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Saturn VUE



  • Has anyone had a gas smell with their four cylinder. I have been parking my Vue in the garage and have been getting an odor. No the smell is not from the inside of the vehicle. The smell is only there when the truck is in the garage. So far the new windshield sprayers are still working.
  • FYI to those who responded to previous posts – same subject. I checked at the dealer and they said since the cars are shipped to Florida without front license plate holders, they would have to order one and charge me about $30. Not a big sum of money but it seems like that is part of the car, especially when I need it to display a Disabled Veteran tag, and should be provided with the car. I e-mailed Saturn the other day. No response yet but I will post what response (if any) I get from them. Thanks for the input and comments.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    For most of last year VUE sightings in the DC suburb of Arlington, VA, have been minimal at best. But now...........I see them on a daily basis as I commute from home to work and back.

    Every morning as I wait for my bus I see one in Orange and one in Silver occasionally I'll see one in Green and White as well. Then In the afternoons I always see an Organ and Silver and of course I have seen many others outside of my work commute.

    Sales of the VUE have definitely picked up in my area.

    Good for Saturn :-)
  • dwabiddwabid Posts: 36
    I have a 2003 VUE with the sunroof. Seeing that I reside in Wisconsin I really have no need to open it until maybe mid July ;-) . One thing I noticed is that it does not fully retract into the roof. I know on the showroom model it did but I believe that might have been a 2002 model.

    I actually looked it up in the manual and apparently you should be able to have it retract fully if you pull the switch back after it completes the express open. Anyone else experience this?

    By the by we FINALLY received some significant ice and snow last night. AWD keeps the VUE on its footing. Great stuff! Just got to remember it don't stop any better than a car...
  • mmspealmmspeal Posts: 122
    If I open my sun roof manually (don't use the auto retract) it will go back all the way - the noise it creates when back all the way will make you think there is a helicopter in the back though. If I use the auto-retract, it doesn't go back all the way but is a lot quieter inside.
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    We were one of the first in our area to get a Vue. You see lots of them now. They are quite popular. I heard Saturn sold more than expected in 02 and sales should continue to be good as it's a very nice little SUV for the money.
  • "it's a very nice little SUV for the money."

    Not so little, compared to the Kia Sportage and Suzuki Vitara... But a great value just the same.. I may be getting the VUE special edition soon for $ 17,495 with air/ cd/ keyless entry/ alloys/etc.... Can't wait
  • Here is my e-mail to Saturn:
    I recently purchased a 2003 VUE. I happen to live in the state of Florida, which does not have front license plates. However, I am a Disabled Veteran (DV) and my DV license plates include a front plate. I checked with the dealer and he said since the cars are shipped to Florida without front license plate brackets he does not stock them and would have to charge me around $30 to order one. I realize it doesn't seem like a large sum of money but to me it seems like the bracket is something that should come with the car when it is need such as living in state that has front license plates or in my case to display a DV tag. Can you assist me in getting this bracket?

    Here is Saturn's Response:
    All Saturn vehicles are shipped from the factory without front license plate brackets. These brackets are added to the vehicles at the Saturn retail facilities that are located in states that have the front license plate requirements. These retailers pass the fee of the bracket on to the buyer at the time the car is prepped for delivery.

    Have you spoken with the sales manager at your Saturn retail facility about the bracket? Do you still go to Saturn of Tampa?

    I hope that you have been enjoying your new VUE. Please feel welcome to
    e-mail us again or you may call us at 1-800-553-6000, prompt 3.

    Take care,

    Anne Cerasoli
    Saturn Customer Assistance Center

    I answered her but so far have not heard back. Am I wrong in thinking I should be provided the bracket?? Any thoughts???
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    They do not charge for plate brackets in areas where they are mandatory, but I can understand them charging a little if you are in a state where it's not required. Have you asked you dealer if they will just do it as a courtesy?
  • Kanti,
    Yes that was my first choice. They said $30. I am about to call Saturn. Thanks for the post.
  • I'm saving to buy a vehicle at the end of this year, and the Vue is in the top four. Do you think there will be some on the market to buy used by 2004?

    I'm also researching the Honda Element, Toyota Matrix, Hyundai Santa Fe
  • I personally have seen a few used VUE's on and one or two on Make sure to check your nearest Saturn retailer for "special edition" VUE's which are common every 6 months it seems.

       At my local retailer, special edition VUE's are/will be available for $ 17,495.00 with air/cd/alloys/keyless entry and it also qualifies for special financing rates...
  • After several e-mails and a call to Saturn Customer Service, I finally have my front license plate bracket. I think the Saturn Customer Service representative suggested to the dealer that it should be provided. Seems like a lot of hassle just to get the rest of the car but at lease I have it and can display the DV tag correctly. Thanks for the comments.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Aggravating a customer over a $5 piece of plastic is hardly good business. Glad to hear you got it ok.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    Yeah, I know the VUE quite well. I have been following it since it was first announced. I have been without a vehicle since 00 when my little Tracker was totaled by a "Redlight Running Non-Seatbelt Wearing Maniac".

    I don't currently have a need for a car but still want one, so I have been slowly taking my time tryign to figure out what I want. First it was the Pontiac Vibe, then I decided on a VUE both of which I waited over a year to go on sale.

    I went to see the VUE at the Washington Int'l Auto Show and was determined to get one, but then heard that Chevy would be offering a version of the VUE.

    So, just as with the Vibe and VUE, I'm now waiting for the Equinox. But this time I'm sure I'm gonna buy, I'm just tired of all this waiting.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    It looks like we will not be buying until late 2004 (when our other car is paid off), so I will wait and see what the Equinox looks like. I still like the VUE a lot so a lot will depend on pricing, features and dealers. I also understand the VUE will get a slight refresh in the fall.
  • oarloxoarlox Posts: 45
    After over a year on road, what are some of your opinions on the AWD system used in the VUE. I would like to hear from someone that has real life experience spinning there tires on the ice and snow or better yet MUD. Also how do you feel about the AWD system engaging in an emergency slip/slide situation. I will express my opinions after I've heard some of yours.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Does Saturn still have the one price, no hassle pricing? I kinda like the VUE, but I love to negotiate for best price.
  • Henry, from my experience in buying Saturn's and from what I have heard from friends you can negotiate on your trade in; the dealer added options like pin stripping, window tinting, etc; and the dealer preparation charges. I personally bought two Saturns and haven’t paid for the dealer added options. When I bought my first Saturn I didn’t pay for the dealer added options or the dealer preparation charges. I didn’t have a trade in at that time. On my VUE I negotiated a higher price on my trade in than I had been offered anywhere else and didn’t pay for the décor package the dealer added which included window tinting. Good luck. I am very happy with my VUE.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The trade in values you can get at Saturn are quite often very good vs what you can get anywhere else. It's the only thing that's really negotiable so I guess they can be a little more generous.
  • dwabiddwabid Posts: 36
    Over the last week or so we have had several slippery days here in wisconsin. On mnday we actually had freezing rain which made the driving interesting. Several times I found myself in a slight spin. As with my other FWD cars I typically turn the opposite direction and hit the gas to regain control. With the AWD VUE I did not do that. I just tapped the accelerator. There is a very slight hesitation as power is transfered to the rear and the VUE regains comes under control very quickly. The hesitation though takes some getting used to, but after awhile I probably won't even notice it. I am really waiting for a big snow (haven't had one yet). Like you I would like to know what other owners think.
  • Here's a little info on how our VUE (a 2003 V6 AWD) is doing on the snow and ice. Over the last week we've had a 12" snowfall, and a couple 3" or so snowfalls. Also we've had morning temps near 10°F below zero. I take the VUE to work (as opposed to our Sienna) in these conditions since I'm out before the plows usually.

    I can say that overall I'm quite pleased with the performance on snow and ice. I do notice a short hesitation before the real wheels start to grab (same issue the auto magazines point out) in slippery conditions. But this is easy to deal with once you are used to it (just like the torque steer is easy to manage once you are used to it).

    I have no problems getting around in the VUE. I think the lighter weight as opposed to the bigger SUV's is a plus. The route I drive to work has some hills with turns at the bottoms, and I've counted 3 Mercedes ML's in the ditch so far (two brand new ones without the plates yet!). The lesson here is no matter how good a car is, you can trash it out if you aren't careful in poor conditions.

    So for a careful driver the VUE will perform just fine in poor conditions.
  • We purchased a VUE AWD v6 about 8 months ago. Heavy driver (21,000 miles). Since approx. 3000 miles can hear a knock noise coming from right rear. Been to dealer many times - noise non-reproducable! Very intermittent; however does seem more noticeable with 1/2 to 1/4 tank of gas. Dealer first insisted hears no noise; now says any noise heard is normal.....has anyone heard this noise as well?
  • vuefor2vuefor2 Posts: 490
    The AWD has performed very well in snow and ice this winter (and we have had lots of both). The key is not to rely on it (as someone pointed out). It's very helpful, but it won't save you from careless driving either. One has to be careful in the snow and ice.

    I'm glad we have an AWD, it well worth the extra money if you live anywhere where you may get slippery winter roads.
  • dwabiddwabid Posts: 36
    I take it the knocking noise is heard while you are driving? Did the dealer fully inspect the struts? Reason being, (I fully admit this may be absolutely irrelevant) recently I have a friend had the same problem with a late model pontiac. I looked at it, dealership looked at one could figure it out. Turned out that after inspecting the struts the dealer found walnuts (stored by a squirrel) in an around the rear struts. Could be totally irrelevant but, hey, sometimes you have to look at the implausible...
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    It's hard for me to consider the Saturn Vue with their one price, no hassle policy. I"m the type of guy who likes to negotiate. Also, it's very hard to pass up on Chevy Trailblazers knowing that GM and the dealers are knocking off $6-7K off the MSRP. So then, why on earth would I want to pay "full price" on a Saturn Vue? GM is offering heavy discounting on SUVs and Trucks, why not on Saturn? Also, does anyone know if Saturn will accept GM card rebate points?

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Trailblazer is nice, but the gas mileage will kill me with gas prices where they are. No cash backs on VUEs, but there are discounted interest / lease rates. I think the VUE was at 0% for a while.

    GM points can be used for Saturn in Canada but not in the US.
  • My 2003 has 10,500 KMs. It will be receiving a new transmission next week. After the software and wiring recall it was subject to (and it may be coincidence) the transmission started producing a groaning noise and a shudder when the vehicle accelerated from 0 to 20km/h. Im now noticing it hesitating when its up around 60km/h. The dealership has been in touch with the GM engineers and they dont recognize the problem based on the description the dealer is providing. They called today to say they are replacing the transmission. I do appreciate their willingness to replace the transmission, Im assuming it will allow the engineers the opportunity to determine what the problem is and come up with a fix if it happens on other Vues. The new CVT transmission resulted in a 5 month delay in delivery of the vehicle and now this. Im more than a bit worried that Im in for 5 years of grief.
  • I share your concern about the CVT. I have a shudder at 60 mph which has been reported by a lot of CVT owners. I bought the CVT because it was so smooth but now I wonder if I've bought 5 years of trouble. The ION was supposed to get the CVT originally, but when it came out it had a regular automatic transmission instead. I wonder if Saturn was trying to contain the spread of CVT problems. Anyway, good luck with the transmission change. I hope it takes care of your problems and works for a long time.
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