR-V at the site make it look a bit like a Subaru or Volvo. Nice views of the CR-V.

    I'm gaining a new appreciation of the attractiveness of the CR-V.

    As a new '04 owner, the only suggestion I'd make to Honda is to make the emergency brake less cute and enticing to set everytime I park it. ;-) (Too many times I forget to disengage it until I pull off into traffic.)
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "You mentioned low range which is a completely different animal. (I think you know that and just made a mistake with your wording.)"

    Yup, my silly typing fingers...
  • rencorenco Posts: 38
    None taken. But she told me about the accident hours after it happened, so I'm sure the cops would've pointed that out to her if she missed it.
  • Is there a good way to stand a mtn. bike up in the CR-V? How do you keep it from tipping over and can you secure it using ropes or bungie cords? I've seen the CR-V catalog and it shows two bikes standing up with the 60-split of the rear seat folded down. I just wonder how they'll stand up when cornering, etc.

    Eventually, I'll get a trailer hitch receiver added and then purchase a hitch-mounted rack. But until then, I plan to transport two mtn. bikes inside.
  • Ironically, my friend just hit 2 deers today. (and in the suburbs of southern california) His MB E320's airbags did not deploy as well, so I suspect the deers did not register high enough of a force. So, I believe that the cr-v's safety system was operating normally. His repair costs, however, were several thousands more than the cr-v's estimate. I hope this helps.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Some companies sell a "rack" that fits in the back of many SUVs and vans. It includes a bar that spans the width of the cargo area and attachments that anchor the forks of the bike to that bar. You might check to see if any company make one that fits the CR-V.
  • Varmint,
    That system sounds like what I'm looking for. Can you think of any company names? Or what I would google for?
  • Funny, I think I've seen that sold by Saturn as an accessory for their Vue. But I'll do some internet searches.

    I did get my 21" frame Trek in the back yesterday. Had to tilt the bike sideways to get the seat to clear--next time I'll just lower the seat. But once in, I could see it falling over--or forward--during driving.

    So an inside hitching post would be a welcome addition.
  • One thing I've noticed with my CR-V is that as I come up to a stop and finally stop, there's a slight click I hear and feel through the steering wheel. Is that something that needs to be tightened next time I visit the service dept.? It's a very small click, but if it requires some preventative maintenance, I'd be glad to get it taken care of sooner than later.
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    One thing I've noticed with my CR-V is that as I come up to a stop and finally stop, there's a slight click I hear and feel through the steering wheel.

    It's probably the reverse lock out device disengaging (it prevents you from accidentally shifting into reverse while the vehicle is moving forward), and therefore is normal.

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Thanks Raydahs, those are the kind of racks I was talking about. When the Xterra first came to market, Nissan featured their own OEM rack in quite a few of their publicity photos and commercials.

    And Racoon is right about the reverse lock-out solenoid. That's probably what you are hearing.
  • Hmmm. I put my MTB on a rack on top because of the MUD. 1 time out of 4 I end up getting caught out in the rain or I go though enough MUD to not want to put the MTB "in" my car.

    The two times I took it out before getting clamps to fit my existing rack tot eh CRV, I just put a ols bed sheet in the back, tooks the front wheel off and laid the bike on its side.
  • Racoon, Varmint: I agree about the lock-out solenoid. I rested my hand on the emergency brake and that's where I felt the "click" most directly. I'm pretty inexperienced with automatics so I was just sensitive to something that's normal for this kind of transmission.

    RE: mud on mtn. bikes...I've got a giant plastic camping tarp. I thought about wrapping the bike in it and slipping the bike into the CR-V on its side.

    I'll continue to research the inside-rack and report what I find.
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