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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    We keep thinking that a Pilot would get about 20MPG on the highway, maybe it's time to move up..

    Here are the EPA estimates from Honda's website:

    2005 CR-V
    23/29 LX FWD 5 speed automatic
    22/27 LX/EX/SE RT4WD 5 speed automatic
    21/26 EX RT4WD 5 speed manual

    2005 Pilot
    17/22 5 speed automatic

    If you're only getting 21/22 out of your CR-V you're unlikely to get 20 out of a Pilot. Driving habits can drastically affect your MPG.

    I regularly get 24-25 MPG around town in my '99 EX 5 speed manual, and 28+ on the highway. Best ever was 31 MPG highway at speeds of 55-60 with the A/C off.

  • kizhekizhe Posts: 242
    Did anybody tried to use 5W-20 Motocraft semi synthetic oil blend on 03/05 Honda CR-V?
    Why, on your opinion, 5W-20 Motocraft semi synthetic oil blend is cheaper than regular 5W-20 Pennsoil oil? There is a 45 cents difference per Quart.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I've got a '99 CRV that just turned 100K miles, big milestone so I thought I'd post my experiences. I bought it new in May 2004, it's an LX 2WD model.

    - I've done ALL the maintenance as described in the owner's manual myself according to the severe use tables.

    - New tires at 55K miles. I bought a set of Michelen X-Ones and they probably have another year and a half left. I ordered them through Wal-Mart who also installed them. For $10 per tire I got mounting, balance, new valve stems, lifetime rotations, re-balancing, and road hazard protection.

    - Front brake job (new pads, turn rotors, repack wheel bearings in new grease, new brake fluid) at 40K and 85K miles. Rear brakes checked out fine. Done at a small garage where I know and trust the owner.

    - New battery after 3 yrs.

    A couple of problems......

    1) Auto. door locks don't work. When I hit unlock or lock, I hear the click and can see the knob on the driver's door move slightly, but it doesn't move up or down enough. I just haven't had the time to take the door apart yet.

    2) The tranny on cool mornings before warming up does what I call a neutral drop sometimes. The tranny downshifts when I hit the gas coming out of the turn but the engine revs up too much before dropping into gear. I've had to "baby" the gas pedal to wait for the tranny to down shift before stepping on it. Very annoying..... Tranny fluid has been changed three times since I've owned the CRV.

    In my lifetime of car ownership (almost 30 yrs), nothing has come close to the CRV in terms of overall satisfaction.
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    1) Auto. door locks don't work. When I hit unlock or lock, I hear the click and can see the knob on the driver's door move slightly, but it doesn't move up or down enough. I just haven't had the time to take the door apart yet.

    I have the same problem with the front passenger door lock on my '99 CR-V EX. Sometimes it locks/unlocks, sometimes it doesn't; but the knob on the door always trys to move. I disassembled the door and the latch mechanism. It appears to be a worn pivot point that's activated by the eletric door lock actuator. The arm pivots, but it also moves up and down which is not what it's supposed to do. There was some dark residue around the pivot point that suggests it's worn. I've ordered a new latch mechanism and actuator (although the actuator is probably fine, it's all a pain to remove so I'm just replacing it).


    The only reason I even attempted to disassemble the door was because I own a copy of the Honda CR-V Service Manual.

  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Thx for the info. Let us know when you've got the parts installed and what they cost. I too have the shop manual so I'll give it a shot. I'm sure the dealer would charge at least a couple hours labor.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Congrats. My 99 just turned 100K a few weeks ago.

    I haven't had the lock problem you've described. All my repairs have been the result of self-inflicted damage or general maintenance.
  • Hi, everyone,

    Has anyone got Toyo Ultra tires on their Honda C-RV? Today, I took my car into a Honda dealership for a service and was told that I needed new tires and that the tire they recommend is the Toyo Ultra tire. After reading what I could find on these, it looks like they are excellent on wet and dry surfaces but I haven't been able to find anything on how they handle in snow and ice. I live in Calgary, where there is often snow and ice on the roads for a few months of the year. Also, are these tires more expensive than perhaps I need to pay? Sounds as though they may not last as long as other makes, despite the excellent road grip. I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me on this. The snow will be here at any time now, so I know I need to see to this as soon as possible and I must admit I know nothing about tires. Not sure if I have the original tires on, but I think so - I bought my C-RV at four years' old, one and a half years ago. Mileage is now about 83,500 km. total. Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Your email bounced. The NY Times article you posted is linked in the Honda CR-V engine fires discussion (linked, because pasting the entire article gets us in trouble with the copyright lawyers).

    steve_ "Honda CR-V engine fires" Oct 12, 2004 7:13pm

    Steve, Host
  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    Perhaps Motorcraft is trying to gain marketshare and is selling the semi-synthetiic at a lower cost. Also, I am pretty sure the Pennzoil contains some synthetic, check the bottle or go to website for specs.
     Here is some info you may find interesting since you also do your own changes. Before I went in for my bypass surgery I changed the filters on my Accord and CRV. I had the Fram Honda Blue filters on the cars {usually use WIX but had two left over}. Its been 5 weeks since my bypass and I am strong enough now so I just cut open the filters with a Dremel to check the media and found cardboard end plates in the filters. I was surprised to find cardboard instead of metal as all Honda filters before they switched to Fram had metal endplates. I am hoping that a few of the cheap Frams got mixed in and this is not the norm. Anyway Kizhe if you are using the Honda Fram's check, because I would not go beyond 5k to 6k with cardboard end plates.
  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    Also, I would like to thank, Steve or Varmit for listing CRV fires in a separate discussion group.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Make sure you don't exceed the tongue weight when you use your hitch. I'm not sure but my guess is capacity is 150 or 200 lbs.

    A 1.25" receiver leaves more of the capacity for whatever you want to carry. 2" will mean whatever you put on there will be heavier and use up some of that capacity.

    So while is looks beefier, fact is you have less remaining capacity.

  • jderrjderr Posts: 5
    Does anyone have a how to sheet for replacing the A/C filter if I want to do it myself? Or does it involve serious disassembly of the dash or something?

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Do you have a 1st or 2nd generation CR-V?

    If you're looking for a quick and easy job, then it may not matter. Honda placed the filter under the passenger side of the dash. It does require a considerable amount of time and effort to dismantle the dash and replace the filter.
  • jderrjderr Posts: 5
    Sorry...forgot to specify. I have a 2000 EX
  • See my message #1077 in the Problems & Solutions thread. If you are a bit inclined mechanically, and don't mind slightly fiddly mechanical challenges, it is about a one hour job - you'll be quicker the second time ;-)
  • I'm up to 1500 miles on my '04 CR-V LX and I'm getting 23.8 MPG for mostly city driving (about 1/10th of my miles are on an interstate at 70 MPH for about 8 miles).

    Anyway, I was getting 23.9 MPG in my 5-speed '99 Accord.

    I'm hoping my mileage at least stays the same throughout the life of the vehicle. The only thing is, the CR-V is an automatic. Which tells me I was not as efficient a 5-speed driver as I could've been.
  • I'm buying a set of Toyo Ultras for my CRV this week. Go to site they have consumer reviews for tires including the Ultra. The Ultra had an overall consumer rating of 3.8 out of 5 for snow traction and a 4.2 for wet traction. I hope this helps.
  • Hey everybody, I'm interested in the cargo area dimentions of the CR-V, to be exact what is the length of the cargo area with seats up and folded. Would I be able to transport a 6' folding table with seats folded? I'm able to do it in my 98 Legacy...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I see you also have a Prius.

    Just a teaser, but did you know the new '05 Legacy 2.5i wagon gets 23/30 mpg, and that's with AWD? 22/30 even with automatic.

    The CR-V has less length but more height. Long flat items will probably fit better in your Legacy. It's also easier to fold the seats flat.

  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    I'll have to take a look at that. I had Toyo's on my Accord - they performed well for me. thanks for the tip.
  • Actually, I don't have a Prius, but I'm very interested in buying one. I'm not sure how it ended up in my profile, :). But any how, my friend's Rodeo is smaller in length that CR-V and I think it will fit that table. I tried to search the internet for complete dimentions, and I couldn't find them.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Oh, sorry. I checked your profile to get some background on what you might be interested in. So I figured fuel economy was up there.

    Take the table with you on a test drive. Why not?

    When we go, we take both kids and their car seats for a test fit. Seems reasonable to buy a vehicle that "fits" you.

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Ah... you do know that the CR-V comes with a folding table as standard equipment, right?

    I'm not 100% certain, but I doubt that a 6' table is going to fit with the seats folded forward. The CR-V's cargo area isn't that long.

    However, you would be able to fit it with the seats folded backward. They recline back into the cargo area at about a 30-40 degree angle. So you'd be able to put the table on the back seat.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That is one might big table. Are you a massage therapist or something, and need to travel around with a portable massage table?

    If so I have this lower back pain and my address is...


  • No, I'm not a massage therapist, but I sure could use one myself, :). This is a normal 6' folding table, that I transport a lot to some family or friends gatherings and it fits perfectly in my legacy. My Legacy length is 184 inches or 15.3', CR-V is 181 which is 15.03', so the difference shouldn't be that big or am I doing something wrong?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The SUV style dicates a longer nose so you might end up giving up a little interior length.

    Try varmint's suggestion, or you could even strap it to the roof rack. Maybe even get a smaller table, which combined with the built-in one would give you more table top space overall.

    Good luck.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,727
    Or..wait till this weekend, and I'll measure mine, and let you know...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Depending on your needs, there's also the Element. A 6' table will fit in there. And it also has a larger folding table than the CR-V (but you have to buy the legs as an accessory).

    There are, of course, many trade-offs which could make the Element inappropriate, but it would fit that table.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Get a Scion xB.

    That virtually *is* a table. Just throw a table cloth over top and voila. ;-)

  • wheelz4wheelz4 Posts: 569
    2005 CR-V forum(New Models) seems to have been changed to "read only"...I guess 'cause the 2005 CR-V's are here already? On a roundabout related note: Our local community (Markham, ON) newspaper has recently featured both the Honda Fit/Jazz and the FR-V. Now we know the Fit/Jazz is coming, but the FR-V? Do they know something we don't? And since the FR-V and CR-V are platform-related, does anyone think the next-gen CR-V will adopt the FR-V's 3+3 six seat layout? It certainly would make it unique among it's class. And a 6 seat CR-V may be more palatable for North American tastes than the oddly-styled FR-V.
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