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Saturn VUE



  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Really? I like them. They are a safety feature. They allow you to be more visible on the road. They are really useful in twilight hours when you would not normally use headlights; and, they allow you to be seen when the sun is behind you and oncoming traffic may find it harder to see you in a glare. They might save your life one day. Having them come on when you unlock the VUE seems like a small price to pay, in my opinion. If you really don't like them, I'm sure just about any mechanic can turn them off.
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Took delivery today on a 2006 VUE AWD, black, with the Custom, Comfort and "Sun and Sound" packages. I'll try to share my upcoming experiences, for those also looking to take the plunge.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats! Please share info about your deal over in the Saturn Vue: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion too. A image album would be nice too. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Steve - I'll do that.
  • johnbjohnb Posts: 32
    To stop the daytime running lights from coming on when you unlock your VUE, simply set your emergency brake when you park. We have the 2004 5-speed manual VUE, and we always set our emergency brake. I forget that many people with automatic transmissions seldom set theirs.

    This doesn't address your desire to turn them off permanently, but will keep them from coming on when you unlock your VUE.
  • katicuskaticus Posts: 1
    I'm experiencing this. I just leased a 2006 Vue, filled up w/ gas (after it being very low) on Tues and it came on this morning. Dealer said to retighten the gas cap (is it just me or is the gas cap pretty poor quality?) and see if that helps. I haven't tried it yet but will tonight.

    I'm in Canada .. am assuming we have similar Vues?
  • I test drove a 2006 VUE AWD V6 yesterday and was very disappointed. When flooring the gas to about 70 or 80 the vehicle would start understeering as well as when I tested the break by standing on them. Made me feel very unsafe and made me leave the lot right away and probably won't buy a Saturn anytime soon.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I see you drive a Sportage. I owned a Sephia myself from 1995 to 2001 and it was really a decent vehicle. However, I would take my VUE over a Sportage any day of the week. I've got a feeling the price tag drove you away and not the performance. Either that or the dealership staff drove you away when they saw how poorly you drive. Thanks for contributing!
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    What Saturn salesman allowed you to "floor the gas to 70 or 80" and "testing the break (sic) by standing on them"?

    Our 2004 V6 AWD VUE accelerates and brakes quite nicely, thank you very much. I don't expect it to corner like a sports car.
  • The way to properly test a car and it's limits is to floor the gas (test acceleration, torque, and off the line handling). Breaks are an essential breaking feature and if breaks on any vehicle can't stop on a dime than it's a piece of crap and not safe for me and my family to be in. Also about my Kia Sportage, to tell you the truth my Kia has tons over the Saturn, it's a better vehicle through and through. Better value, better quality, better warranty, and not made in America!!! Understeering is not something the driver can do the vehicle does it! Obviously the VUE can't aggressive driving, therefore an unsafe car especially here in NYS where we drive over 90 mph on the Thruway. :P
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    Hmm... I drove the sportage (as well as a few others) before I bought the VUE and I felt the VUE handled and drove better than the sportage I drove... the VUE V6 also gets better mileage.
  • Was it a 2005 or newer? Just for your information the V6 4WD Sportage is rated at 19/23 basically the same as the AWD V6 which is rated at 19/25. That 2 point difference doesn't really matter since it's so small. Also when it comes to driving the VUE would be more safe with understeering and probably wouldn't do that if it had ESP (Electronic Stability Control) which it doesn't and comes standard on the Sportage. So, again I say the Kia Sportage is a better vehicle than the VUE in every way, especially safety! : :mad: :P ;)
  • I have a 2006 V6 Vue, hands down better than the Sportage in almost every way. I looked at the Sportage and felt it was smaller, lacked power and features and generally felt cheap. When it came down to it the Honda powertrain had me sold. But to each their own, I have 14,000 km on mine and its truly a remarkable vehicle. I guess some people are much harder to please than others. ;) Safety ratings need to taken with a grain of salt. You roll any SUV or hit something hard enough and you have a chance of getting hurt or killed. Too many people rely on these "safety systems" like they are some guardian angel. Safer driving habits save lives, not 10 airbags.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    It was an 06 and I didn't want 4WD/AWD so I drove the FWD version. Overall the V6 in the sportage felt like a dog compared to the VUE. Loaded with 4 of us(~550 pounds) the Sportage was barely adequate. Sportage also doesn't offer side airbags that I want for the family. I believe the VUE got 5 stars front and side w/airbags. Both were about the same price but they offered me $1500 off the VUE and Kia only came down $500. I was disappointed with the engine, drivability and the interior was cheaper looking than the VUE. I really like the look of the new sportage, but I gotta like driving it too.
  • .....and some people argue just for the sake of argument well as having too much time on their hands
  • First let me say that it was a mistake to not want 4WD. 4WD makes the vehicle that much better, I like knowing that I have the traction of all four wheels most if not all the time. Secondly it helps move the vehicle around better. I think AWD vehicles have better handling than FWD or sometimes RWD ones do. Subaru seems to sell a lot of vehicles and theirs all have AWD, but don't get me started on how much better they are than a junk heap of a Saturn. I'm sorry that the Sportage couldn't pull you around. Maybe if you got AWD it would have. You also must take into account that the V6 in the Sportage is a 2.7L not a 3.5L as in the VUE. Did you know that going in?! Did you know that it was a smaller engine for a slightly smaller vehicle?! Maybe you should've thought to yourself, "Hmm, this vehicle has a smaller engine and is smaller in size. It might not perform the same as the bigger VUE." Also the Kia is a newer model than the Saturn so of course their not going to give huge incentives on it. The Vue has been out since '01 and is getting ready to be totally redone for 2008. Why, then, wouldn't they give $1500 off to get rid of their stock. Or maybe it's just that the VUE is less than equal to it's competitors and needs those incentives to keep up. Afterall it's still a GM product, it's still American and than means shotty workmanship, less than par standards, and high prices for crap. About your comments on the "cheapness" of the interior of the Kia i agree somewhat. Some of the plastics are harder than I would like, but i like tha fabrics used for the seats and I find it to be very ergonomical. I couldn't say the same about the VUE. The placement of the shifter on the consul as well as the window switches was plain idiotic. The buttons were hard to figure out and using a little snowflake for A/C made me think I was in preschool. In the AWD V6 the leatherette trim was cheap and gaudy. Not to mention it burns and smells when it's hot. i find the little gimmick of the grocery organizer in the cargo area a joke. That flimsy thing would be broke in a week, not to mention who only buys that little for a family when they go grocery shopping. I also found the faux woodgrain trim to be cheap. Saturn can try and use these things when their partnership with Opel is more shall we say, prosperous. For now using these things for a brand that is nothing more than a cheap American knock-off of something trying to be European. The only thing to be worthy of this is the new Aura. :shades:
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I buy what I need and best suits my criteria and likes.
    I've been driving for over 30 years. Grew up in Montana(i.e. driven in gully washers/windstorms/blizzards/shear black ice) and have lived in MT, NV, OR and have driven in almost all corners of the USA at various seasons in the year.
    I've owned RWD,FWD,4WD and AWD. I am familiar with all and very familiar with my driving skills and lifestyle. I don't need 4WD so I did not pursue it. I drove the offered V6 versions of a number of small/mid SUV/MAV's before deciding the VUE best meet my needs, driving likes and value.
    I really don't care if a vehicle is a GM or a Ford or a Kia or a Honda or a Mercedes or Yugo if it best meets my criteria list.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    "i find the little gimmick of the grocery organizer in the cargo area a joke. That flimsy thing would be broke in a week, not to mention who only buys that little for a family when they go grocery shopping"

    Actually, that organizer is great. You don't put all of your groceries in it, just the things you don't want to roll around or are more fragile. Our VUE is 18 mos old and ours hasn't broken yet--that's a little bit longer than a week. There are 5 of us in our family and we can easily haul our groceries in the VUE.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I agree; I find the organizer very handy. It fits grocery bags well and keeps stuff from rolling all around. I also put it up to block items between it and the rear seat to keep them in place. If part of it also had a bottom drain cooler with cover, I'd be in seventh heaven.
    If I must enter a gripe - it would be the location of the second 12V plug - under the cup holder insert!
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    It is one of the little things we like the most about our VUE. I also like the wells on the sides that are large enough for a gallon milk jug or other bulky items.
  • drivvendrivven Posts: 54
    I think Infinite Lucy is jealous because he/she doesn't have an organizer in the rear of the beloved Kia. Our 2004 V6 Vue has the organizer and it's been one of the handiest things we've ever encountered. We've used it hundreds of times and even though it looks flimsy it's not split or broken in any manner in all the times we've used it.

    As for the overall performance/durability of the vehicle, we've got well over 30K miles on it with nary a problem and we still enjoy it very, very much. The Honda engine is a dream, the size/utility of the vehicle is perfect for us and if we had to do over again, I'm sure we'd still choose a Vue. Contrary to some ill-informed opinions, the vehicle is not crap.
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Pretty handy, and it folds away so nicely when not needed. We had it in our 2003 VUE, with no problems at all, and I'm glad that it's in our 2006 vehicle as well.
  • cajuncyclercajuncycler Posts: 172
    My wife purchased an extended service plan for her 2002 Vue AWD last year when her 36000/3 year expired. Let me tell you it ain't cheap. $85 a month. The Saturn for the most part has been a good vehicle but I keep thinking if I'd been able to put that $85 aside in a savings account, we'd be better off just paying outright for any future repairs covered under that warranty. Just my opinion, hell I only PAY the bills at my house... :cry:
  • cajuncyclercajuncycler Posts: 172
    Heaven help Saturn if Daewoo is going to supply them with Saturns! You can see what a fiasco that relationship has been if you view the Suzuki Verona Forums. The car is such junk that it it won't even be built in 2007. In my opinion and I have owned 2 Saturns and 3 Chevrolets, GM is going down far and fast. I just purchased a Hyundai Sonata and would like to have replaced my 95 Saturn SC2 with another Saturn but there is nothing on the lot that even comes close to the Sonata in looks or value.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    We bought the Car Care plan when we bought our VUE new in January 2005. I like it as the plan includes paying for all manufacturer recommended service for 5 years/60k miles. It's an insurance policy, that's all. If you never need it, you wasted your money. If you need it, then it's a good thing you had it. Just enjoy the peace of mind and don't worry too much that you paid too much money for the extended warranty.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I am not real impressed with Saturn's lineup right now, either. However, there is much on the horizon. Here now is the Sky. In the near future is the hybrid VUE; and, coming this fall (I believe) is the Aura and the Outlook comes out by next Spring (I think). The ION is on its way out and the VUE will be all new for 2008. Don't give up on Saturn just yet.
  • cajuncyclercajuncycler Posts: 172
    Well I have the car that will carry me hopefully for the next several years and my wife puts little mileage on the VUE every year so expect it will last quite a while as well. If Saturn is still around come say 2012 or 2015 I may consider them again. However GM may not be around then!
  • gsatgsat Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 VUE, 4 cyl, FWD.
    Overall, the vehicle has been satisfactory, mileage OK, highway ride and power definitely adequate (why do people insist that 85-90 is a minmum speed on I-5?), with several trips over Donner Pass and no accelration hassles. It's far more comfortable to drive than our '97 SL.
    We have had four issues: The VUE has the CVT automatic. It
    had to have a major transmission rebuild at less than 24,000 miles. Second, a computer module went out had to be replaced. Third, the original CD player was junk, the replacement (factory) has been just fine. Fourth, a computer controller has had to be reset twice (car develops an intermittant hesitation when accelerating from a stop). My one design quibble (and it's minor): The back cargo hatch and cargo are dimensions are just a tad undersized.
    If the hatch opening (interior dimensions) was 2" wider and
    2" taller, I'd have saved on a couple of pickup truck rentals.
    We bought the maintenance package, and it's been worth it, especially on a low-miler that get's its oil changed every 3 months.
    I agree with earlier posted comments about excessive wind noise with the rear windows down. There's a definite thump thump thump thump thump from the wind, especially at about 35 mph.
    As to the complaints about finish, rusting exterior mudflap screws, etc. Well, that does happen when a car is built to a price point. I looked at the L series when it came out. The trunk looked cheaper than that of the 1974 Vega I owned way, way back
    I have a feeling that Saturn is/has been used by GM as a "test bed" for new technologies...the polymer panels, the CVT automatic, the Green line hybrid, the exterior fluid filter on the standard automatic transmission come to mind. As to the MPG...ours is ok. In closing, price was right, problems not out of line for new technology (or other cars I've owned...don't get me started on the Austin America.) :)
  • I think the LAST thing the Vue needs is downsizing. I find storage in the 2002 Vue we have sorely lacking in usable space now. But then this is a (sigh) GM....
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