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Saturn VUE



  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 463
    then I think tak must be applied, even if the dealer takes it off the top. I've had GM Card points taken off the price before taxes, but of course Saturn doesn't take them.
  • redz06redz06 Posts: 25
    I know that GM Card points have been accepted one or more times in the past. I expect that Saturn will need to kick in (again) and accept some of my GM card points if they ever want me as a customer.
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Yep, I bought my 2003 VUE with the aid of GM Card points. There was a limit of $1,000, as I recall, but the temporary program was nice while it lasted.

    I see no good reason why this "good as cash" point system could not be applied permanently to Saturn.
  • grimmbo22grimmbo22 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if it is possible to use the vouchers with a GM supplier discount?
  • winter55winter55 Posts: 11
    No, You have to choose either one.
  • compre7360compre7360 Posts: 2
    Sales tax based on price listed or after rebates all depends what state you live in. If you live in CA, where people love to tax, you pay tax on the amount before factory incentives, if you live in the state of Texas, the one with the great guy I'm voting for this year, you pay after the dealer incentives have been taken off. Thanks again G.W. for saving me more moeny.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    In Canada most cash backs are after tax. Talk about getting hosed! It's not the dealer's fault, it's the government. At least there is no tax on the amount (value) of the car you trade in.
  • zaksdad3zaksdad3 Posts: 14
    I am in the final stages of buying a V6 Vue in Houston with side curtains and need you guys and gals help quickly.

    1. Was told my GM credit card points were not accepted but dealer did give me extra $750 against my $1150 potential.

    2. They claimed they knew nothing of the 6 coupons worth $250 each. Noticed in the paper latter that day they are offering up to $1,500 bonus cash that I think is the same. Can someone confirm and is this a regional deal or nationwide?

    3. They offered me $3500 rebate + $750 off sticker with my financing or $1,000 +750 with 0% @60. I assume the $1000 is truckfest is that correct or should I be looking for more rebates?

    4. I may be able to get the GM supplier discount. What would that do for me?

    5. Has anyone purchased or seen the Safe and Sound Package for $880. Saturn website says it is reduced by $360 at this time.

    I need to speak to the dealer Monday to close deal and would really appreciate any advice you can offer.

  • zaksdad3zaksdad3 Posts: 14
    Are these impressive side impact ratings with side curtain bags or without?

  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    GM Supplier is great! We bought our 2003 VUE V6 AWD with GMS pricing. If you use GMS, the dealer will show you the reduced GM Supplier price on the invoice (for Saturns it is close to $1,000 off sticker). Then you take all additional incentives off of the GMS price. It is one of the cheapest ways to get a GM vehicle other than if you are a GM employee. Our 2003 VUE was a steal with the GMS pricing and incentives last year. I think between GMS pricing and rebates we ended up getting close to $5K off. It is probably even more now, but back then that was great price.
  • johnbjohnb Posts: 32
    Okay, we've put about 600 miles on our new 2004 Saturn VUE (4cyl 5sp manual). I am very disappointed with the mileage so far:

    1st Fill-Up: ~21mpg
    2nd Fill-Up: ~20mpg

    The 4cyl 5sp version of the VUE quotes a mpg estimate of 24 City / 29 Highway.

    Both fill-ups were at roughly 1/2 empty. Most of the driving was 70% city / 30% highway.

    Why is mine so much lower?
    Does it get better over time?

    I have been driving it with utmost gentleness and not winding out the gears or anything in an attempt to get the best reasonable fuel mileage.

    One of the reasons I bought the 4cyl 5sp VUE was to maximize fuel mileage (even before gas prices shot up to $2.00+ a gallon).

    Any thoughts from any of you 4cyl VUE owners?

    Thanks in advance.
  • johnbjohnb Posts: 32
    Do any of you know where I can get a good quality set of Tan Cloth seat covers for the rear bench seat in our 2004 VUE?

    I would love it if they match the tan interior exactly, but close would work.

    The Saturn Retailer said they don't have seat covers for the rear bench seat, only the front seats.

    All I have been able to find online is black neoprene, which is not the look I want.

    We have an infant with a car seat, and I know that things are going to get spilled on the rear seat so I'm trying to find a solution BEFORE anything gets spilled on it. :)

  • juliansjulians Posts: 42
    My 2003 4cyl 5speed has averaged 26-27 since the first day (about 50-50 freeway/city). I usually wait until about 320-350 miles to fill up the tank. The one time I filled up after the gauge looked half full, my math got messed up or something and it seemed that I only got 23 miles to the gallon. I don't know why, but try to use up more of the tank, then fill up all the way. Maybe your tank was not filled up the same or something. If your VUE is running well, you should get better than you have calculated.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Julians may be the norm, but lots of owners of various models report lousy gas mileage for the first few thousand miles. I wouldn't get too worried until 3,000 miles or so at least.

    Steve, Host
  • juliansjulians Posts: 42
    I went for the bathroom towel, it has saved the seats from its share of spills/crackers/puke...I put three kids in the back, no trouble. Besides, an actual seat cover would not come out fast enough when it is emergency laundry time:)
  • scanrmanscanrman Posts: 7
    Since there were no responses to my questions, I thought I would post my results.

    I had initially asked if anyone had any problems installing a Flip-Doan DVD system in their Vue with a Sunroof. One very LARGE electronics outfit said they could install it... NO Problem.

    After careful consideration, I gave them the opportunity. They had a sale on a 7" Flip-Down LCD monitor with DVD player and 2 wireless headphones in a Sunday flyer ($499 uninstalled, a couple weeks ago). So after purchasing it, I paid the $190 for installation (although I probably could have done it myself but it would have taken longer and not looked as professional). I took it to their car stereo installation bay the next morning and later that afternoon POOF, it was installed as if it belonged there from day one. My only issue was that after removing the middle dome light and installing the LCD monitor in its place the rear dome light and hatch lights no longer worked. I took it back to them and within hours they had it fixed too.

    Here is my advice....

    1. Go to a reputable place, one that guarantees their installations. This one guarantees their work for the life of the vehicle.

    2. If they say they have never installed one in a car or suv with a sunroof, don't use them to experiment on your vehicle. This place emphatically told me that they had done it many many times. I felt confident in their assurances.

    3. Don't let them talk you into the FM Modulator so that you can hear the Audio from the DVD player over the radio. The FM band cuts off way too much bandwidth from the unit and the audio does not sound the same as through the headphones. I am currently checking several websites for an add on accessory to the factory am/fm/cd/mp3 player to allow direct audio input into the radio using the Aux input.

    4. Don't go overboard; A 7" screen, although small, is more than enough for the kids to enjoy a movie or do Playstation on during long trips. Too big a flip down monitor and your sight through the rear window with the rearview mirror is completely blocked.

    5. Get a system with separate components... don't get the all-in-one DVD/LCD monitor systems. If the DVD player goes bad or breaks, it's easily removed/replaced. Same goes for the overhead LCD. On an all-in-one system... if one goes, you need to take the whole thing down and get it fixed/replaced.

    Lastly, if you have kids and intend on going on long trips with them in the back seat... GET ONE OF THESE!!!!! The silence is blissful
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    Sorry but I think I would rather have my kids do something else rather than watch TV on the road. Kids watch too much TV as it is in my opinion. Maybe not your kids, but I see my nephews and they are always watching the tube.

    As kids, we seemed to manage just fine doing other things like games or reading on the road.
  • we are going tomorrow to possibly purchase a new V6 Vue. Undecided on the FWD or AWD. Leaning towards the FWD as we live in the South and dn't think we really NEED AWD. Unless perhaps they have a program car with AWD for a good deal.

    Make sure I have the incentives straight:

    0% + 1,000 truckfest + up to $1500 vouchers


    2,500 rebate + 1,000 truckfest + up to $1500 vouchers total of $5000

    Questions: I have a Kia I am way upside down on (6000 owed, MAY get $2500 trade in) Should I hold the voucher info up my sleeve until I can see what they offer for the tradein?

    Also they have a 2004 with 1300 miles. They said it was preowned and didn't qualify for incentives, but I'm wondering if it isn't like one of those turned in prior than 30 days that would still qualify as new for incentives???????

    Trying to keep payments under $400, $375 would be even better! If you do the full $5,000 rebates, can you still do GMAC just not 0%? What type of rate might you then get?

    Thanks! Haven't bought a NEW car in 10 years! Wanna make sure I don't screw it up!

    FWIW, my insurance will go down over $40 every 60 months due to the safety ratings. BTW we DEFINITELY are getting the side curtain airbags as we have 2 children.
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 463
    I'm sure they only come out on 4 cyl models they're trying to push. Some people have mentioned very good trade numbers to help close the deal.
  • Hmm that wasn't the impression I got from some stories a few pages back. There were at least 5 or so that got it on the V6.

    The website in Michigan mentions them for any VUE. That is the only dealer site I have found that mentions them.

    I guess I'll find out tomorrow! Any other thoughts?
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 463
    Hopefully they'll pull out the deal enhancers to make you deal tomorrow. Good Luck. Let us know how you do!
  • zaksdad3zaksdad3 Posts: 14
    Just bought a new V6 FWD with side curtain bags and power seat and got the following deal.
    $1000 truckfest + $2,500 + $750 discount with 4.39% f/60 months thru eloan. This was $1 cheaper per month than 0% without $2,500 but you are better off finanicing less principle incase you decide to pay off early. You will probably not get this low a rate thru GMAC.

    I pushed hard for some of the $250 vouchers and the dealer said they knew nothing about it. I also pushed for them to take my $675 credit from GM Mastercard knowing it would not apply but figured it would give me a reason to walk if needed. They countered with a $750 additional discount.

    I called other Houston area and San Antonio Saturn dealers and was given mixed responses to the vouchers from the program is over to we are out to we have a few left but the most we will give is 3. I called Saturn Cust Serv and they told me the program ended May 1.

    Not sure what they will do on the trade in but you would do better selling yourself as long as you factor in the tax savings of the trade in.

  • leo64leo64 Posts: 4
    Has anyone with a Saturn 2004 AWD VUE had a problem with the driver side mirror vibrating allot when playing the radio or CD player. I know there should be some vibrations but I notice the driver side mirror vibrates allot more then the passenger side mirror. Also I just notice today on hard left hand turns, I hear a noise coming from the front like a slight rubbing pulsation.
  • duff333duff333 Posts: 41
    Leo64 - - We bought a 2004 Vue FWD V6 1 1 /2 months ago. got a great price and love the ride and power but - - - the vehicle soon exhibited a loud squeaking noise when making a RIGHT turn. The Vue was in the shop for a week and they fixed but after 2 weeks it reappeared. It will go back next week - - really disappointing becasue the vehicle is great otherwise. I'll let everyone know what they find.
  • sib715sib715 Posts: 15
    We've owned our Vue for about 6 wweks and it is a capable and comfortable SUV. Road noise is the only negative to date, but I have a question regarding the Honda engine/transmission: when on cruise control or if slight accelerator pressure, RPM's increase from 1700-1800 to 2500 RPMS. This is very noticeable on cruise and any hill, even small one's the RPM's rev up to maintain the speed. My other vehicles have a lag of about 3 mph before overdrive is enabled, but with this transmission there is no overdrive switch. My only concern is fuel usage at highway speeds everytime the RPM's increase.

  • leo64leo64 Posts: 4
    sib715, My AWD 04 Vue does the same thing. I sometime think the shifting can be a little sporadic at times. I just got my Vue three weeks ago and still trying to get use to some things. Noise when I turn, going to get that look at tomorrow, rattles and some other minor things. When shifting into gears, does yours lurch or jerk into gears. It may not be a problem but just how the Vues change gears. My Saturn L300 didn't do that but the L is a different car and transmission.
  • sib715sib715 Posts: 15

    Thanks for sharing. The transmission shifting is more like a down shift into overdrive, it doesn't lurch, but very noticeable. From a stop, it shifts very smoothly and when I want to pass, it really accelerates :-) I too, like others have a noise on a hard right turn, I look forward to hearing from you and others as to what the fix, if any is.

  • 2004 Vue V-6 awd is a very nice car, but desperately needs some good shocks. Have used Edelbrocks before on other vehicles, but not available for Vue. Any experience/suggestions.

  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    Try a Red Line Vue. You will likely get better shocks and struts there.

    I am happy with the way our Vue handles and absorbs bumps.
  • Already have car...need aftermarket shocks.
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