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Saturn VUE



  • Picked up the new V6 VUE Redline Monday evening. Looks really sharp in Black. I'm very impressed with the V6 performance. Handles great, very sporty. Really like the capacity of the rear area with the rear seats down. No disappoints at all so far. 24 mpg on my first tank of gas with city/highway combined driving and that is with 'getting down on the pedal' quite a few times. I think I made a great decision to buy this vehicle!
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    "Really like the capacity of the rear area with the rear seats down. No disappoints at all so far."

    We do, too.

    "I think I made a great decision to buy this vehicle"

    I do as well. Congratulations and keep us informed!
  • I am still loving this vehicle, 1850 miles thus far. Last week I had the oil changed at my dealership. They gave me a half price deal, washed and vacuumed it. I also scored a free 3rd metal key by simply asking - at no charge.

    I am ranging about 26 MPG highway and a total average of about 23 MPG.

    Many gawkers and appraisals from strangers have re-affirmed my purchase as well. It's fun to drive and I am actually considering buying stock in GMC.

    I am sure in the next few years, Saturn will evolve into "something" else - as we all know they are evading the polymer body panels and going to a steel body. But so long as the concept and customer treatment remains as highly rated as now, I wonder why the remaining GM franchises do not keep pace?
  • So far, how are you liking the new VUE?
  • My Saturn ION 3 lease is up summer '07 and I believe just in time to have a look and probably own the VUE replacement. 78.A9430.html

    GM's ownership of Korean automaker Daewoo is already paying off with numerous Daewoo-built models being sold under various GM nameplates including Chevy and Suzuki. Currently the GM-Daewoo partnership is creating a new crossover vehicle built on GM's Theta platform, which will be sold in Europe as the Opel Frontera and in the U.S. as the replacement for the current Saturn Vue.

    These photos (link) show a prototype of the Opel Frontera during recent testing in Europe. (Black tape from the front end and sides has been removed by computer.) The side view shows the first glimpse of the dashboard, too.

    The next Opel Frontera is expected to enter the market as a five-door only and will be released at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2006. Power is likely to come from two 2.0-liter diesel engines with 120 and 150 hp and a 2.3-liter V-6 gas engine.

    For the U.S. market, the styling will be updated to incorporate typical Saturn design elements, and the new crossover is expected to be introduced for the 2008 model year, replacing the current Saturn Vue.
  • I love my new 2006 VUE! It is comfortable, gets great gas mileage and is a dream to drive! We definately made the right choice by going with this one! We plan to keep it until it's tires fall off! At that point, we will buy another Saturn! :shades:
  • ....still loving my new Vue after 3 weeks and 2200 km . The power is smooth and VERY ample. I have a black one with the chrome package and I am getting alot of looks at red lights. The 250 HP. Honda engine and transmission is probably the best powertrain combo you can get in a small SUV. I wish the speakers were a bit better but I am being picky...
  • Are you sure the transmission is also Honda. My sources told me it's only the engine.

    Can you please comment on your driving experience. How comfortable is the seating position for both short and long trips?

    Thank You.
  • ...the tranny is a Honda tuned to 250 HP......same powertrain as the Honda Pilot and Acura MDX which are rated at 244 HP and 253 HP respectively.

    The driving position is comfortable, I have no complaints there. I was in the Vue all day today and did 250 km. of mixed driving around the city. The great thing for me is the seat can be moved back enough to accomodate my long legs. Sounds like a small thing but if you are driving in the city for 6 hours and your legs are pushed up against the dash, patience wears thin fast! The leather wrapped steering wheel with radio and cruise controls are a BIG plus. Long highway trips I am not sure of yet as I have owned the car for only a month, but so far it looks like I will be comfortable there too. I Highly recommend this car if you have a hard time getting comfortable in others!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Saturn's SUV takes the spotlight (Inside Line)


    Talk about the Hybrid in the 2007 Saturn Vue Greenline Hybrid discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • Thank You,
    Im also from Canada and seriously looking for VUE.

    This feedback will contribute to the decision. What about pricing for a V6 semi loaded. I was hoping to get this on the street for canadian $ 31,000......

  • I test drove one hoping that I'd like it. Sadly, I wasn't impressed.Outside of the honda motor,it is quite ordinary. The interior felt cheap. Those plastic wood inserts look out of place and the switches felt cheap. I could rock the switches in their housing, that's how flimsy they felt.
    I want a suv with leather and sunroof. I also compared the Grand Vitara Luxury and the CRV SE.
    The GV and CRV both cost about $3000 less than the Vue. So what do you get?
    GV- frame reinforced body, multi function awd, stability control, better warranty, climate control, better radio, more comfortable seats, higher quality interior.
    CRV- stability control, better mpg, more interior room,better quality everywhere, better warranty more cargo space, better resale value, better awd system.
    Outside of the plastic panals and v6, I can't see a reason to pay an extra $3K for the VUE. Why pay much more to get way less? If the VUE were a lot less $, I'd consider it.
  • Oh well.....did research on Vue, Tucson, CR-V, RAV4, and what I have found is that from all the usual suspects there is one that seems to be a very good secret. That is the Mitsubshi Outlander...!wow! what a beautiful vehicle,I test drove this thing and its very comfortable, quiet and to me it looks better inside and outside than the competition. The price is also right.
    I started this research with an inclination to purchase a
    The Mitsubishi comes 10–year/160,000 km Powertrain,
    5–year/100,000 km New Vehicle and 5–year/Unlimited km Roadside Assistance.
  • With all the scandals Mitsu has had, I am inclined to stay away from them. They are not the up and coming automaker that Hyundai or Suzuki is, but more like the troubled giant that is trying to stay afloat.
    Before buying one, check out a Grand Vitara. If you still prefer the Mitsu, keep in mind that they are replacing with a redesign.
  • I checked out the Outlander too before buying my Vue. I liked it and the price was right but the cargo space was much smaller than the Vue. I guess if you want more of a "raised wagon", the Mitsubishi is the one to get. But I have to agree that with all the buzz about Mitsubishi going down the tubes, I'd be leery. I doubt they will disappear but if they don't start showing healthy profits, the dealer network will shrink and parts prices will increase.
  • Thank You for the feedback.
    I would probably take the chances with the Mitsubishi since I normally buy what I really like and enjoy. Suzuki's is not even close to the Outlander's ride.
    We can analyze things to death but we have to enjoy life first.
  • martianmartian Posts: 220
    I'm very pleased with my VUE-I bought it used, with 6300 miles! Excellent performance-I find the 4 cylinder engine has adequate power for me. Only disappointment-I seem to only get about 22 MPG in town, Highway is excellent-I get about 30.5 MPG if I stay below 65 MPH. 5th gear should be taller-this little engine has plenty of torque!
  • I'm seriously considering buying a new V6 VUE, but am undecided whether it's worth the $1600 or so extra to go with the AWD version. I'm very seldom on the kind of terrain where AWD is really necessary, but are there more typical street scenarios where having it is beneficial? The Houston streets flood rather frequently - would AWD be any help in those conditions? Also, the standard VUE advertises a "traction control" system - is this simply ABS or is there more to it?

    I guess I'm just trying to get a better overall understanding of the merits of AWD and how much it's really worth to pay for it.
  • The awd system, according to CU, is quite slow, meaning that it would be of little use in non snowy conditions. It is a partime system- the front wheels have to slip before the rears kick in. It is unlikely that this would help you in the city w/o snow. Other true awd systems are always on and can help. The awd ( I hate calling it that) is so sluggish that some reviewers have complained about torque steer.
    Traction control is a combo of using the brakes and reducing throttle to keep the front wheels from spinning.
  • Thanks for the input. Obviously snow is not a factor for me in Houston, so I'm guessing I could better use that extra $1600 toward something else.
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    I am seriously considering a purchase of a 2006 AWD VUE. I would be trading in my 2003 AWD VUE, which I am generally happy with, although this time I would go with a V-6 as opposed to the 4 cylinder.

    The polymer is a huge consideration for us, when comparing other vehicles, but being able to use my GM Card points would make the decision much easier. I bought my 2003 with the use of GM Card points (a temporary program in the US). I wish it would happen again...
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    That is the biggest reason why I probably wont buy a Saturn; the fact that I can't use my GM card points. To me it is stupid, but GM does some really stupid things. Anyway good luck on whatever you do.
  • My husband and I are considering a Vue. But we are unsure if the AWD will offer us any real benefit over the FWD. The dealer says no. We live in Ohio so we do get snow. Will the AWD be worth it or will we be just as happy with FWD.
  • AWD is mainly for very bad weather conditions and or terrain.
    If you drive around the city or highway and under mainly normal conditions the AWD is not for you. It will be more expensive to buy and maintain.
    Lot's of people buy them because:
    1- they can - 70%
    2- it must be a good thing - 25%
    3- really need the AWD due to their work, location, etc. - 5%
  • Just keep on complaining to GM Visa. Saturn is part of GM so I don't understand this. Iam from Canada and we can use the points up here.
    The frustration in our case is that they limit the amount of points you can use for each vehicle. For example, I have 3,000 points and can only use 2,000 when purchasing/leasing a VUE. This is stupid since after all it's my money and I should be able to use the points as I wish to.

    My suggestion, just go to a Saturn dealer and do not say you have GM points, then only after you have the full cash price you tell them you have GM points and you may have to buy the Equinox instead.
    I bet they will exchange the points for cash so that you can use it as downpayment for your VUE.
    I have seen cases where they go this route to defeat the GM points limitation.
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Thanks folks. I just might have a discussion with the Saturn dealer. I noticed that the latest GM Card mailing (in which GM says that they have "topped off" my points to 2,000) the H2 and H3 are included. All Hummers were excluded before. Hopefully GM will come to its senses on this one at some point. I know it's Saturn, but I don't want to haggle. I just want to use points that I have earned.
  • pisulinopisulino Posts: 78
    Point taken. Now, do you really know the size of the Mitsubishi conglomerate? They do everything (mining, financing/banking, food, technology, etc.)
    They offer the best warranty around, and they also sell solid cars.
    Yes, Im waiting for the 2007 outlander....a beauty.
    With regards to bankrupcy...what about GM?, Nissan?, lol.
    Also tired of the servicing cost which affects the entire cost of ownership in Saturn's car.
    Everyone just looks at MPG and then go and pay $200 at least 2 to 3 times a year for servicing the vehicle to keep it within warranty. (that's a lot of gas)

    If people really wants to know there through TCO then you must add all costs and not just GAS. What about replacing a piece of the Polymer body parts? (arm and a leg?. Saturn is moving away from building their cars with polymer...what you gonna do to find parts?

    The Mitsubishi (car division only) financial issues is something to be aware of. However, they will be around and in terms of purchasing deals, now is the best time to get a great car at a great price. When they rebound, then you will have to pay Honda/Toyota prices.

    Just my opinion.
  • ggooberggoober Posts: 4
    ...agree to all but the stereo negativity. My iPod sounds great, and I discovered thru trial and error that the treble and bass MUST be adjusted to maximize the efficiency of the sound package provided. I am happy. I like this vehicle.
  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    "The Mitsubishi (car division only) financial issues is something to be aware of. However, they will be around and in terms of purchasing deals, now is the best time to get a great car at a great price. When they rebound, then you will have to pay Honda/Toyota prices."

    You really are missing the big picture about Mitsubishi. Sure they are huge, sure they are diversified, sure they might be profitable in Japan. But guess what? Their U.S. sales are poor and have been that way for some time. If Mitsubishi determines that the U.S. market is not profitable, they can pull out! There are a lot of large companies that have pulled out of the U.S. because they couldn't make it (Fiat, Daewoo and Renault). They are still around elsewhere in the world. Mitsubishi hasn't had a compelling product in years and the fact that coporate scandal makes the headlines more than their cars is pretty dismal. Mistubishi's days in the U.S. are numbered...
  • "Mistubishi's days in the U.S. are numbered... "

    I couldn't disagree more
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